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24 Apr 2013

Malaysian Deputy PM: LGBT activists “poisoning” the minds of Muslims

With Malaysia's 13th general election slated to be held on May 5, politicians have yet again aspersions on LGBTs this time with the Deputy Prime Minister warning the country's Muslim citizens against LGBT activists.

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin, who's also the Minister of Education and Deputy President of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) coalition, has called on his country's Muslim citizens to beware of the alleged spread of the lesbian, gay, trans-sexual and bisexual (LGBT) movement, and demands for freedom of religion among the Malays, reported The Malaysian Insider on April 22.

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin

He was reportedly speaking at a meet-and-greet session with employees of Islamic agencies at the Usamah bin Zaid Mosque in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur when he warned Muslims of LGBT advocates who are said to be “poisoning” the minds of Muslims to accept “deviant practices” in the name of human rights.

Last July, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told 11,000 Islamic religious leaders and mosque committee members that "LGBTs, pluralism, liberalism – all these 'isms' are against Islam and it is compulsory for Muslims to fight these."

The report also noted that in November, Muhyiddin had revealed that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had "objected to the inclusion of LGBT rights when signing ASEAN’s first human rights charter, saying Malaysia could not accept principles that go against the order of human nature."

According to a recent interview with LGBT rights activist Angela Kuga Thas on KiniTV, an Internet TV channel operated by independent online news website Malaysiakini, neither the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat nor the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) have addressed LGBT issues in their manifestos.

Last month, a government-backed musical that sought to "warn" young people about the perils of being lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) played in theatres in the capital city.

Anti-gay musical Asmara Songsang (Abnormal Desire).
Photo: Kakiseni Blog

The UK Guardian noted: "Asmara Songsang (Abnormal Desire) follows the lives of three LGBT friends who throw loud parties, take drugs and have casual sex, thereby incurring the wrath of their religious neighbours, who attempt to reintroduce them to the teachings of Islam. Those who repent are spared, while those who don't are killed in a lightning storm."

The upcoming elections on May 5 is expected to be one of Malaysia's most hotly contested polls.


Reader's Comments

1. 2013-04-25 08:58  
Mooo....Yeah what about the mega corruption so widely practised by you and your gang of cronies? Doesn't that poisoned the minds of muslims more than anything else?

This guy is corrupted to the core. He was the Chief Minister of Johore State and Johoreans celebrated with champagne when he moved to KL. It seemed that he demanded unreasonable kickbacks from businessmen to get things moving like licenses etc.

Mooo... What about murdering people like your Prime Minister and getting away scot free by manipulating the corrupted judicial system?

What about one of your Chief Ministers raping a teenager girl and the person who questioned his despicable acts was imprisoned?

What about racial hatred perpetrated by you and your bunch of racists?

What about you allowing lurid porn movies to be screened on TV during the prime time news?

Don't all these do more harm to the minds of muslims that LGBT's rights?

Think first before you pass any judgment on others. By the way you are the Education Minister and your English sucks! My 10 year old nephew speaks better English than you!
2. 2013-04-25 21:57  
The worst 'ism' is religious extremism.
3. 2013-04-25 22:49  
I'm one person who will step out to vote this upcoming election.

To uproot corrupted and uneducated "so called" Ministers. Being the Minister of Education, your command of English is so atrocious that it disgraces our country. It's worldwide news now.

Congratulations for making Malaysia the laughing stock again after the "How to detect LGBT guideline" debacle.

Peace out and am voting for CHANGE!
4. 2013-04-26 00:42  
I am not surprised by this kind of stupid behavior. You have to remember these political Muslim leaders were the same ones who tried to outlaw.....TOMBOYS! Remember that winning bit of stupidity...It was their shining moment....

Well, here you have the same unfortunately (hard to remove) politicians who are as dumb and clueless as box of rocks (this might be a bit insulting to rocks) The Deputy Prime Minister who looks like he is at Shriner's convention was the brilliant wordsmith of these lines.....

He warned Muslims of LGBT advocates who are said to be “poisoning” the minds of Muslims to accept “deviant practices” in the name of human rights....

In the name of human rights?????? How horrid is that! Who would ever think that human rights comes before religion?? How insulting to Muslims there!

Malaysia is a lovely country, just marred by these fools. Once Malaysia can vomit out this infestation it will improve.

Specially a stupid religion like this that allows these morons to treat women like cattle. And allows greedy and corrupt Muslim leaders to pocket most of the money that comes into the government.. But that is ok with Allah with their religion of course :)

The ads for the Prime Minister (who looks like a used car salesman) has him reading to Boys and girls. Then there is a picture of his wife holding money. Great PR!

There are even train cars now just for these woman..This is to protect them! Who would touch them? The Chinese women there do not ride with them.

I would hope that a Chinese group got in charge. Anything but this bunch of bozos. This same group has been in charge since 1957. Time for a change!!! Singapore left these silly's in 1963 and has thrived in a way that these low IQ'd leaders cannot fathom. Pretty simple... no religion like theirs to fuck things up.

We accept stupid people like this? He has every right to be as stupid as he likes. We accept his human right to be stupid. Why cannot he accept people like us? I know the intelligence scares him. But still he should go with the flow......But when you are as closeted as so many of these Muslim leaders..it is understandable.

There is a major reason and I have said it all along. It is that religion requires a lack of thought, a lack of showing intellect, a lack of ever questioning anything that is in conflict with stupid religious fairy tales.

Sadly this is the kind of low IQ that will hurt Malaysia The inmates are running the Asylum.

Because government has enough trouble running, and if you throw stupid religion into the mix. It will take on the horror of that religion.

Like intolerance, greed, hypocrisy, and corruption. By a group of men who are terrified of women and fear LGTB people cause they are more gay than they wish to admit. With woman like that in government at their side I understand.

Get these bums out! 1957 was 56 years ago....
Comment edited on 2013-04-26 12:27:14
5. 2013-04-26 00:57  
These words ring out too

The report also noted that in November, Muhyiddin had revealed that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had "objected to the inclusion of LGBT rights when signing ASEAN’s first human rights charter, saying Malaysia could not accept principles that go against the order of human nature."

Isn't stupidity, ruthlessness, greed, corruption, lies, and the religious government itself going against the laws of human nature?

Remember the words of John Locke and his philosophy That everyone should be granted "Life, Liberty and Property" I would throw in intellectual property as well. Locke also states when a government becomes intolerable, it is the duty of the people to over throw it.

Last July, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told 11,000 Islamic religious leaders and mosque committee members that "LGBTs, pluralism, liberalism – all these 'isms' are against Islam and it is compulsory for Muslims to fight these."

I agree with capitan as he said.

It is a fortunate thing that the Muslims in charge are as stupid as they are. But there might be a smart one someday, and that could be dangerous.

Look at their silly nonsense on telling what a LGTB person looks like. That was worthy of Saturday Night Live. It was incredibly stupid. But fitting for these Muslim leaders who fit that bill all too well.

Human rights comes before religion..Unless you wish to remain a backwater to the rest of Asia. That is moving along slowly but surely to understand and support LGBT rights.

Wake up Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin...and buy a new hat :)
Comment edited on 2013-04-26 01:06:32
6. 2013-04-26 02:14  
And here I thought Process Leia choked Jabba the Hut to death years ago. All this time, Jabba was actually residing in Malaysia as a Deputy Prime Minister!

Lovely country and lovely people misrepresented by fear-mongers. Sad but 'this the way of the world.
7. 2013-04-26 04:10  
I have been to Malaysia and this PM is anything but not representing
the real Malays. he reminds me of a politician in the U.S. usually
the southern states who has the backing of the KKK and SkinHeads
who manipulates his way into office by catering to the conservative
views of some people. once entrenched into office his true views
of being conservative come to light in that "Do As I Say Not As I
Act or Do". Threats, Bribes, Scandal and Raciest Rants against
anyone who wants to have the freedom to be him/herself follows.
hopefully, good Muslims, the real "isms" here will see thru him
and will say bye bye Mr.Muhyiddin. It is so sad to see radicals
take and bend religious teachings of peace, love and equality to
mean what they want it to mean.

Comment edited on 2013-04-26 04:12:02
8. 2013-04-26 05:54  
Over and over again... many people keep using the religious view or excuse to deprive human rights. Look at the history. It's all about protecting their own control power of others.

Decades ago, women right never existed. Ironically, did those people in power use the similar argument(s), i.e. culturally, traditionally, or even religiously than the women cannot work in the society, women should not be educated and have to depend on male etc... ??? Do it sound familiar?

Those arguments are fundamentally fake and hypocritic !!!
9. 2013-04-26 09:07  
I'm a Malaysian seriously I'm ashame of my own country. I'm not able to word down my thoughs as I'm too upset. Malaysia basically run by a bunch of MORONS
10. 2013-04-26 13:47  
They can run as many expensive, glossy "Beautiful Malaysia..." tourism ads as they like on television, but, seriously, This is the kind of stuff that a hell of a lot of people think about Malaysia - that it's an intolerant society led by religious fanatics.

Sure, tourists go to Malaysia. But how many more would go if they didn't see This kind of crap regularly popping up in the news? And believe me, such things Do pop up in the international news, where - shock of shocks - Straight people also note such moves.

While of course Western countries aren't automatically 'better' or whatever, and Malaysia, understandably, is more concerned about closer neighbours (also intolerant police state Singapore springs to mind), the fact is that The West is increasingly pro-gay, which filters into the general (Straight) population. And nothing spooks people more when considering a country to visit than whether or not the country is A) "Run by religious nutjobs", or B) Somewhere that's "Y'know, a bit... Extreme, like."

So, carry on with such stupid bullying of minorities in Malaysia. It continues to damage Malaysia's international image, and affect her appeal as a tourist destination. And thousands of disgruntled gay - and straight - Malaysians overseas continue to bitch and moan about such points, further chipping away at Malaysia's image.

Nice work, boys. (Slow clapping.) Good job...
11. 2013-04-26 16:41  
I agree with the general tenure of the above comments: the real crux is that moronic religion called Islam. It is as the minister himself said: anti liberalism, plurism, gay. Other Muslim leaders have agreed it is also anti-democratic. It is stuck in the 12th century with the subjucation of women, barbaric punishments, homophobia and male dominence attached to absolute power. It is time for civilised democrats to come out clearly and strong and make it clear that this primative religion has absolutely no place in the 21st century.
12. 2013-04-26 17:13  
yes I remember those pesky lightening storms trying to kill me when I came out. Fortunately I had a lightening rod on my house and they eventually gave up. My friends who tried to repent are now happily married although not to women I must say as they realised that being gay is not a choice or a lifestyle.
13. 2013-04-26 19:01  
Not just certain Muslims are extremist. Certain Christians are also like that. e.g. Singapore Nominated Member of Parliament Thio Lee Ann, a law professor, spoke very loudly some years back, that gay sex is like shoving a straw up your nose to drink water. She succeeded in convincing the Parliament to maintain the anti-gay law Article 377A in Singapore.
Comment #14 was deleted by its author on 2013-04-26 20:48
15. 2013-04-26 21:00  
DPM-TSMbY is not wrong because he talked based on holybook, we are gay know that God is not the same as holybook. so, you are gay should not blame him, you may vote him to give him opportunity to enjoy power that his desire. many moslem hate gay , but you are gay should not hate moslem because our faith is not to holy book but to God.
as I am In Indonesia, we are gay got hate from religious activist, but we are gay in indonesia do not hate them, we give them forgiveness, to let them to do corruption, to help them to get hungry of power or money. we are gay should take care moslem or people who hate us. that why we are created of being gay, to give love
we may be will disappear from this planet. Heaven is for good people and God always want better people, do we wrong if we are better than prophet? evils do not want people better
16. 2013-04-28 00:28  
Aaaah, the joys of being paid to be ignorant and overfed. Suddenly, the perils of high cholesterol do not look so bad after all. ;)
Comment edited on 2013-04-28 00:33:47
17. 2013-04-28 11:10  
they even have government-backed musical to oppose the gays? i'm speechless.
18. 2013-04-28 23:51  
on behalf of gay people, i call on malaysians to be aware of politicians with cocksucker moustaches.

one just cannot take that nasty little thing under najib's nose seriously at all ...
19. 2013-04-28 23:52  
on behalf of gay people, i call on malaysians to be aware of politicians with cocksucker moustaches.

one just cannot take that nasty little thing under najib's nose seriously at all ...
20. 2013-04-30 12:02  
How Islamic is Malaysia, anyway? Does his opinion speaks for all Malaysian? Does his opinion speaks for all Malaysian Muslims? Why are politicians still allowed to speak in discrimination against his own people?
21. 2013-05-01 15:07  
i agree with you seamonkey_88.
DPMTSMbY is malaysian, how come malaysian want to make trouble for malaysian? or no love to malaysian?
It mean that He is riding by others from out of Malaysia by rewarding of position and many other things.
It is simmilar to situation in Indonesia.
so, every countries should be aware for this "movement".
be alert because this power will always seeking target of countries
That why i recomend you for not to hate DPMTSMbY..just find who Riding Him..because i will not tell u here.
22. 2013-05-01 17:18  
The LGBT group and other religion such as Christian faith are always been used by the present Government of Malaysia, as a tools and blame... I wonder the Government have no other tools to blame...

Shame on you... and Government, has bring down our nations...

I believe my nations deserve better...
23. 2013-05-05 11:51  
i am non-religious gay does there laws apply to me too?

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