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25 Jun 2015

First openly gay Taiwanese celebrity opens up about coming out

Kevin Tsai, writer and TV host from Taiwan, conducts emotional interview about being gay in the entertainment industry

Speaking recently on Chinese talk show Qi Pa Shou, Tsai revealed why he advises LGBT members of the industry to reconsider coming out.

Tsai became the first gay male celebrity in Taiwan to come out after announcing his sexual orientation on a television show in 2001.

As such, Tsai admitted that he had become somewhat of a mentor to gay artists who are considering coming out publicly.

The 53-year-old revealed on the show that he feels very overwhelmed by this role. “Many showbiz stars who I’m not even familiar with would secretly come and consult me through mutual friends for my opinion,” he said.

Tsai added that he understands where they are coming from and how they may not want to keep it a secret from their fans any longer.

He said he was once consulted by a star who was hoping to come out 10 minutes later, and he knew the other party would go ahead or stop, depending on his reply. He spoke about the incredible amount of pressure this placed on him.

Tsai went on to explain how hard it has been to be the lonesome out celebrity. "I wish there could be more people with me, instead of being the only one thriving in the business whenever we speak of homosexuality," he said.

"We have to prove to all the parents out there that you won't die from coming out. Not all who come out will be cornered by society and left with nowhere to go," he added tearfully.

He concluded by saying: "The only thing I can do is to prove to worried parents who are watching that we are not monsters and we can still live a good life."

You can watch the emotional video below:

Reader's Comments

1. 2015-06-26 13:47  

He wants more to come out or not?

"I'm the only gay in the village" comes to mind. Don't let your sexuality define you
2. 2015-07-09 16:32  
Surely it's about a person, his character or personallity and we aren't any different from others, only our feelings are different... I watched the emotional video and find it moving about what he speaks of and can imagine that it must be difficult for him being a sudden rolemodel for others in the entertainment industry! I say; come out whenever YOU are ready, not because ANOTHER guy did.
Comment edited on 2015-07-09 18:39:47

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