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Who we are

It's been a while since we've updated our "About Us" section. In many ways, Fridae has evolved, grown and expanded our scope. We're also now working on some big projects that will further define us and take things to the next level. But first, a recap of where we're at now, and who we are.

About Fridae

Fridae is a social enterprise serving the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (“gay”) communities in Asia.  

Since 2001, Fridae.com’s innovative social networking platform has enabled over 500,000 registered members to meet, interact and form lasting relationships that cross borders and cultures. In May 2009, we launched “Version 6”, our most comprehensive technology and design update in over 4 years, making the site easier, faster and a joy to use. A quarter of our members use Fridae.com in Chinese (Simplified, Taiwan Traditional and Hong Kong Traditional).

As Asia’s gay media, Fridae is one of the few independent media sources reporting on gay news in the region, providing a channel for the marginalized and invisible to speak and be heard. Comprising 3 full time editors and over 50 contributors, Fridae’s editorial team publishes over 100 articles each month in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, having built a strong reputation for fair and objective reportage, while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

To the business community, Fridae is the primary conduit through which to reach the lucrative “pink dollar” in Asia. Fridae’s site is unbelievably sticky (more than 14 minutes per session), and our members loyal (81% visit the site daily). They are also well educated (65% with a university degree or higher), well paid (50% have an annual income of at least US$45,000), and well traveled (65% have traveled in the past 6 months).

To public health professionals, Fridae is an invaluable partner in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and playing a leadership role in the region. Fridae has been a pioneer in the online response to HIV prevention, treatment and care, with campaigns that have garnered international recognition for their innovation and effectiveness, with campaigns such as Think Again and Know Your Status. More recently, Fridae has been pioneering online HIV social and behavioral research on an unprecedented large scale, leveraging our unique connection with the community.

Just like man-Friday was to Robinson Crusoe, Friday's role in the gay community has been multi-faceted and many. We strive to be much more than "just a website", and these are just some of the ways that we support you, our community:

Since 2005, Fridae has raised over S$60,000 in benefit of a variety of gay NGOs and community groups including Action for AIDS, AWARE, Cat Welfare Society; independent filmmakers; Indignation, and PinkDot. Furthermore, Fridae has been a media sponsor of LGBT Pride and Film Festivals throughout Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan. Fridae has also been supporter of international sporting events such as the World Outgames (Melbourne, Copenhagen, Wellington), the Straits Games (Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore), and the International Lesbian Gay Football Association.

In 2009, Fridae was conferred the Friend of the Arts Award – the highest level of recognition awarded to a gay company - for its support and contribution to Singapore's arts scene by the National Arts Council. This is the fourth consecutive year Fridae has been recognized, having received the lower-tiered Arts Supporter Award in previous years.

From 2001 to 2006, Fridae was also a promoter of unforgettable dance parties such as Snowball and Nation, which attracted 8000 at its peak, and landed Fridae on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for it’s influence and impact. These events were held in Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket and Taipei.

As a spokesperson and advocate, Fridae has played a lead role in such watershed events as the campaign to repeal 377A in Singapore in 2007.

For  almost 10 years (we turn 10 in 2010), Fridae has been a visible and active partner in almost every major gay and lesbian event across Asia. Regardless of our role, whether as a principal organizer, supporting media, or financial sponsor, Fridae strives to achieve its mission to “Empower Gay Asia” and live up to our namesake as “Friday” to the gay Asian community. And as social enterprise – a business with a social mission, we strive towards sustainability and growth that makes carrying out our mission possible.

Don't Stop Referrin'

Fridae is much more than just a personals site. It's a great place for you to meet new friends on your travels, check in with LGBT community news and find gay-friendly activities and businesses in your local area. Our members have helped us to build a great community, and many of you love using Fridae. We want to encourage your friends to come and join us and share the Fridae experience.

Today we've launched a new part of our site with this goal in mind - Referrals. This area gives you a way to easily invite your friends to sign up as Fridae members.

You can give us a list of email addresses, or we can search your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL address book to get your friends' addresses automatically. We'll send the invitations (with a personal message from you) and do all the hard work for you.

A Rewarding Experience

When we started thinking about Referrals, we decided that we wanted to reward members for referring their friends. You can earn credits for your actions.

You can earn credits in two ways:
  1. Every invitation you send that results in a signup will earn you 50 credits; and
  2. If a friend you referred purchases a Fridae Perks subscription, you'll receive credits (based on what they purchased)
Once you've earned enough credits, you can redeem a free Perks subscription - our way of thanking you for helping to spread the word.

You'll find all the details in the Referrals area - click here to check it out!

Baby When iCal Your Name

We've added the ability to export events from Agenda as iCal files (.ics extension), so you can set your own event reminders. This format can be read by Outlook on Windows, iCal on Mac, and Thunderbird (with Lightning extension) on just about any other format.

This is a bit experimental (but seems to work ok), so if you find any problems please let us know.

Homework assignment: Are there any other calendar export formats you'd like to see on our Agenda events?
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RSS Feed Me, Seymour!

This is just a quick note to let you know that we've updated our RSS feeds - they're now being run through FeedBurner instead of just being a file on our webserver. This lets us track some statistics (like the number of subscribers), which we couldn't do before.

You can find the updated RSS URLs on our RSS Feeds page.

Some homework assignments for those of you who are watching:

Have you subscribed to a Fridae RSS feed? If not, why not?

Is there some other content on Fridae you'd like a feed for?
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