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重返15岁 (泰剧)

hugu - 5日內

Farewell 2021james831aj

mmegadisc - 一個星期前

Farewell 2021


Farewell 2021


Farewell 2021


Farewell 2021


About Me

josephwhite095 - 一個星期前

Hey, I am Jo, living in Austin, Texas as a review writer and editor at many Health and Wellness Store! I here share my personal experience and customer's feedback and user results on best Health & beauty products they used! You can find me on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter to get in touch! Thanks

My Articles: Phengold, Leanbean, Steroids And Sarms, Silencil, Vyvanse Vs Adderall.


Looking for intimate friend

bizoek - 2個星期前


bisexual bottom here, looking for a married bisexual, gay or crossdresser friend for a long term intimate relationship.

Not looking for one time fun, I don't jump from one guy to the other

I might also open to couples.

I only have one condition you must be none smokers.






plu_ye - 3個星期前



Farewell 2021

james831aj - 3個星期前

31 December 2021 Friday (Rainy) 09:36 a.m.

So fast. Today is the last day of 2021. Time flies. 1 year is coming to an end, while a new year is arriving.

2021 is a very dreadful year for me. 

The Covid-19 took a turn for the worse in Singapore. So disappointing to read the updates and so many infected and deaths. Life during that stage was nothing but worries.

Then, August is the month I would really want to delete from my memory if I can. That was the month my mum almost lost her life. Thank God for his blessings, she is alive and well, other than being diagnosed with liver cirrosis. She was warded for a month. I was totally helpless and the ugly sides of my other family members were obvious. To me, nothing matters more than my mum. I just want her to live healthily and joyfully. I prayed ernestly.


She was admitted again on 23 Dec 2021 for food poisoning, again. But this time, it is food contamination. Thank God, she stayed in hospital for 9 days and well enough to be discharged today. I will continue to pray for her wellness and good health.

Well, as I bid 2021 farewell, I hope that 2022 will be a good year for my mum, myself and to everyone.

Pray and leave everything to God.



When a thing is done, it's done. Don't look back. Look forward to your next objective.

asian40chnsg - 一個月前

Alex, when you feel guilty, you can come to see me. I will not anger on you. I hope you STOP make use of Scamming people. 

Otherwise, you will get Karma one day. I already done to report to Police. Understand, get it clearly. OK? 

Thank you.



Christmas Eve 2021

hksar - 一個月前

谁来过 谁离开 谁和你 留下来
才能 活得此生无恨无憾



gazconti - 一個月前

醉了 ‧ 心

DKAsura - 一個月前







markeverard73 - 一個月前

Car Race

Hangouts / Skype: papawrench73@gmail.com


Feeling a little apocalyptic today

kaye714 - 一個月前

Covid, its ever-evolving variants, monsoon flood, water disruption. The planet is not having its best decade. I realized that I don't have much life skills to survive.


You Speak Jealousy- Unwound

DameZZeff - 一個月前

From a 1991 KRS compilation, that has just been reissued.



episodic memoirs

bitterlime - 一個月前


in exams, we forget answers;
at work, we forget deadlines;
in relationships, we forget anniversaries;
with family, we forget courtesy;




as all is lost and gone, we remember everything...


till the most bizzare timid details.


What Should You Know About Custom Mailer Boxes?

oliverjake - 2個月前

Custom mailer boxes are an inexpensive way to advertise your business or organization. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be made of a wide variety of materials. All it takes is a little creativity to design yours so that it looks just right, and the results can be wonderful.

What Should You Know About Custom Mailer Boxes?

Think about the materials the box is made from when choosing the size. A thick, durable corrugated board is the best choice for a box that's used to ship wine and champagne. If you're going with this material, you should expect it will be thicker than standard cardboard boxes. When it comes to shipping your products, in this case, thickness is an advantage. Some companies will even provide you with a padded box to put your goods in so that they arrive safely at your front door. You can also get custom mailer boxes printed with various logos and graphics to help further enhance your branding efforts.

Customize the Shape of Custom Mailer Boxes 

Many custom mailer boxes are rectangular. However, if you're doing an online e-commerce application, you can make your box look more attractive by choosing different dimensions. With their thick walls and tapered corners, Dens can be an effective size for mail that's sent directly from a server. However, if you want your box to appear larger, it's recommended you use standard dimensions.




There are four main types of custom mailer boxes: standard, small, medium, and large. Your custom mailer boxes are going to be manufactured on heavy, durable corrugated cardboard with a custom lid designed to fit your particular needs. Plus, your customers can easily recycle the box once they've received your delivery. The sizes range from narrow to oversized, with many different dimensions available. The standard sizes are generally smaller than those used in business mailing systems, but they still are large enough to hold lots of mail.

The Benefits of Using Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom mailers have long been a common business practice to promote and advertise a certain product, a company, or even an individual. However, in the 21st century, custom mailer boxes have evolved to become more sophisticated and customizable than ever before. Nowadays, you can easily choose from a wide selection of designs, materials, and colors. To offer an attractive and high-value mail solution to your customers, you should avail of the services offered by a reliable and established custom printing company.




You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business premises and give it a unique and appealing look through the use of custom mailer boxes that are made of great quality and meet all your requirements and specifications. Your business can also benefit from these mailers that are specifically designed and crafted to suit your specific requirements. With so many options to choose from and so many options available in the market today, how do you decide which among the options is best suited for your needs? How can you get a good value for your money and still stay competitive in this tough business environment? There are various factors you should consider when choosing among the many custom mailer boxes available online.

Effects of Good Quality Mailer Boxes on Customers 

It is best to consider product quality, mailers' durability, custom printed mailer boxes' customization, and customer service. When customers receive quality mailers and appreciate your company's professionalism, they will likely place positive feedback on your website. This will then create a good impression with your potential customers. Furthermore, many online suppliers offer excellent customer service, so you may ask them about the advantages of having custom mailers made for your business.




When designing custom mailer boxes, use a standard printing process. That means you'll want to choose a printing company that has experience handling both large and small business applications. For example, if you need black and white cardboard boxes, you can count on the capabilities of any company with experience in that color combination. However, if you have a more elaborate layout with lots of different colors, you'll probably want to go with a printing company that specializes in customization.

What Type of Material Used for Custom Mailer Boxes?

To help you achieve the purpose of custom mailer boxes, it is advisable to choose a material that can endure any weather and environment. In addition, you also have to take into account the requirements of a particular situation. For instance, a plastic recycling bin made out of hard plastic may not be suitable for places where there are large amounts of snow and ice accumulation because it won't bear the weight. Therefore, always choose a material that will last for a longer time in extreme environments.




When choosing cheapest custom mailer boxes, you should consider the overall performance and effectiveness of the product, such as the quality of the printing, the number of color options available, the quality of the materials used, and the ease of assembly or unboxing experience. For example, certain mailboxes are manufactured using full-color printing that is very suitable for businesses that ship products internationally or provide items as gifts. 

Another factor you need to consider is the unboxing experience. Most companies that offer custom mailer boxes often offer an unboxing video so that you will be guided when you open your box and insert your personal belongings. This allows you to avoid any possible mistakes, and you can also ensure the safety of your items. Today, many organizations use custom mailer boxes to ensure that they deliver the products in top condition to their clients and customers.

Best Company for Custom Mailer Boxes as a Quality Wise 

Moreover, you should also consider the quality of the printing when you choose custom mailer boxes. Many companies use cheap and less high-quality printing paper for their products. If you are looking for quality items at affordable prices, you have to choose printing services that offer matte, glossy, tri-fold, and foil printing. BoxPrinting4Less is one of the companies that provide all these facilities. These types of products are available in different qualities. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase items based on the qualities that you prefer most. In addition, you have to note that the printing process also plays an important role in determining the quality of your products.



Once you can determine all the factors related to the quality of the items, you can already choose the best one among them for your needs. Many companies offer excellent quality custom mailer boxes that are perfect for any purpose. However, you have to bear in mind that there are certain factors that you have to consider to ensure the safety of your items. If you are interested in finding affordable items, it is important to make sure that you start shopping online. Indeed, this will be your best option since you can find numerous products offered by different companies at competitive prices.



We've got one shot. Make it a memorable one!

ahlivava - 2個月前

On 18 Oct 2012, I wrote a post 9 years ago about me not being the successful girl who owns a luxury car, earning 5 figures income, and failing many times using my own abilities & survivor skills. I’d stumble and fall more often than not, but I would never stay down. I know it’s hard to believe in myself because I’ve been downtrodden and at rock bottom for so long.  Come what it may, through life’s triumphs and tragedies, my happiness was always mine to own... Nevertheless, I noticed the beauty all around me and revealed the gorgeous moments that would someday become wonderful memories. Before you do it, it may seem impossible or implausible. I am deeply grateful to my supportive friends & friends who are always appreciative towards me. It takes a passionate heart to appreciate all of me for who and what I am. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I always speak what's on my mind. I know I'm never going to be everyone's favourite flavour. I've got a soul full of scars and I've been healing a broken heart for some time, but that's just part of my journey. That doesn't define me nor does it weigh me down. I'm not asking anyone to fix me, save me or heal my brokenness. I just want real and lasting love. Not the kind based on looks, make believe or a fairy-tale. It won't always be glamorous, nowhere close to perfect and it'll be full of mistakes, but it will be real. Most of all, I just want the love, respect and devotion of a partner that understands me in the ways that truly matter. The person that can complete my thoughts and can decipher unspoken words with a single glimpse. I would, no matter how hard, try to fall in love with being alive every day. And that’s just what I’ll do for the rest of my life. Be happy, be in the moment and always...be thankful for each and every day that I’m alive. Keep going. Stop saying what could go wrong and start believing what could go right. 


Astralogy D'Amour with Jeff Buckley

DameZZeff - 2個月前



james831aj is a huge lover

mmegadisc - 2個月前

james831aj is a huge lover


james831aj is a huge lover

james831aj is a huge lover


james831aj is a huge lover


be kinds to her





nobusik - 2個月前

These guys are hot. Damn the mosaic.(lol)




Stuck in your past.

bitterlime - 2個月前

Slow processor. 


You thought it gets easier each time you get faced with a similar situation. 
But on second thought, isn't it sad and sickening to even thought that it'd happen again?

You thought over the years, you''ll grow, you'll learn but you're still you.
After all these years, you still ask:

"Why'd you leave?"

"Do you still love me?"

"Are you happier?"

"Have you forgiven me?




"Am I forgotten...?"





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