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20 Oct 2010

Ugandan newspaper publishes photos of 100 'top' homosexuals, says 'hang them'

An Ugandan newspaper has published a front-page story with a list of the "Top 100 Homos" and a banner recommending the men be hanged.

A English-language newspaper in Uganda has published a list of the country's 100 'top' homosexuals with the headline 'hang them'.

The Oct 9 article, which included photos, full names and addresses, was published by a newspaper called Rolling Stone (not linked to the American magazine of the same name) came out five days before the one-year anniversary of the controversial proposed “kill the gays” bill.

The proposed bill, which has attracted international outrage since it was announced last year, would impose prison terms for Ugandans who fail to report a homosexual within 24 hours, and the death sentence for homosexuals who had sex with a person under 18, who is HIV-positive and had sex, had gay sex with a disabled person or being classified as a "serial offender" – that is, someone who has gay sex more than once.

David Bahati, the lawmaker sponsoring the bill, was quoted by investigative journalist Jeff Sharlet – in an article in the September 2010 edition of Harper's Magazine – as saying that his objective is "to kill every last gay person."

According to the Associated Press, since the publication of the list, four men have been attacked and many have gone into hiding in fear of their lives. One person had stones thrown at their house by neighbours.

The report also quoted Frank Mugisha, the chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda, as saying that more than 20 homosexuals have been attacked over the last year in Uganda, and an additional 17 have been arrested and are in prison.

He said those numbers are up from the same period two years ago, when about 10 homosexuals were attacked aftersince the proposed bill was announced.

Giles Muhame, the paper's managing editor,said the article was "in the public interest."

"We felt there was need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and need to be exposed," he said. "They take advantage of poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality is illegal, unacceptable and insults our traditional lifestyle.'

Following worldwide condemnation, the bill is said to have been quietly shelved although not completely dropped.

Reader's Comments

1. 2010-10-20 21:23  
I blame midlife crisis.

Oh well, at least the gay content wasn't censored.
Comment edited on 2010-10-20 21:36:17
2. 2010-10-20 21:30  
3. 2010-10-20 21:38  
People all over the world must drop their complacency and put everything on the line to fight for LGBTQ civil rights for all people everywhere! We are really not free until we are ALL free.
4. 2010-10-20 22:19  
Sigh !!! When does Bahati realizes that the improvement of Uganda doesnt rely on killing gays? He have a serious personal issue. I feel sorry for the stupidity of Muhame as well. They should be hanged together first.
Comment #5 was deleted by an administrator on 2010-10-22 19:08
Comment #6 was deleted by an administrator on 2010-10-25 12:37
7. 2010-10-20 23:07  
This is the latest in a series of intolerable and offensive yet coordinated attacks against LGBT persons across the world. One could almost pity Ugandans for being the target of anti-gay propaganda and misinformation disseminated by Christian missionary organizations working in Uganda. Do something now! Here is the Uganda Government email list as in the Uganda govt website. Please send them an articulate, simple and clear message. We don't tolerate this type of treatment and we will support those that are targeted by this poisonous message of hate. We will tolerate it NO LONGER:

State House Nakasero
P.O.Box 25497, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-231900

Fax: 256-41-346 102
E-mail: info@statehouse.go.ug

President's Office Hotline
Tel: 256-41-343 311
Fax: 256-41-346 102
Email: aak@statehouse.go.ug

Minister of the Presidency
Parliamentary building
P.O. Box 7168
Tel. +256-414-256956

StateHouse Comptroller
P.O.Box 25497
Fax: 256-414-235462
Email: shc@statehouse.go.ug

P.O.Box 25497
Email: pps@statehouse.go.ug

Parliamentary Building 3rd Floor.
P.O. Box 7359
Tel. +256-414-3475972
Email ppsvp@statehouse.go.ug

Press Secretary to the President
P.O.Box 25497
Tel: 256-41-343 320
E-mail: press@statehouse.go.ug

Press secretary to the vice President
P.O.Box 7359
Email: vppu@statehouse.go.ug

Tel. +256-414-236850
Email: admin@statehouse.go.ug
8. 2010-10-20 23:11  
what a horrible place...
9. 2010-10-20 23:59  
Well, all I can say is I cant wait for Jesus to return - our leader will be back and all others will go to HELL..........*smile*!
10. 2010-10-21 00:00  
Well, all I can say is I cant wait for Jesus to return - our leader will be back and all others will go to HELL..........*smile*!
11. 2010-10-21 01:43  
Instead of tackling the rampant poverty, hunger and corruption that plagues their country, Ugandans are more obsessed with their local backside artists than the starving kid next door. Great.
Comment edited on 2010-10-21 01:43:32
12. 2010-10-21 03:05  
By no means am I racist against anybody, but this behaviour is primitive! It is not based on any logical reasoning, and it isn't even based on accurate theology within Christianity, which astounds me. The law is based on writings in the Old Testament, which are meant to be deemed no more with the crucifixion of Jesus. Hello! I'm not even a devout Christian, yet I can see the flaws in the Christian loophole behind this supposed God-sent law! Ridiculous.
Comment #13 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-21 06:57
14. 2010-10-21 07:11  
Lifes is too cruel for gays as i believed we are also god creation..and i believed too that humans cant separated from lust..when lust got out of control then theres mishap happen anyway it happen to straights,bisexuals,transgender and homosexuals but too bad always gays get the worst highlights...
15. 2010-10-21 08:58  
why didn't they publish 'top 50 gay powerful people ' such as founder of cnn, celebrity trainer ,etc etc and hang them? i believe they would have licked those gays goddesses feet for their financial support instead.

16. 2010-10-21 09:07  
"Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and need to be exposed," he said. "They take advantage of poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality is illegal, unacceptable and insults our traditional lifestyle."

Cyber views from one extreme to justify another;

"Once a Barbarian, always a Barbarian. Slavery was the best thing that happened to them- a backward nation of darkness brought to some light. "

Hmm....I wonder.
17. 2010-10-21 09:25  
18. 2010-10-21 09:53  
These kinds of views are unacceptable. However, fighting against these views and defending homosexuality by making offensive comments about black people is just as disgusting and unacceptable. We cannot fight prejudice with prejudice. To comment that 'another dumb miss informed stupid bl_ _ k c u _t on the loose again' as one reader does is just as disgraceful and misinformed as Bahati's outrageous comments.
19. 2010-10-21 09:56  
Middle Ages are back
20. 2010-10-21 10:23  
21. 2010-10-21 10:36  
feel sad to those in uganda, for immediate safe, pls stray away from home
22. 2010-10-21 12:05  
cut off the cash, the aid. then as they overpopulate themselves nito starvation, let them die.
23. 2010-10-21 12:12  
the queen... post #11. Its because the Ugandans have failed as a nation that they are attacking gays in an effort to cover their own fxck ups

Fascist regimes all over the world do it... its either the Jews or the gays ... or both
24. 2010-10-21 13:10  
I tend to wanna see the silver lining in every cloud...

If you stop to take stock of what they are doing, this is a VERY REAL eg of what Christian Fundamentalism gone rabid can morph into; and where PREJUDICE & IGNORANCE can lead a country into.

I think the Ugandan Crazies are doing themselves and their Cause (worldwide) a great disservice, by reacting in such a visceral, primitive & Hitler-like manner.

Unfortunately, if history is anything to go by, humans sometimes need these highly controversial & inhuman atrocities to manifest itself, before getting off the fence & realizing the right from the wrong.
25. 2010-10-21 13:30  
Time for feeling sad is over and it is time for a Call for action. All governments of the world must take action now to isolate these bastards through the UN or otherwise: no diplomatic relations, no trade, no air programs, expell from UN, prosecution by world court, countries accepting gay refugees, close down their foreign bank accounts, blockage/allowing no travel into this hell hole, set up a government in exile, no visas, diplomatic pressure on their neighbors, radio statons beaming messages of hope into Uganda and send in the secret services (ie SEALS, Preditor drones) of enlightened countries to do there work. Why aren't the countries of the world taking action? Where are the enlightened Christian Church leaders?
26. 2010-10-21 15:35  
@ Carpediemo: I'm glad there are people (like you) who can take some distance and not rush into easy banning and blaming. I am devastated to see people who are so narrow minded - or ignorant. But I also hope people like David Bahati will come to understand the lack of humanity in their actions and words. But let's not talk about Africa or Uganda. The same thing happens in many other countries, except that the people don't need any law to do their own personal justice or act of cruelty (cf the recent bullying tragedies or the Latino gang torturing those 3 guys...)
27. 2010-10-21 17:08  
The proposer, supporters and that involved publication should hang immediately! This is very disturbing and disgusting.................f--k!
28. 2010-10-21 18:19  
What a backward and intolerant country. Governments in other countries should take aggressive steps and isolate Uganda and the UK, along with UK charities, should stop all aid.
29. 2010-10-21 19:31  
Once again, you can see the hand of the Church and the gullible 3rd world countries going for it. Mind you Singapore and the Middle East is not far behind in term of mind set. Evil is everywhere. Hypocrisy even more !!
I hope that is there is one god , as they pretend, he will afflict them with the worse predicaments . No aid, removal from UN, sanctions, the lot .
30. 2010-10-21 19:33  
You all comment, then you will wake up the next day to find something new to bitch about... "We will tolerate it NO LONGER" said one person here. Yep what r u going to do? Write a letter? Yep that will work!! Naivety is wonderfully stupid isnt it?
31. 2010-10-21 19:46  
you may not have the power to make a change, but who knows probably someone here has... since most of us cant help them physically, at least we are trying to by mentally... its not ugandan's problem anymore, its our problem now... because once uganda starts it, other countries will tend to follow, and greatly affects especially those that are still pending for legalizing gay rights... so shut up! you are not helping anything...
32. 2010-10-21 20:10  
I have friends in Canada who were kicked out of Uganda for the crime of being south Asian. Canada is the better for it and Uganda the poorer. What a shitty place.
33. 2010-10-21 21:04  
Curse to these self-proclaimed righteous people. Death penalty for gay men? Hope they will do the same if their sons are gay!
34. 2010-10-21 21:09  
I don't think much more needs to be said about this gentleman, as he clearly sums himself up in the remaining few moments of the interview by admitting he would have no problem in reporting his own flesh and blood to the authorities so that they would be placed in prison for the rest of their life for being homosexual.
35. 2010-10-21 21:26  
Does the anti-gay group in Uganda have, by any chance, a connection with Christain moments in the US!!!
Comment #36 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-21 21:26
37. 2010-10-21 22:59  
Dont use religious to push people down if it is the truth everyone in this world regradless of age, gender, relligion and race can all agree upon it. Religious people are meant to be more tolerant than people without a religion.....
38. 2010-10-21 23:55  
@35: A well-renowned American preacher called Lou Engel has been known to preach in Uganda. He was also one of the leaders behind the repeal of the gay marriage law in California.
39. 2010-10-22 00:09  
Are there any products made in Uganda that we can boycott..... if anyone knows of any, then we can organize a global boycott. At least then I will feel that by not buying Ugandan I am doing something to support our brothers and sisters there.
40. 2010-10-22 01:32  
I guess the gays are being used as scapegoats to draw attention away from more important matters like how shitty their country is. >:O
41. 2010-10-22 04:41  
For the guy mentioning the people's skin colour -

Shame on you.

Why mention it? What *possible* relevance does their skin colour have to their bigotry? That says more about You than it does about Their flaws. If this story was about, say, the Singaporean judiciary system rejecting equality laws for homosexuals, would you call them "yellow bastards"? Somehow, I doubt it. Condemn people for being intolerant bigots - but don't, for Christ's sake, mention their skin colour as part of it.

Back on topic a little, and I'd just like to point out that the pictured newspaper headline makes no sense; the 'leak' on the end is gibberish. I'd delete that if it was on one of my newspapers' front covers at work. Standards, people, standards! (If anyone from the Ugandan 'Rolling Stone' newspaper happens to be reading this, my Subbing rates are perfectly reasonable. Unlike my temperament...!)
42. 2010-10-22 08:11  
what the hell is the Uganda desk of Rolling Stone thinking? Rolling Stone is my favorite magazine ever, Rolling Stone should sue for using their scared name for such trash

I love the movie Almost Famous by the way and always wanted to write for Rolling Stone and have a secret crush on Arjan Writes too, aw music critics and musicians are totally hot and my thing

43. 2010-10-22 08:14  
come on jammyboi? slavery was best thing that happened to them? you continue to be nuts and a guy with no class and a racist!
44. 2010-10-22 13:29  
What a backflip! - Uganda lead the way in, especially in Africa, with its anti HIV campaign. It also has a long history of accepting homosexuality - if you care to look up The Martyrs of Uganda - a horrible story of how the early christian missionaries convinced the King's male harem that homosexuality was evil, the King ended up condeming to death those who refused to obey him (brutally where brutally killed) - as he would have had people refused him for any reason. The christian based historians now paint the King as an evil pedophile, instead of seeing at something culturally accepted at the time . . .
So Sad
45. 2010-10-22 15:26  
You lvlc2405, with your pathetic racism, are ABSOLUTELY no better than the bigots you preach against. Your prejudice - and your insulting of the whole balck race - is just as bad as the hatred spouted against gays in Uganda.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
And Fridae - there is something wrong with your moderating procedures.
Comments like those of lvlc2405 should NOT be allowed through.
Comment #46 was deleted by an administrator on 2010-10-22 19:07
47. 2010-10-22 17:32  
Fine -

I'LL step up and condemn what you've written. Everyone has the right to their opinion, it's true - however, given the 'social contract' that society operates under, the right to free speech does Not include the right to spout blatantly racist crap.

Proud to stand up here and say that you have the Right to be racist? Pehaps you do. Does that mean that you have the right to be publicly racist? No, it does not. Racism, like bigotry, and a range of other unfortunate traits that an individual may have, is something that, in general, is automatically (and rightfully) assumed to be an individual's right - HOWEVER, unlike the freedom of Religion, or the right to have one's own political views, many societies have laws to punish those who abuse their freedom of speech to speak negatively of others.

In Ireland, you could and would be either fined or jailed, or possibly both, if you were to start talking about sending in the KKK etc. You think it's big and clever to refer to a group that used to hang people simply for the colour of their skin; which burned people alive just for being black? You think that That kind of action should be taken against even Uganda's most blinkered people?

People have fought, and died, and struggled for the right of freedom of speech, and the right to have and say one's own thoughts. But they did Not die for people to be so... hatefully racist, which is particularly ironic considering that, as (presumably, but possibly not) a gay man, there are countries where you Would be executed for being gay. But how very, very convenient, how Easy, to sit in Australia and bleat about 'political correctness' and refer to the KKK, and severely attacking someone.

Whatever about not wishing to meet Some people from Uganda's religious, political and media circles, it's clear that there are plenty of people on Fridae who I also woldn't wish to meet, due to their blatantly offensive views.

There. How'd you like them apples?
48. 2010-10-22 17:35  
Oh, and I don't even have to comment much on the idiotic comment above that:

"Being gay is a choice"

Which, yet again, rings several alarm bells about who the poster is, and what their real agenda is. Another one of Fridae's infrequent trolls who sooner or later start into the typical "Homosexuals are evil and you are all going to hell" line, hmmmm?

Either way, choice little throwaway phrases like That do much more to undermine the poster's trash-talking than any semi-coherent response like mine...
49. 2010-10-22 17:52  
Both comments have been reported to Fridae to have deleted.

A) The earlier poster's wholly racist comment about 'black cunts' is entirely inexcusable.

B) However, it's not a patch on the above, shockingly inappropriate comment referring to sending a completely racist group responsible for the deaths of countless ordinary men, women (and also children) simply because of the colour of their skin to Uganda, with the poster also referring to astoundingly offensive acts of violence.

Assuming that YOU have even the faintest pretence of a conscience, and don't just say that you're against racism (but, y'know, you can't be bothered just to press a few buttons Here when you see someone acting like that), I'd urge You to also report those two comments above for moderation/deletion.

Fridae can not, MUST not allow either comment to stay, or it will be condoning both blatant racism AND racist-fuelled violence. And, I don't know about you, but for a site comprising many races in a variety of countries and cultures, but that's Not the site that I signed up to.

Fridae - it's your move...
Comment edited on 2010-10-22 17:58:09
Comment #50 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-22 18:34
Comment #51 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-22 18:34
Comment #52 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-23 04:41
53. 2010-10-22 21:00  

Jun 23, 2009
Kampala — Uganda's wild animals, cultural heritage and its beautiful scenery are increasingly becoming a lucrative source of foreign exchange income for the country.

Thousands of Ugandans are directly and indirectly involved in a chain of supportive economic activities like guiding, transport, arts and craft making, accommodation and catering.

Last year, the Uganda Wildlife Authority reported, the economy drew Shs1.2 trillion ($560 million) from the tourism sector, placing it in a new league of Uganda's leading top income earners alongside, remittances from Ugandans working abroad, coffee and fish exports. The amount was realised from a total of 844,000 tourists who visited Uganda during the year.


Embassies and Consulates of Uganda in The World

Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Chwa 11 Road Mbuya Hill
P.O. BOX: 7177 Kampala Uganda
Phones: (+256) 41-505619
Fax: (+256) 41-221774

Belgium in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Rwenzori House (3rd floor) Lumumba Avenue, plot 1
P.O. BOX: PO Box 7043 Kampala
Phones: + (256) (0)41 349.559/69/70
Fax: + (256) (0)41 347.212
Email: Kampala@diplobel.org
Website: http://www.diplomatie.be/kampala/ [Report Dead Link]
Notes: Emergency number : + (256) (0)77 704.400

British High Commission in Kampala, Uganda
Address: 4 Windsor Loop
P.O. BOX: 7070
Phones: (256) (31) 2312000
Fax: (256) (41) 4257304
Email: bhcinfo@starcom.co.ug
Website: http://ukinuganda.fco.gov.uk/en/ [Report Dead Link]

Consulate of Canada in Kampala, Uganda
Address: IPS Building, Plot 14, Parliament Avenue
P.O. BOX: 20115 Kampala, Uganda
Phones: (011 256 41) 258 141
Fax: (011 256 41) 349 484
Email: canada.consulate@utlonline.co.ug

Consulate of Switzerland in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: ROKO Technical Services Roko Town Centre Nasser Lane, Plot 1-27 Kampala, Uganda.
P.O. BOX: 172 Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: 00256 41 347 130 / 00256 41 347 132
Fax: 00256 41 347 131
Email: swissconsulateug@roko.co.ug

Embassy of Algeria in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Pmpt 14 Acacia Avenue Kololo. Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: (256) 41 232 689 / (256) 41 232 918
Fax: (256) 41 34 10 15
Email: ambalgka@imul.com

Embassy of China in Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: 00256-41-2-259881(Administrative Office) / 00256-41-2-236895 (Consular Office)
Fax: 00256-41-2-235087
Email: chinaemb_ug@mfa.gov.cn
Website: http://ug.chineseembassy.org [Report Dead Link]

Embassy of Cuba in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Lower Kololo Terrace, Plot 16, Kampala, Uganda.
P.O. BOX: 9226, Kampala
Phones: (256-41) 23 3742
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Email: ecuba@africaonline.co.ug
Website: http://emba.cubaminrex.cu/Default.aspx?tabid=287 ... [Report Dead Link]

Embassy of Djibouti in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Plot 14-18, cooper road Kisementi, Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: (256) 041- 346459
Fax: (365) 041-269640
Email: engmajyambere@yahoo.co.uk

Embassy of Egypt in Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: (256-41) 254525 / (256-41) 345152
Fax: (256 41) 232103

Embassy of Ethiopia in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Off Kira Road, Plot No. 3L, Kampala
P.O. BOX: 7745, Kampala
Phones: +256-41-341881 / +256-41-348340
Fax: +256-41-341885
Email: ethiokam@starcom.co.ug

Embassy of Germany in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: 15 Philip Road, Kololo, Kampala.
P.O. BOX: 7016, Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: (00256 41) 50 11 11
Fax: (00256 41) 50 11 15
Email: germemb@africaonline.co.ug
Website: http://www.kampala.diplo.de [Report Dead Link]

Embassy of Ireland in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: 25 Yusuf Lule Road
P.O. BOX: 7791 Kampala
Phones: + 256 41 340 400
Fax: + 256 41 344 353
Email: kampalaembassy@dfa.ie

Embassy of Italy in Kampala, Uganda.
Website: http://www.ambkampala.esteri.it/Ambasciata_Kampa ... [Report Dead Link]

Embassy of Japan in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Plot 8, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda.
P.O. BOX: 23553, Kampala, Uganda
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Embassy of Norway in Kampala, Uganda.
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Address: 7 Kololo Hill Dr.
P.O. BOX: 7274, Kampala
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French Consulate Section in Kampala, Uganda
Address: Lumumba Avenue plot 16 - Nakasero - PO box 7212 - Kampala
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French Embassy in Kampala, Uganda
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Honorary Consulate General of The Seychelles in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Kampala Associated Advocates, 5th Floor Worker's House, Plot 1 Pilkington Road.
P.O. BOX: 9566, Kampala, Uganda.
Phones: (+256 41) 34 41 23 / (+256 41) 23 16 92
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Honorary Consulate of Austria in Kampala, Uganda.
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P.O. BOX: 11273, Kampala
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Honorary Consulate of Greece in Kampala, Uganda.
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Honorary Consulate of Indonesia in Kampala, Uganda.
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Honorary Consulate Of Pakistan in Kampala, Uganda.
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Honorary Consulate of Poland in Kampala, Uganda.
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Royal Danish Embassy in Kampala, Uganda
Address: Plot 3, Lumumba Avenue
P.O. BOX: 11243 Kampala
Phones: +256 (0) 31 263 211
Fax: +256 (0) 31 264 624
Email: kmtamb@um.dk
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Royal Netherlands Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.
Address: Nakasero Road Plot 2 Kampala.
P.O. BOX: 7728 Kampala
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Email: kam@minbuza.nl

54. 2010-10-22 21:16  
'Trusting/honest/caring/concerned/intelligent/sense of humour/romantic/commiteed/kind'...... This is how one of our members describes himself in is profile, but then launches into an anti-3rd world tirade in a previous discussion.

Its interesting to know that even amongst a so-called sympathetic audience like the Fridae membership, prejudices abound (including 'the right to be racist'). Therefore, I dont think the moderators should censor racist, bigoted comments - just to remind ourselves that we, as a collective whole, have a few warts on our body politic.

Besides such dicussions help me eliminate 'friends' on Fridae.
55. 2010-10-22 22:07  
Good move by the Admins to delete Those comments.

Who made Me the Judge, Jury and Executioner? Nobody... And I certainly don't prowl around, trying to find faults with others, when I have plenty myself. But, if I notice something as simply, awfully Wrong as *those* comments were, before being deleted, I would be... well, my conscience couldn't ignore them, if I could do something to remove them.

I really hate censorship a lot - but I don't mind invoking it when someone else is being as racist and offensive as Those posts had been. Anyway, good, they're gone; I'll shut up now...
56. 2010-10-23 02:52  

What kind of sick perverted piece of scum can one be to make light over such a grave issue in Uganda. Everyone familiar with Fridae already knows you are one of the perpetual shameless trashy C.U.N.T with multiple profiles that can't understand what is meant over what is written. Expected. But your crossed the line.
Perhaps you need to eat some native medicated poo poo to stop your idiotic menstruation. Zzz.

PS: I'm responding as part of my charity with MAC's annual benefit with Rolling Stones to rid the world of discrimination and brain dead bimbos like you. How's the poo poo? Hope it works to add your name to a new list of trash that deserves to be eliminated. Stay dead-Uganda needs the numbers!
57. 2010-10-23 04:28  
dynhoyw and you have a big opinion about it all ,

i would suggest having a look in your own back yard

in case you hadnt noticed ENGLAND as a country is not doing much better than uganda , overrun with unemployed immigrants , and slappers in housing estates

so please keep your opinions of me to yourself ,

first of all i am not a racist person

is he or is he not black

was or was not his behavour that of a c _ _ t

and VERCODA get a life ,

seems you have way to much time on your hands

maybe fridae can start a 100 top gay haters to hang list ,

can we take votes for that

58. 2010-10-23 04:41  
I have no idea about England lvlc2405. I have never lived there.
As to whether you consider yourself a racist or not...I have no idea.
What I Do know, though, is that your post contained vile racist language.
Comment #59 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-23 05:06
Comment #60 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-23 05:14
61. 2010-10-23 05:13  
Ugandan newspaper publishes photos of 100 'top' homosexuals, says 'hang them'
by News Editor

An Ugandan newspaper has published a front-page story with a list of the "Top 100 Homos" and a banner recommending the men be hanged.


The world press should respectfully react by publishing the photographs of ALL the top decisions makers, industry leaders and so on, irrespective of colour or creed.

Look what Hitler did never mind others like him and the world stood and continues to stand still.

Tolerance and understanding is all about communication and respect - we live in global community.

To international newspaper publishers and others, if you champion the issues with informed and constructive editorial, your circulation and profits will rocket - then you can make a charitable donation !

That's why Brand Owners employ international PR agencies .. its all about how you package a global message.

Come on FRIDAE ... u have the most amazing voice, database and more .. LEAD the way .. !

Comment Source: a HUMAN being
62. 2010-10-23 08:58  
thank God for the new gay republicans out there challening the norm, taxes are way too high now

63. 2010-10-23 08:58  
thank God for the new gay republicans out there challening the norm, taxes are way too high now

64. 2010-10-23 11:01  
It Gets Better ?
65. 2010-10-23 12:04  
The country is run by 5 year-olds.
Comment #66 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-23 12:21
67. 2010-10-23 12:21  
It's really hard to live in a country where your society and culture condemns and murders you for expressing your sexuality even in the privacy of your own home
68. 2010-10-23 14:56  
GAY = human
is that mean they are killing human species
69. 2010-10-23 16:53  
don't they have anything better to do there...like focusing on education ...let's start with thehead of the state...
70. 2010-10-23 17:08  
they're indeed in the stone age... richer, saner and more democratic countries who can champion human rights should provide asylum to gay Ugandans as a matter of moral duty and human compassion.
71. 2010-10-23 18:45  
Personally, I don't think that people who object to either blatantly xenophobic or snidely racist comments have 'too much time on their hands'; rather, I'm only sorry that there aren't more people like them - and like me - to object to the kind of language that's been in this thread, either in the leading story, or in some of the posters' subsequent comments.

The fact is, *every* single person *everywhere* is a 'foreigner'; an alien; a non-national; 'not one of us'. The guy sitting in Country A complaining about foreigners is one himself to everyone else in countries B, C, D, E, F, G...

And, secondly, there is virtually no context in which one can mention or use someone else's skin colour in general commentary without there being an underlying racist tone. It's a descriptive word, yet has an added 'weight' that ensures that it is not used without good reason. As an example, would you say: "This is my friend, Steve" OR would you say: "This is my black friend, Steve"? How about: "This is my white friend?" "This is my asian friend?" Etc? At which point does the use of someone's skin colour become acceptable, and relevant?

If it's highly questionable to use someone's race or skin colour in a neutral, and even positive manner, then you can be absolutely certain that, when making a negatively critical point about someone, it becomes even less advised to do so - and, as we've seen, easily jumps over the line in racism.

Too much time on my hands? I don't have *enough*, when faced with that kind of language, or the unfair, inexcusable and irrelevant useage of someone's skin colour to make a point. To use a famous phrase in Ireland: "Down with that sort of thing! (Careful now.)"
72. 2010-10-23 18:59  
Many writers have focussed on the fact that Uganda is a developing (read: poor, backward) country and its people are black - both irrelevant! The fact is that they are bigots fired up by religious zeal, and we don't need to look very far around us to find plenty other examples of that.
There's nothing like the stiff breeze of education to blow away the cobwebs around religion, and to reveal it for the 'smoke and mirrors' it really is. We with access to a free press have recently seen the Catholic Church stripped of its immunity, to expose the pedophiles and fathers in its ranks, but I can guarantee that no newspaper in Uganda has covered any of these stories.
The danger facing us is that as less people in the West attend church every Sunday, these African bishops have a growing influence in Europe, which in turn lends respectability (in the eyes of their parishoners) to their outrageous views. It is only a question of time before we have an African Pope, who will make John Paul XXL and Josefine Rotweiller seem like gay-hugging liberals.
Comment edited on 2010-10-24 22:43:30
73. 2010-10-23 19:54  
i m wondering to witch kinda a GODS r you praying to?!
is ther any GOD that say ...kill itch other?judge itch other?dont let the happy one to be happy?
sir ...there is no human who can judge the other one...we will all be judge a bit laiter and i m prety sure you will be there to...curios to see what GOD will have to say about you taking a seat in HE;S "CHAIR" and doing this kinda a decisions and judgements...
74. 2010-10-23 20:35  
If it is okay to hang people whose sexually behavior offends it must also be okay to hang politicians whose behavior offends, or publishers, or judges, or preachers.
75. 2010-10-23 20:55  
76. 2010-10-24 01:55  
And exactly what else would one expect from Uganda? Maybe a nice Pride Day parade? A nice day of collective same sex marriages? Or maybe a tour of the gay bars and baths?

Or how bout a day of rounding up all the fags and putting those machetes to work chopping them up? Now baby ... that's the Uganda we know. Work on getting the poor buggers out. Leave the rest of them right where they are and don't ask me to help feed them.
77. 2010-10-24 03:24  
Vercoda, you appear to be a Bleeding Heart do gooder something this country Australia has plenty of. Left wing loosers. You make a judgement on my comments & go on to say you have plenty of faults yourself. Who gave or gives you the right to be so self opinionated as to virtually DEMAND the deletion of certain post. Have you heard of free speech, but then again maybe Fridae being based in Singapore says it all in regards to censorship. My partner is Singaporian & totally agreed with everything I said in my post except he did go onto say the bit about the burning tyres & the KKK was a bit over the top. I have just like everyone else the right to say what I beleive to be my /our thoughts on any issue. I wont be blindsided by the likes of you or anyone else. Thats the problem with the world at the moment everyone thinks they have to be politically correct, well NOT this boy & many like me. Until scum like this peasant from Uganda the religous crazys & extreme loonies wake upto themselves this will be an ongoing problem. We are a minority its about time we stood upto those who want to crush us with every lie they can. Its to each his /her own in regards to comments we make, we pay the consequences if we go over the top. Its a bit starnge that it took the likes of you & a few others on here to go screaming to the moderator of the site screaming your objections to something that you thought was wrong to say before they deleted, well guess what Im back. Lets see if this time because Ive had a go at you if my post is deleted again. As I say there are too many "SOFT COCKS " not prepared to stand up for an issue, well there are plenty here in Australia that will maybe its because as the saying goes & Im sorry to those Americans, But " WE ARE AUSTRALIANS & WE WONT BOW TO ANYONE" not even the likes of you.
78. 2010-10-24 04:50  
Please note, it is the weekend, and time differences between postings, where the site admin are based, and/or whether or not people in other parts of the world complain about certain posts above may all factor into how long before action is undertaken by moderators, if any.

Who, by the way, I - or any others who may have taken offence at what has been said here - cannot force to remove comments and content above. If any comments have been deleted above, it is because, upon investigation, they were found to be actionable, and not simply because of complaints.

Incidentally, my comments above about the intolerable and overt racism and xenophobia contained within this thread still stand; if some posters think that it is perfectly fine to be racist here, on a site that comprises many races, that is indeed their right. It is, however, still also the right of others to take offence at such language, and implied acts of violence, and to complain - one doesn't have to be a "bleeding heart do-gooder" to find racism to be both wrong and objectionable.

Carry on making your racist comments here on Fridae, if you so strongly wish to avail of that right; however, 'the likes of me' (and others above, I note) will continue to find them objectionable, and continue to complain, if so noted...
Comment edited on 2010-10-24 04:57:47
79. 2010-10-24 06:49  
It seems that more heat than light is being generated by many contributers to this discussion - calling each other 'do-good bleeding heart liberals' or 'racists' isn't going to get us anywhere. Look at the other stories in this week's News and Features - Gay Pride March in Hong Kong cancelled, riot police in Serbia, gaybashers in New York, homophobes in the Malaysian Islamic Party. Fighting amongst ourselves, 'handbags at dawn', is counter-productive. C'mon guys, we're in this together!
The harsh realities of life in Africa lead to a more severe interpretation of the Biblical texts. Take a generous dose of fundamental Christianity, add a few heaped spoons of the Old Testament with a sprinkling of Islam, and there you have the typical African Church. Add to that the fear of 'traditional healers' (aka 'witch doctors'), many of whom are gay, and you have a potent homophobic brew. Isolating the country through sanctions will only concentrate this. The internet can cut through cultural barriers, so let's use it positively.
Comment #80 was deleted by its author on 2010-10-24 09:32
81. 2010-10-24 09:33  
Vercoda... neither you nor anyone else has the right to censor what another person says, thinks or believes. This is what Freedom of Speech is all about, and for you to encourage Fridae to censor another poster's comments is appalling

As it is, the Asian version of Freedom of Speech is you can say whatever you like so long as I agree with it.

Freedom of speech is ABSOLUTE... there are no 'yes, buts'

One would hope that Fridae as the representative of a discriminated society would have the courage to let every comment stand... no matter how diabolically awful those comments might be

Its only by listening to the other half rant and rave that we are able to learn about the rest of the world and learn how to counter their arguments
82. 2010-10-24 17:28  
Freedom of Speech is a curtain to hide behind, whilst spouting racist, xenophobic crap. Why do you think that fiercely democractic countries - like my own, Ireland, which has a long-standing, historical patterns of championing the cause and the right of the Individual and the Common Man to do as he will - will yet fine and jail people for being racist etc?

The Freedom of Speech comes with a caveat: Yes, one MAY always say as one wishes - however, that does not always mean that one should, as the 'social contract' of society in most countries is not a free run at being wilfully, provocatively offensive. Yes, countless people have died for the right of freedom of speech, which is a very powerful right - But, as you personalised taht comment, I also have MY right to find various comments objectionable, and to call for them to be removed.

Example: If someone was here, typing: "Hang all fags!", would people rush to say: Ah, but as offensive as that is, it is his right to the freedom of speech to express such things? If Fridae's forums were over-run with such comments, would everyone just sit around saying: Well, I don't like seeing these things, but I will respect the right for someone to say them? Somehow, I doubt it.

All I, or anyone else, can do is to act by MY values and beliefs, based on how I was brought up, and what I, individually, believe to be right and wrong. I guess it is a failing and a flaw of mine, in a sense, to be unable to stand up for and defend those who wish to be racist etc; I can't shake the belief that This kind of behaviour is wrong, and that if I don't condemn it, and try to stop such behaviour, well... my conscience says that I would be wrong, and complicit, to sit by and do nothing.

Just as, for example, I won't let someone shout at my friend in the street (as has happened) "Fuck off, you chinese faggot!" - which Was that asshole's freedom and right of expression at work, but which I immediately waded in on - I can't just ignore the comments above.

I won't.
83. 2010-10-24 18:56  
wow what an idiot!
Comment #84 was deleted by an administrator on 2010-10-25 12:33
85. 2010-10-25 02:21  
Personally i think we all know what you meant, and we know that you are a free man... An advice would be great, dont you think "teaching" other people is a little too serious? And sometimes some things, you just have to say it once or twice, too extreme of a good thing is not good... That is why we have the likes and dislikes of our teachers in school, why? Because the words they used are too extreme... Lets focus back on the topic ok?
86. 2010-10-25 03:03  
I would like to address these statements by denseaus, coming in to this debate as late as I am:

1. "Freedom of speech is ABSOLUTE... there are no 'yes, buts'."

I suspect that you subscribe to very American notions of freedom of speech, or you may be an American yourself. I personally don't find the American arguments for freedom of speech to be wanting in any way. However, it is only theory and doesn't translate well into the reality it had intended.

Freedom of speech an absolute? I think not, if that freedom of speech includes words - sometimes followed up in action - that fit into legal definitions of crime; no one has a legal right for harm to befall others, and by harm, I include emotional and psychological harm. That's the type of harm caused by racism, xenophobia, etc.

And homophobia.

When you say:

"Its only by listening to the other half rant and rave that we are able to learn about the rest of the world and learn how to counter their arguments."

I actually agree with you. But only up to the point that it makes for good theory.

In practise, groups that fall into the category of "vulnerable" rarely make up the "half" of society that you have erroneously referred vulnerable groups to as constituting. It's probably why those with well-honed predatory insticts find it easier to pick on such groups. (This does not preclude the existence of "privileged minorities, though. Vulnerable groups are usually outnumbered, only the first evidence that no level playing field exists for them in this great exercise of American-style freedom of speech.

Then there are other factors:

1. The not infrequent lack of capacity in those very groups to defend themselves against racist attacks, to take just one example.

2. The equally lacking capacity of dominant groups to come forward in defence of those who come under such attacks, a lack of capacity that is characterized by the lack of willingness to do so.

All in all, the ability to 'learn how to counter their arguments' never occurs proportionate to the amount of racism (again, just as an example) that we fight tooth and nail to defend under the guise of freedom of speech.

Most of all, the original intent of freedom of speech was as a problem solving tool.

How does wilful racism help to solve problems?
87. 2010-10-25 04:01  
I actually disagree with freedom of speech which is directed at inciting violence or hatred towards others: it is indefensible.
As far as Uganda...it is after all the nation with colonial help which gave Idi Amin to the world...the notorious butcher and war crimes criminal of Africa.
88. 2010-10-25 04:02  
I actually disagree with freedom of speech which is directed at inciting violence or hatred towards others: it is indefensible.
As far as Uganda...it is after all the nation with colonial help which gave Idi Amin to the world...the notorious butcher and war crimes criminal of Africa.
89. 2010-10-25 10:58  
It is ridiculous and pathetic to know that in a hell hole like Uganda, where there are more important issues to be concerned with, that homosexuality is their primary concern! In a perfect world, both the Rolling Stone Staff and Evangelists - who were the blatant catalysts for the assaults against gays in Uganda - should be accessories to these hate crimes and consequently be tried for MURDER! In today's world, seeing ignorance such as this is only a reminder that their backward country will never dig themselves out of the filth they live in everyday because that is their due karma for being such lowly, disgusting, disrespectful people! YES ACTION DOES MATTER! Help prevent further hate by boycotting visits to their country so they get the message that hate is intolerable and receive no foreign currency!
90. 2010-10-25 17:05  
Sounds like they are bending biblical scriptures to fit their own agenda.
91. 2010-10-26 21:31  
Interestingly, this is a group funded by an american christian association.
92. 2010-11-02 15:20  
Ah finally ..... read all the way through this to find that WeekDay, in the last comment, has pointed out what I wanted to say : this whole fiasco in Uganda has been caused by the cultural/political translation of homophobia imported from the USA via speaking tours, conferences and buckets of cash.

It's not because Ugandans are black, or primitive, or backward, or whatever racist crap some people want to peddle above ... it's good ol' western imperialism gone wrong. Again.



and so on.
93. 2010-11-07 21:02  
@90, 91 and 92.

Spot on!

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