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10 Jun 2008

Movie boycott called over Hong Kong actor's homophobic remarks

A Hong Kong actor who said in an interview that he would respond with physical violence should another man express any attraction or interest towards him has resulted in a call to boycott the movie he is currently promoting.

A campaign to boycott a 'gay' movie is underway following a radio interview with one of the movie's main cast members Leung Yu Chung who labelled gay men and lesbians as abnormal and perverts.

Top image: Leung Yu Chung (right) with City Without Baseball co-star Ron Heung; bottom: publicity poster
Leung, who is a real life member of the Hong Kong Baseball Team, was promoting his movie City Without Baseball which features a gay subplot on We are family, a weekly gay radio talk show in Cantonese, on Hong Kong's Radio 2.

In the programme that also included the film's director Danny Cheng aka Scud and actor Ron Heung that was aired on May 31, Leung further replied that he would respond with physical violence and foul language when asked by the programme's host Brian Leung (of no relation) what his reaction would be should another man express any attraction or interest towards him.

The show host asked immediately why a "I'm not gay" response would not suffice and turned the question around by asking if a woman who expressed her interest would be met with the same response.

When Leung responded saying that it's normal if it came from a woman, the show host asked if that meant that he thought gay men and lesbians to be abnormal. He replied saying that he does not like it but after some prodding, he conceded that it was what he thought.

The actor could not be reached for his comments.

A call to boycott the movie was made on Facebook last week. Xaiver Tam, a postgrad student in Hong Kong, started the Facebook group last week to raise the awareness of the actor's remarks.

He linked the actor's homophobic remarks to the murder of a 15-year-old gay student in California who was fatally shot after he professed his love to another boy in the school in early 2008.

"I understand we all enjoy freedom of speech. We also enjoy the freedom from gay bashing. The space of gay people is limited in the society. The establishment of the boycott group is the most peaceful means to raise awareness," he told Fridae in an email.

On Saturday, the glass door of the movie director Scud's office was smashed. It is not known if it is related to the controversy about the remarks made on air.

When contacted by Fridae about the campaign to boycott the movie, Scud, who returned from Australia to Hong Kong to make the film - which is his first - dismissed the reasons for the boycott asserting that his cast member was pressured by the host of the programme to answer his questions.

"Chung, our cast (member), was repeatedly asked how he would react if approached (harassment implied) by a gay, and I'm sure Brian knows what sort of answer would come from a guy straight and honest as him. If we knew that was a programme in which we had no freedom of speech, and could only speak to the ear of the interviewer, we wouldn't go (would you?)."

Explaining why he had brought up the hypothetical question on the show, Brian said: "That's what happened in the film's gay plot. Does that mean director Scud doesn't want to talk about his film? It's his plot."

Responding to the no freedom of speech charge, Brian said that the interview was aired in its entirety and "it's time they muster up their courage to face the criticisms and consequences of their own words."

Drawing attention to the director's equation of the words "approach" as "harassment," Brian warned that by assuming that every straight man will resort to violence as the actor said he would, he (the director) is in fact rationalising homophobic violence.

Several days after the interview was aired, he wrote in response to readers who commented on the issue on his blog, "I was as taken aback as all of you by what that so-called pitcher said to be that unapologetically anti-gay and sexist to the extent of endorsing violence, was beyond my belief!"

He added that "some men are just so insecure about their own masculinity, to prove otherwise, instead of being what a real man should entail, they target the weak, the disadvantaged and the marginalised. The more desperate they want to prove their manhood, the less of a man they reveal themselves."

"Sadly, that interview was just a tip of the big iceberg of homophobia and intolerance deep rooted in our society and culture. Don't be a silent catcher, time to pitch back!"

But how should the community pitch back?

Connie Chan, the co-founder of Women Coalition of HKSAR and a core member of Hong Kong's IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) committee, hopes for the LGBT community to speak up but stopped short of advocating a boycott.

"A boycott can be one of the options but I would also like to invite the actors involved and the director to have a dialogue with the community," Chan said appealing to the film's producers to organise an open forum and volunteered to facilitate the event.

Yau Ching, a cultural studies lecturer at Lingnan University - when contacted by Fridae - said she disagreed with the call to boycott the movie.

In a column for a local media magazine, the well-known lesbian filmmaker of Let's Love Hong Kong - said to be the first lesbian feature film made in the territory - wrote that homophobic speech does not equal a hate crime and to "exercise censorship to achieve an apparent state of harmony is a very easy approach to take, but history has never shown us an example of attaining civil rights equality through suppression of speech."

"He (Leung, the actor) has been so willing to tell us his true feelings, and rightly expresses the emotions (as well as those misunderstanding, fear and anxiety) that are felt as well by countless other heterosexual young men in Hong Kong. If such emotions are suppressed indefinitely, what will become of it?"

She highlighted that in the United States, racial and homophobic hate speech which has been progressively driven underground may explain the recurrence of hate crimes such as the recent case in which a 15-year-old California student was shot.

"Many studies have shown that hate speech in itself does not lead directly to hate crime, but conversely, hate speech that has not been given adequate relief and discourse will just increase the likelihood and intensity of actual occurrence of hate crimes. If the campaign to boycott City Without Baseball succeeds, homophobic hate speech may actually be wiped out from Hong Kong society, but then, what do you think will happen at the end of the day?"

The radio talk show on May 31 can be heard on www.faitunes.com.

Hong Kong

Reader's Comments

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4. 2008-06-10 23:48  
The film makers seem to be courting a gay audience but without respecting that same audience. It is good business to understand your customers, it is not good business to beat them up, or threaten violence. Does this naive young actor not realise that many of his friends and contacts may be gay and will be offended by his clearly offensive remarks. Or is the film just an exercise in exploiting the gay market?

This actor better watch out as if he tried to beat me up, cute or not I'd kick his ass sideways.
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7. 2008-06-11 00:17  
To have a dialogue between the actor and community is much better to have a boycott. Trust me.
8. 2008-06-11 00:24  
I reckon boycott it!
who needs people like this setting examples for others?? he deserves his ass kicked for his comments and to never land another role again! Because people like this are just losers...
9. 2008-06-11 00:32  
I don't even know where to begin with my criticism of the "well known lesbian filmmaker," who is conveniently unnamed. Her comments are so ignorant as to be absurd, and it's honestly quite frightening to hear such statements coming under the guise of support for the GLBTQ cause. My primary concern, after gross errors in logic (slippery slope fallacy anyone?) is the idea that this actor was merely expressing his harmless ideas about the gay community. He was not just expressing discomfort with our community, but said rather that he MUST resort to violence if approached by a member of the same sex. This is not rational, and it demonstrates an entrenched hatred of something he does not understand. Calling for violence against any group is unacceptable, and should not be tolerated (especially by an actor in a movie with a homosexual sub-plot!). Secondly, I would LOVE to get my hands on said filmmakers "studies" that prove hate speech does not lead directly to hate crimes. I wonder how they managed to prove that? Perhaps I could try asking Anne Coulter, I imagine she has been reading the same reports. Finally, blaming a 15 year old's death on the suppression of hate speech in the United States is an insult to his memory. As a resident of the U.S., I can assure you that hate speech is alive and well, and that tragic young man was not murdered because his killer felt his right to free speech was being suppressed. That filmmaker should be ashamed.
10. 2008-06-11 01:04  
"and that tragic young man was not murdered because his killer felt his right to free speech was being suppressed. That filmmaker should be ashamed."

Well said NLuke26! Fully agreed.

& indeed How can we simply assume that once an individual's malicious verbal attacks desire is being 'released' it means no further evil actions will be taken? This is completely baseless.

If we should agree that speech does represent 1's thoughts,then Hate speech, with much higher chances, should be the prelude of Hate Crimes instead. It is what 1 thinks that 1 says it out & then further put into action of what 1 thinks & says!

The female director saying is as good as encouraging hate speech while the only more '+ve' thing from the hate speech of the actor maybe is just allowing all of us to identify how homophobic the movie's director & its lead actor are, that's all.
11. 2008-06-11 03:58  
cheap claptrap of promotion, boring and pretentious plots, a gang of childish newbie actors... It's crap enough and destined for catcall. It doesn't really matter if whoever boycott it or not.
12. 2008-06-11 05:44  
Freedom of speak. He is telling how he feel. That does not mean he is against gay. But he has no right to hit someone who show interest and attraction to him.
13. 2008-06-11 05:48  
he has a face like a coal miner ... no great loss!
14. 2008-06-11 05:50  
I agree with the fact that suppression of emotions can lead to grave consequences but I'm shocked she highlighted the United States as a country where hate speech is suppressed when the country is proudly and openly known for its freedom of speech. What ironic words! She's conflicting herself.
15. 2008-06-11 06:12  
Actor Leung Yu Chung should apologize for his remarks on We Are Family gay radio talk show. I hope that he doesn't have a deep hatred toward the LGBT community. A "I'm not gay" response would suffice.
16. 2008-06-11 07:29  
i guess an apology is needed. but then again, he was just expressing his real feelings that is rather a hate speech. in a civilsed socitey, call for violence for anything is wrong. so, he is just a senseless idiot.

17. 2008-06-11 07:41  
I've got two things to say. Firstly, boycott the movie. There is no excuse for homophobia. Secondly, all homophobic people should go and have therapy quick smart. It would be better for them and the rest of us.
18. 2008-06-11 07:51  
I think it's wrong to boycott the movie. A lot of other people worked on it and it's unfair to harm them just through association.

I agree with the imaginary lesbian director though. If extremists talk only with other extremists (of the same flavour) they all become more extreme. I dread to say this but studies have shown it (sorry no link available). Academics, people in their Ivory Towers are an example of this phenomena. A mixture of people (different flavours) talking things over tends to smooth over extremist thinking. Might make them all a bit blander though...

The actor said what he thought and felt and was brave enough to say it on a gay radio program. In this context he is the small guy and we are the system. It's really bad form to go all out the guy. But it'd be funny if a really big gay guy with knuckledusters ready kept on asking him for a snog.

19. 2008-06-11 08:56  
boycott the movie...agreed... us queers do have the freedom to exercise our ZERO tolerance for hate-motivated speech which often can lead to hate-related violence. The so-called actor, Mr. Leung, probably doesn't have to worry much about being "approached" by any gay guys...he's not hot, we're not that desperate, and we all know where he stands on the topic of queers. He should probably stick to pitching (or was that catching?), and avoid acting and public life.
Comment #20 was deleted by its author
21. 2008-06-11 09:17  
I agree to boycott the movie, the entire crew can blame it on Leung Yu Chung for his brainless speech. These so called "straight" guys with BIG EGO need a knock on his head. I do agree with some of the comments mentioned. This actor can rest assured that no one will approach him - his not hot at all. He has got this f%*k face look. He need to make a public apology. Freedom of speech does not mean you can offend others. Take Sharon Stones for example, i am sure she learned her lesson in a hard way too
22. 2008-06-11 09:29  
I fully respect and honor freedom of speech, but one must be cautious of the consequences of that speech and the emotions that might create.

Leung is making hate speech at the GLBT radio show and I think that is very clear he is showing absolutely no respect to the hosts and the GLBT community by large. The film is supposed to be gay-friendly and Leung's speech has just ruined it!

Hate speech might not directly lead to hate crime but it certainly is the platform to display homophobia.

Being a public figure (he is the actor of this film) , Leung needs to take responsibility of what he said and should be aware his speech can motivate others to generate similar hate-gay comments.
23. 2008-06-11 09:38  
For a public figure involving in a film project which rely on support for the public, Leung's speech was just pure thoughtless and dumb. How can he not know the consequences of his words and action? It is like Edison and Cecilia not know the consequences of taking those porn picture as celebrities. So, boycotting the movie is unfair to the rest of the crews as it is a lot of money and efforts involve. But... the industry should know not to use the brainless and ignorant Leung again in the future. He is not a professional actor, boycotting the film is not going to hurt him any further. If you are angry, find way to punish him in the field. Boycotting baseball game, Hong Kong baseball team and their sponsors.
24. 2008-06-11 09:45  
These days homophobic statements are no different from anti-semitic statements, racial prejudice or gender bias. They show just how shallow, illiterate and uneducated a person really is. Leong Yu Chung should seriously consider getting an education. I pity him I guess. He may have had a very humble upbringing where his parents just couldn't afford to send him to school.

Get an education dude. Seriously!
25. 2008-06-11 10:28  
Sure be as honest and sincere, but where does that leave us at the end of the day if the actor (and his director/producers) continue/s to defend his remarks as freedom of speech and reason that gay men should accept that it is ok for a straight man to say he would beat you up if you express your attraction to him.

What this article didn't mention is that the actor (who is also a real life baseball player) said that he's not for gay men being in his team when the host talked about gay men in professional sports. He said repeatedly that he would definitely use a towel in the locker room all the time should he be aware of any gay men in there. When asked if he thought he is being homophobic by the host, he said "I don't deny that."
26. 2008-06-11 10:36  
Sad to read that these days people still have that homophobic feeling. Perhaps Leung has not understood the gay community or maybe he does not want to.

He could have said "Thank you but I am not gay'. Would it not be polite and lovely that way , than resorting to violence? And what right has he to bash up another human being for expressing his feelings? Think about it, Leung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27. 2008-06-11 10:48  
If someone from the same sex approach mi, I will ask myself do i look gay?
Comment #28 was deleted by its author
29. 2008-06-11 11:27  
If someone from the opposite sex were to "approach" me, I would ask them "do I look straight?"

Hate speech = HATE speech = HATE.

am also very disappointed to read some of the GLBT activists in HK practically defending the homophobic remarks made.

boycott the bloody movie, is what I say, even if they issue an official apology, which I notice they have not.
30. 2008-06-11 13:19  
Scud the film director is also ignorant as well, to make such comment referring to Leung is merely expressing freedom of speech and would consider not going to this interview if the show does not give them the space to do so.

Having freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to insult others. I think some people have an extremely narrow understanding of what this freedom is all about.

Someone made a comment that we should be boycotting the movie, that will penalize the hard work of the film crew, instead should take actions to boycott baseball game, the Hong Kong baseball team and their sponsors. Aren't these parties more innocent than the film crew? I don't get it!
31. 2008-06-11 13:24  
Do you need to resume to violence? Consider this, if a straight man approach a straight woman, and if the woman don't see eye to eye with him, in like manner, should we teach the straight women to bash up these straight men too? This is crazy. Why are we cultivating hatred among different cultures, people .....?

Like Sharon Stone's latest saga, what is said is said, making public apologies will not solve the problem, not to mention, defending your actions is just like rubbing salt on open wounds. We have our culture, values and pride too. Do you think it make sense to pay and support those who always wanted "bash" us, make our lives more miserable, and call us names? It just doesn't make any rational or logical sense. sigh sigh sigh
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Comment #35 was deleted by its author
36. 2008-06-11 13:33  
Before we start sending more people to their graves, and suggesting that we bash homophobic straight people up, take a deep breath and read this recent cover story from The Advocate magazine on the killing of Lawrence King and how it could, or could not, have been prevented.

How effective are hate crime/hate speech laws in stopping killings, threats, blackmail, bullying, verbal and physical abuse on gay people?

How far should we drive homophobes into their own closets of accepting their fears (of gay people) and seeking resolution to it?

Who is responsible for providing the resolution to homophobia - the law, the state, the medical profession, or the real beast - that gay people are being irrationally perceived as - in the minds of the homophobes?

Cover Story: Mixed Messages

The LGBT Community Feedback to that cover story:

>> If you have no time to read all the above, just read this and ask why at the end of this reader's letter, we have no answer to "there is not one to intervene and make a difference in the life of this young brave boy":

>> We teach our people one thing, but we have done little to teach the aggressors their part of the lesson (it mean education here, not violence). If anything, mainstream filmmakers like Scud and Ang Lee are doing the "education" on mainstream society that some Fridae readers have called for (asking Chung to "get an education" and the like). What do they owe to us to do that?

Are we just building a larger closet for ourselves that we take safety in quantity and empowerment, but becoming oblivious to the homophobia out there?
Comment #37 was deleted by its author
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Comment #39 was deleted by its author
40. 2008-06-11 13:53  
We can never change people; homophobes will be homophobes. Picking on his every word & movement will not only backfire but give him & the likes the 'ammunition' to turn us on our very own heads. In the spirit of free speech, respect his opinions; his very words reveals more of his own character than the people he belittles. And speaking of character,
Mr Leung seems to be of the type who thinks a tad too highly of his looks & appeal than the reality, no? :p
41. 2008-06-11 14:18  

Imagine if anyone can just spewed hate explicits against anyone one chooses, let alone on air, think of all the violence in retailiation that would occur.
And for those uppity free speech proponents who still insist it's ok to let one rip in the name of free speech, sure thing. Say something really damaging against the muslims and their Prophet then. I have no qualms waiting to collect the boundy on your airhead.

By the way, this so called actor looks alot like the visually offensive Singapore Idol reject, Steven Lim . He has tons of his self made videos on Youtube. Careful though, watching them will make one puke. Oops, was that free speech or fact?
42. 2008-06-11 14:19  

Broadcasting a hate view does not simply mean it's just an outlet of relief. It just means one is NOT afraid to show one's discrimination and will not hesitate to uphold the conviction if challenged, lest one apears to be just a barking dog.
EGO is at play here..duh?!

Look at the fatal stabbings in Japan recently. The pyschopath blogged his intentions to kill on several bulletin boards before he carried them out. Was that just harmless free speech?

43. 2008-06-11 14:20  
It's one thing to feel a certain way about something, but another to publicly broadcast it with violent intended bravodo when certain issues and topics are implicitly sensitive and carry serious overtones of discrimination.

Instead of appearing to be so so sophisticated by some posters here, by "embracing" the merits of free speech, try this on for size the next time you yourself encounter the following from someone publicly;

1) Sorry, we dun serve Asians here in this restaurant; if they try to enter, we'll bash them up
2) I hate niggers, wouldn't hesitate to beat them up
3) Women /lesbians make me sick. Hate them. They deserve to be beaten up to stay in line
4) I hate Jews, non- Christians, Pagans, ...etc, ....

get the point?

44. 2008-06-11 14:42  
What I find most unforgivable in this entire sequence of events is the director, who is known to be gay, to actually defend his actor's remarks as freedom of speech. Not only is he doing his own community, and his target audience a disservice, he is directly condoning the homophobia.

A simple apology or retraction would have done. Instead, he chose to be defensive and attack the radio host Brian Leung for harrassing his actor. One wonders where his priorities lie.

Had it been restricted only to Chung's comments, I would have said, let's support the director and the rest of the people involved with the film. But now that the director himself has condoned the homophobic remarks, I say he doesn't deserve any sympathy or support from the gay community.
45. 2008-06-11 14:43  
As educated people may say, lucky that those homophobic activists are not handsome at all, otherwise it would have set a trend for more illiterates to follow..Amen.
46. 2008-06-11 14:55  
The problem we have here, like many mainstream Gay or movies with gay characters is having a Hetero playing the gay character.

And we all seems to lap it up with feverish accolades bestowed to the actors (see Brokeback Mountain, or better, don’t see it)

If the paying gay audiences stop promoting such films, not advertising it in gay websites (yes you too Fridae), that will teach them a lesson. Hurt them where it hurts most, their pockets
47. 2008-06-11 14:59  
I also don't see how this has anything to do with freedom of speech. Holding a view or opinion is a very different thing from advocating violence against a person or community for their sexuality.

Just as overt racism is unacceptable, and it would be absolutely taboo to utter racist remarks in a public forum (even though many people may harbor racist feelings, subtle or otherwise), why should homophobic remarks be measured differently?

These people need to understand that their words have consequences - and they will need to be held accountable. They need to know that this is unacceptable in our society.
48. 2008-06-11 15:06  
well said playboy and jammyboi

Freedom of speech needs to take social responsibility

cannot just blah blah blah insult assult and then walk away clean and free like that, this is not freedom of speech. It is creating chaos!
49. 2008-06-11 15:08  
let's boycott all of them narrowminded fuckers.
50. 2008-06-11 15:10  
it's arseholes like Leung got us bashed and killed. let's make it the last movie he'll ever make.
51. 2008-06-11 15:13  
hating us, wish us dead while making the pink dollars. c'mon gs and ls, let's not be suckers anymore.
Comment #52 was deleted by its author
Comment #53 was deleted by its author on 2012-03-03 17:54
54. 2008-06-11 15:20  
Most definitely insecure about his own masculinity I would think.

Look, I know Sydney is a bit of a bubble but there's very few straight guys in this town that would dare think something like that let alone say it in public.
It has become like this gradually through constant visibility & a refusal to accept any kind of bigotry.
(and don't get me wrong...it's not all a bed of roses)

So this guy needs to get the message loud & clear, through whatever means that HE IS THE ONE WITH A PROBLEM! ....Boycotting is a great idea.

And he needs to get a sense of humour. Just like one of my good straight buddies here. He always says he loves to go out with me because he knows there won't be any competition! Kind of obvious, and much more fun
Comment #55 was deleted by its author
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Comment #57 was deleted by its author
Comment #58 was deleted by its author
59. 2008-06-11 16:45  
Whatever action you decide to take, please just DO something to get the message across that homophobia and discrimination against someone or something different from onself, and resorting to violence when confronted by said thing/person, is NOT acceptable.

Sure, some innocent people will get embroiled in this matter and suffer as a consequence of the action(s), but it is imperative that the larger message of love and acceptance get across to society in general.

Silence or apathy will just be interpreted as acceptance and endoresement on our part.

Watch this anti-homophobia ad on the need to protect every single kiss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDYs0nzbBsA.
60. 2008-06-11 16:56  
Not going to see a movie and not going to buy something are consumer behaviors. When you do shopping in a shop, a salesperson approaches you. The salesperson says something impolite to you. As a consumer, I think no matter how beautiful the goods are and no matter how special the goods are, I don't see any possibility you and I as consumers will buy goods from that shop. What's more, you would ask you friends and family not to do shopping at that shop. Boycott a movie and boycott a shop is similar.

In the society, consumers who boycott a movie and boycott a shop are around us. Some promoters of environmental protection boycott many things: not to buy, not to eat and not to wear. For instance, people ask not to consume shark's fin soup. It is a form of boycott. Do we need to eat shark's fin soup first therefore we are legitimate to protect our environment?
61. 2008-06-11 20:42  
Any remarks justifying the use of violence for convenience should be condemned!

Freedom of speech does not mean people have a right to express themselves by showing no respsect for or humiliating others.
62. 2008-06-11 21:35  
"If the campaign to boycott City Without Baseball succeeds, homophobic hate speech may actually be wiped out from Hong Kong society, but then, what do you think will happen at the end of the day?"

At the end of the day, those hateful people will realize that it is wrong to speak of hatred and incite violence towards the minority because of their prejudice. She should look at other studies and the history of violence against gays.
63. 2008-06-11 22:04  
That movie is definitely a NO for me!

Will let people know of his remarks and make him to be remembered for what he said!
64. 2008-06-11 22:14  
Isnt it simply hypocrisy. These people want the pink money but want nothing to do with gays
65. 2008-06-11 23:03  
Actors do have personal opinions regardless roles they played in a movie .So we canvass answers from such actors during a junket do we want a honest answer or a diplomatic hypocrytical response ? Are we blurring the line of reality and reel life?

That aside , the director should be asked how he picked his actors. And honestly did this gay movie made any social groundbreaking commentary on gay life or a aspect of it? Or just one of another of the run of the mill so call gay movie that perpetuate the myth of gay life .

Aint the voices of dissent and protest here just helping to market this movie??

66. 2008-06-11 23:55  
hate speech advocates hate. when people get away with talking about their bigotry thoughts in public media, they'll believe they can get away with their bigotry behavior/actions.

boycott is a sure way to send a clear message that tolerating/endorsing violence against homosexuals is simply unacceptable, full-stop, no but, no if, no maybe.
67. 2008-06-12 00:07  
the question is how he came to the conclusion that gays and lesbians are "abnormal"... perhaps he HAS been harrassed by more aggressive members of the same sex or, more likely, has limited exposure to the gay world, other than what is shown in the media.

it's easy to be angered by ignorant comments such as these but the only constructive thing that we should be doing is trying to show that we're not the abnormal freaks that some people think we are. ; )
68. 2008-06-12 00:22  
typical homophobers/homohaters...
but my brothers, these kind of people are gay!!!
but too afraid to let people know that they are gay, and working so hard to build public opinions/assumptions toward them that they are NOT gay...
pitiful..pitiful...rather than condemning them...my brothers...do show them some mercy...thru brotherhood of gay ;)
69. 2008-06-12 01:01  
Customer is King and for such ill-considered reply spurred out of the mouth of a cast member of that movie, that movie should be boycotted by all the gay members without second thoughts. Dialogue is merely an inroad of communication with the ruling authority, say Governments or what not, and certainly not for those who are required to pay before purchsing a ticket to see it.
Comment #70 was deleted by its author
71. 2008-06-12 03:10  
here's food for thought: (Watch the ending..

72. 2008-06-12 07:02  
If you are gay and smart and has pride, boycott the movie, FULL STOP.
73. 2008-06-12 08:20  
Why is this even being discussed? If someone is calling you abnormal and you still want to support his movie, you are basically insane.
74. 2008-06-12 09:18  
May he's a gay in the closet himself.

75. 2008-06-12 11:50  
what a dumb fuck to make such stupid remark; and even more so the director who casted this douche in the movie. it's 2008, open yr minds already, can't u?!
76. 2008-06-12 11:59  
just wanna ask Mr. Leung,
if you don't know, go home to learn it ,then come back to the public!

remember,VOILENCE can't solve the problem.
It just shows how illitery you are!
Shame of you!
77. 2008-06-12 12:00  
no doubt freedom of speech is a must to stay, while whether one should spoil its use to promote violence out of hatred is a very easy question to answer.
78. 2008-06-12 12:02  
Money, money, money...I think that is the problem here.
Let me explain.
Yes, it's wrong to have violent and homophobic comments like Leung had. Especially when he agrees to be a gay character in this movie. But that's precisely the root of the problem. To make money, people are ready to go all the way against their opinions. If this guy is truly homophobic (and btw, the worst homophobes are usually closeted gays), then why should he accept to play a gay character? When somebody has such strong opinions, the least he could do is to abide by his principles, and refuse to play a gay character.

At the same time, what is preferrable? That he is open about his homophobic nature, even if it's hard to digest for us, and even if it's publicly aired, to the risk of carrying further discrimination for us? Or should he continue being a hypocrite (first instance of which was to accept playing a gay character), and then carry on detesting gay people in private?

Picture this: Had Leung been more manipulative, he could have smiled and said nice things to flatter us on air, and then once the show is over, he goes to his buddies and say things like: oh I can't stand those fags, I just made the movie for money, and they go watch it, so they've been had!

Leung has the merit of being honest about his views, and I don't think this is his honesty about it that should be attacked. Rather, he should be attacked on this contradiction of playing a gay character when he's a homophobe, pointing out that he's only in for the pink dollar. And of course, we can also extend the debate to why it is wrong to be a homophobe.
I understand that he's an actor, therefore he impersonates someone he's not. But there's a difference between being straight and playing a gay character and having no issues about it, and being a homophobe who hates gays but still plays a gay character...

As that researcher pointed out, homophobia or racism, by being suppressed, only makes people who are homophobes or racists frustrated. They have the feeling that they are not heard, that they are being banned just because what they say is not politically correct. They absolutely do not understand why it is wrong to be a homophobe or a racist. If we truly want to eradicate homophobia or racism, we have to go to the core of things, not just suppress their comments. When you don't talk something out, it rots in people's minds and leads to crimes, such as gay bashing.
In the end, it all boils down to educating people again and again. I know it can be a waste of time because we almost all think that so much has been said that we are not going to reinvent the wheel all the time, but some people just don't get it, so we have to explain again and again. I think it's the most effective way of getting our message across.

Now, as to boycotting the movie, I don't really have an opinion. For me, it's a commercial movie in every sense of the word, especially now that I know that actor is faking it all the way, so I wont' watch it. But I just think that boycotting is just the tip of the iceberg and won't be enough to make him change his opinions. Actually, I think it will encourage him to lie in the future about his true feelings, just to keep his business alive.
79. 2008-06-12 12:21  
I've heard too many people exclaim they would resort to physical violence in such case. Is it forgotten that we might be gay, but we are men nonetheless? One punch for a punch! There's not gonna be much meaning to socialising to such retards. Much like how some of them would be afraid or disgusted to go near us, thinking, "oh, they're probably gonna rape me!" Man, seriously.
80. 2008-06-12 13:41  
This movie is going to suck anyhow, so a boycott will be easy. If you make a move with a gay subplot, you would think that one of the first questions that the folks in casting will do is to ask the actors in interview their opinions on gay people. If they can't at least empathize with the characters, then they'll do a lousy acting job.

As far as I'm concerned, whoever cast this guy should get a new day job. They would certainly have to if they worked in Hollywood.
81. 2008-06-12 14:05  
i don't agree with some of the logics presented here. So, having consequences doesn't force a person to change an attittude or to think about it?Damn, then just erase laws.
Inputting freedom of speech in all this issue?That is relativizing the whole concept. Freedom of speech is a positive value. attach to it a negative intent or any sort of hatred, and it simply contradicts the nature of "freedom of speech".
The point is this: if he's such a man, with courage enough to punch someone gay (btw he is quite ugly), then he should be man enough to face judgement as well.
The difference: we do it peacefully, with our right to decide, and keeping our pride.
supporting 100% the boycott, same way as i refuse to watch Mel Gibson, or don't buy Jamaican music.
Sick of homophoby, but specially, sick of assholes.
82. 2008-06-12 14:22  
Anyone has facebook??
Here's the facebook group to boycott this movie, but it only has 88 members as of now:


And this is what was written in their wall:

In the Saturday mid-night RTHK gay and lesbian radio programme "We are Family" on May 31, 2008, the hosts invited the director-cum-screenwriter and the two protagonists of the local (Hong Kong) forthcoming movie "City Without Baseball" for an interview. In the interview, the host asked the actors how they would react if one day there is a gay guy who chased them in reality. Then the actors said that they would beat him and insult him with foul language. Obviously, what they have shown to us is a proto-hate crime discourse.

However, fridae is promoting the movie and distributing free tickets of the movie. I just wonder if fridae is supporting gaybashing discourse or not.

(Blog Entry of the related radio programme [in Cantonese]: http://www.faitunes.com/?p=434) ]
83. 2008-06-12 14:26  
The film should be boycotted unless the following conditions are met:
1. The film is not homophobic in its treatment of the gay characters, and
2. Mr. Leung gives a public apology about his remarks. He has responsibility to help educate the public instead that gay bashing is UNACCEPTABLE and ILLEGAL !!!!!! otherwise he cannot expect to earn the pink dollars.
84. 2008-06-12 14:59  
[Many studies have shown that hate speech in itself does not lead directly to hate crime]

Hmm.. Many studies?? Like which examples??
Cited from an empirical studies or just 'studies' from a non-authoritative knowledge??
How about the designs of the studies?? Research methods??

The point is: Does that mean we can go around delivering hate speech for all we like, especially in the public media??
Answer: I doubt so.
85. 2008-06-12 15:40  
Obviously the director and actor both isn't matured to handle the gay issue and have issues themselves.

The film I'm certain will be a shallow one, and would be an insult to your intelligence. So don't waste 2 hours of your precious life giving them your earned money for a perspective that is myopic.

In fact, they should be paying you to help them sort out their issues.

So unless there really isn't anything better to watch on the big screens or the television, you shouldn't bother seeing this one.

There are better movies worth watching like, Once We Were Warriors and Born Into Brothels, to name a few.
86. 2008-06-12 17:20  
I totally advocate freedom of speech and expression. So, Leung Yu Chung should be able to say whatever he wants. Well, most of whatever he wants, anyways --minus things like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater when there isn't one, etc, etc, etc. But that doesn't mean that others have to like what he has to say. If he says that gays are sickos and that he'd do violence to a guy who expressed interest in him, he should be able to. Heck, wouldn't we really rather know where he stands --especially if you're the unfortunate guy who happens to have a crush on him?! But, others should also have an equal right to exercise their freedom of speech and say that he's stupid and wrong. This is the dymamic of speech and counter-speech. Hopefully, no one with a reasonable mind would censor him --or others. The flip side of the coin, however, is that everyone else should have an equal right to speak their minds and not be censored, as well. Calling for a boycott is not censorship, suppression, or oppression. Banning the movie -would- be. That would be wrong and evil. But boycotting the movie would simply be the exercise of counter-speech; that is, folks of like-mind might want to organize together and agree to not see the movie and encourage others to do the same. It's simply a form of counter-speech. That's what freedom of speech and expression is all about --speech and counter-speech. Use it. I'll chip in and do that right now. His comments are disgusting, and I suggest all of us homos keep a healthy distance between ourselves and him. I know this about Hong Kong, but it reminds me of that Jenny Jones fiasco out of which Jonathan Schmitz killed Scott Amedure. His defense was the "gay panic defense." It's all very revolting, and, naturally, reminds me of Leung's comments.
87. 2008-06-12 18:50  
Wow..pushing to boycott a commerical film because of a manpuliated statement from a strainght guy in his 20s. Not sure what we could accompolish nor the valiue that one could bring to the table. Let's do something because of someone exchange their feeling over the air and is not to the liking of the radio talk show achor ? We often make statment that we do not mean nor would be action, did we ever being openly critized? Should these individuals have so much concern about hate speech, one should take a walk along TST, Mongkok, Wanchai etc..or even go the mid west part and the southern states..by then you really know what is quality hate speech and how hate crime could happen. Grow up and be a sensible adult. Please do not insult the gay community especially those members who have common sense. Chilled out girls!
88. 2008-06-12 20:24  
A show of free publicity for the movie or for himself...??
Why acting in such movie when you're SO homophobic?? Don't give the excuse that you're an actor... it's so so 'un-acting' creative!!
89. 2008-06-12 22:02  
"Gays and lesbians are abnormal and perverts"
I accept that, because each of us believe based on our experience and principle. The actor was not that knowledgable about the community, it's understandable.

"...would respond with physical violence and foul language"
Now, that's scary and unacceptable. What's said are action and harrassment. Period.

"...should another man express any attraction or interest towards him."
Then what should he do? He should just decline and say that he is not interested, and he is not gay. Even in the AJ community, if you are not interested when another guy/ girl expresses interest, I believe we would just politely decline.
90. 2008-06-13 01:01  
I can hardly believe what that 'well known' Lesbian film maker said..except of course that a film maker does not want to upset actors. They are her fodder. She is absolutely way off in her analysis and one wonders what that says about gher films.Of course free expression does not allow for hate to be encouraged by words. Leung YC is advocating what his words imply and in anti discrimination legislation that would be banned. This subject is well researched and hate words do what they are intended to do..encourage hate. Jews and Asians in countries where hate is evident against them can tell you that words do trigger violence. Being honest , as someone has said in a congratulatory way that Leung was being , just shows the ignorance and the immaturity of hate . Leung and people like him need help..maybe a workshop on assertiveness and self understanding might help him and improve his acting >?. A successful boycott by all right thinking and well informed people will be effective in making him and like minded actors and directors feel the disapproval in their pockets and help them to see the light.
91. 2008-06-13 01:18  
Leung Yu Chung is not handsome at all!!even my gay dog wont want to screw him..my pet dog rather screw the tree bark...

Gay are beautiful individual!!!

I'm gay and i love myself and my people!!!

Love us or hate us!!We wont give a damn shit about it!
92. 2008-06-13 03:32  
I'd like to reply to zerogwm, because I think he referred to my post when he said: "Being honest , as someone has said in a congratulatory way that Leung was being , just shows the ignorance and the immaturity of hate".
First, I wasn't congratulating him for being honest...I'm just saying that at least, he says what he thinks, and we have something to work on. So many people keep their true feelings to themselves that it's tough to engage in a debate with them. At least here, we are not assuming what he feels like.
Second of all, I totally agree that hatred is a proof of ignorance and immaturity.
In my post, I was just wondering how to make these people change. If we suppress their speech, and say: "it's bad to say or think these things", then nothing is achieved, because they won't understand why it is wrong to be a homophobe.
If we boycott the movie, yes, ok, the message will be: don't say anything bad against gays, because they can hurt your career. But will that truly make him change his feelings?
I'm sure other more cunning actors just say what we want to hear and then, they go on with their stereotypes in private.
I'm not sure what the answer is in this case... Booing him won't go very far... I think it's a problem of education, that's all. If only there was such a thing as an anti-homophobia rehabilitation centre, where psychologists would reeducate people struggling with hatred issues, that would be nice...Ok, I think I'm dreaming here! lol
Comment #93 was deleted by its author
94. 2008-06-13 13:03  
Just take one look at the movies poster and it is obvious the intended audience is gay men. The producers are obviously after the pink dollar. A straight guys gonna take his pals to that movie? I don't think so. To make a homophobic comment on a gay radio show , while promoting a movie with with a gay subplot and a poster with half naked guys all over it! What an idiot! Show the power of your pink dollar and stay away!
95. 2008-06-13 15:08  
gam_hkg (Posted : 12 June 2008 18:50) wrote: "Wow..pushing to boycott a commerical film because of a manpuliated statement from a strainght guy in his 20s. Not sure what we could accompolish nor the valiue that one could bring to the table. Let's do something because of someone exchange their feeling over the air and is not to the liking of the radio talk show achor ?... Grow up and be a sensible adult. Please do not insult the gay community especially those members who have common sense. Chilled out girls!"

1. This is brilliant. Blame it on the actor's youth. If it doesn't work, blame the talk show host. I've listened to the show and I would say that the host had in fact tried to get the actor to think about what he said and had given him ample opportunities to rephrase or clarify; the actor did himself in. He needs to take responsibility for what he had said. But not a squeak from him or the gay director so far...

2. Please do not insult girls and women by calling the men here names and asking them "girls" to chill out. This is clearly misogynistic speech. As they say, misogyny and homophobia are closely related...
96. 2008-06-13 15:37  
i am a happily gay Asian guy, but im not going to hate on Leung and boycott the movie just because he was expressing his feelings on the subject. it was a bit harsh in words but im pretty sure he didnt mean it in the way we think it is. He is str8 and he didnt want other people to think that he is playing this part because he is gay. And im pretty sure he was cast for this part because he did have what they need to play this character.We should give him a break. i think if i was put on the hot spot i will blow thing outer space too, because you wouldnt know how others may react.

Why should we bash his comments because we didn't like his answer?

Why boycott a movie that has a subplot about homosexuality?

Whats the point in boycotting this film when we try so hard everyday to have movies like these.

yes they do want our pink dollar and imma give it to them. i do want to see this film!

we cant hate or dislike someone because they have a different point of view. we need to love each because we are all the same. we are all humans and we all need love!
97. 2008-06-13 18:23  
I am amazed at Leung's fancy footwork in all this. First, he happily agrees to star in a film which he knows has a gay subplot, then he goes on a radio programme to undermine and bring the film into disrepute with his homophobic comments! What was he thinking?

Well, at least we know who to steer clear of when we are walking down the street...
98. 2008-06-13 23:40  
"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." ~ Voltaire
99. 2008-06-14 04:09  
Boycott. The actor makes stupid anti gay comments. The director then defends the actor. And this was not about just gay bashing, this was about physical violence to gays.

So, this actor (?) and director made comments or defended comments to hit gays, so we hit them with our purses, by not going to the film and urging others not to buy their product.

How many straights are going to pay to see this film or buy it in DVD release later? Honies, the director, the actors and the sponsors of this film are all targeting this movie for gay people to go to see, buy tickets, and buy the DVDs. So just refuse their product and tell your friends also.

Don't buy this product. This is our Gay Economic Power.
100. 2008-06-14 04:10  
Boycott. The actor makes stupid anti gay comments. The director then defends the actor. And this was not about just gay bashing, this was about physical violence to gays.

So, this actor (?) and director made comments or defended comments to hit gays, so we hit them with our purses, by not going to the film and urging others not to buy their product.

How many straights are going to pay to see this film or buy it in DVD release later? Honies, the director, the actors and the sponsors of this film are all targeting this movie for gay people to go to see, buy tickets, and buy the DVDs. So just refuse their product and tell your friends also.

Don't buy this product. This is our Gay Economic Power.
101. 2008-06-14 04:15  
Boycott. The actor makes stupid anti gay comments. The director then defends the actor. And this was not about just gay bashing, this was about physical violence to gays.

So, this actor (?) and director made comments or defended comments to hit gays, so we hit them with our purses, by not going to the film and urging others not to buy their product.

How many straights are going to pay to see this film or buy it in DVD release later? Honies, the director, the actors and the sponsors of this film are all targeting this movie for gay people to go to see, buy tickets, and buy the DVDs. So just refuse their product and tell your friends also.

Don't buy this product. This is our Gay Economic Power.

In many countries legal systems, what the actor said is certainly a "hate crime" and in many countries, this type of physical threat of violence is defined as "assault", a crime.

Yes, re Voltaire the quote is relevant in civil discourse but few countries extend free speech to include inciting physical violence and "assult". Who here would defend Hitler's anti Jewish hatred remarks and the same against Gays? so why defend this actor or director. I hope someone files legal action in Hong Kong for a class action suit on behalf of all gay people, to accuse the actor of "assault" - usually defined as the threat or implied threat of physical violence. Lawyers please, step forward. Human Rights Watch?
102. 2008-06-14 09:27  
Boycott. The homophobic do not deserve our gay dollars. (Which is why I boycott your country.)
Comment #103 was deleted by its author
104. 2008-06-14 13:08  

The actor and the film perhaps should not be the direct object of criticism here. While I'd personally prefer not to support a film with an actor (amateur or otherwise) who freely spouts vitriolic towards an intended target market, I do think criticisms need to be directed elsewhere.

We need to look at the conditions, the climate, the institutions that have allowed bigots to normalize their behaviors in public over the years. Gay panic or homophobic outbursts are only the tip of the icebergs of hatreds, sometimes expressed by public figures.

The only way to quash racism, sexism, and homophobia is to challenge it head on situationally, in the laws, in institutions and in longer-term humanitarian education. We need to ask what conditions have allowed such mentality (as Leung's) to go unchallenged for so many years? What do leaders (in the film industry, in pro-sports, in business, in government, in education, in religion) have to say about such matters or do they actually give a damn? If they don't care, this begs the question, why should others care about society ? Is it everyone out for themselves, 'might is right' and the 'laws of the jungle' ? What kind of lessons does this teach future generations?

Maybe the radio program comments have opened-up an important debate whose time has come...
105. 2008-06-14 14:43  
This movie, this actor do not deserve the attention and all the FREE publicity his phobic comments have generated. Now many more people will spend money to see the movie because of the controversy, not because of its artistic merits. He's just one more naive striaght guy who thinks ALL gay men want to jump his bones. He is sadly mistaken. The radio interviewer used him to bump up his ratings, and now they are trying to use the GLBT community to bump up their ticket sales. Let it pass into oblivion where it belongs....
106. 2008-06-15 11:33  
If Leung Yu Chung was in Australia he would be in trouble with the Police with his comments regarding physical violence towards gay men.
Thank God I live in Australia.

107. 2008-06-15 23:42  
many new actors every year trying to make a name for themselves ... lets not fall for this trap ... shall we banish him completely? not exactly cute ... not exactly good looking ... obviously not smart and ... evidently not very civil ... if he can make it as an actor in hongkong ... the standard of actors there must be rather ... ... ... sad ... ... and if he is talented ... no one isnt ... im sure many are more than willing to fill his shoes ... lets give our votes to those who do not make such remarks ... ;) maybe he can find work with KKK ... or a career with one of those silly ex-gay groups ...
108. 2008-06-15 23:54  
boycott is a word ... if it is too much for some ... simply dont use that word ... do something else ... as long as the effect is the same ... ;) ... bottom line ... lets never hear good news of this soon-to-be-out-of-work ... insensitive ... arrogant ... and rude person anymore ... over and out ...
Comment #109 was deleted by its author
110. 2008-06-16 20:14  
Saw a magazine or newspaper ad from TIGER BEER which said something like "the only time it is normal for men to group-hug is on the sports field". I think that is HOMOPHOBIC and we should BOYCOTT TIGER BEER too!
111. 2008-06-17 13:31  
Two prominent Sydney radio presenters - who called Queer Eye For the Straight Guy star Carson Kressley a "pillow biter" and "pompous little pansy prig" during a show - have agreed to publicly apologise for comments they made on air in 2003 about a gay couple who appeared on the reality television program The Block.

In 2004 the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal ruled that comments made by John Laws and Steve Price on 2UE radio were capable of inciting severe ridicule of gay men.


112. 2008-06-18 13:44  
I am not alone to stay away from the movie City Without Baseball.

Only fools go to see a pretentious homophobia movie out of their own money and call it an interactive opportunity.
113. 2008-06-19 23:18  
think people who defend him will share a different view and sentiment if the kid in calif was their own flesh and blood ... and knowing well enough they could have done something about it ... when they should have ... ... ... expressing oneself is fine ... reacting violently is never ... we thrive on alternatives (isnt it obvious?) ... homophobes and the likes will, can and should be easily ... ... ... alternated ... replaced if you will ... over and out ...
114. 2008-06-20 05:51  
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look and do nothing"

~ Albert Einstein

115. 2008-06-23 15:23  
Like this comment from our PLU:

He's just one more naive straight guy who thinks ALL gay men want to jump his bones. He is sadly mistaken.

The actor is just another straight man we need to blacklist. Ignore him and dont see the production !
116. 2008-07-05 05:29  
Say no more on this yesterday topic for this dispising movie production has already earned its infamous fame as a total flop in the local movie market. Thanked god for the listed homophobia actor is not even becoming a fickle shooting star out of that movie.

The boycoytt action by all zealous intelligent movie goers, gays or no gays is a success.

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