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27 Jan 2010

World's second "pregnant man" goes public

Two transgender daddies are expecting a baby boy in February.

Scott Moore – the second ‘pregnant man’ to go public after Thomas Beatie – is due to give birth to a boy in February, with his husband by his side.

Top: Scott Moore (left) with his husband Thomas; above: Thomas Beatie with daughter, Susan Juliette Beatie

The UK's Daily Mail reports that Moore was born female and has undergone surgery to become male but still has female reproductive organs as his parents couldn't afford the full surgery.

The pair lives in California with their two children aged 12 and 10 from his husband Thomas’s former female partner who has since passed away. Thomas is also a transgender man.

The couple is legally married as Moore, who was born Jessica, still has his female birth certificate. Moore told the Mail he first realised he wanted to be a man when he was 11 and started taking male hormones when he was 16 years old.

"We know some people will criticise us but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed." Moore, 30, was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. He was artificially inseminated with a friend's sperm the paper reported.

They have decided to name the child ‘Miles’. 

The case is similar to that of Thomas Beatie, a transgendered Oregon man, who made headlines around the world in 2008 when he went public with his pregnancy. Beatie, who is married to a biologicial woman but couldn’t conceive having had a hysterectomy, gave birth to a healthy daughter in 2008 and a son last summer.

Reader's Comments

1. 2010-01-28 12:31  
More power to each person's choices and rights....

BUT, I'm pretty challenged when a natural female chooses to turn male (has her reproductive organs completely removed then if she could have had afforded it) then wants to carry a baby (new life) like a woman and be with another "man" as opposed to being with another woman, since the op was supposed to make him the opposite sex to be a man !
Phew !!!....man (pun intended), this is bizzare !!!

Human beings, like they say; It's Complicated! :)
2. 2010-01-28 12:43  
I'm still waiting for MtF Transgender to be pregnant.
3. 2010-01-28 13:02  

Hey you can put a Ford bumper and fenders on Buick, but it is still a Buick, now matter what it looks like.

this is FREAKY
4. 2010-01-28 15:01  
she's straight and cant think straight. no way..
5. 2010-01-28 15:05  
Just because a female decides to be a man doesn't make them want to be with a woman... The FtM identifies themself as a man... That is what FtM or MtF is about... it's about how they identify themself...

Sexually a FtM or Mtf can like who ever they want to like whether it be male or female. In this case it's like saying... he's a gay man trapped inside a woman's body :D
Comment #6 was deleted by its author on 2010-01-29 08:01
7. 2010-01-28 23:46  
Well well well. Glad to see transphobia is alive and kicking in the gay community. All the female pronouns, open-and-close inverted commas, arguments from anti-gay quarters recycled for trans usage, etc etc start flying out of the mouths of ...umm ...of straight and normal people? I don't know whether to find this funny or pitiful.
8. 2010-01-29 04:12  
Thank you Cartographer!

Yeah, some of the views expressed here about transgender people are pretty abhorrent. It's such a pity. At the same time, kudos to fridae.com for bringing some awareness to trans issues, particularly on trans-guys.

Still, the title is a bit sensationalistic...
9. 2010-01-29 04:18  
congratulations to the happy couple.

how wonderful and courageous that they pursue their dream of a unitary family despite a world of prejudice

their kids will likely be the more open minded for it

sadly, many of my gay brethren are intolerant and unwittingly re-enact the nastiness that discriminatory (usually religious) bigots issue towards gay folks like us
10. 2010-01-29 10:38  
gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate issues which all should be allowed the freedom to choose. the ability to be pregnant is a gift, and the desire to be is yet another choice regardless of one's gender identity/ orientation. there is no right or wrong, normal or weird. love is beautiful anyway. best wishes to the couple.
11. 2010-01-29 18:16  
To be realistic: "go public" means they sold their story to a newspaper and got money out of it. They don't seem to mind putting themselves on a level with circus freaks of the past. It's their prerogative.
12. 2010-01-30 01:04  
The title of the article is misleading. The subject is not actually a real man because she was born woman who underwent surgery operation. It doesn't sound interesting nor amazing in my own opinion. Thanks. Scientifically speaking, it is still impossible for a real man to bear a child.
13. 2010-01-30 01:06  
The title of the article is misleading. The subject is not actually a real man because she was born female who underwent surgery operation. It doesn't sound interesting nor amazing in my own opinion. Thanks. Scientifically speaking, it is still impossible for a real man to bear a child.
14. 2010-01-31 10:35  
Mmmm... it is great that science and human rights has made so much breakthrough and progress.

But one have to consider the current conditions of over-population, under-resources, and abundant numbers of abandoned children in need of adoption. (Yes this applies to both straights and now the gays too)

We should be more adamant on abortion rights (for women) and adoption rights (for the gays)
15. 2010-02-02 10:36  
These stories are very misleading. The person in question is a woman who has undergone various surgeries to make herself into a man, but still retains her female reproductive organs... this person is still a woman, not a man. Its great that they have decided to raise children etc... but to call her a pregnant man is grossly inaccurate.
16. 2010-02-02 11:20  
It's only fair that a person gets to decide what gender he/she is or identifies with, not you or any one else.


We also encourage you to ask transgender people which pronoun they would like you to use. A person who identifies as a certain gender, whether or not they have taken hormones or had surgery, should be referred to using the pronouns appropriate for that gender.

If it is not possible to ask the person which pronoun he or she prefers, use the pronoun that is consistent with the person's appearance and gender expression. For example, if the person wears a dress and uses the name "Susan," feminine pronouns are appropriate.
17. 2010-02-03 10:50  
why choose to be 'man' then decide to bore kids like an women. So bizarre.... So unhealthy, and the child would call the mother as 'daddy' so unhealthy.... imagine the humiliation he/she has to go through especially during school days...
18. 2010-02-03 18:57  
Hey, does LGBT have a T in it or not? Or are we the world after all?

"Kuman10127" (comment 3) tsk tsk, sir. This pregnant trans may understandably ask the LGBs: Yikes, but is the sexual use of the anus more biologically logical than using my womb for childbirth? But, i have to admit i may have reacted similarly had i not seen a tv documentary called Culture Shocks, which provided insight into some rather courageous transgender folk and their unenviable dilemmas. Understanding helps. Alot. Whether it is wise for these two to have a child, i really don't know, but i'm not sure they would do worse than some seemingly "normal" parents. Love is the key.....

To "jammyboi" (comment 1) who recently signed off as Xena, weren't you the human being who added this comment when a cross-dressing Puerto Rican boy was killed just last year: "Look at the murderer, he's wearing a rosary. How Christian..." That struck me then as being tellingly intolerant - it wasn't even an article about a tunnel-visioned bishop, or rosaries, but a murder. And now, you're a little freaked out by a transgender human being who is using her womb for its biological purpose, albeit by artificial insemination? Where do you get the permission to say you're trans-challenged, after having posted that kind of irresponsible comment about others as a whole? However, IF i had misunderstood your Puerto Rican comment, i apologise - perhaps you didn't mean it to sound as hateful as it did. BUT, if you did, then i don't think we are empowering anyone when there are double standards for intolerance or bigotry. Hopefully, you weren't actually suggesting it was Catholic to freak out and murder a young transvestite? In the first place, just about every indigenous Puerto Rican is a Catholic, including the victim very likely. It was also pointed out then that the alleged killer, who was abused in prison, may have freaked out when this "girl" turned out to be a "guy". Things, as reported in Fridae, are unfortunately, not always professionally clear, and many here are prone to have their buttons pushed by sandflies. Maybe, they should pay the astute "sunthenmoon", or pioneer Mr Alex Au to help out journalistically.

Well, although i do resolutely believe in a loving Father above, I have never been a Catholic, nor even a fan of the Vatican to be sure. But, i was once humbled by the childlike and non-judgmental compassion i witnessed in a young ordinary Singapore Catholic. Some are right here on this website. I think also of my genteel Muslim friend (now partnered with an Englishman), who would always respect other LGBTs' beliefs and convictions even if they weren't his own. Some like him are here, too. And, many life-respecting Buddhists as well. Doesn't tolerance extend to everyone's choices?

One's varying and various personal choices and views may not be another's. That's what we tell others, right? Logic, tolerance and fairplay shouldn't take second place to political correctness. Like, when the blackmailing sod squad at Out magazine tells Lambert he's not gay enough. Not "straight" enough, then now not "gay" enough? What crap in reverse is that? No wonder many LGBTs, whether they have "come out" or not (which is another personal choice), are stereotypically conflicted. Come out as what? Gay fascists as opposed to straight skinheads? Fortunately, for Adam's generation, the hurting, ugly chips seem not to be weighing down younger shoulders, and though it will never be easy to be different, we may be entering a new era of the rainbow. First recorded in the book of Genesis, this metaphor is a spectrum of seven main colours.

Just daydreaming simplistically out loud: In Asia, especially where the state is really secular, young LGBTs will grow up and win wide respect for their achievements, grace and maturity, like everyone else. This stability will be the base of wider support for political progress, not in-your-face exhibitionism. Those who have the resources, together with committed professionals, will push strategically for legally-robust Civil Partnerships for ALL singles, including "straights". This will be very inclusive and thus integrational, but will nonetheless still be a big political challenge in the face of Asia's traditional viewpoints. It has to be said also that HIV is a deadly foe that sadly still needs to be brilliantly neutralised with resolve and expedience, because we cannot afford increasingly to lose any of our bright, young people, our future. In any case, sexual addiction and recklessness, like it or not, is never a winning factor, either for the individual or the team.

We're all complex human beings, LGBT or "straight", "religious" or atheistic, white, brown, blue, black or porcelain - and, even gay pilots and transfolk have the personal option to responsibly change their flight plans in trans-it, even if others are sceptical. Yes, it certainly IS complicated, more than both the religious right or the gay mafia from the West would care to admit. We're complicated. In ASIA, i think we're more inclined to make peace with traditional perspectives of ethics and morality, and even if they are not "religious", many Asians look for the "spirituality" of long-term relationships, sooner or later, if they can indeed find their soul mates. Depth as opposed to width, permanence as opposed to the quick fix. Where the extremists are not allowed to sow hate, and where there is peace and socio-economic stability, the East will find its own paths.....

Labels and the perpetuation of divisive attitudes, beyond being tribal markers and a practical convenience, tend to stereotype everyone and, in doing so, disable more than they enable, in my view. I think this forced "streaming" often starts in the early, formative years. Later, as young and old adults, despite our ups and downs, many of us keep seeking to define, and be our best and truest selves, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, whether the world likes it or not. But we are not defined solely by race or religion, sexuality, politics, work or play. Within, we are more than the sum of our tribal markers. We are each a unique human being. And, not wanting to be alone on this earth, we look for true, kindred souls. Which is probably what brought these two similarly transgendered people together as well.

God bless. :)
19. 2010-02-04 17:38  
congratulations to the happy couple...
20. 2010-02-05 00:56  
If I transplanted bird wings onto my back, does that now make me a sparrow?
21. 2010-02-06 05:24  
I find the many attitudes of intolerance of and hatred towards trans gender people expressed here absolutley INCREDIBLE.
Your views make me ashamed to be gay.
How DARE u!
22. 2010-02-06 05:24  
I find the many attitudes of intolerance of and hatred towards trans gender people expressed here absolutley INCREDIBLE.
Your views make me ashamed to be gay.
How DARE u!
23. 2010-02-06 23:39  
they are cool, I really support what they have done.

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