"Thank you so much for loving me"

Dear T,

Thank you for organizing such a great belated bday party for me. I never expect it from you. Of all people, YOU.

Thank you for making my Mak so comfortable. You know she isn’t comfortable amongst strangers. 

I still wonder how or when you approach Mak and convince her to attend. No one wants to tell me. You even manage to persuade her to bring the whole family.

It’s funny how you banned everyone from taking photos or do video recordings. Instead you engaged a professional plu photographer for the event. You think of everything don’t you?

From the opening address by you to a simple prayer conducted by a family friend (surprise you approach him coz u don’t like him even though 
I like to attend his religious lecture) to the little fun activities that we had, I am amazed because, usually I plan a lot of things for us - from our weekend activities to our yearly trips. It’s the opposite and I appreciate it a lot.

Of course the highlight was the cake cutting and the kisses and hugs from Mak and Pak. Mak even kissed you much to the surprise of everyone one - a malay aunty kiss a chn gentleman.

The next phase of our life begins, when the house is ready for us to move in. I m so looking forward to it where we will take turns to cook for each other. I only hope the neighbors will be very very Understand.

I have never look back since the day we got attached. The good friend ever predicted that we won’t last long coz he wants me to be with someone better looking but, I m happy with you and that’s what matters and u have always place me before anyone else.

Thank you so much T for loving me, for making me awfully special everyday regardless what others think of us. Now that you have raised the bar, I wonder what to do for your birthday 

Happy advance 15th anniversary T. I love you very much.

Your Love,

Original Post: "Thank you so much for loving me"
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