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13 Sep 2012

Govt-endorsed parental guide to "identify" gay and lesbian children slammed

The guide to "help" parents in Malaysia identify gay and lesbian "symptoms" in their children says one indication is that gay men have muscular bodies and like to show their body by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes, among other clues.

The Education Ministry-endorsed "guidelines" to "help" parents identify gay and lesbian "symptoms" in their children so they can take early corrective measurements has been slammed all round by activists and members of the LGBT community as the news was carried by online news websites today. 

The guidelines warn: "Once the children have these symptoms, immediate attention should be given."

Image from ebay.

It lists the following as "symptoms of gays":

- Have a muscular body and like to show their body by wearing
- V-neck and sleeveless clothes;
- Prefer tight and light-coloured clothes;
- Attracted to men; and
- Like to bring big handbags, similar to those used by women, when hanging out.

And "symptoms of lesbians":

- Attracted to women;
- Besides their female companions, they will distance themselves from other women;
- Like to hang out, have meals and sleep in the company of women; and
- Have no affection for men.

According to online reports, the guidelines were reportedly launched and distributed to some 1,500 audience members comprising teachers and parents who attended a "Parents in Curbing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Issue" seminar. It was organised by Yayasan Guru Malaysia Bhd, a non-profit group for educators, and officiated by Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi in Penang on Wednesday. The guidelines were published by Yayasan Guru Malaysia, and Putrajaya Consultative Council of Parents and Teachers Associations, and were endorsed by the Education Ministry. 

The seminar is said to be the 10th in the country and Penang is the fourth state to hold such a seminar, after Selangor, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Perak.

The Sinchew news site quoted Mohd Puad as saying that said teachers and parents should be exposed to discern the social symptoms of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) lifestyles to curb such problem among youths at school. He added that the number of communities, teachers and parents who did not understand about symptoms were still high. "Such exposure is important and it is high time the LGBT issue is discussed openly and not think of it as a taboo," he was quoted as saying.

Seksualiti Merdeka co-founder Pang Khee Teik called the Ministry of Education "officially a bully," and offered to provide guidance to "poorly educated" education officials through his organisation. He told Free Malaysia Today that the ministry should instead focus on other LGBT issues such as suicide, forced marriages, depression and bullying. "It must stop this inhuman campaign against vulnerable children," he said. "It should teach all children to be confident and to respect each other no matter who they are."


Reader's Comments

1. 2012-09-13 19:43  
These are stupid measurements, they can't definitely identify all gay men, because many straight guys also like showing their muscular bodies to women :D.
2. 2012-09-13 20:00  
- Have a muscular body and like to show their body by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes;
- Prefer tight and light-coloured clothes;
- Attracted to men; and
- Like to bring big handbags, similar to those used by women, when hanging out.

....hum....OMG I might be gay!!!!! Think I'll hustle over to a local gay bar tonight and find out.

But first, I'll get my boyfriend's opinion.
Comment edited on 2012-09-13 20:02:02
3. 2012-09-13 20:53  
So according to the above "guidelines"


This guy must be "STRAIGHT"?

(No Muscles, V-Necks, Sleeveless Clothes or Big Handbags)!

OMG ! I think it's the Malaysian Education Minister !
Run Boys Run !!!!
4. 2012-09-13 22:40  
if found those symptoms...
thanks GOD...
those parents are so blessed cos they have superior being in their family...
5. 2012-09-13 23:00  
I have those symptoms, I must be sick.
6. 2012-09-13 23:04  
"Attracted to men". Epic :)
7. 2012-09-13 23:44  
This is hysterical! Lets se this was written in the 1850s maybe...
8. 2012-09-14 00:19  
Comment edited on 2012-09-14 00:20:06
9. 2012-09-14 00:20  
They missed out other criteria:
- tend to grow moustache
- wear glasses
- sodomize staff member while in political office
10. 2012-09-14 01:41  
I feel sorry for my Malaysian friends who have to put up with such ignorance and homophobia. Perhaps the government would do better to actually try to educate rather then fan the flames of intolerance.
11. 2012-09-14 03:01  
Sorry, i cannot stop myself laughing -- how ridiculous !!
I will have to think twice about what to wear ..............
12. 2012-09-14 03:40  
some people are REALLY not very intelligent..........
13. 2012-09-14 04:41  
OMG!!! I'm NOT GaY!!! I wear dark coloured clothes, am fat and old.. I must be STRAIGHT!!! Does that mean I must be stupid like the straight people who come up with these symptoms.
14. 2012-09-14 07:15  
These clowns they put in positions of power are really not too bright. In fact, we need to replace the bulb, it's burnt out.
Comment #15 was deleted by its author on 2012-09-14 07:15
16. 2012-09-14 07:17  
Mantri you may be hetero but perhaps you should get married before they suspect otherwise ;)

17. 2012-09-14 08:09  
Dear Minister,

I'm more of a man than you'll ever be and more of a woman than you'll ever get...even with a peacock feather up my butt and wearing a feather boa around my neck.

Yours joyfully
18. 2012-09-14 08:42  
perhaps a "guide" for corrupt malaysian politicians can be published... they might be easier to spot.... although they would have large bags as well to receive and carry the kickbacks....lol
19. 2012-09-14 09:11  
we should not give a shit. LOL
20. 2012-09-14 10:00  
A whole load of crap and shit coming from less educated and brainless malaysian educators! These assholes have to be educated themselves first on basic human rights and respect for diversity.

Gays and lesbians are here to stay whether you like it or not. Do play god as you are not! What are you going to do with children with such "symptoms" electrocute them or what?

Everything happens for a reason. Gays help to curb population explosion whilst food supplies are limited. Gays have special talents in the arts and sciences. It is likely that something you have may have been written discovered or invented by gays! You have to thank gays for making this world a better place to live.

The taxpayers pay you to focus on improving the current education system which really sucks now! Just do what you are supposed to do !

Any guidelines for symptoms to identify corrupt to the core politicians and criminals who can be above the law and get away scot free whilst whistleblowers are severely punished? Go get these bastards who make our daily lives increasingly difficult to get by while they can flaunt and enjoy the ill gotten money from their misdeeds and vices!
21. 2012-09-14 10:35  
No offense to anyone out there, but i do believe i see some Malay /Indian / Chinese / Eurasion UNCLES wearing singlets and sarongs walking around the kampung area or the community area... Are they considered gay for showing off their body? Some of them with belly and the singlets are hugging their bodies and showing their arms... Symptoms? I wear any color I choose cause it brightens up my day and other people's as well... I carry recycle bags which is as big as a women's bag... Symptoms too?

There is no shit to give for this shit is worthless as the guideline itself is a pretty shitty one... Do i give a F**K?

Why would they care about what we wear? Who we love? What we do? Does it matter? Is it gonna make the country better if they ostracized fellow LGBT? Will the economy grow bigger if they are no LGBT people? Learn to grow up Malaysian GOV.. It's no longer the freaking stone age! It's the age of acceptance and equality without any bias towards any human's preferences.

I feel for my fellow countrymen...
Comment #22 was deleted by its author on 2012-09-14 11:58
23. 2012-09-14 13:20  
haha, hilarious. seriously Mr Minister?
24. 2012-09-14 14:05  
It silly comments coming from minister of education in malaysia... you can't identify 100% gay.. there some whom are gay but does not act like one... so how to tell the different?
25. 2012-09-14 14:57  
They are just a bunch of old-fashion-thinking-old-man-that-can't-get-gals-to-f*** and blame it on all the lesbians. And due to their egos, I believe that they don't even dare to look into the eyes of a gay man.

As what Mr Pang Khee Teik said is right. OFFICIALLY A BULLY!!
26. 2012-09-14 15:22  
Dear All.

I feel sorry for the stupity of the people, whom still think, believe that homosexuality is defined by Clothing, Action, Walk... Etc.... But even more sorry for those that feel/think that they prevent what is natural from being natural.... In other words' homosexual and homosexuality is totally natural!

Stop waisting your limited revenue on this stupity, and increase the money spent on educating your fellow people! Plus as some one else pointed out, crack down on corruption (Government and Private sectors).

Good luck to all
27. 2012-09-14 15:37  
The list is written by homophobes I am sure
28. 2012-09-14 15:41  
Been GAY, So what !!! What a stupid and backward government!
29. 2012-09-14 17:18  
Wow then I must be straight I don't have a handbag, wear tight clothing or wear V neck shirts I must be straight... oh wait I still like guys oh well nevermind :)
30. 2012-09-14 17:23  
This guidence was organized by Education Ministry and Teacher Foundation (Yayasan Guru)...???!!!

Hmmm... Help me here please, I am getting so confused right now. I have slept with MALE teachers in several states in Malaysia, and they were the best sex machines ever...!

What's next? Maybe Malaysia Police will arrest the V-neck poeple out there...? Oh ya, these MALE task forces consist of amazing gay sex machines too... C'mon, let's check the whole government people then, it's gonna be amazing how enormous they are... LOL...!

Stop the hypocrisy...!
31. 2012-09-14 18:49  
I wish that someday BBC's the making of me: John Barrowman documentary could be shown to every school and institution in the world.
Being gay, as much as being a hetero, isn't about cause and effect. That said, never judge a book by its cover.
32. 2012-09-14 23:17  
33. 2012-09-15 00:03  
What is implausible as fiction is unfortunately ludicrously real.
34. 2012-09-15 00:32  
by these criteria, I reckon about 90% of the guys at my gym would be sent off for re-education at the Gay Conversion camp.

However, I am pretty sure than only about 50% are actually gay.
35. 2012-09-15 04:53  
this photo https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s480x480/402208_221981281264480_2141601555_n.jpg

is the visual version of the guide. enjoy!
Comment edited on 2012-09-15 19:00:20
36. 2012-09-15 12:18  
I seem to recall Malaysia also keeping certain models or people from appearing on TV on grounds of not "looking Malaysian enough".

Can we thusly conclude that the Malaysian Governments are all about appearences?
37. 2012-09-16 03:55  
Omg...Hahahaha...this is retarded! Hahaha...

It's been a looong time since my partner and I laughed this hard. They should put these monkey officials in a circus act or comedy club! Hahahaha!!
38. 2012-09-16 18:15  
Some people are indeed idiotic. Symptom? Sickness?

HA Ha ha haaa *rolling eyes*
Comment #39 was deleted by its author on 2012-09-19 00:22
40. 2012-09-17 00:50  
dmojojojo your link images belong on billboards everywhere in Malaysia!
41. 2012-09-17 11:29  
I think the Malaysian government should put this panel on television so the whole country can be entertained. Why reserve this comedy for so few? Share with everybody! I especially look forward to the models they might have to show off those muscled v-necks!
42. 2012-09-17 11:50  
Just when I thought that for a Country supposedly as 'modern' and 'visionary' as Malaysia the idiotic and sadly ignorant and misinformed Government is taking it even further backward to the days of the stone age by really coming up with these ridiculously pathetic 'guidelines' to define what are supposedly clear symptoms/traits on how to identify LGBT individuals. Shame on them and am embarrassed of being a Malaysian citizen. We are now officially one of the biggest laughing stocks in the world! Way to go, dumb-asses!
43. 2012-09-18 20:24  
The government is so far behind the people when it comes to acceptance of gay people.

It's good that the spotlight is being shone on their refusal to look at proper information on the subject, they repeatedly lead the charge of the ignorant in the UN. Maybe the widespread ridicule of that ignorance will lead them to study better, and stop the ridiculous ban on educational seminars like seksualiti merdeka.
44. 2012-09-19 21:11  
so entertaining all these comments. so true. i fully agree. it is so so sad we are having morons running the country. they have nothing to do but to catch people who commit "khalwat", close proximity; yoga as offensive; gays n lesbians in schools; send those with homosexuals notions for military service; ban anything that denotes homosexuality, blah blah blah. full of shit. these assholes. am so ashamed of them. !
45. 2012-09-22 07:47  
What the fuck the government say on v-neet is gay that is the need weak trend in the wold now that we call fashion if you say v-neet is gay normal is Moore gay
46. 2012-09-22 07:47  
What the fuck the government say on v-neet is gay that is the need weak trend in the wold now that we call fashion if you say v-neet is gay normal is Moore gay
47. 2012-09-22 07:47  
What the fuck the government say on v-neet is gay that is the need weak trend in the wold now that we call fashion if you say v-neet is gay normal is Moore gay
48. 2012-09-23 11:20  
Why do we need to watch out for these symptoms in the first place?
These are the signs of idiocy and ignorance. NON SENSE.

And the fact that these came out from the EDUCATION ministry... wow... speechless...
49. 2012-12-30 21:56  
Nonsense !!废话!!

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