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2020 Brought Prestigious Award For Chief Scout For India in England

asiannewsagency - 23 hours ago

London: The Chief Scout For India Sandeep Marwah recently positioned next to the President of India, who is the Chief Patron of Scouts and Guides in India, in the department of Scouts and Guides in the Republic of India, was honored in London for his untiring contribution to overall development of the country.


The award was handed over by Princess Angelique Monet President & Founder of AFI World Peace Initiative, Former Ambassador of Royal Academy of United Nations and founder of World Peace & Tolerance Institute, USA at Hotel Dorchester London.


“Sandeep Marwah is a legend, a real source of inspiration for all of us. He is one of the few celebrities in the World who has used the spiritual powers for the benefit for the Society. I admire his way of working,” said Angelique Monet a philanthropist herself.


Sandeep Marwah with seven World Records to his credit in films, television and media is one of the most popular International personalities of the country. He is the founder of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios and Chancellor of AAFT University. He is chairing more than hundred organizations. He has been titled as Global Cultural Minister, Global Green Ambassador, Global Media Guru, Icon of Decade and many more.


International Organizations Join Hands With 8th GFJN

asiannewsagency - 23 hours ago

New Delhi: Large number of international organizations once again join hands with the forth coming 8th Global Festival of Journalism Noida to be held at Noida Film City from 12th to 14th February,2020 under the banner if International Journalism Centre.


IFTC- International Film And Television Club, IFTRC- International Film And Television Research Centre, IPBF- International Public Broadcasting Forum, ICFF- International Children’s Film Forum, IWFF- International Women’s Film Forum are some of the prominent associations have given their consent to the festival.


UNIC- United Nations Information Centre, IFUNA- International Federation of United Nations Association, IHRO- International Human Rights Organization, AIHRA- All India Human Rights Association, AICHRLSJ- All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice, AFI World Peace Initiative, WPDRF- World Peace Development And Research Foundation are now already part of the festival.


International Journalism Centre was created nine years back to promote good journalism under the leadership of renowned International media personality Dr. Sandeep Marwah. The IJC has members from all over the World and is promoting positive journalism through News papers, Radio, Television, News Agency and documentaries. IJC is also supporting AAFT School of Mass Communication & Journalism under AAFT University.



delphic11 - 1 day ago

I don't know what hurts more. 

The disappointment in their eyes or their harsh words.


//.. responsibilities



geik - 1 day ago



2017!敢敢的让自己倒空,全心投入干自己的事业!感觉自己其实活了起来,因为不再像机器人般的工作。有目标,有快乐,有一群相信自己伙伴。也达到自己的小成就。最高记录,全职,副业,加Freelance Job前所未有的满足!






man who loves to make love to another girly man

lovebitch - 4 days ago

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EVR - 4 days ago



I want to change, but not if it means changing...

joeron - 5 days ago

“At one time or another, most of us have felt trapped by things we find ourselves thinking or doing, caught by our own impulses or foolish choices; ensnared in some unhappiness or fear; imprisoned by our own history. We feel unable to go forward and yet we believe there must be a way. ‘I want to change, but not if it means changing,’ a patient once said to me in complete innocence.”

Stephen Grosz


The L Word

ct_vision - 6 days ago

The L Word Generation Q is finally out and I’m eagerly awaiting episode 6 which will air this evening US time. I’ve been re-watching the original L Word seasons since the 2020 began while waiting for weekly episodes to air. It’s been a long time coming. I know I’m not unique in thinking that this series has changed my life and it has. I forget sometimes how reality really is sometimes despite the fact that I’ve done so much in the last 10 years to change the reality around me. I forget that a lot of times, I’m vulnerable to the complexities of loneliness, ambitions, family, loyalty, fears, insecurities. The series is so important to me because it’s just such a mirror sometimes. When I feel and don’t understand the anger, frustrations, hurt and pain. I get to see it play back to me on the screen and then I understand. Then I remember that it’s all going to be ok and that I’m better now. My life is better now. 


Learning Through Happenstance.

AshleyJo - 1 week ago


Observations and experiences in recent months have made me ponder who I am intrinsically and who I have sought to become over the years through simple learning. I realise that there is still a tussle btw the Justice and Mercy in me every now and then esp when I'm presented with situations that objectify values which I'm against. The justice in me makes me see things in black and white with no shades of grey. The boundaries btw right and wrong are clearly demarcated, and any blurring of the boundaries is deemed as a violation. That's when the risk of being deemed as judgemental arises. Yet I find it necessary sometimes to adopt a firm stance and make that "judgement" in my head even without vocalising the sentiments, because it serves as a reminder to myself on what I deem as acceptable/unacceptable based on my value system. It is through such judgement of the situations that our non-negotiables are articulated to ourselves. 

But Mercy has taken on an important role in me spiritually and it has to manifest on a day-to-day basis for it to truly become part of our lives. One part of me thinks that some ppl in the society don't deserve to be helped even if they may come across as vulnerable yet a deeper part is well aware that true Mercy should never be selective in dispensing compassion. So the Q is: should we help based on what we think of the person(s) or should we allow compassion to be dictated by the betta person we strive to be? As of now, I've decided to just "do my job" because I simply cannot bring myself to genuinely empathise with the ppl whom I "judge" as undeserving of help, much less compassion. Until I reach the stage where I'm able to embrace Mercy unconditionally, if I ever do, I'll still allow justice and my values to form my judgment.

My idealism is in need of some fine-tuning after a series of opportunities for observations, learning, and discernment. Exposure to information only prompted more questions in my head and led me to do a reality check, with myself on what constitutes worthy causes. Not all social service agencies serve the wider society without self-serving vested interest. Worse still, the same vested interest takes precedence over the cause. What then is left of altruism? I can't help but think of an oxymoron of "tainted altruism".



all for the pink money

GuyAzn - 1 week ago

hotel a said they were not equipped for gay wedding, hotel b saw that as free online publicity and why not, so there came a free wedding package accomodating 45 guests. economic benefits trump any or lead to every equality?



Talk to the digital hand

mariovn - 1 week ago

Do people really talk to each other via blog?  What happened to face to face interaction? 

Technology is supposed to aid communication, but it has diluted communication and rendered it shallow and superficial.

Technology is a tool, like a knife which can be used to harm or carve beautiful things. The user controls the usage.  So when one uses technology to engage in communication which is neither here not there (many words but nothing substantial), what is the user's agenda or lack thereof?  



Sporty87 - 1 week ago

20200105 22:00   外遊意志
到了名古屋,再次指定入住那像豪宅的酒店,那高高在上的遠眺景色真的無話可說,而“肥仔”卻暴殄天物的說要拉上窗簾睡覺,我堅持的說著再次入住這酒店的原因就是要看著這個遠眺景色來入睡,這是人生一件樂事。重遊名古屋的其中一個目的,就是希望能再次品嘗那頓超級美味的鰻魚飯和鰹魚飯,再加上那 Snoopy茶屋 那些令人目不暇給的產品,就算花了不短車程也是值得。然而最遣憾的是最終沒法分配時間再去品嚐那美味蛋糕,還有就是沒法再見到那 Columbia 的超級帥哥,哈哈!
到了最後一站東京,是次東京之旅,估不到的是竟然沒買半張CD,真的令我嘖嘖稱奇!不過當然也有其他收獲。首先在最後階段才加入行程的台場 Doraemon Future Department Store,花了不少時間排隊,最終是有點失望,沒有那種像名古屋 Snoopy茶屋 那種目不暇給,反而隔壁的 Hello Kitty Japan 大玩叮噹與Kitty的crossover更加吸引。
接著到了原宿,之前 Descente 旗艦店消失了也沒有再去搜尋一下他們的新址,或者是他們變得太過時裝,不太合我,所以集中注意了其他運動或野外品牌。怎料走到一段平時不會到的路段,對面馬路有一座型格建築吸引了我的眼球,赫然發現原來就是 Descente 旗艦店!原本因為型格不同不打算進去了,不過都來到了不可能不朝聖一下吧?走進去看著看著,看到了一件還不錯的外套,想著走完了全店再決定是否買下之際,赫然在另一個架上發現了另一件非常有形格的運動外套,正想將大碼試穿上,緊窄得根本沒法穿,那售貨員指示要先拉開側邊的拉鍊才能穿上,令我頓時感到有點羞家,哈哈!穿起後有點緊窄,最終試穿了加大碼,不多不少剛剛好非常合身,心中不禁飄過:「就是他了」!之後我託“肥仔”問了一下售貨員,其實我的身型已不是大件型,我穿上加大碼也只是剛剛好而已,如果大隻一點,豈不是穿不下!?那售貨員回覆這是專為了很fit的人而設。我不禁想,雖然現在我不是很fit,但幸好也能穿上,可以以此自我安慰一番,哈哈!



Sporty87 - 1 week ago

20191215 22:00   一舖清袋



最近有一首非常正的歌,方皓玟〈人話〉,”tell me what 柒 you say?”、”你講撚夠未?”,哈哈!

20191124 22:00   《安眠醫生》

20191103 22:00   Won't Be Back
第一部是《黑魔后2》,劇情都是想像得到的,沒多大驚喜。重點是女主角 Angelina Jolie 的氣場,實在讓整部電影生色不少,當然續集加入了 Michelle Pfeiffer 飾演大奸角,更加相得益彰。

第二部是《未來戰士:黑暗命運》,這個經典系列,由經典導演 James Cameron 回歸操刀,當然少不了最經典的 Arnold Schwarzenegger,竟然還有第一、二集的女主角 Linda Hamilton 也回歸了,好不熱鬧。劇情方面當然不會走出那經典眶眶,都是未來跟現在的大戰連場,基本上整部電影毫無冷場。最唏噓的是“阿諾”那句「I won't be back」,應該是暗示這是他出演這個系列的最後一次了吧!?

之前委託唱片店從日本訂購的 Aoi Teshima 手嶌葵 精選輯《Aoi Works II ~ best collection 2015-2019》終於到手了,精選輯內收錄多首從未收錄在CD的歌曲,再加上她的美聲真是百聽不厭。

第一副美聲是近年我十分喜愛的爵士美聲 Diana Panton 最新專輯《A Cheerful Little Earful》,這張專輯內的歌曲偏向輕快,當心情感到沮喪時去聽,實在是一種療癒。

第二副美聲是The Cranberries《In The End》,這是樂隊主音 Dolores O'Riordan 的遺作,她的美聲可剛可柔,令人印象難忘。


20191006 22:00   No Music No Life
這部電影感覺上像沒有什麼生活色彩似的,不過幸好男主角是依然耀眼的 Brad Pitt,雖然他老了,不過我特別喜歡他在這部電影中的演繹,他的自我封閉,令你更想走近,哈哈!

昨晚“肥仔”去看了《小丑》,這部電影真的上映得合時,完全是現在香港的縮影,一直被欺壓,最終大爆發。不得不提的是男主角 Joaquin Phoenix 的演繹,令到你可憐他也同時懼怕走近他。

最近在網上投得了一部iPod Nano 6,終於又可邊走邊聽了,No Music No Life,哈哈!既然要花運費,當然也會投下其他吧!
Mariah Carey《Glitter》黑膠,這張是MC專輯中其中一張我最喜愛的,當年銷情慘淡,在Virgin推出這張專輯後便解約了,所以應該不會推出復刻版了。MC創下了很多輝煌紀錄,但亦因為這張專輯,創下了不堪紀錄。

Mariah Carey《Never Too Far/Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica) 》Single,要遇到《Glitter》黑膠很難,要遇到專輯內的Single就更難。

Madonna 《Rescue Me》日本版Single,雖然Single名字是《Rescue Me》,但其實是包括了〈Justify My Love〉的雙曲Single。

Madonna 《Fever》Single,這首Madonna單曲是其中一首我最喜愛的,很少遇上這單曲的Single,遇上了當然要收藏吧!

Whitney Houston《Run To You》《Queen Of The Night》日本3"Single,其實沒想過這兩首單曲也曾推出Single,不過也不奇怪,當年《The Bodyguard》真的紅極一時。

20190915 22:00   恐怖童話

20190901 22:00   情緒病!?
雖然男主角 Gerard Butler  的戰狼身型一去不復返,但還是非常吸引我呢!哈哈!


20190714 22:00   美麗城市


20190701 22:00   「臭X出臭X」

Captain Marvel 時,直說不要再提起她了。我想這角色應該不會再出現了。

 憶蓮 憑《0》再奪最佳國語女歌手,可惜最佳國語專輯僅敗於新一代滾石女歌手 孫盛希 的專輯;至於「老對手」蔡依林 則奪下年度專輯及年度歌曲獎。
X出臭X」?難怪本屆評審主席 陳珊妮 在多年前曾批評蔡小姐是「十大爛歌手」,真的不無道理。

20190609 22:00   自我療程
昨晚跟“肥仔”去看了《變種特攻:黑鳳凰》,這是整個系列 Fox的最後一集,很自然便以 X-men 中最強的作為主角。因能力超強,那些奸角肯定是不堪一擊,雖然後段只是個人表演時間,不過也做得過於平淡,完全不像整個系列最終章的應有盛大場面。或者自知是最後一集,利用這個系列名氣的最後機會,以小本賺取大利吧!
之後這個系列便會與一眾“復仇者”同屬 Walt Disney,不論前傳後傳的演員都實在太過深入人心,所以重啟《變種特攻》肯定不是短期內的事,更不要說看到他們同時在《復仇者聯盟》出現,我相信至少要等上十年。其實我想若兩幫人打起來,《復仇者聯盟》應該不是《變種特攻》的對手,單是一個“磁力王”已難以應付,還有不死身的“狼人”和“死侍”,而且更有不在同一級數的“鳳凰”。

 林憶蓮《Love, SandySACD,雖然這只是日本製造版,不過“滾石”推出的,比其他唱片公司的都來得更有誠意,至少模仿一下真正的日本本土版吧!哈哈!如果我沒遺漏,我應該集齊了這張專輯的所有版本,台灣首版、日本進口版、日本製造版(K2HD)、日本製造版(白膠)、日本製造版(SACD),可惜當年在日本只推出了日本進口版。


20190602 22:00   
昨天跟“肥仔”去看了《哥斯拉II 王者巨獸》,今集一次過有多頭巨獸登場,肯定滿足了一眾希望看到巨獸對打群戰場面的觀眾。最令我期待的不是“哥斯拉”或其他,而是在兒時已令我印象深刻的“基多拉”,可能是三頭龍這個造型實在太過奇特吧!雖然他是奸角,不過他在山上完全展開,霸氣盡現,十分觸目震撼。


20190526 22:00   

20190519 22:00   
昨晚跟“肥仔”去看了《殺神John Wick 3》,這部戲名真的改得十分恰當,逢殺必死才能稱為神。這個系列已來到第三集,每集都是殺人無數卻打不死,所經之地都是屍橫遍野,我想這應是徒手殺人數量最多的電影了。這部電影內的應該已設定為一個沒有執法人員的世界了,所以可以在任何地方盡情展現暴力美學。最後明顯埋下下集的伏線,其實今集最後段都已經打打殺殺得令人有點疲勞,所以下集應該是往最上「打大佬」的時候了。


20190501 22:00   END
Captain Marvel,上集最後一幕被急召回來,被稱為擊敗Thanos 的關鍵,事實卻是一個雷聲大雨點小,可有可無的角色,最大見樹只是擊毀了那架大型太空船,跟 Thanos 的正面單打獨鬥被打飛了兩次,反而 Scarlet Witch 還比她更厲害,至少纏鬥到 Thanos 不得不使用大規模攻擊才得以脫身。另一好笑的角色是 Doctor Strange,這集除了負責一眾剛復活的英雄前往正邪戰戰場的「領隊」外,也成了一名「治水員」,反而沒有好好的再打一場。
 Iron Man 戴上了手套彈指,令 Thanos 灰飛煙滅也賠上自己性命。其實真的不明白,人有人打,手套有手套的拿來拿去。既然聲稱 Captain Marvel 那麼厲害,為何不戴上手套來對付 Thanos?莫非手套只由 Thanos戴上才有效果?之後為何又不用手套令 Black Widow Iron Man復活?

20190421 22:00   

The Slience》,這部跟《無聲絕境》如出一徹,都是地球上出現了靠聲音攻擊人類的生物,不過不同的是,《The Slience》中的生物是有交代從何而來,且為數眾多,但是也相對較易殺死。

20190414 22:00   
最近在網上看了 Whitney Houston 生平的紀錄片《Whitney》,從初出道的光芒四射,逐漸攀上顛峰,再慢慢走向崩壞糜爛,真的十分唏噓。或者她身邊真的有很多不良份子,然而她學會了唱歌,卻沒有得到智慧分辨是非。電影最後播放的是〈I Have Nothing〉,她擁有過很多美好的,最終卻一無所有。

Waiting To Exhale》中最後一張SingleCount On Me》日本版。



20190407 22:00   

 Stephen King 的作品,不過不一定所有作品都出色的。


Sandeep Marwah Proposed To Celebrate Global Family Day

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

Edinburgh: Global Family Day is an annual celebration observed on January 1st of every year. People all over the world find no time to spend with their family. The reason varies with person-to-person due to their work, living atmosphere, and so on.


This Day is celebrated as the global day of peace and sharing all over the World.  Spending time with the family members has reasonably reduced in recent years. To change this scenario, Global Family Day has been established.


“The Day aims in promoting peace and sharing. The purpose of this Day is to make all the families gather as one single society on the first day of every year to welcome the New Year,” said Sandeep Marwah Chief Scout For India at Hotel The Balmoral Edinburgh, UK.


“Global Family Day encourages in participating and celebrating the first day of each year as a unique time in promoting peace and sharing. Irrespective of language, religion, country, race, political affiliation, Global Family Day encourages all the people to share the love with each other and spend this time in peace,” added Sandeep Marwah Global Cultural Minister from Republic of India and Patron to IFUNA- Indian Federation of United Nations Associations.


We All Must Support Government- Sandeep Marwah

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

New Delhi: Renowned film personality Dr. Sandeep Marwah was honored with Make In India Award in a grand function titled- 25th Mystique India Conclave at Habitat Centre for his deep involvement with the social projects of Government.


Sandeep Marwah has been titled Global Green Ambassador, Global Cultural Minister, Global Media Guru and is been nominated as Chief Scout For India . He is been associated with Clean India, Green India, Namo Gange, Clean Ganga and Jamuna, Startup India, Stand Up India, Digital India, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, Remove Plastic, Fit India etc. Dr. Marwah is part of more than 5000 events of all nature. His efforts to promote art and culture is beyond words,” said Ravindra Bhandari President of the NGO Bharat Nirman Foundation.


“The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others. It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act. Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. We must support all the social projects of our Government to see better days,” thanked Sandeep Marwah.


Sandeep Marwah Was Appreciated For His International Contribution

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

New Delhi: Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios was appreciated and honored for his super international relations and contribution to Global Cultural Diplomacy by Aas Ek Paryas an NGO at ISKCON Temple Auditorium recently.


“Sandeep Marwah is the only person who has been nominated by 54 Governments of different nations as their cultural Ambassador. His untiring contribution to films, television, media, art and culture is par excellence. We feel honor in presenting ‘Life’s Real Hero Award’ to Dr. Marwah,” announced Dipikaa A. Bhatia President of the NGO.


Popular businessman and social worker Mahashay Dharampal Gulati of MDH Group presented the award. Major General Vikram Dev Dogra, Guru Jasram, Virender Singh were the other awardees.


NAI Honored Sandeep Marwah For Promoting Good Journalism

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

New Delhi: Renowned media person Sandeep Marwah once again been honored and appreciated for his deep contribution to the field of journalism at the 27th annual function of NAI- News Paper Association of India at Convention Centre at NDMC building.


Sandeep Marwah is the founder of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios and promoter of one of the best Journalism Schools in the World-AAFT School of Mass Communication & Journalism. He is the instrument in announcing ‘12th February as The International Day Of Journalism’. He is the editor of 24hours Radio Station- Radio Noida 107.4FM and a TV Station MSTV.


“He is the president of Global Festival of Journalism- The biggest journalism festival on this earth. Dr. Marwah is the producer of largest number of short films in the World,” announced Vipin Gaur Secretary General of NAI.


Dr. Sandeep Marwah, now Chief Scout For India, is the Patron to NAI and is associated with organization from last 26 years. The management team of NAI presented the award to Sandeep Marwah. Later Sandeep Marwah presented awards to the most prominent people of the society and selected journalists for their sincere contribution.


H.E. Farod Arziev Ambassador of Uzbekistan to India was the chief guest. Former Chief Minister of Uttrakhand Harish Rawat, Raj K.P. Sinha National Commissioner For India at The Scouts/Guides Organization, B.L.Gaur Chairman of Gaur City Noida, Sunil Dang Former Member of the Prasar Bharati , President NAI Surya Bhan were also there. Journalists from all over India attended the event.



mariovn - 1 week ago

"All talk no action, procrastinate, fearful, overthinking"

... I wonder if we apply this attitude to career the way we apply it to relationship, how would one's career turn out?  

It is said that the last thing we think about on the deathbed is our job.  

So by applying determination, proactive attitude and all the good values to one's work but not to the people we care about, aren't the priorities reversed?

Or perhaps, one does not really care about the people one claims to care about. Talk is cheap.  



Sandeep Marwah Chief Scout For India Met Health Minister

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

New Delhi: The Chief Scout For India Dr. Sandeep Marwah met the union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwani Kumar Choubey at Noida Film City when he was invited to WASME event.


“We have a huge strength of Scout and Guides in India and we are looking for as how we can serve the nation as far as health is concerned. I have always believed that ‘Good Health of Citizen Means Healthy Nation’” proposed Dr. Sandeep Marwah to the Minister.


“To have a good health, you need to take care of your body, mind, and soul. To keep the body healthy, you eat, especially healthy food, fruit etc. Our body stays healthy if we eat healthily. The way the body needs food and energy to work, similarly, our mind and soul also need the energy to stay stable and healthy. Your mind can only stay healthy if you feed positive thoughts to it. Good thoughts are to the mind what good food is to the body. So follow a simple rule to live a healthy life,” said Ashwani K Choubey.


Sandeep Marwah Chief Scout For India Wished On New Year

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

London: Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chief Scout For India addressing the press at Hotel Ritz, Piccadilly, London.


“May the new year be filled with brightness and hope so that darkness and sadness stay away from you. Happy New Year!” he added emotionally.


“It’s New Year and the best time to renew your dictionary of life. Remove words like jealousy, hate, revenge, greed from your dictionary and put words like love, care, compassion, honesty and satisfaction in their place. This will ensure that you have a great and guilt-free year ahead,” expressed Marwah. He has also been titled as Global Cultural Minister.

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