A love story 3 years on

I was there to complain about their service at a telco shop, but there came this stunning-looking guy who was the manager. But of course I kept my calm and started complaining. Then he took my details and said he will call me once he finishes conducting his investigations.

Well true enough after 3 working days he called and explained about the results of the investigation blah blah blah… so I thought that’s all. But a whatsapp message from an unknown number came hours later, “”Hey I’m B and we just spoke. Just wondering if we’re on the same train of thought. If we are, then could we continue this chat?”“.

Well of course I know it was him cos I only spoke to a person with a name B that day. And yeah that’s how we began. I was 22 and he’s 33, so we’re 11 years apart. But it doesn’t seem to matter cos he keeps saying I’m way more matured than my age when we discuss about things.

So he asked me out for dinner and movie, and yeah we had an awesome dinner thanks to him. Then I suggested a little movie marathon and challenged him. I seriously thought he wouldn’t agree to it but to my surprise, he said “”Game on!”” And so he went to buy tickets at Cathay (and you know Cathay has those couple seats… which I didn’t know at first cos I don’t really watch movies at Cathay) and yeah first movie. Done. Then second movie…

Then he made his move. He gave me a good passionate kiss halfway through the movie and out of all darkness he gave me a ring! That was our first date and he already decided I’m the right one. For me, I was totally on excited and speechless, but he just said, “”It’s ok if you’re not ready, just keep it, if you really can’t then give it back to me then.”” BUT aiyoh who will be so stupid to let a HOT guy go like that?! Of course grab! So I just ask him to put the ring on and yeah we cuddle through till the movie ended.

It was quite late then and he sent me back home. We continued talking on the phone for a while after he’s home… before he fell asleep! So nothing juicy till now.

But he planned to have a short trip to Bintan the following week and told me that we’re going on a 3 day 2 night trip over the weekends. I was like totally unprepared but nonetheless still agreed. And so we did it all in the gorgeous Bintan resort, with my gorgeous guy, HOT abs, HOT body, HOT face (ok lah, so so only haha). And my oh my the typical me who just uploads everything to instagram, facebook and all… (not the bed scenes of course… the rest of the trip lah!)

Somehow I forgot my mum and dad are my friends on Facebook and so they saw everything! And when I came back on Sunday night, I was immediately “”called in for questioning”“. But to my surprise, their “”investigations”” were positive and just asking about him. After our conversations I told him about it and yeah while I was talking over the phone, my mum came into my room and took my phone away! And mum invited him over for dinner the next day.

The typically sweet guy, my hubby B came with flowers for my mum and nothing for dad. But he totally got the entire family to his side now. My grandma loves him, mum adores him, and dad (gosh) psychos him to play golf every now and then! Where got time for me?!

After a month together, I also got to meet his family and they were also an awesome bunch! That was 3 years ago when it all happened. And this year 25 August, marks our 3rd Anniversary together and also our “”wedding”” day. The day I leave my parent’s house and live together with him in the condo both our parents bought.

Thank you Mum and Dad and Ah-ma for accepting me and B all these years. Thank you Ma and Pa also. I will take care of B’s stomach and fill it so don’t worry. But all in all, a big thank-you to my hubby B all these years and I still haven’t complain you used my number for your personal matters! Hahahaha… We’re going to Japan for a 2-week all around Japan trip yes? Yes. No arguments.

- Love, your minion with a good bod, D

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9 years ago
Have a nice trip
9 years ago
Soooooo coooool story and very touching. You and hubby are so fortunate to have such living and supportive parents and grands as well! All the best and may this relationship lasts for a very long time.