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29 Mar 2016

Lesbian tells of stress in battling Hong Kong Government in Court

British woman in same-sex partnership who took HK Immigration Department to court and lost earlier this month talks of emotional toll to South China Morning Post

A lesbian married couple, QT and SS, have been locked in a battle with the Immigration Department over QT’s applications for a dependent visa based on their British marriage certificate. The Court of First Instance ruled against them on March 11.

This means that QT is unable to work, get an identity card or bank account and is forced to leave the country every six months.

“At the moment, I feel guilty,” she told the Post, citing how the situation has taken a toll on their relationship in a number of ways. “I can’t work ... I can’t earn money. I can’t be independent. It’s a complete burden on my partner,” she said.

“I am completely reliant on her so I have lost the basic human right to be independent,” she said. “And if I am a burden on her ... I am going to be upset. We are supposed to be supporting each other. It’s not supposed to be like a one-way street.”

In the interview QT admitted that the pair may be forced to move elsewhere in Asia. She noted that this government policy had the potential to allow Hong Kong to lose its international edge as homosexual employees of multinational companies will be discouraged from moving to the city.

QT and her solicitor Michael Vidler plan to take the case to a higher court in the city. “I just want to have the basic human right to be with the one I love. I just want to be treated as a human being really,” QT said.

Reader's Comments

1. 2016-03-29 22:38  
Lol. It's not like they many many many many many other options.

Come back to the UK. You can both be burdens on the UK tax payers.

Get a company to sponsor you for employment. Show your are needed in the somewhat over crowded province.

And just what will you do without the attention you are currently getting?

I feel sorry for the "elsewhere" in Asia.
2. 2016-03-30 05:11  
She has a fair point tho. We should all be able to do as we like, even at the cost to others.


I apologise on behalf of the UK. (I hope she didn't come back tho.)
3. 2016-03-30 19:26  
I think this "GTILad" should not be allowed to make such belittling comments of struggling lesbians. If you can't say something constructive or nice towards LGBT then just shut up.
4. 2016-03-31 00:30  
Whoever said they were struggling?

They failed to check the legal situation before they set off for HK.

I knew 100% when I was 20 and visited Florida that I would not be able to drink alcohol in a bar or restaurant. We still tried and I got too much constant hassle that I stopped trying. I suppose I should have demanded my British rights be honoured. LOL!!

So, to repeat my constructive comments:

Campaign for change correctly and fairly.

Force it to happen and others will only force their will in return.

ducpit, keep making your comments. Long may they continue.
5. 2016-04-02 17:58  
Why bother reporting anti-gay problems in Asian countries they all become so boring to read and repetitive!
Those countries are a bunch of losers!
6. 2016-04-04 07:06  
Well, I guess people can only ask for offensive comments to be removed.

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