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25 Aug 2014

Delhi University officially accepts transgender men and women

Delhi University has officially accepted transgender men and women for their postgraduate programmers this year and have plans to extend this policy to undergraduate courses as well.

Around 90,000 candidates had applied for various postgraduate courses this year of which nine were from the transgender community, according to Delhi University officials.

The change accepting transgender men and women in undergraduate courses will take effect from the next academic year (2015-16) after it introduces space for the third gender in its application forms, reported timesofindia.indiatimes.com.

“We had planned to start transgender admissions in undergraduate courses from this year but could not do so due to administrative reasons. From 2015-16 academic session, we will be introducing the third gender option in centralized admission forms and also make necessary policies for their admission,”  the university’s registrar Alka Sharma toldtimesofindia.indiatimes.com.

Sharma pointed out that his university’s “transgender initiative” was taken before it had received any direction on the matter from the University Grants Commission that had issued a notice asking varsities to include transgender men and women in various scholarship and fellowship schemes.

This comes in the wake of  the April 15 Indian Supreme Court ruling that transgender people be recognized as the third sex, be accorded social acceptability and an equal standing under Indian law.

It also directed that the government include them as a socially and economically backward class eligible to various affirmative action accorded to other marginalized sections of society.

Before that ruling transgender people were never assigned to any federal government department nor part of the welfare, economic, cultural or political decision process that every Indian should be part of. They were even barred from receiving driver licenses, national tax system registration and ration cards.

LGBT activists welcomed but added that university administration, teachers and students be also sensitized on transgender issues.

“It a step in the right direction. It really empowers people and makes them feel they are part of mainstream life. But there has to be a sustained campaign to understand transgenders, their issues and sensitize the society,” said Anjali Gopalan of Naz Foundation.

The university has to involve the transgender community itself so that they are not made to feel like outsiders and also ensure some mechanism for the protection of transgender men and women  from harassment  because of this “sudden inclusion after exclusion,” she added.

A few Indian states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal already had rights for transgender men and women. However the Supreme Court’s ruling will have a national impact.

Reader's Comments

1. 2014-08-26 11:37  
- gays knew theirselves difference since kid or age 7-16 y.o.
They need special school just for theirselves to avoid bullying / national impact and to respect Heteroxual Kids that did not like gays and
because parents want spending education cost by reaching maximum value / result
- How if parents poor can not send their children to university?
- International High Qualified Gay school should be established.
- If gay quantity less than 20%, it will need conjunction.
for India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan can be in one location (India)
for Thailand, Myanmar, Lao, China in one hub location
for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore in one hub location
for Oceania in one hub location, etc
- There must be different syllabus as well to prepare gay for near future because many companies complain with quality of education.
Or to prepare gay as entrepreneur.
- Wrong choosing education will lead to Wrong analysis because people who make analysis having weakness to do the job. This are to minimize factor X analysis.
Make sure you understand that there was culture which people who make Sins and mistake did not want to get blamed and conversely will accuse others by making Reasons for alibi and to make them immun from Law or punishment and they look become Holly. This will generate bigger problems and Lead to Global economic crisis If done by so many people or such massive behavior

Every country should maximize the citizen, Therefore Gay school is very important to create gay that having contribution and not become loads

So, It is possible that India become centre gay operated bussines and to be Strategyc business for gay.

- Remember that increasing population may increasing Predators quantity and possible reducing resources, and increasing Productive age will not always mean increasing productivity

- some of you gay may be feel save at the moment but should think about near future situation
that Predators did not eat all target in one time but by running time
Comment edited on 2014-08-26 20:20:34
2. 2014-09-03 08:57  
This is a much welcomed move to provide equal educational opportunities for transgenders and improve their quality of life. Perhaps, employers should also be sensitized to accord similar employment opportunities to them after graduation...

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