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14 Aug 2014

Auckland to host 4th Asia Pacific Outgames


The venue for the 4th Asia Pacific Outgames for LGBTI athletes in February 2016 has been announced as Auckland in New Zealand.

After a visit to inspect facilities and to meet with representatives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) communities, Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA) Asia Pacific announced today that Auckland has been selected as the host city for the 4th Asia Pacific Outgames to be held in February 2016.

Announcing the selection of Auckland today, Barry Taylor, President of Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association Asia Pacific (GLISA Asia Pacific) said, “Having now held three very successful and financially viable events, the Asia Pacific Outgames has established itself as a leading LGBTI event in the Asia Pacific region”

“With it’s three pillars of Sports, Culture and Human Rights, the Outgames will see over 2000 LGBTI participants from across the Asia and Pacific region gather in Auckland to compete in sport striving for their personal best, and to celebrate our lives through cultural celebrations, performance and the visual arts,” said Mr Taylor. “The Human Rights Forum allows us to be in solidarity with each other, acknowledging that for many LGBTI people in the Asia and Pacific region there is still not full legal protection under the law nor the enjoyment of equal human rights, particularly if you are trans or intersex.”

Being held concurrently with the Auckland Pride Festival, highlights of the 4th Asia Pacific Outgames include an opening ceremony at an iconic Auckland venue, over 20 different sports, an extensive arts and cultural programme, inspiring keynote speakers, participants marching in the Auckland Pride Parade, parties and cultural events.

“Building on the success of the previous events, the Auckland Outgames will continue to be innovative in planning the Outgames so to ensure that the events are relevant to our communities,” said Mr Taylor.  “GLISA AP wishes to see increased participation of young people inOutgames so we have included new events in the sports programme that are appealing to young people.”

As a world first, Cyber Gaming and Wall Rock Climbing competitions are being held in the Outgames. Another new feature are the family friendly events catering for Rainbow families such as junior athletics and swimming activities for children and young teens.

Reader's Comments

1. 2014-08-19 20:33  
I am not so agree with 3 pillars only because for me life is not by 3 pillars and I do not see messege Why we are created as LGBT.

I had seen problems around myself. Big and famous European, American or local companies that got bankrufcy, low productivity and global economic crisis. Where is Gay /LGBT contribution?

-My experiences saw some big and famous European and America Companies got such problems caused by breeding. Workers / employees who had children would need additional / extra income.
Growing and additional more children would require more money / cost. How to get the money?
Do you think that they will perform better to get more money? No!

-Perhaps only few that would perform better but they also in limitation of capabilities.
Some made others into instability.
How if Recruitors also got additional children? They had simmilar things/ problems.
Here, They would make reasons for simmiliarity. Were The reasons True? Or deception?
Thief would choose another thief for conspiracy.
Lier would choose another Liers for conspiracy and would hate honesty.

- When these phenomena happened to many companies, They become Massive problems/ massive deception that resulting global / national crisis / economic crisis.
You gay /LGBT should able to identify all these matters.
For e example : people who sit at behind alone, silence but they love to make conflicts or to see fighting.
This just example that you gay should pay attention to everybody.

Had you experienced to fill employee form? Why they asked you your marriage status or data of your family/children? You may suspicious. That could be seeking conspiracy.
You gay /LGBT also should consider old LGBT. Mean that all LGBT activities should include kid, young and old LGBT as we should care to old people and young LGBT will get older too.

Young people should think that without old LGBT then you are nothing because many young LGBT just doing copy paste. Who made computer or fridae? They probably getting older and all of these things were not done solely by young people innitialy.

You also need to have patience to change and progression.
So, in one event you can do so many pillars, planning, etc.
You gay should not only mentioned on sport and arts because so many things and all fields need LGBT contribution. LGBT having lots of talents, not only in 3 pillars that will lead to inovation.
Smaller pillars will lead to smaller innovation. Mean that you should involve all LGBT in the world without exception.

How about the fund? You gay/LGBT should learn on how to raise fund without Lie.
Lie , deception, and defamation will lead to crisis because it made wrong measurement.
Do you /LGBT know on How religions to raise fund? Then you make innovation for it too.
Comment edited on 2014-08-19 20:38:22

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