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8 Jul 2008

Hungary's PM calls for anti-extremist rally after attacks at gay pride march

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsny has called for a rally against extremists following a violent clash between protesters, marchers and the police at the Budapest pride parade - the worst in its 12-year history.

Hungary's Prime Minister has reportedly called for an anti-extremist rally to be held after far-right groups attacked marchers at Saturday's gay pride parade in Budapest.

The clash was said to have lasted several hours as the police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the extremists who hurled eggs and cobblestones at parade participants, and gasoline bombs at the police; PM Ferenc Gyurcsny (above)
According to media reports, 45 people were taken into custody and 10 others including two policemen were injured in clashes between dozens of protesters and riot police officers escorting the march through the centre of Budapest.

The protesters, many of them from ultra-nationalist groups, shouted out anti-gay epithets, and hurled eggs and cobblestones at parade participants; and gasoline bombs at the police.

A gay bar and a massage parlour were attacked with gasoline bombs in the week leading up to the parade although no one was injured and little damage was done to the buildings.

Following the clash, PM Ferenc Gyurcsny announced that a rally against extremists will be held on Sep 6.

News web site Politics.hu quoted the PM, who called the recent violent attacks the "final straw" as saying, "This is not a police, nor a gay, nor a Jewish, nor a Gypsy, but a common cause."

PM Gyurcsny further called on public dignitaries to "discuss why the majority of society appears to be weak in the face of extremists who terrorise the majority, and what is missing from the system of constitutional and democratic institutions."

Starting in January, all Hungarians involved in long-term relationships will be allowed to register their partnerships and enjoy some of the benefits of married couples, such as inheriting from each other. This will apply to heterosexual and same-sex couples.


Reader's Comments

1. 2008-07-09 10:13  
People, no matter what sexual orientation, have a right to pursue their happiness and to live in peace without fear of discrimination or violence; especially in a democratic government. I think the government should arrest and ban far-right political extremist groups, because what they did are clearly infringements of civil liberty and human rights. People should respect, not just tolerate, each other's rights, so we can all live in harmony.
2. 2008-07-09 11:47  
Wow, is this the first time any head of state has stepped in to control anti-gay extremists?
Comment #3 was deleted by its author
4. 2008-07-09 15:17  
If a country like Hungary has seemingly pro gay legislation in place already and yet these anti-gay extremists are so brazenly bold to lodge a public attack on a police escorted event, imagine countries, like SingaBORE, India..etc, where no protection nor respect is given to its gay citizens.

I've said it a million times , and now again; what drive these barbaric acts throughout history against fellow men, be they gay, women, blacks, jews..minorities...are always, FEAR, IGNORANCE, INSECURITY & the REFUSAL to respect and accept diversities of others, from offending aggressors.

It takes REAL leadership, love & companssion of any government to regognise that it must protect law abiding citizens from extremists at all costs, something that not many countries can ever boast of.

Salute to PM Gyurcsany for his unparallelled bravery, wisdom and leadership. Not to mention his is one good looking PM to boot too! Peace!
5. 2008-07-09 15:34  
I am from Hungary. I lived there until the end of 1998.
Hungary never really had a gay life and most of the gay population didn't dare to be out.
The situation wasn't this bad, but I felt that it was just going to get worse and that I wouldn't like to and I couldn't live there freely as a gay man.
Unfortunately, the government in Hungary has been useless for years now and extremist groups have been ruling the country and the population has been living in terror.

It's a shame and it's very sad and disturbing.
A rally against extremists? What good does that do? That just fuels more angst and will probably result in an even larger clash between the two parties.

Yes, let's find out why the country is incapable of doing something against this situation. Something MUST be done. I hope they can work it out and put an end to this fucked up ultra-nationalist terror.
6. 2008-07-09 16:20  
Isn't Gyurcsany most notorious for his admitting to lying under oath just like one William Jefferson Clinton in the US? I wouldn't trust much what he is saying.

And by the way, it is Gyurcsany Ferenc, not Ferenc Gyurcsany -- they write their names the Chinese way in Hungary, family name first, as they came to Europe from Asia the last of all "European" people, just 1050 years ago.
7. 2008-07-10 10:39  
Well yeah, but you don't hear Clinton or any other leaders who are known for BS-ing stick up for violence against LGBT communities or victims of hate crimes even though they might have plenty of opportunity to... I'll take lip service any day over veto-ing any gay-affirmative polices.
Comment #8 was deleted by its author
Comment #9 was deleted by its author
10. 2008-07-12 15:55  

isn't it Serbia which had most of its recent leaders under criminal investigation at the International Court for massacre and genocide? Haven't you seen in the media that many of the lower rank officers involved in these crimes are still on the run and hiding in various parts of the world?

/ Excerpts from DominantSerb's profile:
"Location Guangxi, China, More about me: Strict Disciplinarian, experienced at punishing bad boys with strap, paddle, belt etc., humiliation, slave/dog training etc.
What I find important in a relationship: that you like to suck cock and lick boots."/

Isn't it Serbia where you don't have to dig too deep in every other hump to find human bones stick out? Isn't it Serbia where still communist party lead the country?

Do you think it is wise to stress a nation's Asian origin in a negative context in a website mostly visited by Asians?

What is the official approach towards gays in Serbia where the mainstream politics is about racism and ethnic cleansing for decades regardless whether the targets are Croatians, Bosnians or Kosovo Albanians? Isn't it the same racism that stinks in your post?

Haven't you encountered with the common
opinion that Serbia is a shameful abscess on the map of Europe?

FYI if Hungarian names are used in English or other language text, it is correct to use the given name 1st.

And by the way, do you know how much money and effort does it require from the world to maintain peace in Kosovo just because Serbs want to dominate there?

PS: For those who want to get true insight about Serbia and the Serbs, I recommend the movie "Behind Enemy Lines" with Gene Hackman.
Comment #11 was deleted by its author
Comment #12 was deleted by its author
Comment #13 was deleted by its author
Comment #14 was deleted by its author
Comment #15 was deleted by its author
16. 2008-07-12 23:44  
@ madman4lunaticasylum

Obviously you are seriously mentally incapacitated / incapable of reasoning if you TRULY believe that explaining why the name should be written as it is in the original is "stressing a nation's Asian origin in a negative context in a website mostly visited by Asians", and not just an imbecile pretext for your GENUINELY negative half-a-mile-long rant about Serbia -- and even "Serbians" (presumably ALL Serbians worldwide) who, according to your racist claims, ALL "want" something (whatever) -- that has nothing to do with the topic of this forum.

I have been living in Asia for many years -- obviously not because I dislike, but rather like Asia -- and didn't say anything remotely negative about Asia, or Asians, in the comment that you took out of the context, self-assigned t a characteristics it does not have, blew your own confabulations out of proportions and used your demented self-propelling angst for spewing your incoherent, vile, irrelevant rubbish...

But, on the other hand, what else could come out of the likes of you? -- Nothing, because incoherent, vile, irrelevant rubbish is all that disgusting racist bigots like yourself who perceive Asianness, and/or Serbianness, as negative, contain.
Comment #17 was deleted by its author
Comment #18 was deleted by its author
19. 2008-07-14 06:56  

the usage of certain phrases in your post, the formation of sentences and the punctuation indicate that you have the educational background to be fully aware of what and how you say and write.
Therefore most probably you are also aware of the usage of quotation marks.
For those readers who might have got shocked by reading your ballistic emotional eruption, I list here the usage of quotation marks in the English language:
1 Quotations and speech
2 Irony
3 Signaling unusual usage
4 Use-mention distinction
5 Titles of artistic works
6 Nicknames and false titles
7 Emphasis (incorrect usage)

In your post you have said the following:
In this context one can easily find which of the listed usage has been applied in your sentence.
Number 1,4,5,6,7 obviously not. You may challenge "emphasis" but for that you would use all caps.

We have number 2 and 3 left remain. Irony and Unusual usage.

So what does this mean in your context? What is so ironic about Hungarians being Europeans? Or why do you stress "European" as unusual regarding Hungarians?

To understand lets see the definitions of such usages: (I will use quotation marks now in their most common purpose, to denote quotation)
"Another important use of quotation marks is to indicate or call attention to ironic or apologetic words. Ironic quotation marks can also be called scare, sneer, shock, or distance quotes."

How about sneer and distance quotes?

Using quotation marks to express sneer and distance would perfectly match the content and the context in your post - the quotation marks therefore express your view that you do not really consider Hungarians European people. Why so? Just because they arrived in Europe last? This would be one very weak reason.

But lets see what else might your quotation marks mean:

E.g. you can signal unusual usage. People use quotation marks in this way to:
"...distance the writer from the terminology in question so as not to be associated with it..."

So you don't agree that Hungarians belong to European people?

But from all the possible options there is one that you have finally used: SCARE QUOTES.

"Scare quotes are intended to provoke a negative association for the word or phrase enclosed in the quotes, or at least a suspicion about the appropriateness or full truth that might be presumed if the quotes were omitted." and:
"The effect of using scare quotes is often similar to prepending a skeptical modifier such as so-called or alleged to label the quoted word or phrase, to indicate scorn, sarcasm or irony. Scare quotes may be used to express disagreement with the original speaker's intended meaning without actually establishing grounds for disagreement or disdain, or without even explicitly acknowledging it."

And here we are.

So are you not questioning with this subtle but smartly racist punctuation the fact that Hungarians do belong to European people? (Let alone you have stressed they were last to come...) Hungarians are around for 1000 years in Europe as you have also said. What is the preferred length of stay according to Serbian standards for being considered as European?

What does it really mean if someone uses irony when it comes to considering a nation as part of European people? It means that - according to the writer, (in this case you, DominantSerb) - they are not good enough to be included in the group called European people (regardless the country in question is part of the EU).

What is this if not plain racism and looking down on Hungarians?

So if you, DominantSerb don't agree with Hungarians being European people, what do you agree with? You wrote that Hungarians are of Asian origin so you agree with that.

To simplify, Hungarians are not good enough as Europeans, but OK as Asians. Hmm... doesn't this smell like a ranking? As if Europeans were superior to Asians. This is where you can be caught red-handed with your racism towards Asians.
And this is perfectly in line with your sicko profile which demonstrates what do you want to have from Asians: to be your slaves.

Now go take your favorite neuroleptic then f@ck off.

Quotes are from www.wikipedia.org

Comment #20 was deleted by its author
21. 2008-07-17 19:32  
Stop missing the point you foolish people, you have more in common than separating you.

Yes Sebria is a pariah state but maybe Mr DominantSerb is not a mass murderer. Give him the benefit of the preumption of innocence before guilt.

Post 4 has the most sense and information. Protect marchees rather than having another anti march.

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