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9 Nov 2006

singapore to legalise anal, oral sex - but only for heterosexuals

As part of Singapore's first major penal code amendments in 22 years, anal and oral sex in private among between consenting heterosexual adults will soon be decriminalised but the law criminalising sexual acts between men will remain.

Anal and oral sex will no longer be a criminal offence in Singapore but this will only apply to consenting heterosexual adults while sexual acts between men will remain a crime, the government said on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said it has conducted a detailed review of sexual offences in the penal code. The review was first announced in November 2003 after a huge public outcry erupted over the injustice of convicting a police constable for consensual oral sex with a teenager who was thought to be of legal age until later.

A relic of British colonial rule, Section 377 - which criminalises sexual acts 'against the order of nature with any man, woman or animals' and provides for life imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment and a fine - will be repealed while Section 377A, which criminalises "gross indecency" between males whether in public or in private and prescribes up to two years' imprisonment, will be left as is.

Britain, Hong Kong and Australia have since repealed laws prohibiting sex between men in 1967, 1991 and 1997 (in the state of Tasmania, the last Australian state to do so) respectively.

An "explanatory note" issued by MHA to official newsrooms after office hours on Tuesday, which was obtained by Fridae, read: "The law on sexual offences deals with sexual relationships and embodies what society considers acceptable or unacceptable behaviour.

"When it comes to homosexual acts, the issue is whether Singaporeans are ready to change laws to bring them in line with heterosexual acts. Singapore remains, by and large, a conservative society. Many do not tolerate homosexuality, and consider such acts abhorrent and deviant. Many religious groups also do not condone homosexual acts. This is why the Government is neither encouraging nor endorsing a homosexual lifestyle and presenting it as part of the mainstream way of life."

The news has enraged the local gay community. Miak, who is an active member of several gay groups, said: "What is the argument for the decriminalising of non-vaginal sex between heterosexuals but not for homosexuals? Is it about how conservative Singapore society is, and how some people find homosexual sex deviant, offensive, repugnant? I think that the same people might also find non-vaginal - meaning oral/anal sex which will soon be legalised - deviant, offensive and repugnant too!"

"The law hasn't been used to prosecute in recent times - so what is the point of retaining it? To maintain a facade of moral standards?"

While welcoming the repeal of Section 377, gay and lesbian advocacy group People Like Us (PLU) said that the "assurance" that it "will not be proactive in enforcing the section against adult males engaging in consensual sex with each other in private" is inadequate as it cannot be relied upon legally.

In a statement issued on Wednesday to call on the government to repeal both Section 377 and 377A, PLU said: "The retention of s.377A, even if not enforced, will signal to many that homophobia is justifiable and acceptable and has the support of the State.

"If the government aims for an open, inclusive society, it should be doing all it can to overturn prejudice and discrimination, rather than give people reason to remain closed-minded through retaining s.377A for symbolic purposes."

Subhas Anandan, president of the Association of Criminal Lawyers in Singapore, questioned the rationale for not repealing Section 377A in a Channelnewsasia interview: "If you are a homosexual or a lesbian, I think you can get into trouble. We are talking about an inclusive society and being more broad-minded. Why do we want to keep these people away, out of the circle? I think we should be more broad-minded, more sympathetic and allow these people to be included in our society."

Other proposed amendments include new laws to combat child prostitution, sex tourism, strengthened prosecution of credit card fraud and the extension of several offences to the electronic media including the Internet as well as a clarification of the definition of an unlawful assembly. In total, the proposed changes would add 19 new ones, affect 19 existing offences, and review penalties, and will now be open to public feedback for a month via reach.gov.sg.


Reader's Comments

1. 2006-11-09 03:34  
The Moral Equivalent of Chewing Gum in Public.
There is something Rotten in the State of Singapore.
Time to save arse, not face. Good luck U guys!

2. 2006-11-09 05:27  
This is a HILARIOUS news! So anal and oral sex were prohibited but then were legalized only for heterosexual people??? Even a moron will know why the law was changed like that.

The straight Singaporean law makers (I presume they are men) want to enjoy anal sex and oral sex with their wives!!! (sigh) The world is going crazy...

3. 2006-11-09 05:27  
the day these guys wake up and find that their kid is homosexual.... thats when things will change....lol
4. 2006-11-09 09:01  
what crap!

what is the difference betw hetero anal sex and homo anal sex??

what a load of bull!

5. 2006-11-09 09:18  
Inclusive society indeed!!
When their own sons are convicted of such acts.. Oh how I can't wait to have a look at their agony..
~Hi 5 to tornangel!!~
6. 2006-11-09 09:23  
I agree. IT'S CRAP!!!!!
7. 2006-11-09 10:04  
Never bother!We don have sex openly anyway!Who cares!?
8. 2006-11-09 10:36  
From what I understand, the penal code does not penalise lesbian sex. Why is it so? Is it because the hetro men like to watch two women having sex with each other, so do not view it as deviant, offensive and repugnant act???

So what is the logic when MHA mentioned that the society does not condone homosexual behaviour? What a hypocritic society it is when they allow 2 women and not 2 men having sex with each other.

9. 2006-11-09 10:41  
The crux is as long as you are not heterosexual, any sexual act or expression is forbidden. Nothing new but definitely a mockery.
10. 2006-11-09 10:47  
is really quite crap shit singapore government is coming out with,if they want such law,dont try to act like the government is opening up,allowing gay and les pubs....
so much for being a free speaking country....
i agree....properly the straight man want some legal anal with woman....straight man are disgusting!!!
11. 2006-11-09 11:11  
Lawyer Thomas Ng wrote in the book "People Like Us" that contrary to popular belief, it is possible for 2 lesbians to be charged under S377 which under the proposal will be repealed.
12. 2006-11-09 11:12  
haha. this is so weird. as if there's a difference in anal/oral sex between heteros and homos. this made me laugh so much, despite all the coughing that came along with it (i'm sick). :p
13. 2006-11-09 11:54  
Yes, I agree, Singapore needs to join the 21st century and update its penile code.
Comment #14 was deleted by its author
15. 2006-11-09 12:35  
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...the Singapore government is simply a JOKE !! (do they actually get paid SALARIES to come up with this stuff?? It's taken them 22 years to cum this far???)

Who's going to be appointed as the new Director of Anal and Oral Sexual Activity to make sure these new laws are upheld and enforced, I wonder? Can I apply? I have extensive experience in this field, having performed anal and oral sex on a daily basis since I was 12. I consider myself the "Michael Jordon" of buggery and fellatio.

to the Singapore government: (most probably you have your "moles" inside the fridae.com domain and monitor it regularly)...
as much as you continually torment and oppress your citizens with utter bohemian hate, fear, predjudice and discrimination, now and then you're good for a huge laugh...

Don't stick your cocks up your wife's/girlfriend's/mistress' butts/mouths too often....we need you to KEEP BREEDING....15% of the time you're making more QUEERS LIKE US !!!! And Singapore gay bois are simply gorgeous!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..
Comment #16 was deleted by its author
17. 2006-11-09 13:45  
With the repeal of S377, the proposal seeks to legalise (i) heterosexual anal and oral acts (ii) lesbian acts. But S377A remains and it criminalises homosexual acts of whatever nature, even between consenting adults in private.

Why single out male gays to discriminate against, I wonder? Does the "conservative society" argument not apply to lesbian sex? Or maybe they just want the lesbians and the male gays to fight out amongst one another?

Also, MHA's statement implies that many do not consider lesbian sex and hetero anal and oral sex to be "abhorrent and deviant". Who are these people who constitute "many", I wonder?
18. 2006-11-09 14:25  
A government or maybe a whole nation is in self-denial or just homophobic.
19. 2006-11-09 15:25  
This is outrageous! What a joke...Singapore is a farce! What a stupid government you have...
20. 2006-11-09 15:54  
" Yes, I agree, Singapore needs to join the 21st century and update its penile code. "

I think S'pore is actually joining the 21st Century.. following behind the steps of our beloved George Bush ... and John Howard ...

surprisingly,.. they think that traditional chinese culture doesnt approve of gayness.. obviously they failed history... just google up ... historic china and gays... it was a norm for gigolo houses...
21. 2006-11-09 16:33  
I found the feedback site (comments to go in before 9 Dec) at

But it's complicated legal language. Non-lawyers like me don't know where to start but if somebody writes a petition I will sign. Say something like 'why keep a law you say you won't enforce but can enforce at any time? Is it just to keep a threat over our heads? Or so that the one people you put Gurmit Singh on TV saying share justice and equality either have to break your law or live unfulfilled lives?
22. 2006-11-09 16:41  
The moment i heard these words from the news:
"But Homosexual Sex is still an Offence...."
And i'm like....
It's Obviously Discrimination against Homosexual People!!!

I mean, Heteros are Humans, HoMos are Humans, Is there any BIG DIFFERENCE?
It's Just that our Sexual Orientation are different, that's all.

Anal, Oral Sex between Heteros are still the SAME with HoMos' Anal, Oral Sex.
So WHAT'S THE DIFFENCE between f***ing the mouth and the ass of Heteros and HoMo?

It's still MOUTH AND ASS of humans of different sex...
Don't you agree?
23. 2006-11-09 16:43  
A mouth is a mouth, an ass hole is an ass hole, wats the difference of being hetero's or homo's ?
Pardon me!
24. 2006-11-09 17:17  
hey ya i'm frm sg and i do feel that the gov has been a little silly in this scope.. but they hav undeniably done a gd job in other sectors.. such that we hav managed to remain competitive in the 21st century...

still love my home land :P
neways not as though i'm gona screw ard in the parliment haha..
25. 2006-11-09 17:31  
ha ha.. doesn't matter... gays still have oral and anal sex regardless of its legality... so go out, just do it and make yourself happy!! Harping on this will never end...
26. 2006-11-09 17:53  
Well....so much for the freedom of mind....gays n les, my dear friends...PENIS code says you can't have sex...............as long as you don't get caught....YeeeHaaa!

27. 2006-11-09 19:36  
How incredible that a country with three distinct
racial groups ( excluding caucasians) is not more
accepting of minorities! Our gender, race and sex
uality are all determined at/by birth and are beyond
our control. There are probably as many Indian/Sin
gaporeans as there homosexuals on the Island, so
why discriminate against gays...................?
Brian Butcher..Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
28. 2006-11-09 19:40  
"oh now, you can suck your bfs or husbands cocks and get your arse fucked too..." who the hell bloody cares! it doesnt interest us the least bit and I am sure our straight counterparts would find it ridiculous too.
29. 2006-11-09 19:42  
Ce gouvernement est encore sous influence religieuse et ne veut pas laisser une place la libert humaine.
Que d'hypocrisie politique et religieuse !
A quand la libert de l'amour Singapour ?
Nous Franais, nous regrettons vivement la prise de position de votre gouvernement.
Good Luck

30. 2006-11-09 19:48  
"hey honey, tonight you can suck my cock w/o fear of getting sent to prison and I can also fuck your cunt and your arse w/o fear of a fine, this government is so understanding of our needs..you think the MPs are also doing the same thing tonight..?"
31. 2006-11-09 21:06  
Well the press release also says that gay men who do perform this acts will not have the law "vigorously enforced" upon them.

However, affairs and prostitution are also not "desirable" in Singapore's "...conservative society...". Shall we also make philandering a crime (but of course "not vigorously enforce it") ?

Also, anal sex, and oral sex, whether hetereosexual or otherwise, still entail the same body parts! There is something wrong with the logic! Buggery is buggery whether its a woman or a man on the receiving end!

However, lesbian sex acts are not mentioned in this section of the Penal code. So I guess its hard for lesbians to be charged under this section.
32. 2006-11-09 21:13  
There is no transparency in the legal system in Singapore. How is it that there was no due process in the review of the law, and how is it that the Singapore government can justify the existence of a law that exists only to prevent consenting adults from doing something in the privacy of their own home and there are no victims, only by something as subjective as "we are a conservative society"?

Who gets to decide how conservative our society is? Is Ho Peng Kee speaking for himself? Does he get to decide the law of the land? Is this how a "developed" country runs it's judicial system?
33. 2006-11-09 21:44  
singapore is nice, but its just too damn strict-modern but somehow old-fashioned,safe but under full-controlled
its kind of artificial
all of the beauty outside
inside singapore is nothing but faking all that outside beauty
but this is what i thought...
if im wrong then sorry
just assume i never wrote this
34. 2006-11-09 22:20  
Hmmmm, I am always amazed at the way humans interact among ourselves and the attempts to make "way of life" into laws. Legalising matters and "way of life" which ends up to result in so much contradictions and "exceptions" to the law, and so forth basing much on interpretation and skewed judgment..... skewed to whichever side I shall not comment!

why is it that the "way of life" of majority being imposed on the minority? is there a term for this phenomena? i think the word is "DISCRIMINATION" and "conservative society" or not is only a convenient excuse.
35. 2006-11-09 22:23  
Oh, by the way.... may I ask if a "conservative society" should also legalize gambling and issuing licenses to build casino? From young I was thought by my parents and teachers that gambling is immoral!!

Money talks, my friends... it does.... in fact, very LOUDLY too!
36. 2006-11-09 22:25  
i suppose the heteros can now go rob/steal/rape but it's illegal for homos to do that.
Comment #37 was deleted by its author
38. 2006-11-09 23:20  
Singapore needs to get with the program! Quit trying to legislate what happens between consenting adults in their bedrooms! Gay is OK, I can't help but think it has something to do with the goofy muslims
39. 2006-11-09 23:43  
Honey, I'm sorry but this ass is illegal. Try the auntie's next door. But do knock and ask politely.
40. 2006-11-10 00:02  
I Love it, very funny command from Niaoren. Thanks for the good laugh. I laugh my ass off, Ooops, it is illegal to laugh my ass off in Singapore. :)
41. 2006-11-10 00:25  
It makes me sick how reactionary governments like Singapore's always parrot this line about being a conservative society as if that gives them an excuse for this kind of thing. The issue here is not about what your average Joe may find 'repulsive' or 'deviant'. it is about the basic human right to live freely without government interference or discrimination. In a civilised society miserable, sexually frustrated killjoys have as much right to exoress their views as anyone else. To then impose their moral values on everyone else, even (in fact, especially) when they are in the majority is an ugly form of oppression which should be challenged by anyone who thinks what consenting adults do in private is not the business of the Singapore legislature.
42. 2006-11-10 00:41  
What a sad sack of pathetic politicians in Singapore, they've made the place the laughing stock of the civilised? World yet again.
43. 2006-11-10 01:23  
Hahahahah the comments here are hilarious!!!!

44. 2006-11-10 01:35  
Singapore : " First world " country, cave man mentallity.
45. 2006-11-10 02:29  
Well, Singapore Wants MORE BABIES TO BE MADE... Maybe that's why they refuse to have HoMo Sex..

Since there are quite a number of Homosexual in Singapore who are NOT OUT of the closet yet..
IF they allow, they are afraid there will be NO BABIES MADE eventually..

46. 2006-11-10 02:36  
What about transexuals and sex change individuals? Where do they stand (no pun intended)?
47. 2006-11-10 02:57  
" Beyond description ," is the only way to describe those new laws of Singapore.
No , that is too kind ." Primitive , barbaric and tragic , " would be more appropriate , I believe.
Singapore was not first in line , it seems , when love , care & compassion were being distributed at the start of times !
48. 2006-11-10 03:07  
I think hmmm instead of focusing of legalizing sexual behaviours between men.. Why not try pressing for illegalization of certain heterosexual activities such as pre marital sex and hetero sex outside of marriage.. because Singapore is such a conservative society.. The people of Singapore will really appreciate such a change in the laws. Guys and gals will really think twice before defiling their marriage bed, as a result, more healthy marriages, less divorcee cases, more healthy families. The government should really consider enforcing this to . What a lovely and morally upright country.. Don't you agree? :P
49. 2006-11-10 03:28  
Well, 'hurray' for another advanced step to Singapore modernisation. Those heterosexual people can rejoice, and perhaps use that opportunity to do whatever they think they want cos the law has removed that code... Whatever?!

The time when the penal code Section 377A is repealed will be the day my children will live to the day to see it happens - which means ratio chances of me having children and that section repealed is almost impossible?

No point b*tching abt this since none of us will have the capacity and the courage to voice out, cos even if some of us do have those - we will be fallen to deaf ears as we are still living in a country whereby people still need to be told what to do and what not to do; & not to think for themselves.... typical!
50. 2006-11-10 09:15  
wah kao.. y would hetero wanna have anal in the first place? downright discriminating anyway.. doesnt do us AJ any good..
51. 2006-11-10 09:57  
just my two cents worth of opinion:

why aren't lesbian sex acts mentioned in this section of the Penal code? does that mean the Garment accepts lesbian sex.

no, absolutely not. becoz these rules, these laws were drafted by men and could date back to old british colonial era. in a patriachial society, sex = penetration, aka male sexual organ penetrated the female's organ... n what is lesbian sex? err, they didn't think we lesbians can have sex in the first place. read the penal code relevant section line by line, and u will understand wat i m trying to say here. There must be "penetration" then can have sex.. So we lesbians are "excluded"from the legislation. hahahaha, should we call for a celebration???


52. 2006-11-10 10:32  
[I am a law-abiding citizen of Singapore]
I wait for the green man to appear before i cross the road. I do not chew gums. I do not litter. I pay all my taxes on time.
[I love my country]
I am a NS army officer. I am willing to lay my life for this little red dot. I ballot for National Day tickets every year. I yearn for home when I was studying abroad.
[I love my family]
I have dinner with family twice a week. I provide a domestic helper to take care of my folks at home. I bring my parents on holidays. I cook for my family. I go to the parks for walks with my family. I care for my parents when they are ill. I give my parents money monthly. I shower my little nephew with love. I read and play with my nephew.
[I believe in God]
I had been on mission trips. I used to be a leader in a christian society in school. I was a bible-study leader. I still believe that Christ die for me.
[I am gay]
I am in a relationship with my partner for 8 years. I love him deeply. I intend to be with him till the day I die. I have sex with my partner. I am a criminal.
53. 2006-11-10 10:38  


Well, this just confirms Singapore, though it thinks it is a modern country, is at least 10 years !!! out of date with Tasmania; and 40 years (40!!!) out of date with UK. It's laws come from a museum.

I don't seek equal rights as hetrosexuals, I seek to live my life AS I WISH (as long as I hurt no other). I do NOT care if someone thinks my sexuality is deviant. Other's can think what they like. A government's DUTY is to protect all members of its population especially the minorities. Singapore FAILS AGAIN.

Global country?! Ha! hahahahahahahahaha! It takes more than a few electronic goods to make a country a global nation. It takes gobal minds, compassions, strengths, outlooks, vision. Not dark-age bigotry. Global country, village government!
54. 2006-11-10 10:49  
even though this is a most fine example of gay rights not being respected in this country, i do not believe that legalising anal and oral sex between guys is going to solve any problems.

law is law, merely a moral structure for the society; but if the society does not remove its own stigma of same-sex union, no matter the number of laws that are out there, society is still going to see us as freaks and outcasts. the most imperative thing to do is to remove that stigma, and that may take generations.

fighting for our own rights in a society, our very own place and identity, is not easy, and has never been. i suppose what we should do is not to lament but to stand together and fight for our cause.

i'm not saying that the government was right not to repeal that piece of legislation, but it wouldn't really have made any difference.
55. 2006-11-10 10:54  
friskylad and S2 both have highly valid comments.
56. 2006-11-10 11:45  
I have submitted the appended comments to the REACH portal yesterday: http://www.reach.gov.sg/olcp/asp/ocp/ocp01d1.asp?id=3683

"If the proposal to repeal the existing Section 377 is for the purpose of decriminalising oral and anal sex between a pair of consenting adults, why is it restricted to heterosexual couples only?

By repealing the existing Section 377 while keeping the Section 377A intact, is there an explicit intention for the government to discrimate against homosexuals, and specifically, male homosexuals and MSM (men who have sex with men), even if both parties are consenting?!

Just for the sake of argument, there is no similar provision(s) [existing or proposed] to criminalise same-sex sexual behaviour between two females, although I have absolutely nothing against that either.

Furthermore, by retaining Section 377A while repealing Section 377, does it mean that oral sex and mutual masturbation between two men are still illegal, while anal sex between them will be legal upon the passing of the amendment bill?

There was the qualification that historically, Sections 377 and 377A have not been used to persecute MSMs, and even with the proposed amendments, law enforcers will not actively use Section 377A to persecute MSMs.

Since that is the case, why is Section 377A still being retained if not for the sole purpose of discriminating against MSMs and forcing them to perpetually live in fear?!

The above-stated proposed amendments goes entirely against the government's repeated calls for a more inclusive society. How does the explicit discrimination of one segment of the population contribute towards that goal?

As for the "claim" that MSM activities goes against traditional Asian values, it should be noted that other largely Chinese societies/countries, such as China and Taiwan, DO NOT have similar legal codes.

Last but not least, in the current context of the need to retain and attract top talents from around the world to sustain Singapore's growth and development, having such a discriminatory legal code will not only turn-off potential immigrants, but of more concern, drive away Singapore's own sons and daughters.

These people may or may not be homosexual or MSMs themselves, but they may be pushed away due to the lack of a free and inclusive society. Hanging on to such an archaic legal code will just inhibit Singapore's bid to be a bona fide first-world country and global city!"
57. 2006-11-10 12:35  
We have bitched enough already!

Don't like this? Then do something about it. How? Very simple. Remember this blatant homophobia well and vote them out of office when you next get the chance.

Until glbt voters start to see the light and vote on glbt issues, there will not be any change. Don't be fooled by talks of 'national' interests. There are 90% (using the 10% homo statistics) of the voters voting on that count already. 'National' interests are well covered. GLBT interests on the other hand are never covered. So start voting on that now.
58. 2006-11-10 13:27  
I think what the Singapore government has done is great, but I also question why it has not been extended to homosexuals...then we need to look at the bi-sexuals, who if I understand correctly, can have anal & oral sex with their hetrosexual partner, but not with their partner of the same sex (in court, could their argument be...they got confused (when the lights were off) as to who their partner was at the time of the sex act in question).
Just a thought!
Comment #59 was deleted by its author
60. 2006-11-10 14:21  
Written by Alex Au on Signel http://groups.yahoo.com/group/signel

Please be sure of your info before you write in. Please be aware that despite the somewhat misleading press reports, Section 377 will be repealed entirely. Anal and oral sex will be legal for all. Section 377A however will be retained, so gross indecency between males only will be criminal.

The People Like Us Media Release http://www.plu.sg/society/?p=63 will provide you with the main arguments if you're not sure how to write. Borrow freely from there, copy and paste or put it into your own words if you wish.


One word of caution. Some of you will notice that the result of repealing Section 377 but not repealing Section 377A means lesbian sex is completely legal, but gay males are criminalised.

(I suspect this move is deliberate - a divide and conquer strategy)

Some of the men here will be tempted to make the argument that since this clause is so sex-discriminatory, it should be unconstitutional, and therefore repealed. Please DO NOT make this argument, because then the retort will be to extend 377A to cover women as well to make it gender neutral!

Already in today's Straits Times, you see this suggestion!

Mr Amolat Singh of Amolat & Partners, however, noted that an act of gross indecency between women does not fall under Section 377A and suggested that the section be reworded to 'bring about gender equality'.

(And that's why it's in the women's interest to see 377A killed once and for all.)

The argument that PLU uses is a different one. It is that since the government recognises that it would not be moral to harass gay men through the active enforcement of this law (that's why they promised not to enforce it), then a law that cannot be used should be trashed.

You can also use the argument that since 377A is discriminatory because it is targeted at gays with no effect on heteroseuals, it is unconstitutional under Article 12(1) of the Constitution (the equality clause).
61. 2006-11-10 15:46  
Hmmm since Im a btm... maybe I shld get a female to fuck me with a strap-on...

So technically speaking Im hving straight anal sex!!

Im legal!!!!
62. 2006-11-10 16:00  
Singapore's patriarchy and misogyny knows no bounds. As part of the recent review of laws, it still subscribes to the view that a man has "conjugal rights" and can force his wife to have sex even if she is not consenting. The only time she can legally say "no" is when she has an injunction or restraining order taken agains her husband. Otherwise, there the courts will not recognise the wife's non-consent to a sex act. In it's eyes, a man has that right to fuck her whenever he wants cos it's his right from marriage.

There you go. Welcome to the Dark Ages.
63. 2006-11-10 16:40  
Would love to see a picture of this Ho Peng Kee guy on fridae. Let's see who our homophobes look like!
64. 2006-11-10 18:40  
Instead of bitching about the issues get off your backsides and do something about it like we fought for our rights in the UK.
True it was not easy but if you believe in something
that is your birthright you will fight until you achieve that goal...
Love some of the comments!
Carry on the good fight...
65. 2006-11-10 21:53  
Individuals in government seem to think that the majority in Singapore are homophobic.
Is this really true? Isn't it just the activist minority?

Has anyone neutral ever taken a poll on this issue?
Hmmm... Could we ?
66. 2006-11-11 00:43  
Singapore will never ever will be accepting homosexality. I will be migrating to BKK or Australia soon as the government is conservative not the people.
67. 2006-11-11 00:57  
we held the IMF
we held the Biennale
our garment told our distinguished guests
we r a global society
our garment told us this is an inclusive society, whereby everyone right is being taken care of
whereby no one will be repressed
whereby everybody's voice is being heard.

oh really?
inclusive, but not including people who speaks a different "language"(eg Mr Brown),
inclusive, but not including people who are born differently (eg the physically challenged people)
inclusive, but not including people whom sexual orientation is different
(they say it is a "lifestyle" which they will not endorse and embrace)

global society?
just becoz we held IMF and Biennale
we become global society?
just becoz we are building IRs
we become global society?

pls lah, don't bullsh..t us lah!
68. 2006-11-11 10:23  
Singapore likes to compare itself to 'first' world developed countries. But has the government considered that the vast majority of such countries have either de-criminalized or have NEVER had laws against male homosexual activity. This includes not only north America and Europe but also Asian countries; Japan, Taiwan, HK. And also Australia and NZ. Instead of following the examples of most developed countries, in acting in a moral way with regard to adult sexuality and attempting to remove institutionalized discimination, the government of Singapore has instead decided to remain in the camp of the small minority of developed countries that still have laws against gay male activity; most of which are Islamic Middles Eastern countries.

Unchallenged and complacent the government goes blithely along in the assumption that THEY know what is best for the people. THEY know how conservative Sinagpore is or isn't and THEY will tell us when we are ready to be more tolerant. Of course Singapore is not a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship. Benevolent because the country is generally well-managed and corruption free. But if you do not fit into the paper cutter, one size fits all image of a good Singaporean, expect repression and ignorance from your government. That's where the dictatorship part kicks in. In preventing you a channel to question, to influence. In preventing gay societies from registering. In denying you the right to assemble and be heard.

PAP: grow up and get out of your citizens' bedrooms!!!
Comment #69 was deleted by its author
70. 2006-11-11 12:13  
It's time society here grow up.
71. 2006-11-11 16:28  
this is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!
72. 2006-11-11 17:04  

one of the most developed country in the world that still practices stone age laws........

did not think the people were conservative when i last visited............

was i wrong????

73. 2006-11-12 01:42  
hetrosex needs anal sex ? don't understand. what is the virginal for ?
74. 2006-11-12 12:01  
who do these heterosexuals think they are that they think that only they have the right to have a sexlife with one that they love? there are 6.8 billion people on this planet and in 50 years from now there wont be any fish left in the seas... we can't feed all people now already as it is... who stops this plague? Let people be who they are and don't insult the God that created them!
75. 2006-11-12 12:11  
I am so gald and fortunated that I longer live in Singapore. (I left when I was 14 yrs old and in search for my personal freedom) . I only go back to see my family once a year for 2 weeks.

Good luck for you all in Singapore, you have to stand up strong and fight for you right in SG, like I did in the US.

Singapore is like US in the 80s. Don't give up, and keep fighting. One day you will reach your dream. The only way they will win is you are giving up without trying. Then, you have no one to blame but your self. Good luck and take care. You have all my best wishes.
76. 2006-11-12 16:35  
At one point the government is encouraging foreign talent to work in singapore by claiming we have an open minded society. and now what do you think talented gay foreigners will think about us with such news...
77. 2006-11-13 00:02  
When you guys talked about Developped countries...I assume that you are talking about Industrially developped Countries... again here is the difference between the Old Europe which has already legalised Homosexuality Mariage in 4 or 5 countries...and the rest of the World...When you will visit Paris maybe you will not just think about the strike or just lazy people...maybe you will realize that nothing is changing superficially in France but deeply inside all French mind...I'm waiting the next "Election" and you will see that within 5 years France will also legalise the Gay Mariage...Same World different people different society...
78. 2006-11-13 11:31  
Actually the government should do a poll on whether Singaporeans, by and large, think that homosexual sex should be legalised and see how receptive Singaporeans are, instead of gauging from its own standards.
Comment #79 was deleted by its author
80. 2006-11-13 13:34  
Dr Lim Wee Kiak waved his medical credentials. "I'm a doctor and I do not think that homosexuality is natural. If my son told me one day he is gay, I will honestly be upset. But I won't condemn it. We need to study the deeper underlying issues involved."

Some silly new MP who said that as a doctor - he thinks that homosexual sex is unnatural, hence society won't accept. Now the law says unnatural sex is ok for heterosexuals - but not for gay men - this is pure unadulterated discrimination. What are all you gay men and women doing about this? Can we go see our relevant MPs and complain?
81. 2006-11-13 14:01  
OR you can see it this way:

Straight men starts poking the other hole of their female countrparts more often and realise that anal sex is just as pleasurable and not "unatural". After experiencing for themselves anal sex and realising it ain't no big deal - then they can understand how gay men do it, and stop thinking of gay men sex as "unatural" and hence leading the way to acceptance?

Probably... but when?
82. 2006-11-13 22:30  
Whether anal or not between heterosexual, but sex between men is still more enjoyable than a straight guy with a female.

Lets face what is happening and what is the trend in Singapore. More and more man finds that guys are more pleasant and approachable not only by personality, but also sexual on bed. (If one really keen to find out)
83. 2006-11-14 14:11  
"Many do not tolerate homosexuality, and consider such acts abhorrent and deviant. Many religious groups also do not condone homosexual acts. This is why the Government is neither encouraging nor endorsing a homosexual lifestyle and presenting it as part of the mainstream way of life."

Hmm...sexual orientation aside, does not all religious scriptures regard oral sex, sodomy and sex outside marriages as unnatural and immoral. So, by legalising it for the hetero population means it's superseceding mainstream conservative and moral codes observed tradionally? Wa, Singapore really powderful. Playing god now. Next thing you know, replace all images of deities and Gods in temples and churches with an Immaculate Virgin photo of a senior politician screwing himself !..Hmm...that would be iilegal too right since if u fuck or suck yourslef off, it's technically still same sex right?..wa...very deep..err, I mean penetrating food for thought!..:P
84. 2006-11-14 14:54  
God fuck the politicians - think that is legal by law now.
85. 2006-11-14 17:00  
It's no point trying to make a point here. Follow me or some of the former Singaporeans here. Leave Singapore for good. What is the use of loving your country if your own countrymen are hypocrites and have forsaken you.
86. 2006-11-14 17:54  
whwy should the world be held to ransom by narrow minded christian and muslim bigots???
87. 2006-11-14 22:04  
Those who oppose and discriminate are usually the ones with the sicker mental. Purely an act of denial.
88. 2006-11-15 23:12  
well,well, what do we have here...drat its the moral nazis again ...L-) well wtf...STICK THIER DIRTY FINGERS UP THEIR OWN ARSE FOR CHRISSAKE & STOP 'MOLESTING' US! (pun intended) NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS...government :D
89. 2006-11-16 07:05  
Laws should not follow trendy public opinion but should reflect what the society deems fair and just...... "what is good for the goose is good for the gander" Anal and oral sex is just plain good for EVERYBODY! or nobody......but not this one-sided approach perporting to be following public opinion. BULL! Legalize it!


90. 2006-11-17 21:00  
Singapore seems to be a the nicest place in Asia on the outside, but when you live here, it's the worst!
So what's the point in the government upgrading so many pathetic overpasses, zebra crossings and MRT stations when they purposely don't upgrade their own people's lives?
Don't worry guys, because most of the politicians are old and expired already, they won't be around much longer ;)
91. 2006-11-18 12:14  
"he was so effeminent that i thought he was a woman your honor"
92. 2006-11-20 06:33  
Here in Queensland, Australia we legalised sex between men to reduce the HIV rate. The stigma was taken away. Gays could then get tested openly and if positive get free HIV treatment. They were always trested with respect and dignity. Other measures were taken to address HIV in the drug taking, and sex worker populations. This meant that the HIV rate was kept low and because of this HIV never spread to the heterosexual population. As a result we have the lowest HIV and Hep C rate in the world. I used to work as a Clinical Psychologist with Sexual Health here in Brisbane. I am now retired.
93. 2006-11-22 11:43  
A question in socio-philiosophy is: Should the law be about morality? Even if it should, who is the arbiter of morality? Surely, "many" will regard adultery (a married person having sex with another person that is not his/her spouse) as immoral, and yet it is not a crime in Singapore! Why not make adultery a crime? Clearly, the Singapore government's position is that heterosexuals have the right to a fulfilling sex life in all ways (including anal, oral and extra-marital!). But why single out male homosexuals for discrimination? How will the government of a World City explain this double standard? The chewing gum dealing ban and the current sex law relating to anal and oral sex (before the proposed changes) have already made Singapore lawmakers a laughing stock amongst the international community. Please will the Singapore government consider carefully before passing this Bill? The "conservative society" argument is lame in the light of the above and the decision to build the IRs. Please consider deleting s377A.
94. 2006-12-09 00:08  
Who I sleep with is none of your business, is it now ?

Unless he is your son... :P
95. 2006-12-18 01:37  
I understand that Aids and HIV related diseases are rapidly growing in sinapore, and the singapore government is trying their very best to eliminate the source of such diseases.

However, don't you think that prostitution causes more jeopady to the danger of more singaporean citizens contracting sexually transmitted diseases?
So Why isn't the government doing anything about those prostitutes who engages in multiple sexual intercourse? Aren't they more prone to contracting STDs, than Men having sex with another men?

So, if the government approves prostitution, why not the gay community?
96. 2007-04-23 16:22  
this is really incredibly funny and shockingly shallow piece of law or statement or whatever you call it....I mean , if they say that homosexual sex is unnatural ( anal sex per se) then how natural is it for a man to insert his penis into his wife's or girffriend's ass ? Which scripture or holy book said that is allowed ? What is natural is culturally constructed.

Well, I believe only reason why this law is biased is because maybe the MPs who like enter from behind are making sure they are exempted ...what do ya think ?
97. 2009-07-07 00:55  
From a strictly JURIDICAL point of view, by de-criminalising certain acts (sexual or non) for the MAJORITY of a society, a governing body now has a very DIFFICULT time maintaining the rationale that the same law can be selectively applied only to certain groups in a given society. So believe it or not, the lawmakers have actually (unwittingly?) set themselves up for any number of legal challenges - not dealing with the legality of consenting sexual positions between men- for DISCRIMINATION. And no argument in the world about a conservative society will hold up to justify discrimination.

But let's face it, is anyone (in S'pore or anywhere else) really sitting around NOT having sex because they are waiting for family, religion, society, or government to give them "permission?" I sincerely hope NOT!

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