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30 Mar 2009

Singapore gay networking group to launch Pink Month campaign

Spend your pink dollars at gay businesses this April, urges 5Degrees which has got over 60 businesses in Singapore signed up for its first ever Pink Month campaign.

5Degrees, a gay networking and business group in Singapore, is set to launch Pink Month - an initiative to rally the community to support gay and gay-friendly businesses during this economic down turn - on April 1.

To download the Pink passes, visit 5-degrees.org. Top of page (left to right), Pink Month organisers Kevin Foo, Tin Pinming Hong, Willie Chan, Rabil Lian and Niels Rasmussen.
The networking group, which is also marking its first anniversary in April, said the campaign was partially inspired by the film Milk as it believes in the openly gay politician's vision of "helping one another's businesses grow within the pink community." The group has over 800 members in its Facebook page and its monthly sessions typically attract between 30 to 100 participants.

Willie Chan, founder of the group, said the aim of the initiative is to support gay owned businesses and those companies who are friendly and non-discriminatory to the community, and to encourage networking and joint business opportunities.

"It was also coupled by the fact that we are seeing the worst recession for our generation, and as a business group we would want to do our part to rally the community to show our support for the GLBT and pro-GLBT businesses."

For the month of April, the participating businesses - many of which are gay-owned - will offer special discounts upon presentation of a Pink Pass that can be downloaded and printed.

The initiative features a variety of businesses from fashion to health to travel to bars and restaurants; including familiar establishments such as DYMK which has been hosting the volunteer-run Pelangi Pride Centre library rent-free for several years and The Garden Slug restaurant which had sponsored the catering at the receptions of Fridae's two recent fundraising movie galas in aid of LGBT community projects.

Sophia Leung of The Garden Slug restaurant said she's participating as she hopes for Singapore's LGBT or LGBT-affirmative businesses to gather strength through numbers.

"We always have that positive chi flowing through the community where we don't just take, but we give. This is the most organic way in which the Singapore LGBT business community can grow and gain real commercial presence."

SportsmenAsia's Ken Hong, who's offering a 15 percent discount off all regular items at his men's apparel store, said he wishes for the event to "generate an increased awareness that we have many diverse, enterprising talents within the community and that pink enterprise is one of the ways through which we may find common ground and give expression to our unique identity and vibrant lifestyle."

When queried about its stated criterion that businesses have to "support the GLBT cause" to participate in this scheme, organisers were quick to stress that the initiative is purely for business purposes by "encouraging the community to support our own folks" during the economic downturn.

Chan added: "A strong community support for the Pink Month will send strong signals to the business community that the Pink dollar does matter, and we hope that this will encourage more businesses to step forward to join in the next Pink Month."

For more info on the participating businesses and to download the Pink passes, visit 5-degrees.org.

In support of Pink Month, Fridae Perks subscriptions will be available at SportsmenAsia, 113 New Brdge Road, #03-36 Chinatown Point at a special price of S$30 for 6 months (UP S$44) or $50 for 12 months (UP S$73).

Pink Month events:
Apr 1, Wed - Opening Launch of Pink Month / 1st Anniversary of 5Degrees, at Play Club, 8pm
Apr 30, Thu - Closing party of Pink Month @ TwoQueens
May 1, Fri - Closing party of Pink Month @ DYMK / eBar
Ma y 2, Sat - Closing party of Pink Month @ Play
May 3, Sun - Closing party of Pink Month @ Superstar Sunday @ Zirca


Reader's Comments

1. 2009-03-31 00:11  
PINK!!!! well, i suppose this colour has great association with feminism
i know people tend to associated gay people with this feminism thing and even thought gay are "like-women" somehow or mixed with those transexual (MTF) and treated as same entity
look, to all out brothers...stop effeminate our gayhood!!!
we are gay, we true MEN
MEN among men, we have higher male hormone level, we have higher sexual desire, even have bigger cock!!
we are not some kind of female souls trap in wrong bodies etc etc
and to fridae's webmaster and associates, stop using "sister" to name our fellow gay brothers
this is disgusting and ridiculous
damn and shame on u!!!
2. 2009-03-31 00:33  
dear heimuk, pls note the term GLBT community. it is not for gays only. please also respect those who really like pink too.
3. 2009-03-31 00:50  
Dear Heimuk

No need for nit-picking at such details. I really don't think any insult of harm was intended here, and you've probably sorely misunderstood this. Some people like pink, some people don't. But what's in a name? It can be called Rainbow, but then if you start picking again, then there's always a reason to diss any name/term anyone uses.

Being comfortable with your identity is far more important to being happy and confident about who you are.
Comment #4 was deleted by its author
5. 2009-03-31 08:51  
re post #1 Heimuk... Pink has a deep and somber symbolism. In Hitler's Germany in the 1930s and '40s homosexuals were persecuted and sent to concentration camps (where most died). To distinguish them from Jews and political prisoners, they were obliged to wear pink triangles on their prison uniforms. As we became more liberated, European and American gays took up the pink triangle as a sign of pride and in memory of the thousands of homosexuals murdered by the Nazis. It is not, as you have so insultingly assumed, an indication of effeminacy. I think the shame is yours, no?

And I suggest that you, as a homosexual who must deal with prejudice and intolerance for just being gay, refrain from imposing your own intolerance and condemnation on other homosexuals who happen to be a little less manly than you pretend to be.
6. 2009-03-31 11:33  
(I suggest a new method to deal with annoying ignoramuses that have only ONE agenda on their minds: to make everything about themselves. All they wanna do is to display their "attitudes" (usually a cynical nonchalence or "rebel without a cause") . We've got to ignore them. Point out the untruths they are spreading but don't bother arguing with them. We have better things to do.)

Here we have a milestone event in gay activism in Singapore, one thats pro-active, lawful, in tune with world affairs (particularly the Oscars =P and the economic turmoil) and therefore extremely EXCITING. *weee*

There are some issues we should give some attention to:
1) CAN we spend? - I hope we're not encouraging a "peer pressure"-like influence in our own community. The economic crisis did affect us all and its only fair that we spend with discretion. The Pink dollar is pink and strong but not invincible.
2) It seems like most of the non-gay owned/not gay targetting businesses have been left out (at least for now). I think it only makes sense that the organizers try to involve the straight businesses as well. Because if all we have are the pink shops, it doesn't quite show the straight community how strong the pink dollar is. The result: A Singapore sale for the Pink shops.

For e.g. if we get Starbucks, we might be able to prompt action from direct rivals like TCC, Coffee Club etc. The businesses near the "pink" areas should be easier to convince (near the gyms?) But a step at a time i guess

3) I wonder if the organizers have given some thought to how measurable both the + and - effects of this event can be measured. Will there be straight people masquerading as PLUs? How do the straight salespeople react to when we show the pink pass? Have they been informed?

4) Is it possible to do a preliminary evaluation of the event after 1 week and so some quick convincing work using the statistics with the straight businesses? I'm a business-dummy but i'm just thrilled to think about a Milk-like success!

But all in all, this is exhilarating news! But i'm grumpy cos i won't be in SG for the entire month of April. Bring it to Shanghai!!

Thank you 5 degrees and all participating outlets!
7. 2009-04-01 01:02  
So the LGBT community is asked to "support our own folks" during the economic downturn but no word on how these businesses who want the pink dollar is giving back to the community?
8. 2009-04-02 20:16  
Post #6 kellen says (Posted : 01 April 2009 1:02) :"So the LGBT community is asked to "support our own folks" during the economic downturn but no word on how these businesses who want the pink dollar is giving back to the community?"

Well, they're giving us a discount. ;)

Seriously though, I expect they will also sponsor events and charity do's, and I think they contribute by being visible on behalf of us all, and by helping to foster a sense of community.

Most minority groups have some sort of business associations, and there are gay ones in countries all over the world.

But it's also nice that in many places where there is not quite so much prejudice, we are moving beyond ghetto-isation these days, to integration.
9. 2009-04-04 10:59  
cool, a pink month!

is there any charity around here, that is kinda gay-friendly too?

I've got lotsa clothes and stuff to give away. Had Salvation Army in mind, but heard that it supports discriminates against GLBTs too. Although I don't think it excludes GLBTs from its freebies-giveaways.

Anyway, is PLU passe?
10. 2009-04-06 17:43  
Clothes can be recycled through charity shops run by people such as Oxfam or run in aid of certain hospices. Is there maybe one run on behalf of an Aids hospice in Singapore?
11. 2009-04-08 17:18  
opps, i thought everything PINK is for breast cancer research.. can't you guys chose another color.. i have gay stuff all being PINK

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