Discrimination at the workplace

I work as a HR executive in a company that doesn’t look favourably on the LGBT community. Earlier today, my boss and I interviewed an applicant whom we thought would finally be the right one. She was highly educated, had the experience and skills we wanted but she was unfortunately (or fortunately) not getting the job.

We were given to understand that we were interviewing a male applicant but as it turned out, he is transitioning to be a woman. The interview went as per normal; however, I sensed that my boss was feeling uncomfortable around her. So I ended being the one asking most of the questions. Towards the end, I asked if she had any questions to clarify. She asked if her transitioning will be a problem. I answered, frankly, that we had never encountered such an employee before and that we will need to look into the matter should she be offered the job. She nodded her head, and with that, the interview ended.

I called her the next day and informed that she was unsuccessful. Calling applicants and informing them as such isn’t something I normally do, but I felt obliged. Over the phone, I told her that she should look at a company that will support its employees regardless of their orientation, and not one that will leave the matter to be ‘looked into’. She thanked me and told me that she appreciated the call and honest advice.

Anyway, last month, I tendered my resignation with the company after eight long years. I end this Friday. I resigned partly because I felt like I’ve reached my professional growth but mostly because I felt like I couldn’t be myself. You see, I too am gay, but kept my sexuality a secret at work.

(Don’t ask me how I survived eight years - the pay was really good and I was glad to have an income that will pay off my university debts in three years).

I start work at a new company next week that’s very pro-LGBT as a HR manager (with increased pay and benefits, woohoo!) and can’t wait for it.

P.S. I’m likely to be calling the applicant to offer her a suitable job (if there are any) at the same company once I get around to settling in.

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9 years ago
great for you.
like most people, we work in a place that is not pro LGBT and we have to be very secretive about our orientation.