My grouchy boyfriend

We’re both out to our family. Yesterday after lunch out with his family at Vivo. We went back to his place and i was in his mom’s room with his mom and sister, doing some data transfer/sync for his mom’s new phone, at the same time, her desktop and her sister’s laptop’s maintenance.

He came in twice for a bit.. then finally about one hour later… 

"How much longer are you going to take?" He asked darkly.
"Um… just a bit more?", i replied, a little stunned.
"It’s Sunday, i want to watch a movie and spend time with you!" he growled, as he stormed out of the room.

So I quickly finished whatever i could and said, “I better go pacify that guy.”
"Grouchy guy", his mom and sister said in union.

I think he doesn’t even want to share me with his family, and i find that superbly cute XD. Gonna be 6 months soon! Yay to us 

-Mr Caffeine

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9 years ago
Cute XD but bad personality even to his own family! Shame on him! Hope he come to his senses that it is his family that is the one closest to him after his bf. They are the one whom supported him and when his bf spends some time with them, I don't see any reasons not to. Spending time with rest of the family simply binds the bf closer to the family, except if this guy have another agenda.