Last night my boyfriend...

Last night my boyfriend, J, came over at my place to study for his exam. So I sat on the bed watching youtube, while he laid on my thigh and read his notes. Just then, my dad walked passed and saw us. This is how the conversation goes.

Dad: How do you expect him to study with that big distraction?
J: It's ok, I prefer to study with noise.
Dad: No not that la! The other one beside you
J: (turns around) What's your dad...

Then J punched my chest hard and muttered 'idiot'. Dad started laughing like some jolly Santa and walks away

Me: OUCH! What was that for?
J: I wanna focus.
Me: *looks down* Opps, sorry b

Just wanna say, thanks dad! Though I'm your only child, both you and mommy supported me, defended me against nasty relatives. My only regret is that I will never be able to give you a grandchild. I have seen the way you look at other granddads, the look of envy and despair. It's painful to see you like this.

Hopefully once I am done with uni and serving my bond, I thought of moving to the US. Get a job, married (to J of course) and adopt a child in the US, you'll be able to live that dream.

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Original Post: Last night my boyfriend...
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9 years ago
Good for you - so please focus on your studies as your first priority. When you finally graduated with flying colours, then the sky would be the limit in whatever your heart's desire.
9 years ago
haha...a most understanding and accepting dad--lucky you!