A father’s letter to his son

Hey my handsome boy, 

I know you tried to hint to us the other night that you’re gay. And we didn’t take it very well. Or rather your mom didn’t take it very well (as I was expressionless) and you didn’t dare to continue. We kept waiting for the next few days to hear your confession but you never approach us. I knew you were worried about our reactions. 

Just to assure you, no we are not going to throw you out of the house or disown you. Just wanna share with you a little secret (I don’t know if your mom reads this page honestly, but let’s assume she doesn’t and I know you do). The reason why your mom shot you strange looks the other night was because she only wanted to test you. Honestly, she had found out that you’re gay, even before I did. And she was very excited about it as well. 

So let me begin with your mom’s story and I hope that after reading, you’ll pick up the courage to talk to us again. 

I met your mom in high school and she looked and bahaved ordinarily. When I finally got to know her better, I finally know how crazy she was. Literally crazy. She was all over Japanese yaoi mangas (back then I didn’t even know what was yaoi and she taught me everything, too much to be exact) and she even wrote books/diaries of her own gay fantasies (I think they’re known as fanfics today but in the past we did not have technology to actually post those things online) and I know where she kept all of them. In short, she is all supportive of gay and can be considered a number 1 fangirl. She likes to read and write by nature and often lived in her own world. And that’s exactly the part of her that has attracted me - non judgmental, dare to dream, dare to think and to voice out her opinions. I remembered that she always used to tell me “”Live a life for yourself and not live a life in the opinions of others”“. She was really a good source of encouragement for me to pursue my own dreams. Today, I hope that you’ll be willing to open up to your mom and she will be a great source of motivation for you too. 

I know your mom doesn’t come across to you as someone cheerful and hyperactive but that’s because she is now a mother and she has to behave appropriately to set a good example for you, son. Also, you know how your grandparents are like and it’s hard for her to be herself truly when she’s around with them. However, in those times that you are not present, your mom is still the joyful high school girl that I used to know, often fooling around with me (I’m not as strict as I appear to be as well). This side of your parents we thought we did let you know a few more years later but I guess it’s the time now. 

You are old enough to make your own decision and we respect that. We just hope that you will not regret your decisions in the future. Live for who you are, not in the opinions of others, just like what your mom had always told me. Before she agreed to my proposal, she told me she had always wanted a son that would be gay but she promised me that she will not forcefully influence our child’s sexuality. And she kept her promise. Yet, you turned out to be exactly what she has always dreamt of (you never knew how happy was she when she found out that you’re a boy during her pregnancy), and I’m proud of you as your father. Please have no more worries and share with us your trouble. Especially to your mom who wish to guide you along and give you the courage to stand up to your sexuality despite judgmental friends and people around you. You have no idea how proud she is of you. 

As for me, as your dad, I do not have objections to your sexuality. I had also made a similar promise to your mom that if our child turns out to be gay, I will not object but accept him willingly. However, it is not merely because of the promise to your mom. I really love you for who you are son. And you deserve the best from your parents who had brought you to this world. I’ll always support you no matter what along with your mother. 

To many of you boys out there, you might not be the lucky one to have understanding and accepting parents. However, please take a leap of faith and talk things out. Your parents might not appear to be what you think because afterall they’re parents and have to be responsible for your development and well being. Try to talk things out. 

To my son, I hope that after reading this story, you’ll be willing to confess now. I promise that you’ll have our conditional support. In fact, I will share with you your mother’s fantasies and perhaps you can act them out with your boyfriend for her? (HAHA) bring your boyfriend home for dinner soon yeah? 

Love you always, 

Original Post: A father’s letter to his son
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Reader's Comments

9 years ago
sob!!!! Sob!!! to late for me to tell. All the best
9 years ago
8 years ago
if both parents were as supportive from before the birth of the child, their reactions told a different story because if they were all encompassing of their love, there is no need for this explanation? Isnt it strange how the father profess to be understanding and kept quiet while the son came out!!! well their reactions pushed the boy into a closet even more. Now the father wants the son to know that he was and is always loved. What a pot of crock... oh well...
7 years ago

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