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ahlivava - 1 week ago

Two years ago, I posted a detailed blog on Fridae about being bullied. This marked my first experience engaging a lawyer and going through a court case. I was assisting my then-girlfriend, J, who was the employee involved. Despite almost winning the case, J and I broke up, and she didn't share her experiences on social media to inform others about how to protect themselves from bad employers. Many friends and even lawyers advised me that our chances of winning were as low as 1%. I told J that since NTUC Union and MOM were not helping, we had to seek other resources.

Francis K sent people to our rental unit at night to harass us. I didn't feel safe allowing him to continue his threatening behaviour. I recall meeting him for the first time at mediation, where he stared at me from head to toe, clearly agitated. He believed I was the mastermind behind the further investigation, wasting his time =P. Former employees mentioned that he frequently terminated staff without valid reasons, simply because he owned the company and was unhappy with them. One pregnant employee was terminated after her maternity leave, but she didn't report it to MOM out of fear, knowing Francis's tendency to use money to intimidate.

Whenever Francis saw me at the sub-court at Outram Park, he would threaten to sue me. However, as a law-abiding citizen, I knew he had no grounds. He even mentioned my name in an affidavit, accusing me of using his company printer. I could sue him for defamation. Francis only needed to pay the shortfall of two days' salary by the end of December 31, 2021, to close the case, but he chose to threaten instead.

On May 25, 2023, at 5:30 pm, the final judgment was issued in a 43-pages "Notes of Evidence." The court allowed J's claim for salary and the legal and beneficial owner of the iPhone 12, dismissed the defendant's counterclaim, allowed Bryan's claim for a declaration that he was the legal and beneficial owner of the phone, and dismissed the defendant's counterclaim. B, who worked with Francis and was terminated after J. Francis found out that B testified for J, stating the iPhone 12 was a gift for employees. When Francis learned Bryan was a witness, he demanded the return of the "gift" within seven days using company letterhead.

Francis believed he could control and harm everyone. Despite the shortfall being less than $200, he ended up paying more, including our lawyer's fees and his own. I am grateful for the strength and wisdom to claim justice. NTUC Union initially told us the shortfall was around $600, which prompted me to encourage my ex-girlfriend to claim what she deserved. Francis's reaction was to intimidate us, but we fought for our justice. I always told J that we had nothing to lose, and my conscience is clear.

Car Rental company located at Orchard Tower.


Billie Eilish

mantou18 - 2 weeks ago

I'm digging this piece... it has lofi, nostalgia and 80s vibes..


Birds of a feather:


I want you to stay

'Til I'm in the grave

'Til I rot away, dead and buried

'Til I'm in the casket you carry

If you go, I'm going too, uh

'Cause it was always you, alright

And if I'm turning blue, please don't save me

Nothing left to lose without my baby


Birds of a feather, we should stick together, I know

I said I'd never think I wasn't better alone

Can't change the weather, might not be forever

But if it's forever, it's even better


And I don't know what I'm crying for

I don't think I could love you more

It might not be long, but baby, I

I'll love you 'til the day that I die

'Til the day that I die

'Til the light leaves my eyes

'Til the day that I die


I want you to see, hm

How you look to me, hm

You wouldn't believe if I told ya

You would keep the compliments I throw ya

But you're so full of shit, uh

Tell me it's a bit, oh

Say you don't see it, your mind's polluted

Say you wanna quit, don't be stupid


And I don't know what I'm crying for

I don't think I could love you more

Might not be long, but baby, I

Don't wanna say goodbye


Birds of a feather, we should stick together, I know ('til the day that I die)

I said I'd never think I wasn't better alone ('til the light leaves my eyes)

Can't change the weather, might not be forever ('til the day that I die)

But if it's forever, it's even better

I knew you in another life

You had that same look in your eyes

I love you, don't act so surprised


A Past Memory

laileng36 - 3 weeks ago

When I received the news of your passing, the first reaction of me was a laugh, after that was shock and worry. I was shock as I never expect it would end this way. Worried was because of your ages mom. I was looking back at the photos we took together, I realised when we were so loving,we resembled one another.Though we were only together for 16months,I treasure and cherish every moment. I never regret spending the time with you. You will always remain a part of my memory. RIP............



Beyond food

mantou18 - 4 weeks ago

I've been on a mission to explore the vast world of diets, from vegan to carnivorous, and everything in between. But one thing that really resonated with me was the keto diet's emphasis on low carb intake. However, the high fat aspect didn't quite sit right. To prioritize nutrient-dense greens and healthy ingredients, sans the carbs. Gotta love - the beef steak, salmon, cod fish. I'm thinking maybe ..this will nourish both my body and taste buds!


Ariana Grande

mantou18 - 1 month ago

We can't be friends


I didn't think you'd understand me

How could you ever even try?
I don't wanna tiptoe, but I don't wanna hide
But I don't wanna feed this monstrous fire
Just wanna let this story die
And I'll be alright
We can't be friends
But I'd like to just pretend
You cling to your papers and pens
Wait until you like me again
Wait for your love
Love, I'll wait for your love
Me and my truth, we sit in silence
Baby girl, it's just me and you
'Cause I don't wanna argue, but I don't wanna bite
My tongue, yeah, I think I'd rather die
You got me misunderstood, but at least I look this good
We can't be friends
But I'd like to just pretend
You cling to your papers and pens
Wait until you like me again
Wait for your love
Love, I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love
Love, I'll wait for your love
Know that you made me
I don't like how you paint me, yet I'm still here hanging
Not what you made me
It's something like a daydream
But I feel so seen in the night
So for now, it's only me
And maybe that's all I need
We can't be friends
But I'd like to just pretend
You cling to your papers and pens
Wait until you like me again
Wait for your love
Love, I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love
Love, I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love
I'll wait for your love


prettysilly - 1 month ago

山盟海誓 咱兩人有咒詛
為怎樣你 偏偏來變卦
我想未曉 你那會這虛華
欺騙了我 刺激著我

石頭會爛 請你愛相信我
最後的結果 還是無較詛
凝心不驚酒厚 狠狠一嘴飲乎乾
上好醉死 勿擱活

啊 我無醉 我無醉 無醉
酒若入喉 痛入心肝


mantou18 - 1 month ago

A little girl came home from school with a drawing she’d made in class. She danced into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing dinner. “Mom, guess what?” she squealed, waving the drawing. Her mom never looked up. “What?” she said, tending to the pots. “Guess what?” the child repeated, waving the drawing. “What?” the mother said, tending to the plates. “Mom, you’re not listening.” “Sweetie, yes I am.” “Mom,” the child said, “you’re not listening with your eyes.“ — Mitch Albom



Carie2311 - 1 month ago

When it comes to friendship, all I care about it quality and not quantity. 
I tend to keep the quality ones very close by and cherish them. 
I try but I may not be able to tolerate those who are disrespectful.
Dont' get me wrong, no resentment here, but you might end up in block list.

In friendships, I truly appreciate genuine connection. Respecting each other's boundaries, thoughts/opinions and behaviour without negative judgements.  
I may try but I may not be able to tolerate competitiveness in friendship. 
Listen, I am happy and content with the small but quality things/people I have now. You be you and I will be happy for you. We don't mock you, so don't mock us alright? 

For long term old friendships, I tend to have more patient and may be more forgiving. We tolerate each other, give and take, just like you do for family. Although, at the end of the day, there is a limit but it's not easy to break a good and strong friendship. 

Nobody is right or wrong in what they choose. If it does not suit your needs, walk away. If it is not your cup of tea, walk away. You can voice out different opinion but no you do not have any rights to mock and judge others especially people you do not know. Be mature about it, just walk away.


Random stuff

mantou18 - 1 month ago

Discover and experience new things in life. Watch it unveil itself. Do what's right and have faith that it will turn out for the better.

Everything changes. Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world. 

 As we love someone and then apart. Love is a cliche



ziggykid - 1 month ago

I really don't know why things always turn out this way... my life is cursed...

No matter how much effort I put into things, no matter how hard I try, I am always the one with a broken heart.


"All Healing is Based on Love"

Carie2311 - 2 months ago

A wise lady. Hope it touches the heart of those who view this.

The 5 Ls
Life & Love
Without life, there is nothing until love softens the shell and seed opens up & growth.
Life & love are one unit and they work together.

Laughter without love is mean & cruel.
Laughter with love, is Joy & Happiness.

Labor without love is drudgery.
Labor with love is Bliss.

Listening without love is empty sound.
Listening with love is Understanding.

Love flows and love have to keep flowing or it dies.
Love is what really matters. When you get down to the basic central aspect of what healing is all about, it's about Love & Life. 



nobusik - 2 months ago



nobusik - 2 months ago



Dreamt about my crush

mackoh - 2 months ago

Last night, I dreamt about my crush 

I guess I do still like her and miss her


I was drunk.

zzmm123 - 2 months ago




lp320 - 3 months ago







Art of letting go.

piano_lov3r - 3 months ago

Learning to let go. Learning to be strong with my fainted heart. 

Need to learn to accept what is gone.

Your just a pcs of choice for other ppl..


April 3, 2024

chanon333 - 3 months ago

Life has come to such a point that partying is not what I need. Occasional small gatherings are nice but no drinking nor smoking. Evern without that, life already installed so much illnesses for you. sigh.. you cannot really run away from illnesses... it is the karma that you need to have your own taste of your own medicine (somewhere in time, I must have done that to someone).

Anyway, happiness in life comes with the right company and enjoying the simplicity of things around you. Cherished those who loves you and makes you happy, and keep away from toxic people, if you can avoid them (not all can you get away from them).

Just live, work and practice, until the last days of life. Give loves to those who really needs. (not easy though)

There is so much definition to a "good soul".



Penang, Penang I want More of You...Haha!

Crazilicious - 3 months ago

Took a short trip to Penang and I basked happily in the culture she emanated.

Penang has a vibrant food culture lined along streets and alleyways amidst pre-war homes in charming Georgetown. Is so pretty and quaint. 

The town is painted in vintage hues with bursts of Hipster middle tones. There is the old and new mingling in sync with warmth, passion, creativity, entrepreneur ship and identity. The locals are humble, kind and friendly. I must applaud Penang cuisine as being Wow! 

Penang has clean streets and is safe...so don't worry but enjoy her alluring charms and enticing tastes when you visit.

Thanks for overwhelming me Penang with your beauty, inside out.

P.S. Their prices are the same for locals and tourists.




Crazilicious - 4 months ago

I have not written for awhile and my mind is sleeplessly tossing and turning, eager to pen again. I thought I will delve into the Toxic Persona. How she has Tortured many mercilessly without any conscience or guilt. I will give it a go...haha. 

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