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4 Jan 2018

Singaporean Church Council Maintains Stance Against Homosexuality

The statement follows an article published earlier in December on the growing acceptance of homosexuality among Christians.

Leaders of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) has released a letter to its members—seen by Straits Times—reminding them that it “does not condone homosexual practice” and that it still views the gay lifestyle as “sinful and unacceptable.” 

An earlier December article in Straits Times’ Sunday edition suggested that an increasing number of Christians do not view homosexuality itself as a sin, even if they remain uncomfortable with homosexual acts. 

The NCCS—which includes more than 250 churches of different denominations—also said that gay people “should be regarded and treated no less as persons of worth and dignity.”  

Straits Times added that Christian organizations have made steps in 2017 to “build bridges” with the LGBT community, engage with them, and provide them pastoral support.


Reader's Comments

1. 2018-01-04 18:26  
Must be noted in Eternal book that Christians are enemy for gays

The title above is Christians attack Gays

The Church does not only attack Gays but Attack Court, as if that Church compete with court.

By this information, Church do not respect Court to be supreme judge.

Church may not accept Gay but Church is not judge that should be respected, but Church is institution that jealous to court /judge position

Church that Hate Gay is similar to Mosque that hate Church
Both Religions having jealousy to be Supreme Court.
Comment edited on 2018-01-04 18:30:40
2. 2018-01-04 20:07  
Remember and note History, that there was not such Religion at past.
What strategy , cheating, seduction,and hypnotism therefor such Religion can be accepted?

Enemy always be enemy if there is eternal note, Although they tear or burn chapter that attack Gays.

I met Balinese, told me on how christian seduce and influence his family to convert to Christian, and to hate/reject their Son

Look, such behavior of Religion.
We should stop expansion, Bullying, seduction, extortion by Religion
to gain Colonialism mode.

We should stop Religions to disturb, to seduce, to influence Court
Therefor court has own supremacy without contamination and insulting from Religions dirt.

Religions had acted immoral, no respect and weaken Court Supremacy.

Why no sanction for such sinful and devilish religion?
Comment edited on 2018-01-04 20:12:21
3. 2018-01-04 20:13  
we do not need pastoral Support.
We need to erase such religion, make it illegal, prohibited and harmful.

If you count History, there are so many gays had become Victim of such Cruel and deceitful Religion, How such Religion to give our gays brothers back to live?

What we need is Indemnity for so many our gay brothers across nations
Comment edited on 2018-01-04 20:19:47
4. 2018-01-04 21:19  
such religion act just suspicious as we know and having years data that such religions full of cheating, Lie, Pressure, Extortion,Killing act
Gays should always watch and analyze that religion strategy and deception
Comment edited on 2018-01-04 21:24:04
5. 2018-01-05 02:37  
Let's condemn them, but treat them as "persons of worth and dignity". What a crew of hypocritical assholes...
6. 2018-01-05 06:37  
Botwild, don't you think it sinful to have a cure for depression and not share it?


Did you have a good Christmas?
7. 2018-01-05 12:13  
Big No to reconcile with Church= house of evil=hospital of evils
you are blind. there had been over 50 years before I was born, church violent, disturbed, bullied, persecuted, killed gays.
And this special chapter tragedy should be eternal book.
Now, we had lost so many our Gay brothers

Church also had stolen/ robbed many things we had before.
All gays must know history and count it
Comment edited on 2018-01-05 12:23:49
8. 2018-01-05 12:25  
GTilad want to say that psychiatric is sinful because do not share cure for depression
9. 2018-01-05 12:28  
who eat legal marriage of Fish, chicken, cow,goat today?
10. 2018-01-05 12:31  
Anti-Gay Marriage = Anti-Honesty=Porno action=prostitution
everybody must know
Comment edited on 2018-01-05 12:32:38
11. 2018-01-05 17:00  
8, oh, so you are saying that you don't have a cure now?
12. 2018-01-05 20:50  
They have been perpetuating hatred, prejudice and prosecuting LGBTQIs for over 2000 years. Lets say there are more chance of the second coming of christ, than them changing their attitude towards LGBTQIs.
Comment edited on 2018-01-05 20:57:26
13. 2018-01-07 17:56  
Please note that the Singapore Church Council is not the absolute and final authority on Christian conscience. Each Christian should base his opinion on his own experience, objective scientific opinions, his interpretation of the bible taking account of different views and his conscience.
14. 2018-01-18 18:56  
That's okay. I maintain my stance on religions that oppress people. Guess that makes us even.
15. 2018-01-26 14:53  
Even if the Christian, after deliberate consideration decides that homosexuality is a sin, he still should not judge. It is stated in the Bible, whoever has not sinned, let him be the one to throw the first stone.

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