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6 Jun 2019

Philippine president's office defends claim he 'cured' himself of being gay

A spokesperson said Duterte was 'always conscious of not offending the sensibilities of these special classes’ and 'a kind person’.

The Philippine President’s office has defended Rodrigo Duterte’s recent remarks that he used to be gay but ‘cured’ himself. At a meeting with the Filipino community in Japan on Friday (31 May), Duterte said he ‘became a man again’ when he met his now ex-wife. The 74-year-old president later used the word ‘bakla’, a homophobic slur. Bahaghari, a gay and transgender advocacy group, labelled the comments dangerous and retrograde. But on Tuesday (4 June), presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said the LGBT Community should be ‘glad’ about Duterte’s remarks. ‘The remarks meant that he had ‘changed’ his sexual preferences,’ Panelo is reported to have said. ‘What’s wrong [with that]?’ He also reportedly asked. ‘Let me say that the President is always conscious of not offending the sensibilities of these special classes. He is a kind person,’ Panelo also said.

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1. 2019-06-06 22:44  
Congratulations on the cure for being gay now if you can only cure your ignorance and arrogance you will be all set... bravo!
2. 2019-06-07 07:57  
Well at least he has admitted to enjoying cock in the past, and at least he acknowledges that the gay's shouldn't be pissed off. So for such a conservative country as the Phillipines, this is really a BIG Step.

I do like how he has cleaned up all the druggies, and been strong on the crime there. A lot safer there now than when I travelled there last :)
3. 2019-06-09 12:17  
This man is very much like Trump, no wonder these two are such good friends. You can't ever just "cure" yourself of being gay. When you know you're gay and when you know you're into men, that is you and it stays with you no matter how much you try and deny it. Once again, Filipinos are way behind the times when it comes to homosexuality, as they STILL think to this day that being "bakla" is SO wrong. They need to stop ridiculing and ostracizing gays and begin to realize that they are people just like everyone else in this world. Stupidity really does have a place in this country.
4. 2019-06-10 09:34  
I'm pretty sure all of these gay people who claim to be cured are just bisexuals that ended up getting married.
5. 2019-06-11 13:03  
"gay people who claim to be cured are just bisexuals that ended up getting married" .. yes, this is how Filipinos handle their "gay problem", by marrying into convenience thinking they can cheat on the side with a partner of the same sex while still being married .. there's a Filipino movie that just came out last year, about an elderly man who comes out to his family in his 80's (when he could've done it MUCH younger?) while he is still married to his wife for so long, and has a lover who's a man on the side .. to me that's really fucked up, why would you wanna wait that long to come out and while still married? again, this is how Filipinos handle their "gay dilemma" by playing gay on the side while being married .. playing that straight card and fooling people .. i should know, cuz i know of some relatives of mine who do this .. it's not right, in fact, it's never right and that movie sends the WRONG message to the Filipino community, that it's "OK" to marry just to present your straight side to people yet hide your gay side, it's just totally fucked up, it's totally wrong, and these people need to know that .. unfortunately, they don't, and they never will, especially since their religion tells them it's "not and never ok" to be gay and their current president believes in this shitty "gay conversion" as a therapy, what a fucked up country! "oh so do you habb a GURLPRENN yet ha??" (translation: do you have a girlfriend?), can you motherfuckers just talk about the weather or something? why bother with someone's personal affairs or their business when your country is so fucked up to begin with? that's how Filipino handle things, with gossip, chismis, talk talk talk, but never do the walk walk walk.
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