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23 Mar 2010

Lt. Dan Choi: I feel so betrayed (by LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign)

Lt. Dan Choi, a DADT activist and Iraq combat veteran who faces being discharged from the Army for being openly gay, was arrested last week after handcuffing himself to the White House fence in protest of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He tells Newsweek he feels “so betrayed” by the largest gay rights advocacy group in the US.

Lt. Dan Choi, was arrested last Thursday along with former Army captain Jim Pietrangelo II, and lesbian activist Robin McGehee. Both men are openly gay and are involved in legal fights with the Department of Defense over efforts to discharge them for homosexuality.

Dressed in their uniforms, Choi and Pietrangelo handcuffed themselves to the White House fence in protest of Don't Ask, Don't Tell with the help of McGehee, a former Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) president turned activist who last week cofounded GetEQUAL, an LGBT activism group inspired by civil-rights organisations and gains made through civil disobedience. The group is focused on ending "don’t ask, don’t tell" and for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to a vote on the US House floor. 

Choi and Pietrangelo spent one night in jail. Both men have declined to pay a US$100 fine and walk away with no admission of guilt, instead pleading not guilty to the charge of failing to obey a lawful order and are preparing to stand trial. A trial date is set for April 26.

Choi, an Army Arabic translator and a prominent advocate against Don't Ask, Don't Tell – a 17-year ban against openly gay service members - and founder of the West Point GLBT group Knights Out gave Newsweek his first interview after the arrest and spoke about personal sacrifices in the fight for LGBT equality, feeling “betrayed” by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) – the largest gay rights advocacy group in the US and a “deep schism” in the gay-rights movement in the US. 

Choi on making personal sacrifices and elitism in among gay rights groups:

“Within the gay community so many leaders want acceptance from polite society. I think there's been a betrayal of what is down inside of us in order to achieve what looks popular, what look enviable. The movement seems to be centered around how to become an elite. There is a deep schism [in the gay-rights movement], everyone knows this. But this shouldn't be about which group has better branding. There is a tremor right now in every gay and transgender youth that these groups are not grasping. I would say to them—you do not represent us if all you are looking for is a ladder in to elite society.

“When I get messages from people who want to be a part of this I ask back: what are you willing to sacrifice? We are tired of being stereotyped as privileged, bourgeois elites. Is someone willing to give up their career, their relationships with powerful people, their Rolodex, or their parents' love to stand up for who they are? I'm giving up my military rank, my unit – which to me is a family – my veterans' benefits, my health care, so what are you willing to sacrifice?”

On comedienne Kathy Griffin being a questionable choice as a spokesperson:

“Because you get tired of talking. [Over the past two years] I've done 50 live interviews, a hundred other interviews, how much more talk am I expected to produce? When I heard Kathy Griffin was going to be a spokeswoman for Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I wondered about that. I have great respect for her as an advocate. But if [the Human Rights Campaign] thinks that having a rally at Freedom Plaza with a comedienne is the right approach, I have to wonder. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is not a joking matter to me. To be at Freedom Plaza and not at the White House or Congress? Who are they trying to influence? I felt like they were just trying to speak to themselves. If that's the best the lobbying groups and HRC can do, then I don't know how these powerful groups are supposed to represent our community. Kathy Griffin and [HRC president] Jay Solmonese said they would march with me to the White House but didn’t. I feel so betrayed by them.”

Choi, standing outside the courthouse last Friday said:

"When you get arrested, it's difficult because your hands are restrained, and the movement is a little bit stymied or halted on the physical level. But it's my hope that the larger movement, even with the chains on, can do nothing but grow to the point where it cannot be controlled by anything but that freeing and that dignified expression of getting arrested for what you know is absolutely morally right. There was no freer moment than being in that prison. It was freeing for me, and I thought of all of the other people that were still trapped - that were still handcuffed and fettered in their hearts. And we might have been caged up physically, but the message was very clear to all of the people who think that equality can be purchased with a donation, or with a cocktail party, or with tokens, that are serving in a public role. We are worth more than tokens. We have absolute value. And when the person who is oppressed by his own country wants to find out how to get that dignity back – being chained up and being arrested – that's how you get your dignity conferred back upon you. And so I think that by actions, my call is to every leader - not just talking gay leaders - I'm talking any leader who believes in America, and the promises of America can be manifest. We're gonna do it again. And we're going to keep doing it until the promises are manifest. And we will not stop. This is a very clear message to President Obama and any other leader who supposes to talk for the American promise and the American people. We will not go away."

The Edge Boston reported that although Choi had not been scheduled as a speaker at the Human Rights Campaign’s March 18 rally at Freedom Plaza against the ban, he requested and was granted a spot to address the crowd.

Choi took the mike from comedian and rally speaker Kathy Griffin: "You’re great at telling jokes, but let me make one thing very clear: this is not a joke. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is not a joking matter. It is the only law that enforces shame."

He added that it would have been “easy to stay quiet” after he was welcomed back to his unit but it constitutes "a dereliction of duty, and it is a dereliction of my moral code and my moral fiber.”

He extended an invitation to president of the HRC, Joe Solmonese, to openly gay war hero Eric Alva, also a leading proponent of rescinding the ban, and to Griffin, who shouted "Of course!" to go with him to the White House. Choi and a crowd of about 100 people proceeded to the White House, where Choi and Pietrangelo were reportedly assisted in handcuffing themselves to the fence. But neither Solmonese nor Griffin went with him.

United States


1. 2010-03-23 18:32  
My father was killed in the U.S. Air Force and my uncle is a retired Colonel. In the early 1980's after some college I tried to enlist in the Air Force but then the infamous paperwork came that asked, "Do you have homosexual tendencies" or something like that.

In a split second, I decided to be honest and checked the "yes" box. I had already scored very high in the recruitment process and there was discussion that I would be sent to learn a foreign language and work as an interpreter.

As my activism evolved, I would say, and still do, "If my family values are not in accordance with military service, I don't know whose are!"

In so many ways, the USA's military leadership and many of its lawmakers are, as you know, living in the dark ages.

I admire the courage of everyone fighting to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" so the tens of thousands of LGBTQ people serving their country can do so openly. But I also hope they don't have to ever follow anyone again like George Bush who betrayed the world by taking the U.S. into war under false pretenses.
2. 2010-03-23 19:47  
I would like to support Lt. Dan Choi in his comments "I feel so betrayed (by LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign)"

The efforts which Lt Choi and his gay colleagues have made to raise this issue are most commendable, and I am really sorry about this incident and how they have been let down.

BTW, Lt Choi is so gorgeous I wish he'd come and handcuff himself at my home!!!!

3. 2010-03-23 20:03  
proudly, many homosexuals are fighting for gay rights... sadly, many more prefer to watch them fighting...
修改於2010-03-23 20:04:16
4. 2010-03-23 20:17  
what you were doing in Iraq? killing innocent people and supporting Bush and neo natzis? whats the different between you and them now?
5. 2010-03-23 20:17  
@1; it's strange that some of the leaders of your military still think it can afford to squander its resources (i.e. highly qualified people like you and Dan Choi). Some of our military brass had concerns when the UK reversed its ban several years ago, but the fears proved totally unfounded, none of them now have a problem with gays being in the military, and I believe that has helped convince many in the US brass that the ban is pointless, unfair, and a huge, expensive waste. I don't know of any other NATO countries that operate such a ban, so US Generals clearly do have many gay soldiers under their command anyway.

I saw Dan Choi on Rachel Maddow a few weeks ago, he was very good, and clearly impressed the brass he was on with. One point he made particularly struck home with them: the values of integrity, honesty etc. he was imbued with at West Point were compromised by the inherent dishonesty encouraged by Don't Ask Don't Tell.

I don't blame him for being mad at not being invited to the rally, and taking the initiative; he has certainly got more publicity for his stand than the comedienne was getting. For him it's his life; for her it was a gig.

6. 2010-03-23 20:53  
BTW, I see a similarity between the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the US, and the situation of 377A being deliberately left on the books but not enforced in Singapore. One brings the military into disrepute, the other brings the law into disrepute.
7. 2010-03-23 21:32  
Daniel Choi has shown he is patriotic as he has put his future on the line and his life by standing up in the open where everyone can take a shot at him

you got more balls and substance than nearly everyone i have met in my life Daniel. You deserve more than a medal for your courage

you've earned my respect for a life time

8. 2010-03-23 21:43  
Dear member mahsumyelma

if you are going to criticise Daniel Choi for being in Iraq and killing innocent people

why don't you look in the mirror and see how wonderful you have been first ?

If you expect him to exercise his concious and to not go to Iraq or to choose not to serve then .....

Did you exercise your concious to ....

open your mouth and speak up against your politicians in your home country where minorities are persecuted and killed

by keeping your mouth shut you are giving approval of the slaughter in your home country

I don't see a difference , people are still dying
9. 2010-03-23 21:44  
I applaud Lt. Dan Choi for standing up for what he believes in.

And I agree with him that sometimes the gay rights movement is not doing enough.

His statement about Kathy Griffin's presence at the rally really unearths the lack of depth in the gay rights movement as a whole. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the glamour of celebrity endorsements that we forget that we're doing this to fight for the rights of individuals who are on the frontline. Individuals like Lt. Dan Choi.

But Lt. Dan Choi should also realise that sometimes showing your teeth is not always the best strategy to gain sympathy. Nobody dares to get close enough to a chained wolf to set it free.

I think the majority of the LGBT community wants to see the DADT policy done away with. Sadly for Lt. Dan Choi, despite his outspokenness and courage, his public outcry has already guaranteed his military discharge.

Still - to Lt. Dan Choi - you're my hero!
10. 2010-03-23 22:09  
That's intense. It makes me prouder and more courageous in regards to who I am as a person, particularly as a gay American of color.
修改於2010-03-23 22:10:45
11. 2010-03-23 22:21  
I love his statement on Kathy Griffin being the spokesperson. "But if [the Human Rights Campaign] thinks that having a rally at Freedom Plaza with a comedienne is the right approach, I have to wonder. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is not a joking matter to me."

Seriously, this is so sad. If I was there, I'd ditch work and handcuff myself too to the bars.

12. 2010-03-23 23:05  
Lt. Choi is a very positive example for all men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation.
He upholds that values that I attempt to honor and fulfill daily in my life. It is encouraging to find other gay men like him.
He apparently has learned the same lessons from the "gay community" that I have; unless you think and act like them, you have little or no support.
Life is not a party. Each of our actions have consequences. Each right brings a responsibility. We are solely responsible for our actions and decisions.
I would be proud to call this man a friend.
13. 2010-03-23 23:17  
I really hope Lt. Choi's fight will come to a happy end. It has been quite some time this issue occur and haven't resolve till now.
14. 2010-03-23 23:42  
its him again, can he just quit the bloody army, get a job and start to enjoy his gay life
15. 2010-03-23 23:50  
This is one crazy inspiring man.

"Within the gay community so many leaders want acceptance from polite society" ... "I would say to them—you do not represent us if all you are looking for is a ladder in to elite society."

It was a slap in the face, and a hard one indeed.

And mahsumyelmaz, you seem pretty comfortable seating behind that screen.
16. 2010-03-23 23:53  
Heaven bless Lt. Choi!
17. 2010-03-24 00:09  
@12,Kuman; I agree with much of what you say, for once, but you just couldn't resist spoiling it with a whine and a dig and snide reference to "gay community", as usual, and making it all about yourself and being a martyr. I thought you'd got over that. Evidently not.

I'm sorry, but from your comments I don't see you as being anything like this guy. And I reckon none of us here remotely has his courage, except possibly some of the people who run Fridae and the guy @1, Positivelove.

I'm happy to be proven wrong though and look forward to seeing Kuman chained to the front of the White House some time soon.
18. 2010-03-24 00:25  
Dan is a HERO. And he is right. Gay rights dont come from trying to be "accepted" by straight community and look and act like them (it will never happen anyway). It comes from standing up and DEMANDING those rights, regardless how others think about us homo's. We shouldnt care or try to make straights "like" us..they should fear us! And we should TAKE what is ours...not act all polite and ask nicely. Dan is doing the right thing.
19. 2010-03-24 01:07  
Dan will be one of the Grand Marshals at New York City's LGBT March on June 27th. Come out and support him this summer!
修改於2010-03-24 01:07:55
20. 2010-03-24 01:33  
The stain on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress may have gotten more press, but the biggest stain of Bill Clinton's otherwise successful presidency has to be DADT. Really, Bill, what were you thinking?

There have been many courageous and right-minded individuals over the last two-plus centuries in America's long and continuing march towards true "liberty and justice for all," and Daniel Choi can certainly count himself among that esteemed crowd, as can his companion arrestees, Jim Pietrangelo and Robin McGehee.

A fellow American salutes you all.
21. 2010-03-24 01:36  
It's a ridiculous policy that is active in it's policing. I knew a guy in the Army who was being prosecuted under don't ask don't tell because another guy reported that this guy sucked him off. Apparently if you're receiving head and admit it was a mistake and shame, you're ok, but if you admit after being accused of sucking someone else off and you don't admit you're wrong for being openly gay, then you're guilty and fired. That's the level of operation this kind of policy is at.
22. 2010-03-24 02:10  
Always felt Kathy Griffin was an opportunist to the gay crowd just so to prolong her not so funny routines. When the push comes to shove, her true colors show. If you caught her shows, it's always about her, about how great "everyone else" says she is as a comedienne, blah blah. You are constantly reminded about that in her usual stand ups. She bores me to death.
The one true supporter to gay rights is Margaret Cho. She even stood up against Prop 8 and lashed out publicly against the bigots. They should have appointed her instead.

Lt Dan Choi is truly an American hero. It says a lot about the US system when men and women who sacrifice everything and lay their lives for their country are only to be humiliated and reduced to a "defect" to be removed from basic human dignity asap simply via disclosure, forced or involuntarily? Geez, what a great country. Sister system=Singapore?

@17 steveuk:"I'm happy to be proven wrong though and look forward to seeing Kuman chained to the front of the White House some time soon."

Throw in a saddle rack and whip up some S&M. Then maybe, jut maybe, we'll have a show. But then again, yikes, what a truly scary gross sight! Count me out! ;)
23. 2010-03-24 04:37  
Steveuk - my reference to the "gay community" is not snide. It is a phrase I would prefer not to use, as it has no clear definition, so I use quotes to indicate that I am using a word spoken by others.
Please, I do not whine or proclaim myself a martyr.
As is clearly evidenced by many follow up comments to my remarks on this web site, individuals that do not speak the same language or think the same as the "leaders of the gay community", are often vilified.
I give little concern for the opinions of others in a disagreement and take no offense at the insults hurled by those that disagree with my opinions and actions. I prefer to believe we have the same common goals in mind, but likely a very different path of attaining those goals. As the good Lt. points out, many of those aforrementioned leaders are more concerned about being popular, rather than standing up for integrity and character.
As for me, I will ignore the jibes of men and heed my conscience.
I have never spoken in favor of hatred, bigotry or intolerance. In all my actions each day I strive to live according to a strict level of conduct consistent with my values and foremost amongst those is the respect for the uniqueness of all of God's wonderous creation, followed closely by a strident zeal to protect my Constitutional Freedoms from being further eroded by an ever intrusive government.
24. 2010-03-24 04:38  
I've never, ever understood that ridiculous policy, when there are several other armies in the world where homosexuality is Not something that prevents people from serving, and, indeed, you could take a civil action against the State for following discriminatory procedures against you based on sexuality alone. If I wanted to serve the Irish army, for example, there wouldn't be an issue over sexuality, with an equal policy on homo/heterosexuality in place since 1993, I think. (Dealing with the rank and file within the army is a different matter, but Officially, it's no problem.)

So, what possible difference does sexuality make? People aren't going to be more - or less - scared if a gay guy (or gal) is pointing a gun at them, or willingly serving their country, if That's what they want to do.

I'm curious, as I don't know the answer to this question - seeing as Singaporeans have that ridiculous Conscription/temporary slavery system still in place, is there any part of the selection process that automatically gets you barred if you tick a 'Yes, I have homosexual tendencies (but goodness me No, I'm not a practising one, as that would be highly illegal of course)"?

I guess that's pretty silly of me though - to criticise one country from infringing human rights for willing would-be soldiers based on mere sexuality, whilst idly thinking that Another country should have such a system in place to give unwilling servants of the state a way to opt out of The System...
回應#25已於於2010-03-24 10:25被管理員刪除。
回應#26已於於2010-03-24 10:25被管理員刪除。
回應#27已於於2010-03-24 10:25被管理員刪除。
28. 2010-03-24 09:34  
@25-27; Hi Rony, good to see the standards of theology and psychology are being maintained at the usual level.

//P.S. He got deleted. Sad.
修改於2010-03-24 10:52:20
29. 2010-03-24 09:58  
Kathy Griffin.. come on.. we can do better.
30. 2010-03-24 11:00  
its true the gay community is split and doesn't agree on many topics, but I think Lt. Dan is a little extreme to hand cuff himself to the White House Gates, a cheap stunt that really didn't get any press in the news and straight people didn't pay attention... he is much more effective in being persistent and in the small battles he was winning rather than just a cheap and ineffective publicity stunt which no one paid any attention to and he just bad mouthed the very people that are trying to help me

anyway, I think humour and good naturedness can prove political points much more effectively so Kathy G is a great person to bring on board

check out the perez Hilton's new blast from Sue S's commentary on Glee

its called Sneaky Gays and its really funny


Lt. Dan Choi is a cool guy, but needs to loosen up a bit and laugh and relax, change is a coming, just taking a little longer than we like... remain steadfast dude
31. 2010-03-24 11:08  
i think kuman is great for speaking his mind by the way, i don't often agree with him, but he's a fresh voice and represents a different point of view that should be stifled

i don't agree with his fashion sense though and that tux egads! and rainbow diplomatic outfit though... get him to Zegna soon please!

my gay and straight brothers would have a blast teasing him, but he would be fun to have dinner with sometime cause the dinner table conversation would never be boring:)

but guys the conservative gay movement is growing

I just got back from New York and met a lot of gay dads, they are much more tougher and competitive in new gay family values than those straight parents and single moms.. its 2010 afterall

in other news, the guy I am seeing wants to convert to a Jew and get circumcised, hmm I guess he likes me.... but I hope he does it for himself not me....yikes! A Chinese new Jew to be ....
32. 2010-03-24 11:11  
33. 2010-03-24 11:20  

In Dan's defense, the change didn't come fast enough for him. He lost his job, his pension, the future he thought he had. That's a lot to swallow when you're 28 and a grad from one of the top schools in America. It's an intense time for him, and I think he deserves a little latitude in the way he goes about solving this very real problem plaguing the military. Sure, the handcuffing didn't get a lot of press but that's only because it didn't involve Tiger Woods and a prostitute. Nothing really gets a lot of press these days. And everything is just as quickly forgotten. When the history books are written, though, this "stunt" will have helped paved the way for gays to serve freely.
修改於2010-03-24 13:59:01
34. 2010-03-24 11:30  

As much as I respect your courage and condemn the obscene nature of "dont ask dont tell". change is incremental. How much things have changed since the 1980s reminds us that change will come, perhaps not at the pace you or I would like. You made an INDIVIDUAL decision to violate the law and committ an act of civil disobedience. In the grand tradition of Gandhi and Luther. To ask others to do the same and then when they decline to do so carp about "bourgois gays" and "elites" is disingenuous. All wisdom doesnt come from your lips, there are differences of opinion how to proceed. This is a cause, no one anointed you the chosen one to lead. Make room for differences of opinion without letting your ego get in the way, which I am afraid is what may be happening here.
35. 2010-03-24 11:34  
lagunobro probably put it better than i did.
36. 2010-03-24 12:22  
"This is a cause, no one anointed you the chosen one to lead."

In activism (gay or whatever else), no one is "chosen", it's up to people to step up to the plate.
37. 2010-03-24 12:53  
I saw comments 25, 26 & 27. What a shame they were deleted. Comments like those serve to remind us that there are dangerous wackos out there. They like to wrap themselves in the bible and proceed to make fools of themselves. The God I respect preaches the 10 Commendments. I try to live by those commandments and feel comfortable doing so: There's no mention of homosexuality at all.
38. 2010-03-24 13:31  
The guys need to get a medal. Their battle is one that unless u have fought prejudice you have no idea how brave they are.
I hate the idea of "oh he is the gay soldier" syndrome. why not the hetro?
39. 2010-03-24 13:33  
Lt. Dan Choi is amazing. just saw the utude
good man
40. 2010-03-24 13:45  
You have to wonder, really! The struggle of most groups for acceptance into society involves protest and sacrifice. Would women have the vote and blacks have equal rights if they had worked on it by having cocktail parties?
回應#41已於於2010-03-24 15:32被管理員刪除。
42. 2010-03-24 15:20  
Well, as for the charming poster above me, with such moving points for gay people to consider as [Don't worry - I just did a quick Copy and Paste selection, as I suspect That the post will be deleted pretty damn quick!]:


I would just like to say that, hmmm, maybe you're right; maybe I Should give up my evil ways. I've been trying my best for 38 years to be purely Evil, but I Still don't have my own Mini-Me; or a secret Moon Base; or an army of nameless drones in silver jumpsuits; or a One Meeelion Dollars ransom from any world governments - and I can't even make France afraid of me. I'm just not very good at being evil! (Frankly, I think it's about damn time that there was a Gay dictator - why should the boring, Heterosexual likes of Stalin, Hitler and Pinochet etc have all the fun? Why can't a Gay guy be responsible for millions of deaths, instead of all the Heterosexual people?)

I kind of regret all these years trying to be Evil - and to think, mum wanted me to be a civil servant with an easy job in the tax office, and an okay pension and Christmas bonuses and good holidays.

You're quite right, Mr Poster - I should give up my Evil ways! Thank you so much for the career advice; I totally appreciate it!
43. 2010-03-24 15:22  
Hey Dr. Scott

As a Gay Dad my loving twins excel at everything at their elite private schools including having top math scores, winning science projects, reading Tang Dynasty Poetry , mastering Piano Class. They even excel at horsemanship and riding. I am most proud of their motor skills especially in gym class where they are learning Chinese Gong Fu to be able to kick old farts and bigots in the shins who slander their Father's and buddies good name

By the way, the air bag sensor in your car was invented by a handsome gay man (look under your dashboard if you can find it)

just wondering what kind of car you drive mister and your license plate number would be helpful please too

44. 2010-03-24 18:26  
After reading some of the spirited comments I thought I should at least chime in. As someone who has worked for the U.S. Government and served in her Navy with a combined service of 40 some odd years (closeted by the way) until just recently since I had to come out to my "Security" people, I just had to put my two cents in for Lt Choi.

With him being one of my Facebook friends I asked for his help and of course he gave me some pretty good advice regarding how to respond to my "Agency" since I had to come out to them. I was called a criminal, and that my morals, integrity and my ethics were non-existant. That was devastating to hear and of course I felt like the end of the world was coming. Of course the Agency did get achieve a partial victory at least for now. I lost my access to classified data and to an Intelligence Planner/Analyst that is the kiss of death. No access - no job. Of course the final adjudication sits with the Chief of Staff of my Agency. If he says sorry but I still agree with the Adjudicating Facility and their assessment still stands, then I loose my access and of course without access I loose my job. Do I fight? Of course because they are going against one Presidential Executive Order EO 13087 which clearly states you are not allowed to use "lifestyle" as an adjudicating factor in making a decision about employment. So i am hoping his decision is in the affirmative and that I will regain my access and of course my job.

The point is, Lt Choi was extremely helpful in guiding me in my responses. Based on what I have read and heard his methods did not receive the press or notoriety it should have. Is that a good thing? Not sure. Maybe he should have gone about it in a different way to receive the same effect. What I can say is, if I do loose my job because I came out then I would love to stand with Lt Choi and be a spokesman for the oppressed U.S. Government Civilians as well as Military members who serve closeted or even openly. Good on you Dan - I am behind you!
回應#45已於於2010-03-25 00:50被管理員刪除。
回應#46已於於2010-03-25 00:50被管理員刪除。
47. 2010-03-24 18:57  
Nature has never been equal but fair. What a rabbit has done to an eagle that deserved to b eaten? I want to learn is how a rabbit survive in a harsh hostile environment.

Everyone can serve his/her lovely country whether in army or not. I suppose the least is voting.

I always think while in military you don't have much choice especially if your leader is dictator, and command u to crash the common people, like Myanmar, China, North Korea etc. U can against it but face the severe military rules.

If straight male n female mix, the female might face harassment. I wonder straight male will face same thing or vice versa?

Everyone has the right to look what he/she want, but dont easily feel frustrated and up set. Some issues need years to over it, like Nelson Mandela fight for apartheid in South Africa. He ended jail for decades.

So do u think Ang san suu kyi will win for her lovely country?

48. 2010-03-24 19:01  
i salute you for your courage!
49. 2010-03-24 21:12  
I don't get why sexuality should be listed under "lifestyle". A diabolic way to make it look like a deliberate choice, right? A gay man could lead a life of celibacy, in solitary confinement for life in prison, and he'd still be gay, right? What's lifestyle got to do with it?

Vercoda, regarding your question, "So, what possible difference does sexuality make?"

I think it destroys the macho image the American defense generals have tried to cultivate for their forces over the years.

The American soldier is projected as the ultimate Alpha Male. Raw trainees to the forces are showered endlessly with a torrent of cuss words by potty-mouthed drill sergeants, the trainees are trained to sing songs that demean women and womanhood to keep time while they march, the forces virulently oppose the inclusion of women in the defense forces, they regard women with contempt and as sex objects, most American women who were recruited into the forces have been repeatedly harassed verbally and sexually, even raped,... Now THAT's how a Real He-Man Force behaves.

The American President's stature in the world depends on maintaining the image of a defense force comprised of tough, no-nonsense, woman-raping, gay-hating Alpha Males to send shivers down the spines of the rest of the world, and especially of Putin.

And then, along comes the filthy, limp-wristed fag to ruin this carefully crafted picture of the Alpha Male brigade. Now, what's a REAL HE-man President to do under the circumstances, eh? What C-in-C wants Putin rolling in uncontrollable laughter (or cursing in incredulous disgust) when confronted by a limp-wristed gay American Army Chief who hits on Putin during his visit? Even worse if the dignitary happened to be from some lowly third world country, isn't it?

It's okay for the Alpha Male soldier to hit on women dignitaries. Didn't george Bush pat Angela Merkel in the backside or something? That's what Alpha Males DO. That's how they build the image of a tough nation; a superpower.

But, heaven forbid, what if the opposite happened? A bunch of gay Americal fagboy soldiers flirting with Chavez or Ahmedinejad, maybe making a grab for Kim Jong Il's crotch? Oooh, the shame, the eternal disgrace. They don't want to take chances with fagboys. Simple.
50. 2010-03-24 21:45  
not quite sure i understand why a gay person would want to fight and maybe die for an organisation whom doesnt want them as themselves.

yes being a patron is idealic but would you work for toyota if they had the same policy? im guessing majority no, you would find another company.

also it may be wrong morally but its the law, as i understand it, and you know it going in. its not conscription anymore where you to have join.

i think lt choi is brave but im a little sick of people who play the game and then complain!
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57. 2010-03-24 23:45  

call me if you have gots, my name is roger: 1618..."

I think he means goats.

I guess even the homophobes are fake these days, or just getting crazier.

On a different note, I see the Dutch are going to sue former General Sheehan for his defamatory statements about gays in their military.
58. 2010-03-25 08:38  
Hey, why does the editor keep erasing the strange comments by that crazy hater@52? Its life to be attacked sometimes. We are strong men and women and its free speech after all.

I Made It: Cash, Money, Heroes and Cyberstalkers!

Actually, if Dr. Scott wants to target his anti-Gay hate towards someone, he can always send messages to me at Lagunabro. Heck, I think he will get a triple whammy when it comes to targeting his Hate. I mean I am gay, a Jew and my kids are half Asian! What I shopping spree of hate he will have with me! He will hate me even more when he finds out I went to Stanford, have a great job, was a former male model (yes, I was but now I am thirty:() and I even have a Aston Martin DB9 in my driveway. Gosh, you can even hate me cause I am a card carrying Republican. I grew up with a mother who forced me to take piano lessons and from time to time although I am a Jew I sometimes play piano at concerts and for Christian churches.

Well now enough about me...(another talented hottie you might not like is the very talented gay Christian organist Korean Quentin Kim. He plays a very excellent Bach).

So send all your hate mail my way sir. I really will finally feel like I have made it when I have my own personal Cyber Stalker instead of just some angry ex-boy friends.

Golly, even my cousin Taylor Lautner has oodles of Cyber Stalkers and Haters. He once showed me an email from a Cyber Stalker who complained he wasn't a real Werewolf after all. Another thinks he is a Demon for being in those "Satanic" Twlight Movies. Another hater criticised him as the Devil cause of his sudden muscle bulges that spurted while getting in shape for his role of Jacob. Another female hater called him Belzabub for breaking up with Taylor Swift (I must admit I am sad about this one cause she father gatherings would have been more fun with her around).

All in all, I am jealous of my little cousin and his many Cyber Stalkers and Haters!

Anyway, Dr. Scott -- Bring it On!

I am sure despite me being gay we still have lots to talk about. I still like going to the gym and would like to be your gym buddy. I also once spent a summer training in para-military camp run at Blackwater in North Carolina and like shooting guns.

So Cyber stalker let's go out for a beer soon--- but waiting for your biting hate mails already.


Laguna Bro
59. 2010-03-25 20:38  
I heard there is some movement on the issue now, but one of the things being considered is gays having their own separate washing and sleeping quarters. Like the big butch marines are terrified they might, gasp, be looked at. Weird.
60. 2010-03-26 22:27  
well for starters, I guess the army finds it difficult to accept gay people as a norm to join, let alone serve and protect the country
61. 2010-03-27 16:01  
I can remember a few years ago the San Francisco Pride Celebration chose Tammy Fay Baker as their grand marshall, and I remember asking myself "why". I agree that the lgbt movement seems at a crossroads. Are the leaders more interested in fashion or in justice?
62. 2010-03-28 03:34  
Dan Choi and his colleagues are heroes. Less we forget, civil disobedience, peaceful, is a long tested and successful means for advancing civil rights and equality.

If I were in Washington on that day or the next time, I will join Dan and his colleagues.

I agree about the Washington elitism. A lot of people there fall into the trap of just wanting to get invited to the next cocktail party or receiption. Well so what!

Dan you are a terrific role model for us all.

In June 1969 I was detained in the Stonewall Club in New York, not arrested, then released from the bar. I was very young but of legal age. I joined for a while in the riot but the riot got really crazy with the police being unpredictable. And the crowd. From anti war demonstrations, I learned, for myself, to leave when things got chaotic. I went back the next night too, and the riots continued.

So the lesson is, I guess, big things can begin with small events and Dan's stand and others like him in the US military will change the world. Not going to those cocktail parties.

Dan, keep in fighting and never stop.

You are a hero! I am a small contributor to Human Rights and now their behavior gives me second thoughts. I will write to some friends there and ask them, "why did you not join Dan?"
63. 2010-03-31 17:41  
This is quite a contrast: the Household Cavalry having a civil partnership reception for one of its men:

64. 2010-12-20 19:03  
That makes me laugh when I heard some American say “Let’s protect our country”.
65. 2010-12-21 09:57  
most of the so called 'gay' leadership in the western world are just un-elected swill they have merely imposed them selves over us with their unsavoury queering agenda and their flacid theologies it's time to kick them to the curb return them to the dustbin of his/herstory where they belong.
Lt. Dan Choi what a man he can civil partnership me any day and put his big sexy boots under my bed (;-P) he is a renaissance man, a much better role model for young homosexual youth than some skanky self identifying queer pansying it's soggy butt up the main drag in feathers on some shambolic mardisgras parade or some sleezy porn star





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