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This morning I watched Anderson Cooper read the names of the dead from the Orlando attack and I found myself starting to cry. I suppose it is the natural evolution of emotions to such an event, that started with shock, moved through anger and has ended with such sadness at the injustice of people loosing their lives for no fault of their own. 

The news is so full of stories of heroism, escape and messages that were sent from sons, daughters and loved ones that would not survive the night. I suppose crying is a natural reaction for a civilised human being.

Then on the other side we see the reaction of the not so civilised and not so human. So called Christian preachers that celebrate (in their words) “50 less paedophiles on the street”. The people who peddle hate, who find ways to twist words from books that are meant to promote love and acceptance and of course the members of the group that at least seem to have inspired this atrocity. 

However I find myself turning my mind to those stories we have all seen on the internet of executions carried out by the so called Islamic State against other members of the gay community that haven't taken place in our back yard but in Syria and other countries where this organisation operates. I haven't cried for them and I should have. I haven't found myself so moved that I had to make a statement on this site, and I should have.

I hope I can speak for all that work for Fridae that we must as human beings stand firm and redouble our efforts to speak up when these abominations happen not just when the death toll hits a high mark and not just when it is close to home.


Managing Director


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