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7 Jan 2011

GLAAD to CNN: Keep away from the anti-gay industry

The US media watchdog Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has on Thursday started a petition to urge CNN to stop inviting 'experts' whose "only qualification is that they are anti-gay" to provide 'balance' to LGBT-related news topics.

It is a practice that can be observed in media organisations from the United States to Britain to Singapore and possibly elsewhere, at one time or other. Anti-gay advocates from religious fundamentalists to thinly disguised "conservative family values" campaigners have often been called upon to provide anti-LGBT comments in a misguided attempt to provide a 'balanced' view to LGBT-related news stories.

In December, UK's Pink News took the BBC to task for its decision to feature a supporter of state-sponsored execution of gay men as the sole commentator for its story about the birth of a surrogate son to Elton John and his partner. Stephen Green, of right-wing group Christian Voice, called the new child a "designer accessory" and accused the couple of acting out of "pure selfishness to deprive a baby of a mother." When contacted, the BBC defended its decision to feature an opposing viewpoint.

In April 2010, CNN, a US cable news channel that broadcasts worldwide, featured ex-gay activist Richard Cohen alongside California Assembly woman Bonnie Lowenthal to discuss a story about efforts to repeal an outdated California law requiring the State Department of Mental Health to conduct research into the “causes” and “cures” of being gay with CNN's Kyra Phillips. This is despite the fact that Cohen is not licensed and has been discredited by major mainstream psychological associations.

On December 21 last year, CNN’s John King ran a segment on then pending repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and its implementation. During the segment, Peter Sprigg from Family Research Council appeared alongside openly gay former service member Alex Nicholson who gave firsthand accounts of how the policy played out in the day-to-day lives of gay and lesbian service members. 

GLAAD however questioned Sprigg’s lack of qualifications given that it appears that he was invited based solely on his job at the Family Research Council, a conservative, Christian right group and lobbying organisation linked to Focus on the Family." The watchdog noted: "There, Sprigg has worked to advance some of the most hurtful, dangerous, and demonstrably false notions about the lives of LGBT people that our country has seen in recent years. And yet, by pairing him with Nicholson in this segment, CNN told its millions of viewers that both of these men should be seen as equally valuable to this discussion."

"Out of a desire for 'balance' on these issues, CNN turned - as they often do - to the anti-gay industry to provide the counterpoint. Except all too frequently, the network doesn't book these people because they provide any actual expertise or experience on issues that impact LGBT people; their only qualification is that they are anti-gay.

"Is it important for the media to take these groups on? Of course it is. But that’s not what CNN and other media organizations are doing when it invites these groups to take part in otherwise reasonable discussions. The media is elevating their hurtful messages and attitudes to the level of rational discourse. The media is saying that people like Alexander Nicholson, who can speak to real-life experience and firsthand facts, need to be “balanced” by people like Peter Sprigg, whose claim to fame is arguing that being gay should be outlawed. If CNN wants to interview a gay person who believes being straight should be outlawed, THEN Peter Sprigg would be an acceptable “balance.”

GLAAD further warns that when the CNN and other media outlets invite members of these anti-gay groups onto their programming, they are "doing nothing but exposing their viewers to dangerous anti-gay rhetoric."

GLAAD finally urges readers to tell the media that "if they can't find someone who isn't part of the anti-gay industry to discuss an issue that involves the LGBT community, then the 'other side' of that issue isn't one worth hearing."

The petition, which has attracted over 2,500 signatures, reads:

Dear CNN: Use experts, not the anti-gay industry.

To sign the petition or for more information, click onto Glaad.org/tellcnn

Dear CNN:, 

With the new year upon us, I am asking you to make a resolution to keep anti-gay groups off of your airwaves. 

When a story impacts the LGBT community, think about how you would treat the story if it impacted any other group of people. If you were running a story about education, would you seek out the opinion of someone who hates teachers? If you were running a story about agriculture, would you invite a guest who believes farming is a sin? Of course not, yet the anti-gay point of view is one you seek out regularly. 

These groups, whose only qualification is their animosity towards LGBT equality, bring absolutely nothing of value to your airwaves – and by inviting them on, you're only lending them your credibility and elevating their messages. If you are seeking a second opinion on issues of LGBT rights, I ask you to stay away from members of the anti-gay industry, and instead consult actual experts. No matter what the exact topic, you should always be able to find a professional who can offer something beyond animus. Educators, scholars, consultants, psychologists, military historians, medical professionals – no matter what field your story is related to, you can always find an actual expert who can bring something of real value to these conversations. 

In this New Year, I am asking you to please stop giving these anti-gay activists a platform for their false and dangerous messages, and instead give your audience the information they need. 


[Your name here]

To sign the petition or for more information, click onto Glaad.org/tellcnn

Reader's Comments

1. 2011-01-07 21:13  
gay n anti gay fight, the middle has news to broadcast
2. 2011-01-07 23:35  
See, America is just as anal as everywhere else.....
3. 2011-01-08 00:54  
Well, put it this way - those people who are resolutely anti-gay (because they've somehow learned of our Top Secret Mission to smash the family unit and pervert their children - Larry! Was it you? Did YOU blab about You Know, That Thing to The Bigots?) will still be anti-homosexual be no matter what, whether or not some Talking Head who knows about Our Secret Agenda is wheeled out to give 'balance' in a gay-related story.

I'm not saying that I like or want to see hypocritical idiots of any cultural or religious leaning spouting nonsense about The Gays, BUT I can see that there Is a relevant role for people like That to play as part of a debate. Know thy enemy, an' all a' that. After all, an extremist view IS still a view, and the vilest, most pig-ignorant views that some people have are still shared by a great many people - blocking them doesn't make them go away.

Now, if said people were released onto a story Without there being a pro-gay (or, hell, just a balanced pro-humane response), Then I'd have an issue. As it stands, I'm not terribly bothered by what some idiot from a tiny group of bigots has to say, especially as I know that most people are balanced and mature enough to think: "Man... that guy's a tool..." when they see/hear him...
Comment edited on 2011-01-08 00:55:42
4. 2011-01-08 02:25  
I guess Gay people need to be united among each other, to fight for rights, homophobia and anti-gay sentiments
5. 2011-01-08 04:06  
Well, well, well. This can happen in USA. If CNN were in my country - Canada. No way they can do so. In Canadian laws, gay and straight are the same. No issue to debate publicly to create hatred. We look at the topic with no different if USA debate about Black and White American. It is sensitive. If u can allow to discuss the below issue public, why not bring Black people and White people in USA into debate?

"....need to be “balanced” by people like Peter Sprigg, whose claim to fame is arguing that being gay should be outlawed...."

Every human being regardless his/her race and sexual orientation
should be protected by laws. Peter Sprigg was arguing that being gay should be outlawed. WHAT A FUCK? He should tell White Americans, Black Americans should be outlawed because their ancestors were slave of white people. They should not have the protection because of their race.

CNN, are u blind? Well, I can understand why u can do so because u are in USA. As long as Gay Marriage is not legalize, gays are still considered a second class citizen and subject to be bullied. There is NO WAY this can happen in Canada since 2005 after legalize gay marriage.

I urge, Please take "gay marriage" issue to the Supreme Court of USA for once and forever. Once it is legalize, the whole legal system and education system will change according to the ruling like Canada. Canadians no longer able to discuss gay issues anymore since 2005 after legalize gay marriage. Many people think it is just a legal married document. U are wrong. It is about equal right and ERACE the word "Gay" from Canada's dictionary. Canadians ask you spouse's name not your wife or husband's name. Do u see the difference?

Don't u think Canada is still the best English speaking country for gay to live without any issue of being discriminated?

So call, balance act for a gay debate. Fuck u. CNN. Canada has freedom of speech, but it is not above for the protection of individual rights - being gay. Cheeeeeers ! The whole fucking debate of gay in CNN and BCC are totally unacceptable - it is a hatred issue, like u are talking about muslim is bad due to their belief/religion.
6. 2011-01-08 04:23  
yawn. Such impertinence.
7. 2011-01-08 04:58  
Sensitive (for some) issues discussed on CNN would be better left to Anderson Cooper whose journalist credentials are impeccable.

Comment #8 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-08 07:12
9. 2011-01-08 07:12  
Certain issues (being gay, being black, being minority race, being muslim or christian.....) are not about sensitivity, it is about dignity and human rights. Basically USA is lacking behind Human Rights protection in comparison with many developed nations. Well, it is getting better like the stupid law "Don't tell, Don't ask" has been removed.

There are many narrow minded people who may think debating issues like being gay and being black are different. At least, Canada has no room for the debates base on human rights. Aren't we human being whether we are gay or black or yellow? Therefore what issue to talk about?

Simple message to USA. "Nothing to debate about being gay" Gay means gay. It is about two same adults in love and have sex in their own place, not in public.

USA, time to learn from your neighbour - Canada. Don't act like child for too long. Time to recall your mistakes and move forward to protect your own citizens. Shame to let CNN to do such a thing. Come to Canada and apply for a permit to discuss gay issue here like "being gay should be outlawed". I am sure my government will fuck u deeeeeeeeep.
10. 2011-01-08 09:12  
Kazukicanada #9.-

Unfortunately the way you put forward your 'the grass is greener in Canada' argument may offend the sensibility of your U.S neighbours.

The DADT policy signed and sealed by Bill Clinton was a first step out
of the darkness that existed before. Want to blame him too ?
11. 2011-01-08 09:12  
Kazukicanada #9.-

Unfortunately the way you put forward your 'the grass is greener in Canada' argument may offend the sensibility of your U.S neighbours.

The DADT policy signed and sealed by Bill Clinton was a first step out
of the darkness that existed before. Want to blame him too ?
12. 2011-01-08 11:10  
What GLAAD did is to raise awareness that anti-gay people are no different from other hate groups. The time is ripe to call a bigot a bigot.
13. 2011-01-08 11:37  
nr. 3 - .....and he's gay :-)
14. 2011-01-08 11:41  
Well, bigot = moron = asshole.....let's face it, we're out numbered......all the more reason to stand our ground :D
15. 2011-01-08 11:42  
.....but unfortunately, there's one born every minute.....:p
16. 2011-01-08 12:26  
#11 You are right. Of cause for gay rights, Canada is far better of than USA. The facts speak the truth. It is until USA accepts gay marriage, then you will see the sunshine from it. You have to know, don't worry to offend any countries or religions when it comes to Human Rights. I have learnt so much histories of wars, killing in the name of God, black slavery, Chinese labors being used by White Canadians to build the rail from West to East and so on. Canada government recognized its mistakes that had been done by White Canadians long time ago. We have to keep fighting for better life for human beings to live, we shall not be quiet.

To free from bullying, we (gays) have to stand up and fight. I believe it should not be more than 10 years, we will see more English Speaking countries legalize gay marriage. It is slow but progressive particularly USA. Well, when it comes to the end of fighting for gay rights, if the Supreme Court of USA does not accept gay marriage at the end, it would be the begining of nightmare for gay life in USA. I hope for the best for our gay friends over there.

CNN is very powerful and influential throughout the world. We can't let it plays the fire on gay rights. We can't let CNN to be used by Anti gay industry. We shall find ways to keep them out from this kind of devates. More individual gay bullies will happen if the medias are there to allow a debate of gay problems. Why Canada laws prohibit this kind of debate? For a very simple reason, protecting human rights over free speech that creates hatred. I hope GLAAD gets the petition to stop CNN or any medias to promote hatred base on human rights, the best way to stop permanently is to the USA courts if the medias refuse to listen. Keep fighting until we (gays) are free from bullying. Ultimately the land of laws is the way. I can see how Canada has been benefited since 2005 after gay marriage was legalized. Many anti gay organizations and groups failed the suits in The Supreme Court of Canada when they wanted to increase the power to overide gay educations in the Canadian school systems and other rights like gay couple's child adoption. Therefore legalize Gay marriage is not a simply a law that allows same sex marriage. It is the ultimate protection for equal right being gay or straight. Gays do not need this law to be in love but gays need this law to stop anti gay movements. Canada has been benefiting from it. Cheers!
17. 2011-01-08 16:07  
good for me.... i am here in Philippines! hehehe
18. 2011-01-08 19:24  
''....how to cure gays and its cause...bla bla bla...''

hey, being a gay taught me to be maturer, tougher and MANLIER than those ''super straight'' people,

hey, my friends, whats the so-good point about being straight if you waste your time to bully others, rather than take a -look- on your 'super' life that full of wife-abusements scandals and broken home child?

Oh dear, isnt that a bit stupid?
Comment #19 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-08 19:30
Comment #20 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-08 19:27
21. 2011-01-08 19:50  
Ugh, I'd rather expose people in debate than silence them. This "petition" is not one of the gay movemen't finer hours.
22. 2011-01-09 02:09  
#21 Expose them will cause great negative impacts on gays and how straight people treating us. Expose them is like giving them justification to make us differential from straight people. Aren't we the same, human being? Therefore Canadian laws do not allow this kind of discussion causing discrimination and hatred. There were many attempts by Anti-gay industry here (Canada) to use Freedom of Speech to justify to speak against gay. Fortunately the Canadian highest court refused the right of speech that cause hatred and gay is no longer an issue to debate since 2005 after legalizing gay marriage.

Not all gays are strong as you - #21. There are many are so weak and sensitive. That's why you can see how many gays kill themselves each year wordwide. I believe "Silence is Gold" when come to protecting gays who suppose to have no difference from straight ppl. If gay debates are allowed causing confusing and gay rights. Well, then we can bring out black slavery topics in USA. Do they dare to do so by CNN? You know what Black Americans can do when bring up this issue. Therefore "Silence is Gold". CNN knows well they would not do so, otherwise their buildings might be..... by Black ppl. Well well well, CNN knows gay ppl might not have the power and will to do so. We (gays) are civilize, we should use dialog and legal means to stop all medias to use gay issue to generate their incomes in our expense causing more straight ppl against us.
23. 2011-01-09 04:57  
I believe CNN is frequently providing favor for us. When we stop doing the talking and listen.................. the insanity from the other side stands out CLEARLY for all to hear. Our SILENCE often has POWER beyond measure.

The other side keeps digging their own grave :D
24. 2011-01-09 05:59  
i hope obama give a good feedback (for us) bout this damn topic.. As what he promised to US ppl b4...

It must be heaven to live in Canada, isnt it bro #22 ? Haha..:)
25. 2011-01-09 06:27  
You can do 99 times favours to other but if you hurt someone 1 time. Do you think the court can forgive you? Well, In Canada, No way.

CNN does not need do favour to anyone, what they care is their bottom line to pay their bills. Reasonable enough for a profit organization. If CNN thinks it is reasonable to do this kind of hatred discussion, why don't you cross the boarder to Canada and DO IT HERE? We shall see you in our courts or perhaps your crew members would be refused to enter by our Immigration officer at the boarder. Let Canadian government teaches you a lesson of human rights. CNN Babe, time to go back to school. Well, not American school, come to Canadian school.

Your fucking media - CNN and BBC. Your license is to provide news, not terrorising gays and promoting hatred. Oh I forgot you both were terrosing American and British gays respectively. Shame !
26. 2011-01-09 06:39  
Dear Cute boy - #22

"It must be heaven to live in Canada, isnt it bro #22 ? Haha..:)"

I think could not be better. We make Canada CANADA. We have different value system than many Western developed nations. For gays, well. Which country can protect as good as Canada? Bear in mind that before we reached to this level, we (Canadian gays) kept fighting for our rights. Finally we come to the end of our fighting. We WON in 2005. Our education has been introducing gay love stories even to 7 years old children. The whole Canadian society has changed significantly since the evolution of gay marriage since 2005.

Dear Gay brothers and sisters in USA and UK. You guys have to keep on going fighting until you reach what Canada did. We were the first English speaking Country has gone that far to protect gay ppl. It is definitely a good lesson to learn from our experiences and benefits of having a society of accepting everyone as HUMAN BEING. I love you CANADA. I'm so proud of you. The peace I'm being Canadian gay is money can't buy. Count on us and use us as an example, we will stand beside you. One day, gay isn't an issue to discuss anymore.
27. 2011-01-09 09:56  
@22 - Everybody is "human" - but what exactly does that mean? Your argument can easily be turned to stifle anyone's freedom of expression, including yours, for whatever reason.

I have no respect for courts which claim to protect "feelings". I respect courts that uphold rights.

What exactly is civilized about silencing people with different viewpoints? The process?

btw I firmly believe the mainstream media are in our favor.

28. 2011-01-09 11:49  
Maybe CNN can't find any anti-gay people with any qualifications.
29. 2011-01-09 11:53  
#27. Are you working with CNN? Hahaha. You don't even dare to show your face in your Fridae. Worry about Media putting your face picture to discuss of your sexual orientation?

" Your argument can easily be turned to stifle anyone's freedom of expression, including yours, for whatever reason".

I stated that Canadian Human Rights / laws do not allow freedom of expression if the expression will cause harm to ppl who need protection. It is not my opinion. I believe Canadian Supreme Court's rulings were far better than your childist opinion ( a man without face,maybe German). Your blindly supporting of mainstream media against gay....needless to say how smart you are...

"btw I firmly believe the mainstream media are in our favor."

So far, Canadian laws are made from the law makers and through the courts' rulings. I am not sure about Germany laws.

#27. When you are free, please read our highest courts' rulings before you talk too much here. They aren't not my personal opinions.

Perhaps you work with CNN. lol who knows? A guy without face picture. Give us (gay) a break. Focus on your energy to make gay rights better in your home country rather than focus on me and Canadian laws.
30. 2011-01-09 13:16  

what do you yourself really want, boy?

Dont u want the life where we can hold our BOYFRIEND's hands, kissing him and marry him in public oneday?

Do you see what CNN says bout us (gay) is for our good?

Oh well, im almost speechless reading your comment, its like suiciding yourself rather than fighting for your life's happiness!!

I strongly agree with brother Kazuki above, we have the right to express our feeling as long as we dont hurt others, or does our support about gay rights annoy you?
31. 2011-01-09 13:47  
the conversation is endless, regardless of the country, let human rights and legal rights groups take these issues to the courts. if we/you do not like a network, a television program, write a letter /email to those programs on line, or a "member of parliament/congress"etc, and or the government regulators of such media. AND DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCTS OF COMMERCIAL SPONSORS OF SUCH PROGRAMS.

And let groups like Human Rights Watch, GLAAD or others file law suits in the courts. "equality for all"
32. 2011-01-09 22:50  

"And let groups like Human Rights Watch, GLAAD or others file law suits in the courts. "equality for all"

U are 100% right. That's the ultimate way to settle a dispute like this. I can understand many people may think of Freedom of Speech (FoS) issue versa Human Rights. In Canadian Chartered of Rights and Freedom do cover FoS and HR. When the anti-gay people (include media) wanted to use FoS that guarantee their rights to debate and talking bad of gay ppl in Canada. They fought all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada (9 judges) to decide what the laws permit and how the laws protect two different rights at the same time since FoS and HR are both protected by the Chartered. Here it went. "Freedom of Speech shall not be used to discriminate and harm others that would cause negative well being of the person/ppl and would potentially create hatred for the ppl who we should be protected."

It is not just cover about gay debate here. Media has no Freedom of Speech when it comes to coverage of under age ppl (for example). In short, guys and gays, whatever you agree or not. What the Supreme Court of Canada tried to achieve the balance of two rights that are guaranteed for Canadians under our Chartered was to create better life for all human beings to live " Equality of all (gay and straight)." I hope UK and USA will eventually reach their law suits in their respective highest court and end up like Canada. I don't believe any courts would accept FoS can be above protecting individual/human rights/. Just a common sense we will know how it will end in the highest court, otherwise all the hatred speeches like black slavery, German and Japanese wars and killings and so on will come to all these profit motivated media outlets. The world will have no peace.

"Freedom of Speech comes with responsibilities"
33. 2011-01-10 00:44  
# 31 : thanks 4 chilling the atmosphere bro, haha :)

# 32 : if people around the world are like you, the world will have a greater peace and more lovely atmosphere... haha.. :)
34. 2011-01-10 00:56  
The Anti Gay movements are coming out because (at last) we are indeed becoming VERY VERY powerful!!!
Comment #35 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-10 03:56
Comment #36 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-10 03:55
Comment #37 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-10 03:56
Comment #38 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-10 03:57
39. 2011-01-10 03:57  
I think something is not right about 'balancING' by having two opposing camps present extreme personal views. Instead of "BALANCING" views, the media should have presented "BALANCED" views: views of rational professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, educationists and counselors. I agree that having experts, rather than pro-gay or anti-gay people who are prone to bias on two extreme ends, is more professional, appropriate and constructive.

The keyword here are 'constructive' and 'enlightenment'. What's the purpose of presenting views? To create conflicts or to resolve them? To spread enlightenment or ignorance?

From what I can see, by adopting such a 'balancING" approach, the media can only be more DEstructive to the social fabrics. If their purpose is to be constructive, they should have invited spokespersons of American Psychological Association, Royal Psychiatric College, etc. to present the 'balancED' , rational and constructive views of professionals.

What's the point with having either pro-gay or anti-gay people who have limited knowledge about human behaviour, sexuality and biology and who are basing their support or abhorrence on PERSONAL beliefs? When they claim that gays can or cannot turn straight, whether being gay is an illness, etc., can they back up their claims?
40. 2011-01-10 09:26  
Lets fight the battle together!
Comment #41 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-10 10:28
Comment #42 was deleted by its author on 2011-01-10 10:30
43. 2011-01-10 10:29  
#39. You are 100% right. This should be the ways in USA, UK or any countries that want to get to know us (gay) better. I do not mind to hear what the experts want to share their knowledge with us and eventually the law makers will get to know who they should protect and taking care of.

Well, Canadian gays no longer need to hear gay debate since Canadian laws no longer allow to discuss this issue any longer, I feel I AM NORMAL, I Do not need anyone to judge and discuss on my sexual needs and preferences. I like to fuck ass, I love guy, So what? lol . Gay is Gay, Leave us alone. Be proud of being gay. At least the new generation Canadians will understand the definition of Family from their school teachers. Family = Man + Man, Man + Woman and Woman + Woman.

My nephew (10 years old ) came home one day and told me, he saw his teacher kissing his boyfriend. I was shocked and asked his opinion. He replied, well, It is OK. Cheers !
44. 2011-01-10 11:17  
#32 made lots of great points,always,like that no one talked about the black's existence and rigths not as slavery,but they did doubt on our rights as guise of free of speech,and gay marriage is more than certificate we need but equal rights.I believe that once the gay marriage is legalized in the US the fight is over,not only in US but around the globe,the 'hatred wall' will be toppled one by one,sooner or later.It may be naive i am wondering is there anyone who acted like Martin Luther King before 2005 in Canada ,and led to what is like today? I almost dont see anything that runs parallel to the black right activities occured decades ago.Furthermore,does our cause get benifits out of the sympathy of the maintreams?
45. 2011-01-11 10:39  
Err... do you people still watch CNN?
46. 2011-01-11 11:10  
#45. Of cause. We should still watch CNN but at the same time fucking them to make them aware of what is appropriate to be the best 21 century's news outlet.

Hey guys. A Canadian provincial top court gave a new ruling about a gay marriage lawsuit today. Cheers ! Take a look if u are interested to know what the top court's 5 judges said in their ruling

It was a fight between Religion right VS Gay right. Despite Gay marriage legalized here since 2005, there have been many lawsuits by Anti-Gay ppl to exercise their religion rights that contradict to the gay marriage. Well Well Well, None of them ever won a single case.

In fact these two rights are under the highest law of land - Canadian Chartered of Rights and Freedom but the courts have to choose which right is more important than other when they contradict each other. Of cause Human Rights to protect gay ppl.

When you read the ruling from the five judges, they basically can tell you guys, Canada is the heaven of gay to live. No other English Speaking countries can do as much as we do to protect gay. I am so proud of Canada, I love you - my beloved five top judges. Kiss kiss kiss. Hug Hug Hug.
47. 2011-01-11 17:28  
Good to see your very passionate posts but repeatedly using Canada as some kind of yardstick or that it's "the heaven of gay(s) to live" is getting very tiresome.

48. 2011-01-11 23:21  
#46,I believe folks here got what gays live like in Canada,and I am admired of you guys ,but we still dont know how you guys fought out and got that far? I wish Canada would play more ,set an example for us,to liberate us.are in Canada christians not as strong ,taking stranglehold on us as in other places? It's not enough to be repetitive of the heaven of gays,but need to dig deeper to play here,pal?
49. 2011-01-12 07:42  
#47. I can understand your feelings and mindset being one of the typical Singaporean. I didn't talk about ME so much instead of my country here because there isn't more important than a nation that can protect its own citizen (gay, underage children... and so on) to share the information.

Do you have anything to share and feel proud of your country - Singapore; especial being gay? Oh , I just found out. you don't even there to show your picture here. Why? Is it Because of your country wanna protect your sexual orientation or you simply don't even dare to come out? I don't feel tiresome when my country can do so much for us even I tell 1,000 times. Do you feel tiresome when your country seals your mouth using ISA (Internal Security Act)? Girl, be open minded and be patient, use your gun, sorry, you don't have a cock, a toy gun is fine in your case to fight and fire your own country law makers instead of feeling tiresome when Canada has done so much for Canadians. Of cause none of your business since you aren't Canadian.
Sorry to be so straight forward. This is called Canadian culture.
50. 2011-01-12 07:52  
#48. It takes time. You have to do it for your own country. Well, China is still better of than Singapore, India, Indonesia and so on since section 377A is still valid in their laws. I am sure China does not have 377A. You are already ahead of them, be cool and keep fighting. In order to free gay from any kind of discrimination, our fight is on going.

I don't have to fight any longer being gay here but my opposition voice against gay discrimination and supporting other gays who are still under fire by their government will continue. That's called gayhood.
51. 2011-01-13 18:13  
welcome to the USA land of the brave land of the free (cough cough) in fact given the rantings of the low intellect Tea Party and the gun toting rhetoric of Sarah (serial Mom) Palin during the recent congressional elections and the even more recent shootings and attempted murder of a Democratic congresswoman following those elections you can pretty much expect more of the same and worse if that crazed Republican wench 'serial Mom' was by any stretch of the imagination elected El Presidente of the fast becoming banana republic next presidential elections... not so far away really.. truly the USA is a former super power in terminal ethical and economic and military decline which of course the GOP (obviously to any out siders) must take FULL responsibility for they blew it under their watch it's hard not to be snide especially when it sooooo deserved.
Comment edited on 2011-01-13 18:25:44
52. 2011-01-14 00:14  
I actually have a GLAAD award on my shelf, but give me a break on GLAAD going after CNN, I mean no one except some retired Clintonites watch that network anyway, they are so far behind Foxnews and MSNBC in the ratings, even Anderson's Cooper's 360 has the lowest ratings on the network.... anyway, this is kinda stupid and not helpful, I mean CNN is out interviewing the Talkban and if they could get Bin Laden they would most certainly interview him too, different ideas and different voices are normal and people are intelligent enough to stand up and see hate and bad manners, don't censor or underestimate the minds of gay men cause we are tougher than you think we are, gay activists always trying to put our balls and manhood in a jar these days, we can stand up to hate and let people see its ugliness in its raw form.. anyway I do like Anderson Cooper and thought he and Kathy Griffith on New Years Eve were awesome and yes it was really and totally gay, but going after CNN is pretty pathetic, why not take on the beast of Fox News? really CNN has lost it and no appeal anymore to many folk outthere except lazy businessmen watching it in their hotel rooms on overseas business trips...
53. 2011-01-18 11:19  
C'mon, if the topic was anti-semitism in schools for example, CNN would not bring in the local neo-nazis to balance and support the counter argument that Jewish people deserve to be treated badly.
This is the bottom line.
54. 2011-02-06 09:30  
To #52 lagunabro: For once I agree with you. ;)

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