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10 Feb 2017

Call for LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education in Korea

Activists say that curriculums' failure to mention sexual minorities is 'discriminatory.'

LGBT activists and civic society groups have hit out at South Korea's education policy after the ministry confirmed it would not be including homosexuality or transgender on its new sex education policy guidelines.

"The Education Ministry should discard the sex education guidelines which only promote discrimination and prejudice against sexual minorities and should opt to give LGBT-inclusive education," they said during a press conference according to the Korea Herald.

The government said they were reluctant to introduce LGBT topics into the curriculum due to pervading conservative anti-LGBT sentiments and defended the policy as mere guidelines and that teachers were able to talk about homosexuality at their own discretion.

Bringing LGBT topics into the classroom requires a social consensus and long-term discussion to include homosexuality in its education curriculum, it said.

"The education ministry's sex education guidelines are a regression excluding sexual minorities and solidifying gender roles," Park Hyun-yi, an activist at Seoul Youth Sex Culture Center, told the Korea Herald. "The guidelines that do not even mention 'masturbation' or 'sexual minority' are stifling sex education."


Korea (South)

Reader's Comments

1. 2017-02-10 23:14  
anti-LGBT, anti-x, anti-y, anti-m all just matter of Power.
IF 99% population is LGBT then there will be anti-Heterosexual ?

In other countries, There are possibility for anti-Korea.
2. 2017-02-11 00:40  
it is not matter of love
but ability to grouping power or power collaboration ability
and grouping can be to right side or to left side, then you calculate which one is stronger.

but if all become one group, it will be more powerful
3. 2017-02-11 01:15  
Korea is a strongly religious, heavily christian, nation, full of religious nuts who think that bigotry is conservatism. The government does not have the courage to stand up for separation of civil and religious morality. Until they do, they will be at the service of rabid religious assholes.
4. 2017-02-11 12:17  
Nanny states really are to be avoided.

Trust in teachers and avoid looney left activists.
5. 2017-02-11 17:00  
Christian and another religion are anti-gay. Both are Terrorist.
They are pretending to be nice at first, that make people accept them. But When they growing and become strong, they become enemy for many people.
here you see their character headline: "They pretending to be nice at first"
so you must be in alert, or you better to kick them out to avoid growing
6. 2017-02-11 17:38  
Can you see this Political Party motto: religious morality, humanity and prosperity.

In fact, that motto is just inclusive for it party member only but not valid for other party or other people.
7. 2017-02-11 19:56  
Any product or service from anti-gay countries should be harmful and get boyscout
8. 2017-02-11 20:09  
everytime gay see products/services. all gays should make sure and trace where the products come from?see enough information
Products/service from anti-gay countries /companies or organization should get banned
9. 2017-02-11 20:40  
it will be better to buy products/services directly from hand of Gays
10. 2017-02-11 21:49  
So basically bottomqueen is saying that anyone gay can be trusted, anyone not cant, and should be dispatched forthwith.

This is the intolerance that 'activists' breed I guess.

Have a great weekend.
11. 2017-02-12 16:09  
Blood and Death for those hate Gays are halal

in extreme situation such as war or silence war, Women choose to be protected by men.

How about Gays?
12. 2017-02-12 16:15  
how about women that seduce / influence Men ?
13. 2017-02-12 17:07  
Who should be weaken? Heterosexual men,women or Gays?
Remember if there is big war due to flood of population and no enough resources anymore? time running
14. 2017-02-12 17:13  
who should be weakened?
15. 2017-02-13 15:53  
I'm surprised you can type with all those labels bottomqueen. And all from within that tight pigeon hole. Well done you.
16. 2017-02-13 20:54  
I am an engineer and i l have learned Psychology, Law, Religions and History
17. 2017-02-14 05:42  
I guess I can say the same and more. The more includes English. Yay for me.
18. 2017-02-14 16:36  
That English includes poking fun at spelling mistakes right GT? Like the way you spelled can't up above? Unless you are riding a horse or making a statement on religious or moral subjects, you "cant" use that word. Once again you've proven you photo to be true. You are nothing but an ass.

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