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23 Mar 2011

Watch: Lady Gaga on Malaysia radio censoring gay lyrics in "Born this way"

Lady Gaga to young people in Malaysia: "It is your job and it is your duty as young people to have your voices heard. You must do everything that you can; if you want to be liberated by your society, you must call, you must not stop, you must protest peacefully."

In an one hour and 13 minute interview with Google for their Musicians@Google series, host Marissa Mayer read a question submitted by a user who wanted to know what Lady Gaga thought about the decision by a Malaysia radio operator to censor the line "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track, baby" from her latest track "Born this way".

Lady Gaga

At about 38.40mins, the superstar said: "Well obviously I disagree with it, otherwise I wouldn't have specifically put those words in a song that I knew would be put on Top 40 radio.

"What I would say is for all the young people in Malaysia that want those words to be played on the radio, it is your job and it is your duty as young people to have your voices heard. You must do everything that you can; if you want to be liberated by your society, you must call, you must not stop, you must protest peacefully. No violence. I don't believe in violence. I don't believe in negativity. There's no reason to be derogatory. You just need to keep fighting for what you believe in. And to be quite honest, honesty and the truth is always what will always set you free.

"I can't tell you how many times I get phone calls from TV stations... and they want you to edit out this section of the video... And I'll say just tell them I'm not doing it and if they don't want to play it then they don't have to. *shrugs* That's it."

Reader's Comments

1. 2011-03-23 18:50  
BRAVO miss Gaga! you are much braver than those politicians in Malaysia and definitely, the closeted gay politicians in the US! If m'sia and philli. continue their situation as it is now, maybe, because the residents are too lazy to change?
Comment #2 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-23 18:50
3. 2011-03-23 19:37  
such a shame that no one is protesting yet
4. 2011-03-23 19:42  
"...honesty and the truth is always what will always set you free."

Really, Lady Gaga? If you're going to speak in clichés, at least refer to ones that actually make sense.
Ah, well. Nothing like a wealthy white American telling me how to be a minority~
5. 2011-03-23 20:00  
@roadside, I'm glad that a wealthy white American like Lady Gaga cares enough about her GLBTI friends to support their rights and draw attention to their inequality. She's done infinitely more for our community than 99% of other celebrities
6. 2011-03-23 20:03  
Skeith83, perhaps you should look at the article just before this on Fridae before saying that on one is protesting.
7. 2011-03-23 20:09  
seems mr roadside has a miserable life that he can blame GAGA for that lol

of course honesty and truth is going to set you free, or else what? money?
Comment #8 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-23 22:28
9. 2011-03-23 21:16  
Maybe Roadside means that the truth and honesty can send you to your jail cell in some countries...
10. 2011-03-23 21:37  
Nah, I'm doing well. I just don't need a pop song to validate my life. Especially not one that's going to repeatedly call me "Oriental" for four minutes, as if I'd somehow forgotten that fact...

And, put the quote into context. "Honesty" is going to stop radio stations from censoring music? = _ =
11. 2011-03-23 21:44  
It is a sad fact in some countries that they are ruled not only by their own government, they have state sponcered religion. What religion has to do with government I have no idea. However having been to Malaysia many times (this is a silly government that tried to outlaw "tomboys") I can see why they are against this. They are against anything that does not fit in their religion...ie government.

Lady GaGa, said what is true. Honesty and True is one thing most governments DO NOT WANT TO HEAR. Be it the USA or Malaysia, as both are influenced to some extent by religious fanatics who have have no life or interest in life beyond what their silly religions say.

It is time for us to enter the 21st century. It good to hear someone like Lady GaGa say something. Most people don't give a damn or do NOT have the backbone too!
12. 2011-03-23 22:10  
Be aware that in Malaysia, gay sex is classified as sodomy, unnatural sex, but being gay in itself has no legal implication (IIRC) despite being a huge taboo/social stigma. Yes, speaking out means that you will have to be publicly identified as gay, but without doing so, it is impossible to fight for such civil rights.

The question is, 'are we willing enough?'
13. 2011-03-23 22:22  
The Ministry of Information, Communications & Culture, of Malaysia is in charge of Security, Network / Other Communication Equipment, Content / Publishing, Broadcasting / Entertainment, tasks he exercises
with the 1Malaysia concept. Since information (press) is tightly supervised and controlled by him so is Culture whatever that may be and Entertainment. Entertainment is made for cerebral-posies age 12 !

Beyond Lady Gaga, Kathy Pery's 'Firework' video is censored on TV (music channels); two scenes have been mutilated: 1) the fat girl jumping in the pool in her black underwear (you see her only in the
pool so her 'firework' has been watered down !) 2) the two young guys looking at each other and eventually daring to kiss in the middle of the crowd has been totally omitted....

Your daily bread provided by the above Ministry. So, so SAD.
14. 2011-03-23 22:58  
Gaga is speaking the right thing, but things always become more difficult when it comes to Asia... Not every country is as open as Taiwan or Hongkong where Pride took place every year legally...
15. 2011-03-23 23:13  
Taiwan and Hong Kong also had laws on the books and were very conservative societies. The US had anti-sodomy laws and persecution when the gay rights movement started their in the 50s. So did Britain. It's not that some places are easier than others, it's that some places have been struggling for their rights longer than others. So stop making excuses and 'catch up'.
Comment #16 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-23 23:56
17. 2011-03-24 00:10  
I encourage Malaysian gays use this issue to protest their rights and freedom. Gaga has began the fire of debate, it is up to Malaysian to do the rest. No one can help you if you do not help yourself. Stand up, it is hard but it is worth it. Look at gay history in Canada, UK, Australia..... they were having the same problems, but they did the right things, let their voices out to the law makers, courts, politicians, society.... Eventually it has to end up in court for more protection for gay rights and remove those laws that are unconstitution.
I hope Malaysia gays do something from now. JUST DO IT. I saw many lady boys in Malaysia, come on, aren't you tell the public you are gay and very very open gay with your attires. Since you are not hiding, then come out (well u are out already), come out to the press and let your voices heard, not just doing fashion shows on the streets and shopping malls.

18. 2011-03-24 02:51  
Malaysia. Hmmm... Uh, what's new??
Remember the Beyonce incident?
Comment #19 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-24 02:52
20. 2011-03-24 06:53  
I agree with roadside. She is a wealthy white full blooded european so for her to tell people how to stand up for their rights is hypocritical. If she truly cared about this issue so much than why isnt she doing something about it? Why isnt she using some of her 'celebrity power' to push the issue? The answer is she doesnt really care, its just a publicity opportunity for her skanky self. And what would she know about the difficulties of life or persacution sitting comfortably in her manssion sipping tea! And her example of how to deal with the problem is an offensive joke "if you dont like it than dont play it" Give me a break Gaga you man troll looking tranny. Stick to singing - you might not be good at it but your even worse at supporting people or human rights.
21. 2011-03-24 06:56  
As I explained, it's very difficult to fight for gay rights in Malaysia. The Muslim country is controlled by a Muslim-majority Parliament and run by a Muslim-majority government. The government just needs to give one reason and one word to counter any protest: IMMORAL. Period. Immoral, by Islamic standards. When this reason is used, it means that whatever scientists, doctors and psychologists say about homosexuality and its biological explanations would be ignored. If you want to protest against the authorities on this issue, I think you should save the effort because it'll be fruitless. They'd simply tell you that WORD. So, if you want to fight back the system, simply:
1) go to the internet and find the censored contents you like,
2) spend your money elsewhere in gay-friendlier places like Thailand and HK;
3) migrate if you can since your country doesn't accept you for who you are and what you are born as; and
4) take your money, skills and friends away with you,

22. 2011-03-24 07:15  
i choose no. 3, thanks sunthenmoon. remember 1969's May 13 incident? oh well, it may not happen again, but, it MAY.
Comment #23 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-24 07:18
Comment #24 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-24 07:17
25. 2011-03-24 08:00  
hey, Gaga doesn't hv those pointy things on her face anymore, which is a good thing! I thought they were actually implanted into her face, they look really creepy btw!
26. 2011-03-24 09:09  
i totally agree with sunthenmoon above, being a non-muslim and non-bumi in malaysia and what more if u r gay, we hav no future at all. The wisest thing to do is we shall not waste our time with these uncultured barbarians just leave the country asap by all means
27. 2011-03-24 09:15  
@dandude NO that's not the way to do it why does she have to fight a war that belongs in Malaysia she is stating that if you want what you want to hear to be heard you have to stand up for it

you cant just feed of her wealth and power no....she is a singer she made it clear what she was saying she did her part now if Malaysia wants to be free of anti gay laws they have to fight for it not wait for gaga to come do it :/
28. 2011-03-24 09:22  
ONE Malaysia minus certain privilege by some, wat a crap
29. 2011-03-24 09:46  
i like what she is doing with her celebrity. it creates a talking point-easier to worm in the topic of homosexuality into a coffeeshop talk to gauge whether a newfound friend is a keeper. i don't buy into the do-100%-or-do-nothing argument, i think every little bit of non-negative exposure to lgbt issues is good. 10 years ago, the idea that there could such songs by mainstream artists on mainstream radio seemed laughable, that it could even green light production seems amazing to me. if she can benefit from the controversy, good for her, may persuade other celebrities of a symbiotic relationship. yes it would be all kinds of awsome if she was a 'colored' local celebrity singing 'born this way' in hokkien on getai stages or in wayang kulit rather than some using a western pop medium like radio and CDs and that language we all type in.. but i don't see that idea taking off anytime soon.
30. 2011-03-24 10:06  
Is it as easy as this: You have the politicians you deserve (=vote for)
31. 2011-03-24 11:23  
I am a Muslim gay in Malaysia. Its not easy to "fight" for it let alone to start it. It's more complicated than what you think but its possible. But someone/group must have start it to ignite fire then I believe it might happen. 1Malaysia = BS!
32. 2011-03-24 11:34  
we have the internet & itunes guys...why bother to even listen to that radio station. if you want the full version, just buy the videoclip or the cd..simple as that...!!!
and i fully agree with jjs....
33. 2011-03-24 12:33  
No 32. You are totally missing the point. It's not about downloading the full version on iTunes... The act of censoring LGBT-related words, images, themes and such is to say LGBT people are the scourge of society, that we are so awful that it's best for society we are made invisible as if we don't/shouldn't exist. Get it?
34. 2011-03-24 13:20  
@ Tienron. Your welcome to express your opinion but to be honest I couldnt care less what you think. So dont aim your mindless dribble at me thanks.

To any other ignorant inbreeding moron who wants to try force their view down my throat please be aware that Im not in the habit of taking advice from the legally retarted.

I simply stated that someone who knows NOTHING about real hardship or persecution should not be telling people who to deal with it. End of story thanks.
35. 2011-03-24 13:35  
lady gaga is our GAY iconic worldwide
36. 2011-03-24 13:39  
Thanks 31. Hear Hear !
Thanks 21. I chose 3) back in the 80's and never regretted it.

What one is fighting here is a concept drilled in people's mind for decades namely 'Asian values' (try to put them on paper and what do you find ? the same prejudices (not ignorance) exercised by Western Churches for centuries to control the masses with morality, divine crap, and to prevent any social evolution in society); take those pseudo values out of the hands of autocratic (and rogue, most of the time), imperialistic-type, military-inspired governments and you're back on your feet...and the you can start marchin' on !
Another Stonewall, Why not ? But as the man said: 'History repeats itself but each time it costs a little more'.
37. 2011-03-24 13:39  
Thanks 31. Hear Hear !
Thanks 21. I chose 3) back in the 80's and never regretted it.

What one is fighting here is a concept drilled in people's mind for decades namely 'Asian values' (try to put them on paper and what do you find ? the same prejudices (not ignorance) exercised by Western Churches for centuries to control the masses with morality, divine crap, and to prevent any social evolution in society); take those pseudo values out of the hands of autocratic (and rogue, most of the time), imperialistic-type, military-inspired governments and you're back on your feet...and the you can start marchin' on !
Another Stonewall, Why not ? But as the man said: 'History repeats itself but each time it costs a little more'.
38. 2011-03-24 13:46  
A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright

The exact quotation is:
"Each time history repeats itself, the cost goes up."

Apologies to R.Wright for misquoting him.
39. 2011-03-24 14:19  

Alert - Malaysia

23 March 2011
Authorities urged to withdraw reprimand to newspaper, repeal Printing Presses and Publications Act
SOURCE: Centre for Independent Journalism

(CIJ/IFEX) - 22 March 2011 - The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia regrets that yet another reprimand was issued by the Home Ministry to the press, this time to "The Star" newspaper.

"The Star" stated that it was reprimanded for a 9 March 2011 article on the impounding of 5,000 Bibles in the national language, Malay. "The Star" was reportedly reminded by the Home Ministry's chief secretary Zaitun Abdul Samad that printing press owners are required to comply with ministry directives under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA).

It is unclear what directives "The Star" breached. The article entitled "5,000 Bibles still not returned, says group" essentially quoted a statement by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship secretary-general, Sam Ang. Ang. According to the secretary-general, 5,000 Malay Bibles were confiscated by the Home Ministry in 2009, and they have still not been returned despite alleged Cabinet approval.

The holdup with the Bibles, reportedly due to their reference to "Allah" as God, is a curb by the government on freedom of expression as well as freedom of religion. Ang's statement was in no way incendiary or inflammatory. It expressed the concern of a community whose constitutional freedoms have been infringed. In publishing the statement, "The Star" was doing its duty in monitoring power and allowing the aggrieved party its say. No Home Ministry directive should have such wide and far-reaching powers as to prohibit the publication of such a statement.

This incident highlights more than ever the need for the PPPA to be repealed. It is a serious infringement on media freedom when the government has the power to dictate to newspapers what they can or cannot report. The role of the media is to serve the public interest. The government's ability to reprimand and deny newspapers licences for not following its instructions has only led to the continued erosion of the media's ability to play this important role.

CIJ therefore calls on the Home Ministry to retract its reprimand to "The Star" and to cease issuing directives which interfere with the media's public interest role. It is in the interest of the people that the media is free to report on statements as they see fit. Actions such as the Home Ministry's recent interference will only impede the government's declared aims of ensuring good governance, transparency and accountability and should therefore cease.

CIJ also calls on all Malaysians who value an independent media to hold the government accountable over the appalling state of media freedom in the country. With the general election expected in 2011, it is an opportune time to tell our elected representatives that we want the PPPA repealed.

For more information:
Centre for Independent Journalism
27C Jalan Sarikei
Kuala Lumpur 53000
Phone: +603 4023 0772
Fax: +603 4023 0769
40. 2011-03-24 14:22  
Write in to heads of AMP, which owns 8 radio stations that censored Lady Gaga, and demand they respect her song, respect Malaysian listeners, and play it in full:

Executive director: http://www.facebook.com/people/Borhanuddin-Osman/100000190924542

Chief operating officer: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sree-Pathmanathan/100001715372660

Hitz.fm: http://www.facebook.com/hitzdotfm
41. 2011-03-24 15:52  
Bringng attention to this cause is welcome and worthwhile, most Malaysians don't understand, or dont want to know that these gay people are already living in their families past, present and future. Sadly many Asians will only keep on assuming that all gay people look and act like Lady Gaga. The ordinary gay guy or gal will be ignored which alllows them to hide. What Asian TV and Pop culture can provide is positive role models and good stories about gay people, but sadly that is not good TV (Television). It is never going to be easy. Look to Lady Gaga for inspiration - does she do it the easy way? Gaga Oooh La La!
42. 2011-03-24 16:39  
wow... i can say, i love lady gaga!!! what a inspiring thoughts!!!!
and for my Malaysian brothers and sisters, let's study hard....

the anti-gays society would be in need of us, if we have that education and special skills and knowledge, and that would be the day, we can earn their respect and confidence...and certainly that would be the day we can rule the world!!!!!
Comment #43 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-24 17:20
44. 2011-03-24 17:20  
@42: You are right. Let me add that to really empower the LGBT community, we need to work hard on 3 areas: 1) (command of) English; 2) IT literacy; 3) Education and particularly educational Qualifications that are internationally recognised.

When we get the 3 areas right, we can, as a community, become more respected, free and valued. The gay community has been empowered drastically with the advent of the internet, and through networking websites like Fridae and Facebook. We should empower the others in the community who are not proficient in English, who don't use computers/internet, and who aren't educated through Education. As more LGBT members become IT-savvy, effective speakers of English and academically qualified, policy-makers would have to be receptive to our voices.

Education is power. It applies to any society, any country, and also to any community such as the LGBT community.

So may I suggest that, beside working hard on areas like fighting HIV, running gay networking websites, repealing anti-sodomy laws and organising circuit parties, our community could also work on these 3 areas that have been neglected.

We could run gay community centers that provide, among others, educational support. Informal training in the following areas may be offered to those who need it:
1) Basic English, and particularly written English
2) Basic IT literacy, internet (e.g. how to use gay websites, Facebook, MSN, email and google)
3) Referral service for those who intend to upgrade their skills by obtaining a qualification.

Even in Singapore, I have gay friends in their 20s who don't hold a high school diploma (we call it GCE 'O' Level here) and use computers. Their circle of gay friends is small, and they are ignorant of the challenges that the LGBT community face. Worse, their general knowledge about safer sex is limited. How could we help these people? If they don't use the computer, websites like Fridae can't reach out to them.
45. 2011-03-24 17:23  
Sorry but I may be a minority (or metaminority if you please) with regard to Lady Gaga. I'd rather listen to Adele and Jessie J than worship this fad. She copied a lot of artists from Grace Jones to Bowie to less popular artists like Roisin Murphy, Leigh Bowery, Bozzio (, there's 5 more).

With that said, I do appreciate her efforts of using her celebrity status as an advocate for equal rights. :)
46. 2011-03-24 17:24  
go help gays malaysian and next day you'll be in jail. dont u gays remember the sodomy case of anwar ibrahim???
47. 2011-03-24 17:44  
Love you Gaga! Paws Up! Born This Way Forever! W x
48. 2011-03-24 18:50  
I am not a Gaga fan, but I must say I highly admire her courage for saying the following words and can't agree more:

'it is your job and it is your duty as young people to have your voices heard. You must do everything that you can; if you want to be liberated by your society, you must call, you must not stop, you must protest peacefully.'

It's same in every country -- Taiwan, HongKong, China, Malaysia..... Taiwan's gay community does not have a gay-friendly society until the pink vote showed its power in election. And they are still fighting for their rights. Malaysian gay will need to go through the same struggle if they want to be heard.
49. 2011-03-24 18:57  
Wow. I'm shocked at some comments above!! Someone stood up for gay people and she gets trashed for not doing more. Just remember, she didn't have to do anything!!!!!! So what if she's white either. No one can order to her to fix everything because she's white. If you look at the most recent news article about the UN, you will realise that over 90% of 'white' countries are in support of gay rights. We should all help each other, but it's true that Malaysians should get in there and be equally as involved, which there are people doing...

Dandude.. you remind me of those beggars to whom you give $1, then they want $2. You give them $10 and they want $20, plus your watch, your shirt and an ice-cream too. Now explain below what you've done to try to encourage acceptance of gay people on such a huge global scale to millions of people all around the world. And you can attach the links to your video interviews too! And scolding her a 'tranny' is like me scolding you a 'fag'. What's the point in being nasty, f*ed up and twisted in here?
50. 2011-03-24 19:20  
great kel00, even at age 24 you are wiser than many of the men here LOL

and, i totally agree with what you have said above. ;>
51. 2011-03-24 19:46  
@kel00 i agree totally and don't waste your time on him he's not wroth it

FACT is she is singing that song with us in mind and people should be welcoming of it because at least she is making it known
52. 2011-03-24 22:23  
malu sial =.= my Indonesian friends who knew about this was like, "Again? The last time was on Adam Lambert's concert and now Lady Gaga's music."
So I guess the gov's gonna ban Glee next? :p
Comment #53 was deleted by an administrator on 2011-03-25 21:18
54. 2011-03-26 07:40  
Thanks for deleting my comment. Apparently.... for a minority that whines and cries about respect and rights... Im not allowed to have my own opinion or defend or express my view.

THIS pathetic bithyness and high school girl mentality where you have to agree or be put down... Is exactly why many straight communities dont respect gay and why my bf and I dont want people to know we are gay. The idea of being likened to most of you makes me sick to my stomach. And considering the article was about NOT censoring and freedom of speech.... Way to go fridae. Censoring just like the bad guys in your one sided articles.
55. 2011-03-26 09:18  
Lady GaGa is an Angel on earth... :)
56. 2011-03-26 11:19  
Love gaga!
57. 2011-03-26 13:53  
if someone is really unhappy about fridae, then, why doesn't he just disappear from this website and, if he is so capable, and with the help of his 'hidden' bf, he of course is welcome to create another so-called uncensored website -- it is just, how many will join a website down down down under even down under than OZ lol
58. 2011-03-26 14:29    
Dandude, your comment was removed because it was laden with personal attacks on others and was not at all relevant to the topic here. We have received numerous other complaints about your previous posts with regards to using a derogatory term to describe Lady Gaga (Post #20) and attacks on other members which we have decided not to remove as we are determined to allow members a wide berth to disagree -- provided they do so respectfully. Failing which, we will remove comments that do not contribute to the discussion/topic at hand.
59. 2011-03-26 15:01  
With all due respect thats rubbish. My comment about lady Gaga not knowing the struggle malaysian people face was every bit as relevant IF NOT MORE SO than some of the previous comments which were basically lady gaga fan mail. It was about lady gaga and it was about her comments. How much more on topic can I be. It seems because I dont worship her like every other post - im suddenly not entittled to my opinion. What a joke.

As for personal attacks... I suggest you LOOK at posts number 49, 50, 51 and that brilliant gem number 57. One comment even swore at me. Do they get blocked? But I do for simply stating my view and not liking a celebrity. How riddiculous. As for the person who removed my post and the charming people who decided to insult me. You all need to grow up and get a life. And yes, your right... I think I will be cancelling my account after this retarded behaviour.
60. 2011-03-26 19:06  
WOW, celebration for the departure of mr NZ! WE surely welcome you for your great decision and finally............... PEACE ON EARTH (not so sure for the southern planet though LOL)
61. 2011-03-26 20:54  
Thanks meadowland... All I can say is whatever we lack down south in friendliness we make up for in the brains and common sense that clearly lacks where you hail from. Also, fridae... Why dont you stick to your policy?

I met my bf on this site and he himself has stated he would never comment on any of these articles because they are one sided and anyone who dissagress with this clique of sad princess wannabes will get insulted. Well, I have an opinion just like everyone else and fridae can delete my comments all they want but Im not going to stand aside and feel be littled because some whiney queen doesnt like what others have to say. I expressed my view about the article and contents which is what this comment link is for. The fact that I get personal insults and slurs only sheds light on how many gay people are asking for respect and equality but not willing to give it. Also my 'hidden' bf wanted to leave his own comment here about how disgusting some of you are acting and how dissapointed he is in fridae on this issue but I advised him not to. Its funny how Im told my comments are deleted because they are seen as a "personal attack" but that only seems to apply to myself but I dont care what a few sad mistakes have to say about me.
62. 2011-03-26 22:48  
zzzZZZZZ hmmm has someone still been talking in my dream?
Comment edited on 2011-03-26 22:48:30
63. 2011-03-27 20:36  
LOL Meadowland!! I am also from NZ, so please don't let dandude represent all of us. 'Most of us' are quite friendly and do have common sense (a different version of dandude's) and most also don't keep our boyfriends hidden either! :P I think we need to vote in a new Mr. NZ, since he's about to delete his account! :)

64. 2011-03-27 20:54  
no no no, kel00, i like the 100% pure NZ - so much similar to the nature of Norway where i am living. for most of the guys *or gays*, i do think we have what we call humour and light-heartedness. but for others, hahahha since they want to take life so heavily and so so seriously (together with their heavy-burden bf) what else can we do other than wish them farewell and good luck LOL

and, as if someone is sooooooooooooo think that because of his bastard blood that he could bark wherever he goes -- i was born and growing in m'sia, and i lived there for more than 18 years, so, you think your brother is the only one got suppressed by the system? and we support L.Gaga because of her courageous speech towards the M'sian government that we offend her here (whether she needs that, or not). if you can get your barking on the m'sian government, you are free to do so, mr NZ! (but i don't think you can do as good as Gaga has done, still lol)
Comment edited on 2011-03-29 18:30:30
Comment #65 was deleted by its author on 2011-08-13 17:56
Comment #66 was deleted by its author on 2011-04-04 17:20
67. 2011-03-27 23:41  
caesar2003, you're right!

The following comment ("I'm curious: Exactly how much social change is a (white and wealthy) celebrity like Gaga responsible for? Do you hold her (and others like her) accountable for fighting your battles and winning your quest for human rights and equal freedoms? If so, we'll never gain equal rights...we'll always be waiting to be saved.") has actually been mentioned above and then we all got blasted for being lunatics, so....

68. 2011-03-28 15:09  
Thanks Kel00... But being likened to some circle of sad rice queens you are part of is an insult. Being an outcast from that group is a privelage I wear proudly like a badge of honour because it allows me to be able to face myself in the mirror. And the ammount of young gay asians I have to lend a shoulder to anc councel because of THAT circle.... Im glad you hate me because I would NEVER be a part of that.

And for the record, I dont hide anything. My bf hides himself rather than have to even see people like you. And i did not call you a "lunatic" for your comments about Lady Gogogaga, like myself you have every right to comment - ON THE ARTICLE... I called you a %&$#@ for insulting me.

I simply disagreed with the common view in my initial post (which strangely enough was done allready but for some reason you felt the need to single me out because I insulted your precious idol) and expressed my view that a wealthy white American should not be telling the youth of a country she knows nothing about, how to deal with human rights issues in their own unique society. It was yourself and the charming meadowland who decided to make this a personal insult thread. If you doubt it than feel free to look back over the past messages.

I think young gay Malaysians are better served recieving advice from someone familiar with the plight of gay rights in Malaysia, someone who can give them sensible advice that is practicle for their culture and region. But clearly you and Gaga know better and are experts on Malaysia - or so your nasty insulting messages suggest so be my guest to go over and solve something thats been on going in Islamic culture for longer than you could even count.

A statement I feel I have every right to make being half kiwi and half asian and having a brother who is Malaysian born and raised and gay. The opinion I voiced was not only my own as I was also speaking for many Malaysians I know who will not speak for themself - like my brother who was also insulted by the statement she made.

As for being Mr NZ... Sorry, but I would rather die than represent a country full of people like yourself. And your welcome to send me a private message so I can give you my "hidden" bfs profile so he can tell you exactly what he thinks of your messages and blacklist you himself.
Comment #69 was deleted by its author on 2011-08-13 17:57
Comment #70 was deleted by its author on 2011-08-13 17:57
71. 2011-03-29 00:13  
Caesar, You are exactly right in saying that Gaga is speaking as a pop singer whose song was censored. No one expects or regards her to be an authority about gay rights in Malaysia. She is entitled to her views as dandude is entitled to his... If he so vehemently disagrees with her views and has a better suggestion on what people should or can do to in such a scenario, he is free to put it forward. The fact is that people are listening to what she has to say. Just look at the number of comments to this article, related tweets, news articles, blogs, Facebook links, etc. I don't know if any expert on gay rights in Malaysia will generate this amount of interest...
72. 2011-03-29 00:25  
And sometimes, it's not practical information people want or need. Why not join your local lgbt rights group to find out what one can do if that's the case? But will people who will not even speak up for themselves speak up for others -- like in the case of dandude's brother and others he is purportedly speaking for?

Sometimes, people just need to have some hope and to know that they are not alone in it. I think it's to some extent empowering to have some words of support from an icon like Gaga even if that is all her words serve.
Comment edited on 2011-03-29 00:33:14
Comment #73 was deleted by its author on 2011-08-13 17:57
74. 2011-03-31 07:59  
what happened to the previous article "the gagging of Lady gaga" ?? Its gone.
Comment #75 was deleted by its author on 2011-03-31 19:15
76. 2011-03-31 20:57  
it's simple dandude just dons;t understand it
and it is as the other stated above me
her music is so spread LOVE and UNDERSTANDING
and to give people hope
if you and your bf want to keep hiding that's your business but I'm sure everyone else wants to go outside

she dons;t have to be an expert in Malaysia to sing a song about anyone who is different should accept themselves because simple their were born this way.and to stand up for themselves
77. 2011-04-01 12:36  
Tienron, as usual you miss the point.

No, lady gaga doesnt make music to spread anything. She makes it so she can make a lot of money. And I dont blame her for THAT. In fact I support her and say good on her for doing so.

My point is she should stay out of politics or telling people how to stand up for themselves because she knows NOTHING about these topics and her answer was the most air headed thing I have ever heard.

As for hiding.... Well, Im happy to give my address if you have something you feel you need to come say to me.

I couldnt care less about the song itself (My comment was never about a song so maybe you should go back to school and learn to read a little) and in fact had not even heard of her (or it) until I saw the article. What I care about is an ignorant American telling the rest of the world how to solve their problems when they nothing about them. But you can think (or clearly NOT think at all) whatever you want. Thats your right. Just like me expressing my opion without with antagonised by the Gogogaga precious princess fan club is my right. Peace.
Comment #78 was deleted by its author on 2011-04-03 19:22
Comment #79 was deleted by its author on 2011-08-13 17:57
80. 2011-04-03 21:21  
I would have to disagree with dandude's comment that Gaga should "stay out of politics or telling people how to stand up for themselves..."

Speaking out against bigotry, unfair treatment and injustice is not partaking in "politics" per se. Regardless of one's background, there's great universality with regards to those issues and I feel everyone should speak out whenever they can. Besides, I really think Gaga reaches a different audience than say... UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon.

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