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Who am I?

invader29 - 一天前

My name is Michael. Personally, I don't choose any particular symbol or group of words or teachings to define me. That's between me and the most high. You know my higher self. The Creator. I cannot consistently, with self respect, do other than I have, namely, to deliberately violate an act which seems to me to be a denial of everything which ideally and in practice I hold sacred... I'm not advertising any of my so-called good qualities..!Some things are better felt and witnessed than said. But HEY! I'd love to walk the extra mile with you. Life is a series of many types of relationships and it’s important we learn to respect everyone. It's pointless describing ourselves, after all, who could really define who we are? And we all deserve to be loved despite all our peculiarities. We are all different parts of the same universal soul and each of us plays an essential role in the scheme of the ever unfolding nature of life. Enjoy and cherish the time we have with each other, whether we appear to be on the same or on different paths. Each of us is essential and worthy of respect and admiration, and True Love. What, or rather, Who is Michael?...Well, it's nothing I can really describe to you. The whole thing is very experiential--more than descriptive. Be my friend and perhaps you could describe me. But i'll describe some for your benefit… I'm reasonably intelligent. At least that's what other people say. LOL I like British accent. The voice inside my head uses one. 🙂 I'm a religious person with morals. I lie frequently. When people ask, "How are you?", I'd say I'm fine when I'm not. I can’t dance reasonably. I can,t sing. - The operative word is CAN’T Oh I enjoy controversy... Keep it comin' I don’t like tattoo... I annoy people from time to time I have a temper. Yes, I'm not usually nice... I love Youtube! I'm less lonely when I have money... I am well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. I am solid and dependable. I am loyal, and people can count on me. At times, I can be a bit too serious. I tend to put too much pressure on myself. I am wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. I am always up to something. I have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle me. I am very intense. I'm definitely a handful, and I likely to get in trouble. But my kind of trouble is a lot of fun. I am friendly, charming, and warm. I get along with almost everyone. I work hard not to rock the boat. My easy going attitude brings people together. At times, I can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, I pull it together. I am very intuitive and wise. I understand the world better than most people. I also have a very active imagination. I often get carried away with my thoughts. I am prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. I sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. I am incredibly wise and perceptive. I have a lot of life experience. I am a natural peacemaker, and i am especially good at helping others get along. But keeping the peace in my own life is not easy. I see things very differently, and it's hard to get me to budge. I am fair, honest, and logical. I am a natural leader, and people respect me. I never give up, and i will succeed... even if it takes me a hundred tries. I am rational enough to see every part of a problem. I am great at giving other people advice. I am very hyper. i never slow down, even when it's killing me. I am the type of person who can be a workaholic during the day... and still have the energy to party all night. My energy is definitely a magnet for those around me and people are addicted to my vibes... There is so much of me for you to discover that I will not able to put it all here in my account. I’m more than a guy you see in my photos. To make it more complicated, my picture does not represent my totality. No words or sentences can fully describe me. Even what you are reading now does not reflect my real personality. What goes beyond your imagination of myself are not actually the ideal things that can define me. I am deep. I am complex. I am unpredictable. You will never know me… I would consider myself as perfectionist. Chocolate lover hahahaha. I eat a lot. I can do everything I want. I’m chasing my dreams by breaking rules. I do not restrict myself. A man cares about his appearance will expect his partner to do the same. I make it a point to immerse my self in culture and art and consider my self a well-rounded individual. I’m genuine. cosmopolitan and liberated all in one- that’s because I like to do a million things, more experiences! I love to be around with my family and friends. Though I have my quiet times for reflections. I love all kinds of things. Especially travel, outdoor activities, music, games, issues and crazy discussions.



bling - 一天前

如果你真心喜欢一个人.. 那就先从朋友相处.. 你们可以同情侣一样 关心对方.. 鼓励对方.. 陪伴对方.. 哪怕后来发现感情淡了.. 你们也还是好朋友.. 不要因为一段不成熟的感情, 失去一个感觉对的人.. 爱情要慢慢来.. 真诚在芸芸众生之中显得弥足珍贵.. 坦白干净的相处要甩快餐式的感情好几条街..



hugu - 4天内


作曲:大橋卓彌 填詞:三本目 演唱:常穎傑/鄧志舜 想起當天 你的淺笑 和緩慢的分秒 搭我肩膀 留存合照 不覺光陰太少 終于一天 各奔海角 才明白到寂寥 眺看窗旁 斜陽夕照 方覺一生 渺渺 帶著遺憾 慣了恐懼 遺留純真 于哪裏? 怕未能被 俗世嘉許 埋藏回憶的細碎 男孩手中 握緊的玩具 無從抗拒 社會中壓碎 為了生存 苦追 平庸 有罪 沒時間後退 誰能抵擋 擠逼的秩序 勤勞發奮 兌一些票據 換到方寸蝸居 辛酸撐下去 當初知己 每天相見 回頭便已走遠 世界依然 如常運轉 不會惋惜半點 推搶爭先 太多欺騙 成人沒有樂園 叫理想變了 碎片 漸變孤獨無言 帶著遺憾 慣了恐懼 遺留純真 于哪裏? 怕未能被 俗世嘉許 埋藏回憶的細碎 男孩心中 收起的玩具 無從抗拒 社會中壓碎 為了生存 苦追 平庸 有罪 沒時間後退 誰能抵擋 擠逼的秩序 勤勞發奮 兌一些票據 換到方寸蝸居 辛酸撐下去 抱憾纏著我 帶起面具 遺留純真 于哪裏? 怕未能做到 滿足所需 欠下時光的借據 如能執起 初心的玩具 仍能抗拒 社會的勸退 曆遍起跌 興衰 尚能 有夢 幸存 歲月裏 回頭想起 當天心未累 還 純粹 那 最真的過去 讓我夢酣進睡 不必靠目光 贊許 男孩終于 都掙開面具 男孩哪怕 最終都老去 就算天意 不許 苦裏爭取 亦能算樂趣 從成長中 丟失的熱淚 仍能再次 再生于眼裏 任性的再爭取 不管錯或對 讓這未完故事 一起 接 下去



Guggenheim w/Mom

nyres_ident - 2个星期前

After at least 10 years of not attending any shows there, I finally went to see the Kandinsky exhibit at the NYC Guggenheim with my mom. We had a fantastic time!

Highly recommended - there through September 2022.


New York City Spring... 2022

nyres_ident - 2个星期前

June 2022. Pride Month, NYC.

The filth and smells of summer are quickly returning. Getting busier with tourists. And, as COVID-19  numbers were going up, feds dropped restrictions on testing/vaccination mandates for foreign travelers here.

Ridiculous, IMO. But - that’s our government.

$$$ > Safety & Health - ALWAYS.

Transportation is now a traveling petri dish of spirochetes. Fantastic!  😉

I've had my second Moderna booster, and I'm masking in every public indoor/and some outdoor spaces. I don't care what people think. I want to stay healthy.


bitterlime - 2个星期前

Communication, conversations, "click"..

Three of the many wants you see on one's profile..


But no effort really made. 


Love fats

Jai07 - 2个星期前

5kg heavier....sigh...

7kg actually...😑


Your msg and hearts

papatua - 3个星期前

Thanks for the love msg and hearts.

Due to lack of accessing to the internet, I won't be able to go online to reply your message or hearts.

Nothing to blame, life has to go on despite the Covid19 has destroyed many families.

Take care with love from me.


17th Anniversary

andrewcurtin - 3个星期前

Last month was our 17th relationship anniversary. 



about me:

orientalcrest - 一个月前

I love the outdoor, and I am a local traveller and wanderer - and most of the time wondering about the world in general. The clear water always soothes me, the fresh air makes me feel so alive, the high altitude makse me feel positive about life, the long roads make me feel more excited and keep on going, the waves make me feel active, the underwater makes me overwhelmed and joy makes me feel FREE- there is so much freedom and happiness in living.

I am not getting any younger, playful games are already off my grid. We are getting old so fast, making good memories is part of living a good life. We can never stop aging, but we can age gracefully, as they say. I hope to find my match, someone whom I can grow old with and share every moment that is worthwhile.

Please send me a message and we will start from there.


plu_ye - 一个月前







Love is…

stephie - 一个月前

Love is...

When you are the first person she says Good morning to

When you are the last person she wish you Good night 

When suddenly you get a “I miss you”

Love is also the little “Thinking of you” note


Love is the little bits and pieces 

In our every day

When you are there 

Love is...you

Love is..LOVE



Interested... but rarely follow through. :-/

nyres_ident - 一个月前

I have to be honest here - and this is not something I'm happy to write about.

In the world of attempting to date in NYC, there seems a terrible pattern I continually come across with local guys:

They, or I, show an interest in each other. Generally, when the interest seems genuinely mutual, we text back and forth for a while, but I honetly find texting to be impersonal and needlessly time consuming once we've covered some of the basics.

So, I make the boldly personal move of sending the interested person my phone number - with the ideal scenario of talking sooner than later in order to gauge humor, manners, interests and curiosities.

85% of the time, they don't text me. And - will often ghost me, here.


Meanwhile, guys that live THOUSANDS of miles away, have no problem calling and/or video chatting with me - ASAP. The odds of meeting are slim to none, and yet, they are willing to risk being seen and TALKING in real-time, often despite rather broken English.

I grew up in NYC - the most international city in the universe. I'm a music producer - who knows musicans all over the world. I went to hundreds of parties over decades during NYC's golden club days (80's-2000's), AND I work in a store with a hugely international clientel. i have friends ALL OVER THE WORLD. And I manage to communicate with them well enough even with the most basic of English.

So - what is it that makes local men "afraid" to talk to me? If I agree to meet them out, we STILL have to talk in realtime - so I'd rather get that established before investing more time (and potentially money) before meeting. Doesn't that just make sense?

Let me know your thoughts.


Hadrian's Wall

liamthye - 一个月前

I managed to walk the Hadrian's Wall, from Carlisle to Wallsend, Newcastle.  It took 5 days, from the 25th to the 29th of April.  On the 2nd ann 3rd days, the east wind made going up and down the grags really rough.  Overall it was a great trip ... will do it again.


Never, again.

bitterlime - 2个月前

doesn't it irks you that someone who has wronged you could still say "why are you like that?"

somehow being enraged or upset about it justifies their infidelity or ill intent actions.


so, my friends.

when someone do you wrong, take a deep breathe. 

walk away, and most importantly never look back.


"they seem remorsed, surely it's okay to give them a second chance"

why give them another chance to hurt you when they never appreciated the only chance to love you?


Don't self hurt for undeserving love, it only reminds you of a past you never thought would happen to you.


Taiwanese GV

nobusik - 2个月前



the Why barrier

bitterlime - 2个月前

Have you ever met someone so morally wrong yet they don't feel they are?
Have you felt so morally good but people tell you that you aren't?

So who is to say what's right and what's wrong really?


Truth be told, we all grow up in households or schools, being taught what not's and how not's.

The issues? 

The "why not's" were never extensively given through out ones growing process.

Oh, but it did for you? and you still feel like shit, well kudos to ya.

We're only human.
And that's how fucked we all are.


Disclaimer: This ain't a targated hate post. It's in the name of being Human. 


cheaters never lose.

bitterlime - 2个月前

if you love someone, would you still love another?

To the public society, the answer is no. 
To you who cheated your other half, the answer is yes.


Even when the cheat has been discovered, the cheat continued on. 
The numerous lies, deception, manipulation, all in the name of cheat. 



Does your indecisiveness grants you the liberty to justify your cheat?

Yet, the victim got blamed on, for discovering the cheat. 
Yet, the victim, the heartbroken one, gets an even more major heartbreaking.
Yet, the cheat, gets the pleasure and satisfaction.
Yet, the cheat always wins.
Yet, no one remembers or care about the victim.
Yet, the victim got blamed for the cheat.

Blame? "Surely something wasn't working out, that's why the cheat happened."


as always, the innocent one, 


gets hurt the most.



lp320 - 3个月前














zilchtan - 3个月前

阑珊的街灯下,手中紧握着手机贴着脸庞仓促走着,已经感到手机微微的温热。 它是妳我之间,我唯一能触碰的实体。正谈着什么有趣事儿时,妳笑了。笑声是清脆的、纯真的。瞬间,妳的笑声在我脑海,幻化成缤纷斑斓的彩色玻璃珠子,弹跳落下......我不禁脱口说:"你的笑声,很好听。" 电话另一旁的妳,对这突如的一句话,怔怔地沉默了一下。我听出了妳沉默中,不知如何回应的羞涩......


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