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7 Jan 2005

amy tashiana

Catch Amy Tashiana on "Sense of Being" on Channel U, Jan 7 (Friday) at 8.30pm as she talks about her life as a post-op transsexual woman. In the meanwhile, Fridae caught up with the former model for a no holds barred, politically incorrect and raunchy chat.

A former model with Carrie Models and performer at the now-defunct cabaret club Boom Boom Room, thirty-eight year old Amy Tashiana who is no stranger to the Singapore gay scene is currently single and looking for a few good men and women.

æ: ASOL (Age, Sex, Occupation, Location)
Amy: 38, now female, fashion coordinator and assistant, everywhere and anywhere runways and catwalks are!

æ: What's your "look"?
Amy: Still perfect - with the help of a little cosmetic enhancement, all of us will need it at some stage of our lives.

æ: What are you currently occupied with?
Amy: At the moment, busy feeding my cats and fishes to make them fat; and gardening when I'm bored.

æ: What inspires you?
Amy: Our goddess, Madonna.

æ: What is your earliest childhood memory?
Amy: Aged 10 and already feeling like a supermodel!

æ: What is the achievement you are most proud of?
Amy: Paying for breast implants at 17 with my own savings at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore and finally having my sex change operation at age 21.

æ: If you could do it all over again, what would you change?
Amy: I would not change anything because I'm happy with what I've achieved today.

æ: How do you spend your Sundays?
Amy: Sometimes Happy... sometimes Taboo....

æ: Tell us one of your fantasies.
Amy: Guys who are as huge as a coca cola bottle enough said!

æ: What about yourself would you like to change the most?
Amy: Hmmm, I could go on Extreme Makeover!

æ: What do you think is important in a relationship?
Amy: Understanding each other and giving me the space to be alone sometimes.

æ: What turns you on?
Amy: My nipples. It's like tuning to Class 95FM.

æ: What is your vision for the GLBT community?
Amy: I think we have so much creativity and energy that keep us from being ordinary, I feel we could use that to do more than we think we can.

æ: Tell us about a cause that you support?
Amy: Action for AIDS - they need lots of support from the community. I hope for more of us to volunteer our time and effort.

æ: Who would your dream date be if you were straight (if you are gay), or gay (if you are straight) for a day?
Amy: My goodness darling! I don't need any dream dates, I've got what I want - cute and young American navy boys who come into port.

æ: Tell us something even your mother doesn't know.
Amy: I had a butch ex-girlfriend 4 years ago that lasted for 6 months. Why butch ex-girlfriend after sex change op? Simply because she made me smile - in bed.

Catch Amy Tashiana on "Sense of Being" on Channel U, Jan 7 (Friday) at 8.30pm as she talks about her life as a post-op transsexual woman.



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