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12 Jul 2019

Indonesia plans to isolate LGBT prisoners to avoid 'transmission'

The prison chief announced the plan after another official said overcrowded prisons were turning people gay.

The Indonesia prison chief plans to isolate LGBT prisoners to avoid ’transmission’, local media reported Thursday (11 July).
‘If sexual deviations are found in either male inmates or female inmates, the first step taken will be to separate LGBT prisoners from normal inmates by placing them in isolation rooms’ director-general of corrections Ade Kusmanto said, according to Detik.
‘This step will be taken so that there is no transmission of sexual disorientation to other inmates’ he said.
A prison official earlier this week said prison overcrowding will result in ‘homosexuals and lesbians.’
He also claimed inmates have been doing ‘deviant’ acts to one another.
A large number of people in Indonesia, where LGBT rights are in decline, see homosexuality as a disease that can be transmitted between people.
They also believe dangerous conversion therapy can ‘cure’ people.

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Reader's Comments

1. 2019-07-15 04:44  
that's just so NOT right, honey! definitely not right at all .. the only way you can ever transmit anything is thru sexual contact .. Indonesians are truly indeed very homophobic, and are just WAY WAY behind the times
2. 2019-07-15 12:52  
technically speaking, some "sexual diseases" can also transmit via other means, e.g. skin contact in the case of herpes. segregating the prisoners can surely have unexpected consequences, like easier discrimination for one. but i'm curious to see how this experiment goes.
3. 2019-07-16 20:59
Now why is it "so behind the times"? Have you been inside an overcrowded Indonesian prison. I really doubt it. I admit I have not, but I have read first hand accounts of what goes on there. They are not much different from those here in Thailand.

Sex between males is extremely common. After all there are no females around so the pretty younger men and the gay boys and men are preyed upon by the hardened (sic) criminals and routinely raped in return for protection from others. Last I read the prison authorities do not hand out condoms or gels. So the spread of HIV becomes easy.

I doubt if isolating gay prisoners will achieve much good though. There will still be routine rapes. But I do think quite a few of the gay guys will actually be quite happy that they are not going to be preyed upon and used as sex objects by the straight macho prisoners. As hylander says, it will be interesting to see how the experiment turns out.

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