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28 Jan 2011

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew will accept if grandchild is gay; discusses homosexuality in new book

In his new book Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going, the former PM gave his views on several gay issues including being accepting if his grandchild were gay, homosexuality not being a “lifestyle”, whether Singaporeans are ready to accept a gay Member of Parliament and gay parenthood.

Malaysia’s The Star newspaper proclaimed in a headline on Jan 25: “LKY [Lee Kuan Yew] will accept it if grandchildren are gay”.

What Singapore’s former Prime Minister and Minister Mentor actually said about the issue in his new book was: “That's life. They're born with that genetic code, that's that. [Former US Vice President] Dick Cheney didn't like gays but his daughter was born like that. He says, "I still love her, full stop." It's happened to his family. So on principle he's against it, but it's his daughter. Do you throw the daughter out? That's life. I mean none of my children is gay, but if they were, well that's that.” He was responding to a question about how he would feel if one of his grandchildren were to come out to him.

While some might argue that his comments – if read carefully – sound less accepting than what the headline mentioned above would suggest, others unreservedly welcome his comments.

Rev. Oyoung Wenfeng, a Malaysia-born, New York-based ordained Christian minister, author and an openly gay man, told Fridae in an email: “I am so glad Lee Kuan Yew has said those things. It is interesting and uplifting to observe that an old man can also be open-minded and willing to learn.”

He likened Lee’s remarks on homosexuality to a coming out statement. “Of course he didn't come out as a gay man, but he came out as a gay friendly and reasonable person, and it has made some significant changes in people's view on homosexuality.”

One such person is Rev. Oyoung’s mother in Malaysia who phoned her son, who was already living in the United States at the time, when she found out that Lee was not anti-gay.

In 2007, Lee was quoted as saying in the International Herald Tribune that it’s a “matter of time” before gays are recognised in Singapore, and that Singapore is behind China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in this aspect.

“My mom was really excited a couple years ago. To her, is an eye-opening experience, and it makes her feel better about herself, because she finally realises that she is not alone in thinking that being gay is ok and homosexuality is not wrong. It is important to have some smart people to come out to say something like that, to educate the public.” Said Rev. Oyoung who is a columnist for Fridae’s Chinese section, and doctoral candidate in both sociology and theology.

Dr Khoo Hoon Eng (left) with her two sons, Ming and Shinen (right). Shinen wrote a regular column for Fridae in 2008-2009.

Dr Khoo Hoon Eng, a mother of two gay sons and co-founder of SAFE Singapore which was set up to provide support to friends, parents, and family members of LGBTQ persons, also hopes that MM Lee’s comments will inspire others who have gay family members and friends to be just as openly accepting.

“As a mother of two gay sons, I am glad that MM Lee will continue to love his children/grandchildren even if they are gay. I think he has the right attitude. Being gay is not a choice or a 'lifestyle'. Why should gays be lesser members of our family because of who they love?”

Highlighting his statement “if two men or two women are that way, just leave them alone”, Dr Khoo also called on the government to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code that criminalises sexual relations between men.

“Why should my sons and other gay men in Singapore be criminalised for private acts between consenting adults that do not harm anyone else? Section 377A proclaims our gay sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, uncles, relatives and friends to be criminals for a propensity that is not of their volition, is innocuous and part of their private lives.

“Section 377A also legitimises homophobia and therefore the government is also contributing to a situation where gay Singaporeans from a young age, suffer deep internalised oppression, where they think of themselves as sick, immoral, criminal, because of what they have been taught from society and discriminatory laws that criminalise their desires. Such oppression often results in the disintegration of family, compromised relationships, low self-esteem, stunted maturity and unavoidable deceitfulness of having to remain closeted.” She told Fridae.

In his new book Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going, Lee also touched on several other gay issues including homosexuality not being a “lifestyle”, whether Singaporeans are ready to accept a gay Member of Parliament and gay parenthood.

On same-sex couples adopting children, Lee said that a lesbian couple might be more suited than two men. “Who is going to bring them up? Two men looking after a child? Two women looking after a child, maybe. But I'm not so sure because it's not their own child. Unless you have artificial insemination and it's their own child, then you have a certain maternal instinct immediately aroused by the process of pregnancy. But two men adopting a boy or a girl, what's the point of it?” He said.

A growing body of research shows that same-sex couples are as effective parents as opposite-sex ones and children growing up in same-sex parental households do not necessarily have differences in self-esteem, gender identity, or emotional problems from children growing up in heterosexual parent homes.

Dr Khoo also pointed out that in his hesitation to support gay couples having children, MM Lee had “asked a rhetorical question about who would look after the kids.”

“These days, even with heterosexual parents, the sexist stereotypes and assumptions of only the mother doing the work of looking after the kids are no longer true. The reality is that both parents who work outside the home should share the responsibilities and joys of raising children, rather than leaving it to only one parent.” 

A Straits Times report about Lee’s views on homosexuality on Sunday also quoted a local lesbian couple Irene Oh, 27, and Olivia Tan, 30, who disagreed with Lee's views that adopting a child lessened the maternal bond. The couple is planning to raise children and open to adopting children.

Oh, a software developer and administrator of lesbian website Sayoni.com, said: “If MM Lee is right, then even heterosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt, because they, too, have no biological connection with the child. I think adoption is a great act of love, and there is no reason to expect adoptive parents to be any less caring.” 

Published by the Singapore Press Holdings (the parent company of The Straits Times), the book, which is in a question-and-answer format, records the 87-year-old minister’s revelations of his personal life and views on domestic and international challenges.

To read MM Lee's comments on homosexuality from  his book, click here.

We invite readers especially from Singapore and Malaysia to share their thoughts on MM Lee's latest comments and if their parents or other family members have reacted to his comments or recent media reports.



1. 2011-01-28 18:33  
For real or just for media???
2. 2011-01-28 19:26  
LkY is a influential and a father knows best figure in South east asia.. im not a big fan of him.. but its a stepstone for him to bring up a this topic more openly this time. It takes time... and am glad he brought it up:)
3. 2011-01-28 19:44  
How about if his son was?
4. 2011-01-28 20:20  
I don't think you can necessarily restrict comment to any one grouping of people as we all all part of the human family and have an invested interest in what transpires any where especially in this the days of Globalisation.
on 'gay life styles' well there are MANY to choose from EG. the creative artistic, the studious family settled or the slutty bar scene there isn't ONE gay lifestyle there are many, it's just a purely homophobic piece of propaganda that advocates the slutty bar scenes as the only 'gay life style' on the subject of children as we ARE all part of the human family and if you are a spiritual person you know we are interconnected on many levels it is stupid to say that you can only bond with a child through paternity there are many children from heterosexual two parent dysfunctional families who flee the family home at young ages no great bonding going on there, Angelina and Brad they adopt and produce and if you said to them there is a greater bonding with the non adopted they would probably dismiss this eroneous misconception as would Sandra Bollock, I was mostly brought up in a foster family from about 4yrs I feel bonded both to my natural and Foster Mother who I have healthy relationships with both, it's all propaganda promoted by the religious right to discredit single parent, same sex or Polygamous families as they are out side their limited comprehension
修改於2011-01-28 20:30:27
5. 2011-01-28 20:30  
On same-sex couples adopting children, Lee said that while a lesbian couple might be more suited than two men. “Who is going to bring them up? Two men looking after a child? Two women looking after a child, maybe. But I'm not so sure because it's not their own child. Unless you have artificial insemination and it's their own child, then you have a certain maternal instinct immediately aroused by the process of pregnancy. But two men adopting a boy or a girl, what's the point of it?” He said.
One might think by these comments that he thinks adoption in general is not a good idea because of the lack of "maternal instinct" because the child is not acquired through "the process of pregnancy" and that maybe mothers love their children more than fathers since fathers don't endure the physical process of pregnancy.

I know 2 gay couples and 1 single young lady that have acquired their children through adoption of children from foreign countries. You can be sure that these parents love and care for their children as much as any straight couple. Maybe more: they went through a myriad of paper work (and money) to get their children. And you can be sure that these children have wonderful lives, a great future and lack for little, especially love,which they receive in abundance. What's the point? They love kids.

6. 2011-01-28 21:13  
LOL Nozomi_6! I was going to say that! :)
How about if (?) his son and daughter-in-law were :)
7. 2011-01-28 21:37  
it is a good new for MM Lee to think this way but like what everyone say is this for real or for media purpose only!!! To me personally in singapore the ppl here are still not ready to accept gays cause they still have the thinking that it is not a RIGHT THING!!! They believe that GOD create human in a man and woman way not the same sex way!!!

Well i am just looking forward for more outcome from the gov abt gay issue
8. 2011-01-28 21:39  
i think his son is..
9. 2011-01-28 21:52  
how nice to have a mom or family those those amazing people........wide n wise openly eyes in this topic....
10. 2011-01-28 21:52  
how nice to have a mom or family those those amazing people........wide n wise openly eyes in this topic....
回應#11於於2011-01-28 22:43被作者刪除。
12. 2011-01-28 22:47  
Mr LKY has always been open and has never defamed the gay community. I think he is a beautiful man. I love how he enforces the term 'that's that'
I think his son has.... 'tendencies'. ;)
13. 2011-01-28 23:17  
Quite frankly, I think Dr. Khoo's youngest son is kinda cute~ x )
14. 2011-01-28 23:50  
i am inspired by dr. khoo. but, not so about comments from mm lee. nevertheless, with these comments, it shows that spore is SLOWLY accepting that lgbt are part of the society, and we are here to stay and contribute.
15. 2011-01-29 01:05  
I, too, find Dr Khoo's youngest son cute too >.< ahahaa
16. 2011-01-29 03:31  
We are part of this world no matter what we need to share it. I dont understand hoe the people try to hide this big truth. If the gay people can have more freedoom we can do many good thing for this world,We are talented people and most of us we have a good fellings.
17. 2011-01-29 03:31  
We are part of this world no matter what we need to share it. I dont understand hoe the people try to hide this big truth. If the gay people can have more freedoom we can do many good thing for this world,We are talented people and most of us we have a good fellings.
18. 2011-01-29 03:31  
We are part of this world no matter what we need to share it. I dont understand hoe the people try to hide this big truth. If the gay people can have more freedoom we can do many good thing for this world,We are talented people and most of us we have a good fellings.
19. 2011-01-29 03:31  
We are part of this world no matter what we need to share it. I dont understand hoe the people try to hide this big truth. If the gay people can have more freedoom we can do many good thing for this world,We are talented people and most of us we have a good fellings.
20. 2011-01-29 04:44  
OK everybody. Back to the economy, now...!
21. 2011-01-29 04:50  
I honestly believe someone's acceptance of gays in his family or work /government when the relevant person's gay identity is declared and the same person got rewarded fairly and according to his performance becomes transparent. With all the evidences showing that the gay person is rewarded fairly and according to his performances just like his counterparts or other members of his family, I will be convinced that he is finally accepted. Actions speak louder than words, we are all being told.
22. 2011-01-29 05:08  
到底同志是否被接受,我们可以从他公布自己是同志的身份后,工作的表现能否得到合理的表扬和待遇,便可以看出他是否能被接受。 希望有这么一天,同志们在工作上会被表扬和得到应有的待遇。 这会比起口中说能接受同志来的更有有说服力。 其实,我们也没有必要去怀疑别人对接受同志的说法。日久知人心,长辈常这样教导我们。
回應#23於於2011-01-29 05:10被作者刪除。
24. 2011-01-29 06:15  
If LKY is true to his word,God bless his soul.Such forward thinking leaders are needed in this crazy world of ours.
25. 2011-01-29 06:30  
LOL nozomi_6 my sentiments exactly. LOL.
26. 2011-01-29 07:23  
On the issue of acceptance of gays, more gays would perhaps be interested to see that more non profitable organisations be formed to give support/help to them just like the help being given to drug and gambling addicts as well as animals to protect them, instead of witnessing the opening of gay pubs or saunas which tend to make big bucks from the gay community. In showing concern through setting up these orgnisations, we can declare that human rights do exist in the society and are experienced by the gays as well.

Another point of interest is to hear from the gay descendants after their elders have openly made statements/remarks of their acceptance. Words from the horses' mouth are more convincing than sometimes their elders' statments. Perhaps, it is also time for the gay descendants to sing praises of their elders for their unconditioned love.

Non descendants who are members of the families are welcomed to express their views to lend their support or not for the elders' decision in accepting gay mebers of the family. This would bridge any gaps existing in the family and correct any misunderstandings about gay issues in the family.

27. 2011-01-29 10:55  
Would he accept if his child instead of his grandchild is gay? That's a question I'd like to know. Seemed like he's trying very hard to sell his latest book.
28. 2011-01-29 11:08  
Majulah singapura, majulah singapura.....
29. 2011-01-29 11:09  
Well, family is important to all of us, especially to the Chinese, but fortunately he does not have to contend with a scenario as to whether HIS son children were gay. But LKY has said something to this effect before, where he started saying a couple of years ago, “that if it were true as doctors say that one’s sexual proclivities weren’t a choice, then maybe one had to rethink the whole situation on sexual orientation.” So, I guess he is making tiny steps. Better than no steps at all. Whether one is a fan of his or not, he’s held in high esteem, and one can only hope that the powers that be in Singapore did some soul-searching themselves, and saw him as an example to self-enlightenment. However, not to pull the Devil by its tail, would he ever be around long enough to actually realise whether his grandchildren were gay or not?
30. 2011-01-29 13:28  
I personally think that the judicial decision imported from India on naz foundation v gov of Delhi would help understanding the legal basic on legitimization of gay rights. I would think that adoption issue and consequential gay issues are very much relevant to the rexognition of gay personnel. I dislike his idea of separating the two issues as different thing. However, hopefully, his idea is not of a political one. The causa of being a gay is determined, I suppose, a subjective view since differing medical literature suggesting different result. And evolution of gay rights need not to be an aggressive but a detailed and sysmatic plan of forces and will from the gay community itself. Last word: empowerment!
31. 2011-01-29 20:34  
Who cares whether LKY's son is gay or not? If he is, then so be it.

Some time back, MM Lee had said very openly that there are more and more evidence that shows that homosexuality is genetic.

It's even more encouraging now that he's 'come out' to talk about this in an open and positive manner. LKY's a logical man, I guess if he were still PM, repealing 377a wouldn't be as hard as it is now.
32. 2011-01-29 22:37  
Hope Singapore will legalise the same sex marriage. Others in the ASEAN region will follow.
33. 2011-01-29 23:23  
what if half of the population in Singapore were gay in near future? so to discriminate or criminalise gay actions, would there be great leader in PAP? my 2cents. (:
34. 2011-01-30 00:48  
i don't read his words as gay-friendly as much as gay-neutral. its a small step but definitely encouraging. as esteemed tribal elder, his words carry a lot of weight, especially with people who can make a difference. i don't think he needs the proceeds from his book sales. my take is that he is an old man taking stock, trying to shape the way he would be remembered, and perhaps immortalizing some form of influence from beyond the grave.
35. 2011-01-30 00:52  
I met the Minister Mentor once when he toured my factory in Suzhou Industrial Zone, he is really rationale and cool

He is impressed with capable gay men and women who actually contribute to society and excel in their professional life

What is controversial is the negative aspects of gay activists using and taking advantage of gay men to lure them into gay saunas and promote the seedy side and promote a promicious lifestyle and sex with strangers in the new of AIDS activism

its crazy but 377A would have been abolished a long time ago if it was done in the name of love instead of gay activists defending cheap sex in toilets

gay men are rising above the gutter of it all and throwing off the skackles of our stupid gay leaders and rising above it all because we are capable and people recognize it, the trends are all moving in our favor and we don't need to be treated like we are weak or handicapped or taking advantage of any more by those claiming to try and help us

Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson needs to be read again cause we are great and can do all things on our own

36. 2011-01-30 00:58  
i kind like how he references Dick Cheney, who matter of factly showed more class as a VP as a Dad towards his daughter, and loved her unconditionally despite different points of view, America's own Darth Vader
37. 2011-01-30 01:05  
The next step, which should have happened long ago, is to legalise gay acts as in most democratic countries.
Mr. LKY is one of those who's responsible for the fact that SG gay rights are far from being equal.
I avoid visiting SG, and countries which discriminate against gays.
All the best to the SG GLBT friends.
38. 2011-01-30 02:08  
I agree with Zuza above, if LKY was really dedicated to tolerance and acceptance, he could change the SG laws in 3 minutes with a public statement. Cheney? please........this guy is a war criminal and one of his many wars were on gay people all over.

If we take the word "gay" and substitute "black" would any of these laws and statements make any sense at all? Of course not.

LKY and Cheney and their ilk, like saying " oh well if my daughter wanted to marry a man of a different race, I would accept it on a personal basis but across society norms and laws, I would still oppose marriage between the races." see what I mean?

Cheney and LKY both have opposed gay rights and just saying that you would "tolerate" one gay person in your family, sort of on an exceptional basis, is just another form of discrimination and pretty horrible and gratuitious.

39. 2011-01-30 04:34  
What does LKY's son feel if LKY's grandson is gay? This is what matters because his son is the one on the ruling seat. Does he want to build a more promising future to gay people in the tiny citystate?
40. 2011-01-30 06:24  
well... i'm sure he learn his lessons after his daughter-in-law committed suicide due his albino grandson. but I guess at a time when he knows he is about to go, he could say anything but to no avail. Besides, his 'bi-turn-str8' son is more anti-gay than anyone else in the party. The situation is still the same and nothing has changed.
41. 2011-01-30 06:37  
whether LKY accepts whether his son is gay? the fact that his son marries twice already give you a definite answer...
42. 2011-01-30 08:13  
yea i think his son is gay... LOL

what about his grand son? gay or not gay
43. 2011-01-30 10:57  
Well, I think we should all go back to the begining of the creation of this world and God himself.
Marriage is between a man and a woman, anything less than that is not accepted by God on judgement day.
Well it is only those people who practice against Gods ways make their own ways to make others who are like them feel good and right in their minds....
Well in short, Gods ways are the best , as the truth shall prevail forever.
Other ways are only temperorary .
44. 2011-01-30 13:07  
I think his message is quite strong and clear. The gay community shouldn't give up on the fight to remove S377a. At least at the very top, there is no disapproval to remove this law, even though removing it isn't their top priority. So the problem we are facing here is quite different as the gay communities in those countries where strong opposition is top-down, faith-driven.

Our focus should be on 1) raising public awareness, 2) enhancing support for the MSM community, 3) normalising sexual diversity in the society, 4) building trust and 5) coming out. By working on these 5 fronts, we can accelerate the process of public tolerance.

45. 2011-01-30 13:31  
i have the feeling that Singapore is going to accept homosexuals soon... I hope. :) Next Gay/Lesbian marriage... :P
46. 2011-01-30 13:31  
I'm honestly not impressed by Lkw comments. Sure he's making tiny steps but there should be a leapfrog now in 2011. We don't want tiny steps anymore. It's taking way too long and gays continue to suffer by not being able to freely come out at a young age and still not telling the truth to their parents after many decades. Btw, Lkw mentions a genetic cause for homosexuality which is still absolutely not proven. I myself believe it's subtle combination of several factors.
To finish, I really lived Dr. Khoo's comments and would suggest everyone to echo her!
回應#47於於2011-01-30 14:16被作者刪除。
48. 2011-01-30 14:26  
MM is speaking from a rational point of view, which is not surprising for him, given on how he use rationality to rule.
It will be an uphill battle against the religious fundamentalists to repeal 377A as well as enabling homosexuality be normalized in our society. Any attempt (remember AWARE sexuality education package) to portray homosexuals as normal people is sure to invite cries and boos from the Christians.
It is also highly unlikely that Singapore will ever allow gay marriages for we are surrounded by Muslim nations. There will surely be huge uproar by them. But I think it is not important for the community now as what is more important is to educate the masses and slowly present to the population that homosexuals are also sons and daughters and people.
49. 2011-01-30 21:05  
Singapore does have numerous gay men throughout, gays there just fighting against those laws unfavored to them from time to time unstoppable. Somehow singapore government does listen from grounds, finally LEE gives the gay issue statement.
Nevertheless, gay partnership still not legalised.

why LEE suddenly gives an example IF grandchild was gay? may be LEE suspects someone really does...HEHE
回應#50於於2011-01-30 21:15被作者刪除。
回應#51於於2011-01-30 21:07被作者刪除。
回應#52於於2011-01-31 00:39被作者刪除。
53. 2011-01-31 00:38  
I have heard many rumors that Lee Kuan yew's grandson is gay. If true, this is just another one of that fascist pig's opportunism dressed up as 'pragmatism'.

What is Lee Kuan Yew going to do to compensate all the gay men that his police agents brutalized and terrorized in the past?

And does this latest tactical ploy of his also forgive his incurable racism?
54. 2011-01-31 09:57  
Haha,the elder son is mature-looking,the younger one is cute>.<
As for his statement,it makes me eat my words.
dear percole,be gracious.
if people offer some leeway(no pun intended),don't go pushing your luck. Things will only turn nasty,if you don't realise.
55. 2011-01-31 11:35  
i can't believe percole alex au #53 comment and how rude he is, as I gay dad I wouldn't let Alex Au within in 100 yards of a a school or near my own kids, my friends tell me he is harmless and just an old coot

but Percole aLEX , GOSH he's still an embarrassment to Singapore and JUST old, gay and bitter

Alex one day you are gonna realize that being gay is the best thing about you, but your bitter personality is why no one listens to you and people really don't like you in the gay community or listen to you anymore, gosh gay tourism at ZOUK OUT was up this year despite your previous rant

I mean Gay Dads and Asia Tiger Moms really are running the world and are kids are exceling despite strange off base gay sauna activists like percole and Alex Au who is really just a creep bitter lonely man

I personally think its a new low outing someone's grandson and can't even begin to understand the hate and pathos underlying Alex and his motives and what is means to say anymore

Lonely, pathetic and kind of strange comments are all we are hearing

Its a free world of ideas out there, but Alex you personally are being perceived at the bottom of the pond scum now and your recent comment is an all time low and to be honest,

hard working happy gay men and women always have to overcome the crappy stereotype and crappy ineffective politics you embody

after your rants about the police arresting a gay man having sex in a park a 16 year old gay kid wrote me from Raffles Junior College and told me that he was beat up after school one day cause I bully told him all gays have sex in parks! you bully gay activists rants have consequences and this new generation of proud gay men are not gonna stand by your side anymore

I mean I really think you need some professional help and am willing to offer you some money or a conseling sessions with PFLAG or something, I don't understand your chip on the shoulder bitterness and hate? I mean if you are burned out or need to go to Rehab or having an emotional breakdown or something, I hope your friends will help you

I think you are MEAN like the Taylor Swift song type of MEAN

Gosh, Percole Alex, I will take you to New York and meet the HRC people and the GLAAD people and you can meet some really nice gay men and women

Outing Mr. Lee's grandson isn't nice or classy and it just shows on your poor reflection of character

I mean your whole agenda is about gay saunas not really about normal gay men and women so of course Lee is a litte bit apprehensive when all he might know about gay men is your big loud mouth

a huge backlash is going on in Singapore against Alex Au and to be frank I think you don't represent the mainstream anymore

sorry to tell you that but all the hard work you did in past years is totally forgotten by this generation

I hope your true friends will be there to help you out

Gay Dads and lesbian moms will send a SWAT team in to help you if needed, but something very disturbing is going on and the gay community needs leadership now, not tit for tat bitchy commentary
56. 2011-01-31 11:51  
nothing new from this senile old man...typical of any seasoned politician, he just want to make himself relevant in these days & age....
57. 2011-01-31 12:58  
i have come across some middle income families with beautiful children of their own and yet they also adopt children from other disadvantaged countries and giving them a good education.. some people just have beautiful hearts..only if adoption law was easier to access then many of the lesbian and gay i know who are financially capable of giving these disadvantaged children new hopes.
58. 2011-01-31 14:58  
Ahh, guys, dun say that 'his son' may be/what if/is gay or he will sue you for defamation!! :D

59. 2011-01-31 16:52  
Bringing up a child requires a lot of love, it wasn't the gender barrier to shower a child with love. In today's world, even heterosexual couples can fail as parents, should homosexual couples have all the will and love to bring up a child to profess their love. Why not?
回應#60於於2011-01-31 16:53被作者刪除。
回應#61於於2011-01-31 16:53被作者刪除。
回應#62於於2011-01-31 16:53被作者刪除。
63. 2011-01-31 16:54  
A couple adopting a child whether their own or not, is part of better integrating the community and build it into a closer and warmer society. Acceptance is never wrong, discrimination with the wrong reasons may be wrong
64. 2011-01-31 18:02  
Why hasn't anyone realised the unjustified unfairness that is potrayed? It's quite ridiculous that until his own blood and kin is gay THEN he will accept homosexuality as a norm. It's like saying, if my grandson is handicapped then i will help the handicap or If my granddaughter can earn a living singing then i will believe in entertainment.. e.t.c.

I'm not saying that he is not forward thinking, but really, how is this a good example for lgbt's parents and non-lgbt parents?

Then the subject about adoption by 2 men or 2 women? How crude is that to be judging gender here when all of us are fighting and living for equality. It's quite contradictory don't you think?

And Cheney? Seriously? Is that the best example to be quoting?
65. 2011-01-31 23:14  
The most important part of Lee Kuan Yew's statement is his remark about gayness being part of someone's 'genetic coding'. Call him conservative and repressive but at least he acknowledges that people are what they are.
66. 2011-01-31 23:53  
lagunabro, it is you who needs a lot of professional help. For the make believe world you inhabit and for reeking badly of internalized homophobia.

I am not Alex Au just because I happen to agree with him on many issues. (I am Indian as well which Alex is not.) And neither is 38 "old" [removed by webmaster.]

And don't think you belong to some elite upper class just because you are adept at name dropping. I was from RI AND RJC, incidentally.
修改於2011-02-03 21:53:34
67. 2011-02-04 02:43  
Still far too many barking mad Christian fundamentalists with far too much influence over politicians. Unless you get rid of them/shut them up, nothing much will change.
68. 2011-02-06 02:49  
I would very much want to believe MM Lee, bt looking at his track record...so to poster #1 nomoredrama, you hit the nail right on the head: Is he for real...or just for show??? LOL
69. 2011-02-07 16:45  
MM Lee is known to be a hard-liner. There are many negative rumours regarding his family issues like how provoked he was when he learned his daughter's first boy friend of other race, his albino grandson, his other son is a playboy, etc. I doubt the depth of his words. Any connection to his son or grandson is or not gay? If they are, his 'backside' is covered if the fact come to light one day. If they aint, easy said lor. Not until 1 day his sibilings come out, only then he can proof his words with actions. Its only his personal view, it does not mean it will affect the govenment policy appealing 377a tomorrow or legalizing gay marriage the day after tomorrow nor allowing gay adopting children. Say, say only mah. After our MM Lee becomes MM, he already has alot of say, say now and then. Whats the big deal, they are all personal opinions, take it or leave it. Everybody has personal views?




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