A boy’s letter to his bf

Baby, I know you love reading this page before you go to bed and this letter is for you.

You need to go home and visit your family. Especially your mum. She hasn’t been well in health and if you continue to distance yourself from her, I am afraid it is a decision you will come to regret later. 

We love each other and that is the unmistakable truth. It doesn’t matter that your family will never accept me as your partner or that your mum reacted in a bad way when you came out. Sometimes not every couple will have a happily-ever-after. And that’s okay. 

Love is a giving emotion and you are such a warm, generous and loving guy. Indeed one of the reasons why I fell in love with you was because you cut short our first date to bring home some roast pork for your family dinner, simply because it was your mum’s favourite and she hadn’t had it for a while. And all the other little yet thoughtful stuff you do for them all these years. Any man who treats his mother that well, is a man you want by your side for life.

It will be a year next week since you left home and moved in with me. You will always have a place here, and in my heart. But I don’t want you to hold on to that anger. Let it go. We have each other and that is all that matters.

Someday your family will understand that being gay is not a big issue as loving you. Maybe, maybe not. Most families in Singapore will struggle with this. You are already a son-in-law to my parents so let’s be content with that. 

Loving you,
Your kueh kueh boy

P.S please don’t forget my nephews insist that their favourite uncle (that is you) join us for the family outing to USS this long weekend! I know you are scared of roller coasters but they promise to hold your hand very tight and not let go!

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