A note from a mom

Dear son,

You were careless. You went to bed without closing the browsers on your computer last night and I found out that you were reading materials from ‘Blowing Wind Gay Forum’. Now, don’t freak out. Remember that I always told you that we should never view the world in monochrome? My GP students know this, and it is time that I teach you a little something on gender studies: gender is fluid. 

Truth is, I have always known that you liked boys; you were jealous of your classmate’s perfectly chiselled body when we hosted your 15th birthday; you commented on how Jacob looked cute when we watched New Moon, and promptly said that his wolf form was cute (really? that violent looking canine?!); and the most obvious yet, you called your math tutor ‘dear’ when I was near your room. 

Your dad has a hint too. Talk to us when you’re ready. We love you - gay or not regardless.


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9 years ago
its so much nice
little dear go talk to your parents tell them the truth
i know they will going to accept you for who you are