A proposal

Hello people, I feel like I am the most happiest person on Earth! 

Yes, I did proposed to him on his birthday and he said YESSSSSS… (I posted on this page before 1 week before his birthday and his birthday was on his first day of his exams). He was hesistating at first as I was asking him to marry me. I was like “Did I do something wrong?” in mind. Oh and I placed the ring on the wrong finger. *Guess I was too nervous*

But he accepted it and hopefully after his first degree, we would be getting married in New Zealand and start a new life there. I know this seems to fast for both of us and still we do not have enough money to support the both of us there, so we have decided to sell some of our stuffs just to get more money for a small wedding here in SG. It is not legal yet, but just a small one. My mom is very excited about this and she quickly made arrangements with her sisters for our wedding. Love you mom. 

In the meantime, S is still waiting for his results and I have been keeping myself busy till today. S told his family about this and they were not so happy about this as they describe him as immature in his thinking as he is marrying an old man, I am 28 btw and he is 22. But S did not tell me much about his parents agreeing on the marriage, just that he said he will pay for his share of the wedding. 

I wanted to give him another surprise (wish) so I am thinking of meeting his parents next weekend but I just dont know how to confront them and asking them to come to our small feast. My hands are shaking just thinking about it. Who knows what else they would do to me, but I have to, for him. 

That is one of the things I want to do for him. Another thing is that I should start moving out from my parent’s house and try to get an apartment for us to live in. Still, money is an issue. Houses these days are just too expensive, very. Well it is still on our wish list.

Next, get us a matching suit. I am no fashion nor in-style guy, so as S. I think we might have a big issue here. I am colour blind and S is just not so used shopping. *Gosh*

I think I should stop ranting my wish list over here. *Sorry guys* LOLs’

Thanks for reading people. 

Love you all,
"old man"

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9 years ago
Good luck :-)
9 years ago
good luck