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mabelgeisha - 2 days ago

I can only say I did my best. We will regret many things in life, but we will not regret being a little more careful.

My decision may not be quick and timely, but understand that was not an easy compromise. Although late, but that was my best.

Memory is such a strange thing, when you try to forget something your whole life, you cant't forget.. and when you try to remember a small thing, you can't remember.


Section 377A

gonna - 1 week ago

What is your take on repeal 377A panel code?

377A is now Unenforceable in its entirety.  That all persons are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection 🙂.

Why same sex attraction?

A) LGBT is not a medical or psychiatric illness

B) due to "past lives"

C) made "everlasting vows" in previous lives

D) karmic effects of past intentions 

Marriage 💑 in Buddhist context

Marriage is not divinely determined but it is society decisions. 

Live and Let's Live


Compassion and understanding 


All sentient beings matter




hugu - 1 week ago

陳百強  - 浪子心聲   (Unique Vocal,  irreplaceable).

許冠傑 -  浪子心聲




Toonize - 3 weeks ago

𝐼 𝓌𝒾𝓈𝒽 𝓎♡𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓅𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓈


Till we meet again

Toonize - 3 weeks ago


作詞:古小力、黃淩嘉     作曲:周杰倫

天涼了 雨下了 妳走了
清楚了 我愛的 遺失了

想要放 放不掉 淚在飄
妳看看 妳看看不到
我假裝過去不重要 卻發現自己辦不到

說了再見 才發現再也見不到
口紅待在桌角 而妳我找不到
說了再見 才發現再也見不到
說好陪我到老 永恆往哪裡找

天涼了 雨下了 妳走了
清楚了 我愛的 遺失了

想要放 放不掉 淚在飄
妳看看 妳看看不到
我假裝過去不重要 卻發現自己辦不到

說了再見 才發現再也見不到
口紅待在桌角 而妳我找不到

妳的笑 妳的好
腦海裡 一直在繞
我的手 忘不了 妳手的溫度
心碎了一地 撿不回
從前的心跳 身陷過去我無力逃跑

說再見 才發現再也見不到
說好陪我到老 永恆往哪裡找



Latest DJ Mixes Update

ziggykid - 3 weeks ago

So I just uploaded 2 of my newest mixes online... in case you are interested you can go to:



you can listen to my latest mixes and all of my mixes that are uploaded there.



Seeking for a serious and honest partner

Colmore12atGm - 3 weeks ago

I am lookinf for a serious and honest man who can really get along with me through my puzzle. I am new here and I want to meet a serious man


Processing buried memories

ct_vision - 3 weeks ago

It’s been 3.5 weeks since my last appointment with my Psychologist. We both mutually decided I’m emotionally strong enough to pause my sessions for a little while. In the last few weeks, my mood still dips and sometimes I still feel down. There’s nothing bothering me, work has been going smoothly and life is kind to me. But I cannot help but feel down sometimes. It usually comes when I’m alone. I can’t figure out what my trigger is yet . I read about the recent suicide of the CFO of Bed Bath and Beyond. Somehow that story resonated with me. Someone who appears successful and seemingly having it all. People don’t necessarily see the demons and internal turmoil; nor do they have sympathy for people who appear more financially successful.


Most days, I feel like I’m my own biggest enemy and my mind is not letting me rest. During the EMDR sessions, repressed deeply painful memories resurfaced. Memories that brought me to the brink of leaving this earth that I had to bury at that point in my young life to carry on living. Opening those old wounds left me raw and broken. The theme of “being seen and wanted” or rather not being seen and not being wanted has come up in the process and I finally understand why I’m constantly in a sea of people who want my attention but I still feel all alone. I’m constantly around people who want or need something from me, but they don’t really care for me. It’s been a recurring consistent theme in my life. Since childhood, I was given attention and praise by family, teachers and friends for what I could do. But they didn’t want to see the real me. Who I really am. That was never talked about, and if ever was in a derogatory, negative and perverse manner.


The fighter and champion that the world sees, in private is really only an exhausted and broken human being who craves a gentle caring touch. A shoulder to lean on and a voice to tell me, “I see you”. 



nobusik - 4 weeks ago

These guys are having real sex.



If the above link is not clickable, click the shortened URL below:



小生活 ^^

plu_ye - 1 month ago











hugu - 1 month ago


思念的 挂怀的 



一个人 一个梦


追忆的 当时已惘然









lp320 - 1 month ago



Not able to reply your hearts

papatua - 2 months ago

Dear friends, I am not able to access to computer and not able to return hearts to you. I hope you understand it.

After the Covid19, I have shift the focus to abolish the 377 penal code in Malaysia and other commonwealth countries. If you were interested, you could join us to do that.

Use Kinsey Report and Kinsey Scale Test when people bully you for homosexual.


Tibetan Sky Burial Custom

greattibettour - 2 months ago

Sky burial is a Tibetan custom whereby people dispose of the corpses of their loved ones. This death ritual entails taking the body to a designated site in the mountains where it is left to feed vultures. The Buddhists in Tibet believe that the soul is immortal and death is only the beginning of a new life. Instead of letting the body vanish naturally, it is better for almsgiving to another kind of life and liberates the soul from the body enabling it to gain entry into rebirth. The method is widely used by common Tibetans.

The practice of Tibetan sky burial is related to the rise of Tibetan Buddhism and the influence of Indian culture. It was brought by the Indian monk Tamba Sanjee to Tibet around the end of the 11th century. He advocated this kind of burial custom and personally went to the celestial burial platform to recite sutras for the dead. He promoted that this was a merit of imitating Sakyamuni's sacrifice and feeding tigers, which can redeem the sins of one's life and benefit the reincarnation of the soul. It's recognized by the Tibetans and came into being a custom intertwined with the Buddhist beliefs.

In the Tibetan culture, it is believed that the Vultures are holy birds. Because unlike other birds of prey such as eagles and hawks, vultures do not kill their prey. They wait until the animal dies before descending on it. Therefore, vultures are called Dakini in Tibetan, which means female deities walking in the air. Regarding sky burials, Tibetan Buddhism believes that lighting mulberry smoke is to pave a colorful road and invite the Dakini to the sky burial platform respectfully. The corpse is used as an offering to worship the gods, praying to redeem the sins of the deceased while alive and asking the gods to bring their souls to reincarnation.

If during the sky burial ceremony, the vultures immediately rushing to the corpse and eating up soon is the most auspicious sign. It means that the dead have no more sin and the rebirth of life will begin again. The dead should have attained all the merits and virtues. If it has not been eaten up, on the contrary, it means that the deceased has committed a major sin during his lifetime, and the soul is difficult to get into reincarnation. The family members will be particularly painful and uneasy. They would burn the remains in presence of Lamas and monks who bless the spirits of the dead through prayers and chants. The chants are meant to free the spirit of the dead from the body and cleanse it of all its sins.

There are several taboos and regulations which have to be adhered to during the burial, failure to which will compromise the transition process of the dead's soul. Firstly, strangers are not allowed anywhere near the burial site. This is because the presence of strangers will disturb the soul from getting into bardo.

Family members are also barred from attending the funeral as it is believed that their presence will convince the soul of their dead relative to hang around instead of getting in rebirth. Visitors are greatly advised to keep away from these occasions.


Do Zero Dut Dut

messiah944 - 2 months ago

Try guessing what is Do Zero Dut Dut. If you're smart, you won't know. Too smart, even more don't know. If you're naughty, maybe you know.

I got do many many blog before. Then deleted many many. Because ppl here don't read. Maybe they read too much during school. Adults prefer to see. They only want sex. They wana see your dick. And maybe butt. Also your underwear. They want then they come with a hi and be high. I no sell duck butt. Expensive nowadays due to inflation.

Okay I better turn off the lights before someone come trying to turn his thing on. By the way here also has inflation. Inflation means low demand and no supply. So sad.



markpilchard - 2 months ago
Car Race
Hangouts / Skype: papawrench73@gmail.com


guabtm - 2 months ago

I am a Gym Fit horny Bottom living in Hong Kong,   looking for matured (age 45-65) pure Top(s) for good sex.  Not particular about how you look (face) as long as you are body fit - not fat or overweight - my email contact : jeffgua@hotmail.com

本人現居香港, 零號誠心尋成熟(45 至65歲)純一號享受性樂趣。容貌不重要,只要不肥胖。請電郵 jeffgua@hotmail.com



bitterlime - 2 months ago

When we were younger, we always feel the adults had it together at their age. 
Now that we're at their age, and them even older, I realised how pretentious it all has been.

I feel everyone is born with a role model to look up to. We eventually try to be like them and try to replicate every thing that they do. But of course, we always want to be the better version, so we replicate but with better intentions (or so we think). Then, you realised, it's not morally acceptable but we've come this far now, how do we fix this? We don't, we just continue on, trying to console ourselves, we're good. Heck, we'd even seek divine intervention to salvage whatever cause we're just in too deep or that's just all we know how to do.

Por que?

When it's all too late, and nearing death, life would only turn out fair, when you're bestowed with an illness that loses all memories (intentionally), and purposefully, all has to be forgiven and shall be love for everyone sympathises death.

And that's how life is unfair.



ct_vision - 3 months ago

Long weekend in HK. 1 July 2022 - the 25th year anniversary of the handover of HK back to China. A fairly muted affair this year given typhoon Chaba and the T8 signal since last evening and whole of today. I was looking forwarded to 2 junk boat parties which have now been canceled due to the bad weather.


Looking out my window staring at the dramatic changes from calm seas and cloudy skies to a sudden disappearance of all vessels lost into the heavy downpour. I reminded myself of my blessings as I held my cup of warm coffee in my hands and watched my little furbaby nap on the sofa. We’re dry, cosy  and safe. Life has been kind to me in some ways. I may be lonely, but things can be worse. Being home I rested and felt at peace. My new job started out well. Last Thursday I won my first deal. Not bad after 3.5 weeks on the job. My big boss was very complimentary, telling me I set the bar very high as not even an experienced hire has won a deal within 3.5 weeks of joining. Most will still be trying to get their orientation done and phone lines set up. I thanked her for her compliments citing beginners’ luck. In all honesty I genuinely do not know where the bar is. I just do everything I can everyday and asked myself at the end of each day if I’ve wasted the day. My answer is usually no. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and energy in the last few months of the year.


Been seeing my psychologist, and working through my mental wellness since my March/April downturn. Catching covid, being isolated and not being appreciated in my previous job. I was in bad shape. No one around to lean on. My mom feeling helpless, guilt ridden and worried that she’s not by my side to nurse me back to health. Seeing the worry and guilt in her eyes over Facetime, I had to puff myself up and reassure her I was ok and will be well soon despite covid beating me up. I still had to be her pillar despite being sick. I couldn’t not because there is really no need nor use making her feel bad. But I was exhausted in the very literal sense. All I wanted was someone to hold me.


I re-started my sessions with a different doctor as the last one wasn’t helping me make any progress. I wonder if him being a man has anything to do with it. This new doctor I find refreshing. Coincidentally,  her name is Klaris and one of my favourite movies is the Silence of Lambs. On our first session, she shared a preliminary diagnosis that I may be suffering from some form of PTSD. I think I’ve known for sometime having known that I exhibit most of the symptoms for years. But not being a medical professional, I could not self-diagnose. Hearing her diagnosis actually brought some relief. That validation gave me something material we could work on. She thinks it’s linked to my childhood experience and I think so too. In the field of psychology, it usually is. We’re not born damaged; somewhere along the way we became broken and it’s usually when we were younger and more malleable. She wants to try EMDR on me to try and reprogramme my unprocessed memories. The ones I’ve ran from and not want to think about. The most painful ones.


I think getting professional help has been great for me. While we talk out my life story, I came to certain realizations I previously wasn’t aware of. One of which is the idea of not being seen. Most people will find it puzzling why such an out figure as I will feel invisible. I constantly feel like I’m in the middle of a crowded room of people but I am all alone. Few if anyone really knows me. Understands me. My fears, my wants, needs and hopes. I can only hope that such a person is still out there. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work on myself and carry on strengthening my core. I need to remember that the only person who will always come to my recuse and comfort will always be myself. 


Who am I?

invader29 - 3 months ago

My name is Michael. Personally, I don't choose any particular symbol or group of words or teachings to define me. That's between me and the most high. You know my higher self. The Creator. I cannot consistently, with self respect, do other than I have, namely, to deliberately violate an act which seems to me to be a denial of everything which ideally and in practice I hold sacred... I'm not advertising any of my so-called good qualities..!Some things are better felt and witnessed than said. But HEY! I'd love to walk the extra mile with you. Life is a series of many types of relationships and it’s important we learn to respect everyone. It's pointless describing ourselves, after all, who could really define who we are? And we all deserve to be loved despite all our peculiarities. We are all different parts of the same universal soul and each of us plays an essential role in the scheme of the ever unfolding nature of life. Enjoy and cherish the time we have with each other, whether we appear to be on the same or on different paths. Each of us is essential and worthy of respect and admiration, and True Love. What, or rather, Who is Michael?...Well, it's nothing I can really describe to you. The whole thing is very experiential--more than descriptive. Be my friend and perhaps you could describe me. But i'll describe some for your benefit… I'm reasonably intelligent. At least that's what other people say. LOL I like British accent. The voice inside my head uses one. 🙂 I'm a religious person with morals. I lie frequently. When people ask, "How are you?", I'd say I'm fine when I'm not. I can’t dance reasonably. I can,t sing. - The operative word is CAN’T Oh I enjoy controversy... Keep it comin' I don’t like tattoo... I annoy people from time to time I have a temper. Yes, I'm not usually nice... I love Youtube! I'm less lonely when I have money... I am well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. I am solid and dependable. I am loyal, and people can count on me. At times, I can be a bit too serious. I tend to put too much pressure on myself. I am wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. I am always up to something. I have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle me. I am very intense. I'm definitely a handful, and I likely to get in trouble. But my kind of trouble is a lot of fun. I am friendly, charming, and warm. I get along with almost everyone. I work hard not to rock the boat. My easy going attitude brings people together. At times, I can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, I pull it together. I am very intuitive and wise. I understand the world better than most people. I also have a very active imagination. I often get carried away with my thoughts. I am prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. I sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. I am incredibly wise and perceptive. I have a lot of life experience. I am a natural peacemaker, and i am especially good at helping others get along. But keeping the peace in my own life is not easy. I see things very differently, and it's hard to get me to budge. I am fair, honest, and logical. I am a natural leader, and people respect me. I never give up, and i will succeed... even if it takes me a hundred tries. I am rational enough to see every part of a problem. I am great at giving other people advice. I am very hyper. i never slow down, even when it's killing me. I am the type of person who can be a workaholic during the day... and still have the energy to party all night. My energy is definitely a magnet for those around me and people are addicted to my vibes... There is so much of me for you to discover that I will not able to put it all here in my account. I’m more than a guy you see in my photos. To make it more complicated, my picture does not represent my totality. No words or sentences can fully describe me. Even what you are reading now does not reflect my real personality. What goes beyond your imagination of myself are not actually the ideal things that can define me. I am deep. I am complex. I am unpredictable. You will never know me… I would consider myself as perfectionist. Chocolate lover hahahaha. I eat a lot. I can do everything I want. I’m chasing my dreams by breaking rules. I do not restrict myself. A man cares about his appearance will expect his partner to do the same. I make it a point to immerse my self in culture and art and consider my self a well-rounded individual. I’m genuine. cosmopolitan and liberated all in one- that’s because I like to do a million things, more experiences! I love to be around with my family and friends. Though I have my quiet times for reflections. I love all kinds of things. Especially travel, outdoor activities, music, games, issues and crazy discussions.

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