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28 Mar 2019

Drag Race Thailand host is putting entire family in drag

Drag superstar and co-host Drag Race Thailand, Pangina Heals, is putting the family into drag, stating that ‘a family that drags together, stays together’.

Pangina Heals, also known as Pan Pan Narkprasert, shared the makeovers of both his father and his 92-year-old grandma. For the first time, they dressed their dad (now also known as Chokaree Heals) in drag.

‘My dad said love has nothing to do with gender and he did drag with me to say to the world that art love and acceptance does not have a barrier or walls’, wrote Pangina Heals.

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1. 2019-03-28 20:50  
How you identify Lesbian around your life?
- Some Lesbian are open and some are closed
- Opened Lesbian can easier to beidentified by their appearance such as tomboy, they do not like wearing dress like woman..how about Their character/traits? you should find by yourself because i do not want to share here
- Closed Lesbian, they are wearing dress just like other woman, so you are not easy to identify if you do not know them well
These closed Lesbian also found getting marriage with men
This closed Lesbian sometime, they like to bully Gays
- Women/Lesbian marriage with Men also can be include as Lesbian Love story
- All woman emancipation also include as Lesbian story
- Woman emancipation, Mother Days are probably created by this closed Lesbian, so you may erase Mother Days/Kartini or woman emancipation if you do not like Lesbian
- What else created by closed Lesbian? you may think that these lesbian characteristic mostly want the same degree as Men.
- If man become Lecture, then his women also want to be lecture
- If men become teacher, then these lesbian/women want to be legalize to become teacher
- If men become preacher, then this women/Lesbian also want to have the same right as Men
- If men become police, then this women/Lesbian also want to be police
- If men become Doctor, these kind women/Lesbian also want to be Doctor, etc
- This kind of Lesbian are more safe from prejudice because they hide their tendency by marriage with men and dress the same as other women.
Thee kind of Lesbian are more dangerous then opened lesbian because majority of people not able to identify easily as Lesbian
- If you legalize women emancipation, it is the same as you legalize closed Lesbian story
- What else characteristic and choice of these closed Lesbian? find yourself!

so, you can not judge closed Lesbian if you are the first meet




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