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17 Jul 2007

people like us announces indignation 2007 line-up

Held in its third consecutive year, Indignation is the gay and lesbian Pride season in Singapore.

Organised by People Like Us, Indignation - Singapore's GLBT pride season - comes around again with a series of events including exhibitions, talks, poetry, film, outdoor and social events.

Fridae is proud to be a main and media sponsor of the event.

Message from People Like Us:

Indignation is the gay and lesbian Pride season in Singapore, reaffirming our participation in the intellectual and cultural life of this country, reminding all that we are as much a part of Singapore as anyone else.

Each event is separately organised by by different people, who as a gesture of solidarity, are contributing their events to the joint calendar.

It is never easy organising gay-related events in Singapore. Many kinds of events require licences from various government departments, which tend to be react with suspicion towards anything that is gay-themed. Even when licences are given, past experience has shown that intimidatory tactics from the police can still be expected.

Funding is another area affected by the political climate; hence the organisers are particularly grateful to those who have bravely stepped forward with sponsorships.

Indignation 2007 is the third in a row and every year that we pull one off, it boosts the community's pride and increases our visibility a little bit more.

Things are changing in Singapore. So far this year, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has publicly spoken about how Section 377A of the Penal Code must "eventually" go. PAP MP Baey Yam Keng and NMP Siew Kum Hong have also said they support repeal. An increasing number of heterosexual Singaporeans are speaking up too.

Indignation seeks to capture this mood. Change is possible. We are not passive victims of ignorance and prejudice in an unchanging landscape. We are active citizens playing our part in making Singapore a better place.

The event will open on Wed, 1 Aug 2007 with Idiosyncracies - an art exhibition. For more info, please visit www.plu.sg/indignation. More updates to follow on Fridae.


1. 2007-07-18 00:21  
All the best to the organisers - and also, everyone involved in the planning and execution of the various events - for a most successful 'IndigNation 2007'! Keep up the great work!
2. 2007-07-18 13:44  
hi there!!

i am interested in helpin out for the pride week.
could u let me know how?

thank you

3. 2007-07-19 01:51  
one of the best ways to support besides volunteering to help is to ask your friends (gay and straight) to attend some of the events like the art exhibition.

i went last year and the standard is so high that when people many friends wished they attended the Indignation closing event.

Just google Youtube for indignation, Ruby Pan or Hossan Leong, the Indignation event is featured.
4. 2007-07-24 05:38  
Good luck all of you involved in this. You put us in the West to shame. Here we have most of the freedoms you deserve and we do very little with them except bitch and criticise and demand to adopt babies (ewwwwww). We cannot even keep Oxford Street gay and friendly. So you with the courage to dare for what is long overdue to you, have a great IndigNation and stick it up the straights' settlements (the "heartland") It is time they knew and acknowledged that you are part of them and they of you!





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