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12 Dec 2008

DJ Tony Moran returns to Asia for ''One World, Together'' party, Jan 3

For the first time since headlining Fridae's finale Nation party in Phuket in 2006, DJ Tony Moran will be back in Asia for Mighty Asia's "One World, Together" party in Bangkok. Tony tells Fridae in an exclusive interview how he started out as a teenage DJ in Brooklyn, NYC and what partygoers can expect in Bangkok.

æ: For punters who may not be familiar with your set, how would you describe or characterise a "classic Tony Moran set"?

Tony: I would describe my classic sets as energetic, sexual and melodic. I love my beats, and I love my songs. Songs that help to recapture memories that last longer than that evening itself. The mystery that is part of my classic sets are that much of the music I play are created by me and not available to purchase or download. You have to hear them as I play them live and hear how I weave an experience out of it. What I consider the artist in me is being able to tap into that kind of energy that makes you lose track of time and just love the place that you are in and the DJ who is guiding you through it. I do not repeat the sequence of music that I play. I have plenty to choose from and you the audience share infuse your energy with the love and desire that I have to please you and make that evening special and memorable. I'll show you when I get there.

æ: How did you get started as a DJ? Who are your influences?

Tony: I started out as a teenage DJ in Brooklyn, NYC, hoping that playing music would help me make friends. I was shy and not often on the top of any "cool" people list. I saw playing music as a bridge to help me find ways to create bridges for inclusion. The attempt to create that bridge changed my life. It wasn't just about "the hit" or "it's funky" or "that's my jam" any more. My eyes and ears were opening up to the fact that what I was listening to were just records. They were unique ingredients, blending to create and stimulate something that capture your attention. The creativity involved along with realising pieces of genius that came together in the form of "Adagio For Strings" to "Rappers Delight". I listened to these songs, especially songs like "Planet Rock" that was the dawn of an electronic music revolution. The evolution of disco was sweet too. So producers like Arthur Baker (who hired me as an assistant and became my mentor and teacher) along with the talents of Quincy Jones as "Thriller" by Michael Jackson shaped a new culture, was a great time to grow up in and of course, Nile Rogers with all the CHIC records.

æ: What exciting new projects are you currently working on?

Tony: I've just finished working on a new Mariah Carey track and heavily into my new album that will be titled, The Open Book. All new songs and tracks. All extensions of me and what I live for.

æ: What inspires you?

Tony: Everything. People, my surroundings, my joy and many times as you can hear in the songs that write or co-write. My pain. That is life and I don't mind sharing it because I am not alone in all that I have just mentioned.

æ: You have many fans in Asia who are greatly looking forward to your upcoming date in Bangkok - do you have any words for them?

Tony: Yes, thank you for welcoming me back Asia. I have read your messages on the boards and through your e-mails, and my desire to open my heart to its fullest capacity is what I have in store for you.

æ: What are your reflections on the current gay dance party scene in Asia and elsewhere?

Tony: The scene is always changing, parties get bigger. Smaller. But the music and the performances of the artists that communicate to us through them transcend all cultural and language barriers. That is the ultimate satisfaction. Watching people make it their own. I've been around the planet several times now and have seen it over and over. It's just beautiful.

æ: What is the achievement you are most proud of?

Tony: Always your first hit. My first released piece of work. "Show Me" by the Cover Girls. It did not hurt that it sold over a million units and was recorded in several languages.

æ: If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

Tony: To change the past would not give me the present. I have regrets. I've accepted that I am human and I am here to live, grow and work on realising my potential. As an artist, a friend or as a lover.

æ: Tell us about a cause that you support?

Tony: I support and have donated my money and my time to various organisations that are there to provide education to our gay youth and people in need of medical care. Political stuff, I'd rather not talk about. Doing is more satisfying.

æ: Who would your dream date be if you were straight for a day?

Tony: Angelina Jolie. As a gay man also!

DJ Tony Moran (US) and three other world-renowned DJs Offer Nissin (Israel), Edson Pride (Brazil), Tye (US) will headline four mega-parties in Bangkok over the New Year's Day weekend. More details below.

NYE 09 (gCircuit) feat. DJ Edson Pride (Brazil)
Opening set by DJ Princess Ann (Malaysia)
Date: Dec 31, 2008
Venue: Moon Star Studio 8
Ticketing info

Jubilation! (Mighty Asia) feat. DJ Offer Nissim (Israel)
Opening set by DJ Louis T (Malaysia)
Date: Jan 1, 2009 (Thu)
Venue: Bangkok Convention Center at Central World
Ticketing info

Fantasia 2 (gCircuit) feat. DJ Tye (US)
Opening set by DJ Princess Ann (Malaysia)
Date: Jan 2, 2009 (Fri)
Venue: Moon Star Studio 8
Theme: Fetish
Ticketing info

One World, Together (Mighty Asia) feat. Tony Moran (US)
Date: Jan 3, 2009 (Sat)
Venue: Bangkok Convention Center at Central World
Ticketing info


Reader's Comments

1. 2008-12-13 20:24  
I like u very much^_^
2. 2008-12-13 23:05  
U r hot!
3. 2008-12-14 03:00  
I want to go to BBK..... Party like an Asian BOY.hhehe
4. 2008-12-14 09:39  
Great to see out "Supper Star" DJ Offer Nissim.
You'll love him!
Nice to see that a Malesian will host him in contrediction to the ban on Israel and Israelies that thier stupid goverenment has.
Happy New Year!
5. 2008-12-16 00:51  
Thanks for make it happen again!!! GREAT

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