Is there such a thing as safe anal & oral sex at the same time without condoms?

We have gone for two tests to confirm HIV- status and now have condom free sex. I am exclusively top and he bottom and enjoy our respective roles tremendously. At every sexual encounter we enjoy various sexual positions and also have oral sex in between. This means moving back and forth between oral to anal sex with each session lasting up to 1 to 3 hours. He takes my cum each time either in his anus or orally and some times both ways. While we are both HIV- but is what we are doing safe, although he does clean/douche quite thoroughly each time before we have sex? Initially, we use condoms in order to be clean and safe from cross-contamination but this has proved to be very cumbersome owing to our multiple sex positions and oral in between requiring very frequent condom changes. Frequent washing was also not a workable idea. Besides, he really prefer skin on skin even though I don't really mind the hassle. What should we do?

Expert advice:

I am happy to know that both of you are tested negative for HIV and are enjoying a healthy sex life. I will assume that both of you are in a closed monogamous relationship. I will also assume that both of you have been tested for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and are free from them.

In this instance, where both of you practise unprotected anal and oral intercourse, the risk of transmission of HIV will be absent in view of the negative HIV result. The same goes for other types of STIs applying the same assumption.

You are right when you mentioned about cross contamination, not so much for STI and HIV but for more common types of infections. The main concern about switching between unprotected oral and anal intercourse in a single session is that your penis would come into contact with gut bacteria and viruses in  your partner, even though your partner may have done regular douching at the start of the session. Most of these gut bacteria are harmless and live normally within our guts. Occasionally, bacteria which can cause food poisoning and tummy upset may be present in your partner's gut. The subsequent introduction of your penis into his mouth and other acts such as kissing may lead to the development of tummy upset either in yourself or your partner. Hepatitis A virus can also be transmitted in this way as the virus is found in fecal matters.

Other than frequent change of condoms with every new site, there may not be any other effective way of preventing such 'cross contamination'. Alternatively, you may consider altering your sexual practices, starting off with oral sex before moving to anal sex exclusively.


Answered by:
Dr Gavin Ong
DSC Clinic

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