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27 Feb 2017

India’s Health Ministry Releases Forward-Thinking Guide for Adolescents

The health ministry’s ‘Saathiya Resource Kit’ for adolescents says its OK to be gay and deters gender stereotyping.

The Indian government took an important step towards awareness and equality for LGBT in the country with a resource material prepared by the health ministry for adolescent educators.

The materials, produced in conjunction with the UN Population Fund tell young people that it is all right to “feel attraction” for the opposite sex or the same sex during adolescence.

“Yes, adolescents frequently fall in love. They can feel attraction for a friend or any individual of the same or opposite sex. It is normal to have special feelings for someone. It is important for adolescents to understand that such relationships are based on mutual consent, trust, transparency and respect. It is alright to talk about such feelings to the person for whom you have them but always in a respectful manner… Boys should understand that when a girl says ‘no’ it means no,” reads the resource material.

The kit also dispels gender-based stereotypes in its section on mental health and asserts that boys are allowed to cry, and derogatory terms such as “sissy” and “tomboy” are inappropriate.

“It is alright for boys to like things like cooking and designing that are normally associated with girls; adopting the role of the other gender does not mean that he is not male. The same applies for girls who talk too much or like to dress like boys or play games like boys. It is wrong to label such people as ‘sissy’ or ‘tomboy’,” it says

“Despite the expansion of media, there are many unanswered questions in the minds of young people in villages. Saathiya [health kit] will address these questions. We are also talking about behavioural change and a change in thinking,” health secretary C.K. Mishra said at the unveiling of the kits in New Delhi, according to Indian Express.

Reader's Comments

1. 2017-02-27 20:51  
Wow India has moved ahead of Singapore in this aspect! Awesome.
2. 2017-02-28 04:54  
True, but it is a bit schizophrenic since Section 377 remains in place and there is no apparent plan (from the government or from the Parliament) to propose a law repealing it.
3. 2017-02-28 17:57  
Section 377 one of the Britishers long lasting shames.
4. 2017-02-28 21:18  
section 377 is not mother of law that can be deleted by sections before 377 ( section 1 to 376), there are another section made after, it was section 378 an so on.
Adding or eliminate sections depend on building Threat, political players. strength of power that is key of Wining Law war.
see, that every section was not made by minute but years
so, all of you gays should know weapons to build them and sensitive on knowing kinds of enemies weapons.
I can not tell you weapons in public opened room

Comment edited on 2017-02-28 21:20:46
5. 2017-02-28 21:38  
if you read hollybooks carefully, you will find verse like this:
- God delight to boys who like cooking and don't like boys/men who like Hunting/kill animals
Boys/men who like hunting/kill animals are represent of Heterosexual men or heterosexual behavior.
Here you will understand who like to play hollybook verses?

Comment edited on 2017-02-28 21:39:54
6. 2017-02-28 21:53  
from that you will trace mother of religions, and deleted religions after that are just fake religions, from this you can review the behavior of heterosexual that like to make something fake , there is not rules yet to punish fake behavior
7. 2017-02-28 22:22  
The basic of origin religion birth was suffering of prophets .
so, Prophets who not through suffering were fake prophets
Comment edited on 2017-02-28 22:28:00
8. 2017-02-28 22:59  
Heterosexual men fuck women resulting baby born is abnormal behavior, immoral, unhealthy and unnatural .
the signal was climate change since years ago.
because nature create balance include balance of population
many Science able to show that gay sex is correct and natural behavior
Comment edited on 2017-02-28 23:00:34
9. 2017-03-01 00:47  
Climate change has always existed.
10. 2017-03-01 02:12  
@9: Zen with naked buttocks.
11. 2017-03-01 17:04  
you do not know what nature climate change is : mountain ice break, increasing temperature, in my land: rainy and dry season schedule change and irregular. when i was kid: water temperature was 17 celcius-now is 29 celcius.
Heterosexual men should get test by Allah, They must fight naked with very hungry wild animals, then see who will be the worst
12. 2017-03-01 17:13  
first, you must make data: who claim as heterosexual
2d,we should make Test by given challenge to fight with hungry wild animals naked watched by public...one by one who confess as heterosexual should through this test.

3rd test: heterosexual should be thrown to ocean one by one, this is bravery test, see if they able to fight with hungry sharks

4th test: they should be thrown to Sun / aerospace one by one without any protection.
those who able to comeback to earth alive will get heterosexual award/ certificate

so on..so many test
13. 2017-03-03 15:28  
"when i was kid: water temperature was 17 celcius-now is 29 celcius."

and you put this down to climate change? Quite obviously, there is some other explanation.

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